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Sabres Halo 3 ODST Review


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Did you play Halo 3? If so ODST is basicly more of that.

Ok, that's not entirly fair, but they are pretty much the same, and if you like Halo as much as me then you probley already have it. Even so, I started playing at midnight and finished it at 7am. After playing it until 8 I am ready to give a vedict.

The game is basicly one of minor changes, subtle tweets that make the game feel different. You are faster but can't take as much damage. You can carry more grenades but can't duel wield. Enemies are tougher and can knock you for 6 but you can hide in the dark ect. All these changes pile up to make you feel more like a squigy human instead of the badarse terminator of the main trilogy.

The hud system that lets you play most of the levels in any order you want is a pointless one as it means if you skip a level, you also skip that bit of story. Speaking of which, the story is great, and the more chatty characters you control gives them more personallity. My favourite is micky, the sarcastic explosive expert who always takes his name. (americans replace micky with 'the piss') These traits are also reflected in the levels, so a snipers level will have alot of distance fighting while Mickys has alot of tanks for example. The stories other major short comming is the inclustion of a tocked on love intrest with all the appeal of a bowl of water.

There are some new enemies, and the music is the best of the series. There is a focus on single player and coop which is great for me. Some of the set pieces seem recycled from the previous games, and only time will tell if it has the staying power of the original trilogy. However you slice it though, it is still Halo and it is still fantastic and it's going to be in every almost every xbox in the land.

Also I'm SabreXT on Xbox, add me and invite any time for some coop. I can't wait to go through this game with a pal.

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is irrelivent.

basicly a repackage of halo 3 with all dlc, that means the same idiot kids, crappy matchmaking ect

so no new maps?
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I like the game A LOT more than Halo 3 actually... there's no kids to randomly curse at all. Just how I like it, me and my friends owning a bunch of covenant.

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You have an assault rifle but can't dual wield in Halo 1.

The chief suddenly loses his assault rifle in halo 2, but instead they are now making battle rifles. And the chief somehow reached level 20 and learned dual wield.

In halo 3, Chief forgets how to dual wield with the needler, abut hey, he's found his assault rifle again, but it can carry less ammo for no reason at all.

In ODST, they somehow lose the battle rifle altogether.

Bungie, stop forcing me to play the game how YOU want ME to play it.

I never liked the goldeneye approach to the gameplay, and I didn't like being starved for ammo all the time.

Nope, not even going to try ODST this time.

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Which ones that?

the one wher eyou need to last untill the 5th set
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ODST Was alright in my opinion, a friend and me rented it for one night. I have to say, for playing on legendary it was really medium-hardish in Co-op campaign. There were a few hard spots but overall the difficulty was varied at points.

My favorite was the last highway, where you first encounter a wraith, we were surrounded by ghosts. So we played a couple rounds of multiplayer HA3 and came back, then *poof!* All the ghosts disappeared!

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