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rise of the lost (plz look at the rise of soulmakers)


who is your fave? (so far in my sieries)  

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  1. 1. who is your fave? (so far in my sieries)

    • Silvertail, the lost one
    • Wolf, the change of heart
    • Fox, leader of starfox
    • Slippy, the annoying one
    • Kaiser, the brave aran

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silvertail, great daughter of aran leader Barrion, sets off 4 war afainst the evil black magician... during that battle being cursed by being frozen in ice 4 a 1000 years, and seperated from her brothers and sisters. a thousand years later...

Fox:keep on searching guys, wolf got 2 be somewhere..



Wolf: *touches ice* silvertail.. if only i could suffer with you..

Slippy: fox, are u flirting again?

Fox: shut it slippy!

Wolf: *cries* fox... i think that we should team up.. and save my love. What will fox say? stay tuned!! :) :wolf:

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Fox: fine. as long as you stop whining about HER.

Wolf: *hugs fox* THank you!!

Fox: uhhhh... sure?

Wolf: it says here that you have to bring her sprit and memory back...

Fox: how do we do that?

Falco: is this another krazoa quest AGAIN?

Fox: um..no?


Fox: what was that?

Tricky:fox! look!

* a secret gateway opens*

Tricky:i was just playing with this ice shard, and the gate opened!

wolf: It says on the shard that the gate is the way to her memory and sprit! OMGOMGOMG thanks Tricky!!!!

Fox: well then, lets move team!

Part 3 coming soon! :D

But meanwhile...

Silvertail is walking the road of memories, and soon faints.

she sees a gray figure entering a gate.

silvertail: wolf.. do well.. and this is my only gift to you...

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Guest Para Astaroth

Why don't you just post the different chapters on the same thread?  What's the point in making a new chapter on a new thread?

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Wolf: i feel a little strange, fox.

fox: we can camp near that HUGE flower, if u want.

Wolf: yeah, im pooped.


*starts paffendorf*

wolf suddenly changes into an aran wolf...

wolf: whoa... hey! i don't feel sick anymore! :lol:

fox: wow...

Mysterious voice: wolf! where are you?

wolf: i thought i heard something...

fox: i didn't hear anything

Slippy: * still doing paffendorf* :facepalm:

The team rests for the night.

but.. back in the path of memories,

Silvertail: Kaiser! Nanuke! where are you?

Kaiser: uuggghhh...

Silvertail: Kaiser! what happened?

Kaiser: tell wolf... *cough* to find crow....

silvertail: Kaiser! don't leave me!

Kaiser: it's time for me to go to my ancestors....

Silvertail: KAISER!!!! nooooo!!!!

silvertail goes to do Kaiser's last wish....

back in the real world...

mysterious voice: find crow... he'll know...

Wolf: he'll know what?

Fox: dunno.

Crow: lookin' for someone?

Wolf & Fox: CROW!!!

Wolf: did you see any loose souls?

Crow: yep. just over there in that crystal cave.

fox: thanks for the info!

Crow: nah. my pleasure.

Part 4 is next! :D

Slippy: *stops paffendorf*, Hey! waiiiitttt ffooooorrr meeeeeee!!!! :lol:

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Wolf: gee... it's freezing!!!

Fox: brrrrr...

Falco: just suck it up!

Fox: still...cold....

slippy: Look!!!

Fox: hey! a loose soul!

Wolf: you think it's silvertails?

Sprit: no, I'm kisa. nice to meet ya. i'm only silvertail's pet.

wolf: do you know where silvertail's soul is?

Kisa: In the road of memories you'll find her.


Kisa: there is a special gate i could lead you to...

Wolf: really?

Kisa: yeah! it's over there, all nice and ready to transport!!

Starfox team: YEAH! LET'S GO!!

the starfox team enters the sprit world.


Silvertail: Nanuke! Where are you, my sister? Please don't die like Kaiser!!! PLease!

nanuke: Over here!

Silvertail: Nanuke! you're okay!

Nanuke: wait for wolf, darling.

Silvertail: yes... I will.

A dragon stomps in..

Dragon: Nanuke..

Nanuke: Nine sprirt?

Nine spirit: Come, i'll show the key to Silvertail's immorality...

A screen pops up.

FInd out how Silvertail became immortal in part 5!!

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The screen shows an enchantress, which is Silvertail's mother, Raina.

Raina: Nine Spirit, when I had 2 babies, Silvertail wasn't immortal. How can I make her immortal?

Nine Spirit: do not be gloomy, Raina. For I have the ingredients to make the immorality potion.

Raina: really?

Nine Spirit: yes, and I trust it unto you.

Raina: Thank you, oh thank you!

Raina gets all of the ingrdients and mixes them in a large waterproof basket.

Arcanos, great evil dragon and twin brother of Nine spirit, Knocks on the door.

Arcanos: OPEN UP!

Raina: Why should I?

Arcanos: I hear you have the potion of immorality!!!

RAina: I dare not give it to you fiend!

Raina quikly submerges baby Silvertail in the mix.

Silvertail's fur color was brown at the time, but changes to a Silver/blue color.

Raina fights Arcanos with her life, killing herself and Arcanos at the same time.

Nine Spirit comes in.

Nine Spirit:Why you poor thing...        Part6 is next!

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Guest Julius Quasar

Excuse me, could you please not make a new thread for each chapter?  If you want to add a chapter or a sequel to your story, please just post each new chapter/sequel in your original thread.

cute story, btw...

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Please only post one thread per story. I merged all of the threads into one.

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Wolf....good....guy....my....head...ug....ow...* Explodez*

No, but really cute, story.

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Nine sprit takes Baby Silvertail and carries her to her father, King Barrion of the Aran.

Barrion: Raina, I know you're there...

Nine Spirit: will you take care of her?

BArrion: yes. She's just like her mother... but she won't like her stepmother... or she won't even want to find out that she's half-wolf and half-fox.

Nine Spirit: I'll tell her the secrets at the right time, Barrion. I promise.

Nine Spirit leaves the palace.

The screen disspears.

silvertail: is this true, Nine Spirit?

Nine Spirit: yes, my darling.

Silvertail: should I go find my father?

Nine Spirit: After Wolf finds you, you two go together, and bring along some other friends, too.

Silvertail: Okay then. Thank you Nine Spirit.

Nine Spirit: good luck, child.

Silvertail goes to the entrance of the spirit world.

wolf: Silvertail!

Silvertail: Wolf! :friends:

They hug each other.

Wolf: good, we have your spirit, but what about your memory?

Silvertail: I think Nine Spirit already did that.

Wolf:good then! then lets go and revive yourself!

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They exit the spirit world, and into the cave where tricky was.

Wolf: there's your body. What happens then?

Silvertail: well, i enter it. (duh) but it's gonna shoot off a large, luminous, light. It could signal Acanos.


Wolf: do you want Silvertail to die, or all of us die?

Fox: good point... (Darn! he's smarter than me!) :evil:

Silvertail: okay then, i'll go in, but cover your eyes!

Silvertail goes into the huge ice block and the ice lights up, and sends a beam of holy rays onto evryone. (FalcoAcePilot: to you, it's basically Genesis.)

The ice breaks.

Silvertail: phew! finally awake again!

unidentified: hee  hee.. :?

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Silvertail: Arcanos!

Arcanos: that's right. It's me again. oh, and lookis here.

Arcanos is holding a slain Crow.


Silvertail: Crow!

Wolf: We gotta save him!

Fox: let's do this team!

Starfox: yeah!

Everyone fights brutally, sometimes even using landmasters, but it's no use.

Everyone is almost dead.

Silvertail: everyone....


Fox: ERRGH... uh-huh...


Silvertail: Channel down all your energy into me, ok?

Wolf: okay, then.

Silvertail collects all of the energy... and...



Arcanos drops dead.

Starfox; YAY!!!

Silvertail heals everyone.

and they all go back to the great fox to celebrate their victory! :friends:

Slippy: Wait! We forgot the epilouge!

[Pruned to save disk space]

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Silvertail and wolf become part of the starfox team, and starwolf was disbanded due a bunch of idiotdic people (these people-> :leon::panther:)

silvertail doesn't like arwings or landmasters, so she introduced mounts to the starfox team. Of course, wolf pretty good at riding mounts, Slippy fell 1,005,567 times, (make that 1,005,568 times.), and Krystal liked taking care of the mounts, not riding them. (ever sice adventures, she wants to stay on the ground cuz she lost her staff!)

silvertail and wolf happily proposed, then got married! Everyone was there. (not to mention Raina and kaiser's spirit!)

so it did turn out to be the perfect ending.

Silvertail and wolf sit by the beachside, watching the sun set.

The wire bends, and the story ends.

[Pruned to save disk space]

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I like how u told there was a battle but how about TELLING about the battle like... wat happend  :oops:

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