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Old SFO Media


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I'm trying to round-up as much stuff from the old SFO as I can, but what is on archive.org is very very limited.

Stuff from the old SFO is eithr branded with "STARFOX-ONLINE.COM" or with the old SFO watermark.

Note that there are many screenshots with this watermark. I am not interested in those so much as other things.

Note the difference between that mark and this one:

This is the current mark. There isn't a lot out there that has it, but this is stuff that I already have. If it has this mark, I don't need it.

Best way to tell: Old mark says "SF-O," new mark says "SF-O.NET."

There were also some nice wallpapers, such as this one:

Note how it is marked with "STARFOX-ONLINE.COM."

If you find/have any of this stuff, please post it here.

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