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Starfox titania battles Stories. Part 1

Guest Wavebird

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Guest Wavebird


The Tiatnia Battles


One year has passed since the aparoids were defeated by the Starfox team. The Starfox team who had to repair and improve all of their weapons and machines

was getting low on the economic front. And its hard for mercenaries like the team to get missions in peacefull times like this. And one thing that made it even harder for Starfox to gain missions were the fact that the cornerian army was more well organized than ever. Starfox team was thinking of quitting and spend the rest of their money on getting normal lives on Corneria.

But they didnt get much time to think of that. It was when the Starfox team had

dicided to keep looking for missions, the message from General Pepper were sent to the great fox...

- Message from General Pepper, priority one! ROB64 atomatically said when the message arrived in the data base on the great Fox.

- Huh? A message from General Papper? It was really on time! Hope its important! Falco said.

- Its priority one, Falco! Of course its important! Slippy yelled and ran to the main cumputer to activate the hologram message.

The hologram showed General Peppers Face. He was wearing a helmet. It looked like he was flying through space inside his Flagship. It became quiet for a secound and then the hologram began to speak.

- We need your help in the Titania zone, Starfox! It seems like Andross had more troops left than we thought before! Im already attacking with my own squadron! We need backup the enemy is overwhelming! Pepper said.

- Sounds like trouble huh? Slippy said.

- Yes, it surley does. Krystal replied.

- Ok, guys! Set course to Titania! Rob, switch to hyperspace speed! Fox said. And began to prepare for the jump to hyperspace.

The Greatfox began to move towards Titania in through the hyperspace. And inside it the members of Starfox prepared for their next mission;

The Titania Battles.

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Guest Wavebird

Chapter 1

In the area around the desert planet Titania a conversation was going on on a protected cuminications line.

- The battle is going as planed, a voice said.

- Good! We gotta blast these cornerian punks once and for all this time! Another yet more calm voice replied.

- Reports from the surface! Were geining control over the bases. Yet another voice said.

- Very good, the calm voice replied. Now, get back to work! Wolf out!

- On my way, Leader! Leon out! The first voice replied.

Nearby, a squad of cornerian battleships and spacefighters were attacked by some Venom spacefighters. The cornerian squad seemed to be the one who was going to lose this battle no doubt about it! Among the cornerian spacefighters

It was one ship that seemed unlike the others. It was the Genarals flagship.

It was one ship in the Venom squad who was special too. It seemed to be the

Wolfen who belonged to the notorious rouge Leon Powalski. Leon was known in the entire Lylat system. He was known as a dangerous and ice cold mourderer. He belonged to the Starwolf team. Starwolf were rivals and sworn enemies to the Starfox team. And there was no doubt that Leon Powalski and Falco Lombardi held groudges agains eachother.

- Were is the Starfox team??? General Pepper said on the cominucations radar.

- Theyre not on our radars, sir! A cornerian pilot replied.

- I hope thayll make it here in time! Things are getting critical! Pepper said with fear in his voice.

The battle was fought on in about 20 minutes before the sign of the Starfox team appeared on the radar screens.

- Starfox! Were have you been? Pepper said!

- Sorry to keep you waiting, sir! Peppy replied.

- All ships ready? Lets move!!! Fox said.

The Arwings flew out from the Great fox, and switched to allrange mode.

The Starfox team were to late though. The major part of the conerian squad was destroyed in the hectic battle.

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