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Star Fox: Warring Guilds


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Well, after reading all the endings on Star Fox: Command, an interesting question came to mind: What if Star Fox and Star Wolf became factions? Or guilds? And thus, Star Fox: Warring Guilds was born.

    The full story is currently unfinished, as I am still on Chapter Two. But I have Chapter one finished. The story basically includes stuff from Halo, Star Trek, Star Fox, and a couple of others (I can't remember them off the top of my head). Here, I'll post the intro and *part* of chapter one and see what you think...

Star Fox:

Warring Guilds


It has been two years since the destruction of the Anglar, and Venom’s sudden Terraforming to an inhabitable planet. Star Fox, by some incredible, yet incomprehensible miracle, has been transformed into its own guild, with members spanning throughout the galaxy. Fox McCloud, Krystal, Katt Monroe, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, Amanda Toad, and Lucy Hare are just a few of the leading members. Over the years, great Trans-Dimensional Intergalactic Rifts have brought numerous races to the Lylat system.

Among these races are the Covenant Collective, the United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Dragonarian Empire, the Reman Federation, and the Kemorainian Star Empire. A few of these races, such as the Dominion alliance and the Kemorainian imperial remnant, are less friendly, and wage war on the Lylat system. With the help of the Dragonarian and Kemorainians’ technology, the conflicts were ended, with only minor skirmishes breaking out every now and then.

This story starts when Fox and his friends receive a new member to the guild. But this new member is hiding a secret... one so deadly, it alone could mean the salvation of the new Star Fox guild... or its destruction. Soon, there will be a new enemy to the guild, an old rival may yet rise up to face them, armed now with the tools of the enemies of the galaxy...

Chapter One

Fox wasn’t here, wasn’t there, wasn’t anywhere insofar as he could tell from within the strange never-never land he floated in. He could barely hear Falco calling his name, and he could occasionally make out images of various members of the Star Fox guild. But one such person wasn’t a member that Fox recognized. He was a Cornerian Cat like Katt Monroe, but with Crimson fur and lifeless brown eyes. His hands held a sort of rifle, and clipped to the sides of his belt was a pair of plasma katanas, probably gotten from the Terran Military. Fox didn’t recognize this particular person, and as soon as he saw him, he heard a voice chanting in an alien language.

Suddenly, without warning, Fox awoke.

“Fox, are you awake?” Falco said over the intercom. Fox groaned, reached over and answered the call.

“Yeah, I’m awake. What’s going on?”

“We have a new member to the guild. Peppy sent us his file.” Falco answered.

“Acknowledged, I’m on my way.” Fox replied. He killed the comm connection, slumped into his clothes, and headed to the main promenade level of the space station he was on, commonly called “Star Fox HQ.” It was the main headquarters of the guild, the largest one in the galaxy, rivaling the Star Wolf guild’s HQ over the former Mirdakian home planet of Mirdak. Star Wolf had done much to revitalize Mirdakian space after it had been annihilated by the Kemorainians so many years ago.

Star Fox HQ was a massive, multi-level orbital space station shaped like two dinner plates on a stick, with multiple platforms and defense complexes jutting outwards from the stick. It served as a  home sweet home for many of Star Fox’s members, which included many species, mainly Terrans, Anthropomorphic Foxes, Canines, Cats, Rodents, Birds and Hares, as well as a select number of Sangheili, a few Klingon, Romulan and Reman ships, and some Dragonarian ships. The station itself sat in orbit of the planet Venom, as Star Fox’s token of good will to Dash Bowman, the leader of the Venomian Empire in exchange for occasional military assistance.

Fox stopped in the mess hall to pick up a cup of coffee, and promptly ran into his lover, Krystal. She seemed genuinely worried over Fox’s appearance, and this showed in her voice.

“Fox, are you alright?” she asked as she grabbed a cup of hot tea. Fox paused a minute as he took a drink of his coffee. He had long ago learned not to lie to Krystal, as she was a telepath, and would be able to pick it out easily, so telling her “I’m fine” wouldn’t do any good.

“Before Falco woke me up, I... had a vision of sorts.” Fox finally said. Krystal placed her hand on his. Her grip was tight, yet gentle, a testimony to the feelings she had developed for Fox over the years.

“What about?” she asked. Fox sighed, replied,

“I saw... various members of Star Fox. I’m not sure why. I think I might have seen you, shortly before I saw...” Fox paused, unsure of what to say. He knew that the crimson-furred Cornerian cat he saw wasn’t part of Star Fox. But who was he with? What was so special about him that could have induced a slideshow vision of several Star Fox members?

“Before you saw what?” Krystal inquired. Fox sighed, somewhat fearful.

“Before I saw someone I haven’t seen before. Someone not part of Star Fox.” Krystal sipped her tea, then set it down on the table.

“What did they look like?” Before Fox could answer, Falco’s voice came over his communicator.

“Fox, better get up here to the Command Center.” Fox downed the last of his coffee, and grabbed his communicator.

“Acknowledged.” He was about to go when Krystal gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said,

“We’ll talk about this later.” Fox smiled, returned the kiss, and left.

It took five minutes to get to the command center, and when Fox arrived, Falco approached him.

“Fox, I really think you should see this,” Falco said.

“What, the file on the new member?” Fox asked.

“No,” Falco replied. “The file on his ship.” Before Fox could ask why, Falco led Fox over to a panel displaying a tactical readout. From the readout, Fox saw that the ship was a heavily-modified Class-II Dragonarian Warbird, armed with a multitude of weapons. The offensive weaponry included 28 Dragonarian disruptor banks, 16 Reman disruptor banks, 10 Transphasic torpedo launchers, 8 Bio-molecular torpedo launchers, 6 infinity-modulating Phaser arrays, 2 Sangheili plasma torpedo launchers, 1 Bio-Pulse beam emitter, 4 Klingon Poleron torpedo launchers, 1 Hyper-Velocity Mass Driver Cannon and 2 Multi-Modulating Pulse Phasers. For defensive systems, this warship was equipped with Class-X advanced shielding, Multi-adaptive ablative armor, a highly-advanced Romulan-Reman-Klingon hybrid cloaking device, and Auto-regenerating hull armor. The ship also was equipped with a number of Transwarp coils and Dragonarian warp cores. This would allow for a capacious supply of power and allow the ship to traverse hundreds of thousands of light-years in just minutes.

“A technological marvel, isn’t it?” said the deep voice of a Ryukaissen Dragonarian. Fox turned to see Rad’err, one of Star Fox’s Dragonarian members, looking over his shoulder.

“What do you mean?” Falco asked.

“That Class-II Dragonarian Warbird belongs to a Dragonarian military legend, Vice Admiral Kyle Anderson... but he is known to us Dragonarians as Kylet’oran Jek’ari.” Rad’err replied. Fox frowned.

“Care to explain why his Dragonarian name is ‘Slain Warrior’?” Rad’err shook his head.

“It was a name given to him a very long time ago, during the Lylat-Kemorainian War. Not even I know why he carries that name.”

“Fox,” Slippy said, “I have an incoming text message... I can’t locate where it originated from. I’m bringing it up on the screen.” Instantly, a message appeared on Fox’s console.

“Star Fox guild, you have a Borg cube heading to your position! Be ready!” it read...

So... Whaddaya think?

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Okay, here's the rest of chapter one...

...“Fox,” Slippy said, “I have an incoming text message... I can’t locate where it originated from. I’m bringing it up on the screen.” Instantly, a message appeared on Fox’s console.

“Star Fox guild, you have a Borg cube heading to your position! Be ready!” it read. Fox had no more that read this when Slippy piped up, his voice on the verge of a frightened scream.

“Fox!! I have a Borg Cube on the long-range scanners, bearing two-one-zero-mark-two-six!” Turning to the Terran at the Comm, Fox ordered,

“Open a channel to the fleet.” The Terran nodded, and a moment later the channel was open. “This is Fox McCloud to all Star Fox members, we have an inbound hostile! Stand to battle stations!” Fox had just said this when a giant cube dropped out of warp speed.

But something was wrong. This cube had a large chunk missing from it, as if it had been blown off. Something had happened to this cube, Fox reasoned, most likely an attack by Species 8472. But why would Species 8472 go back into this galaxy, knowing full well that the galaxy they invaded has the weapons to destroy them?

Suddenly, a yellow-orange bio-pulse beam lanced out from nowhere and struck the cube, obliterating another part of it, followed by two Transphasic torpedoes. The torpedoes slammed into the mid-section of the cube and destroyed it. Fox, along with everyone else on the command center, sat shocked at what had just transpired, unaware that the heavily-modified Class-II Dragonarian Warbird had just de-cloaked nearby.

It took a full minute for one of the Star Fox members to turn his head and call out,

“My god! What is that thing??” Fox turned his head and saw it; a massive ship sitting on the starboard side of the station. This ship was apparently modelled on a great eagle, as it had long, multi-layered, downswept wings and tail-like, trailing surfaces at the rear of the central hull, while the central hull was tapered like a raptor's head. The ship had multiple ablative armor generators installed all over the hull, and Fox could see the  Bio-Pulse beam emitter slung under the belly of the ship, along with the crimson color of the hull.

As if someone patched in an audio hail, a voice came over the comm channel.

“Fox McCloud, Star Fox guild, this is Kyle Anderson, requesting permission to come aboard.” the voice sounded friendly, but Fox thought he could detect a hint of anger in it. Opening the telepathic link that he had developed with Krystal, Fox thought,

Krystal, what can you sense? There was a momentary pause as Krystal tried to sense what was going on, and Krystal replied,

Whoever this Kyle Anderson is, he is far beyond a telepath. He’s blocking me out. Be careful, Fox. Fox took note of the “far beyond a telepath” part of Krystal’s reply, and nodded to the Terran at the Comm station.

“Roger, Mr. Anderson. You are cleared to shuttle over to hangar bay two.” The Terran said. There was no reply as a Hangar on the nose of the colossal ship opened up, and a sole fighter came out, described a number of loops, barrel rolls and other tricks, and headed into the station...

The head Star Fox members assembled in the hangar bay as Kyle’s fighter landed. It circled the outside of the hangar once and phased through the force-field. Once inside the hangar, the ship reared up as a landing strut appeared under the front of the craft, and the fighter settled in for a landing.

Once landed, Fox and the others took a good long look at it. The head and neck part were shaped somewhat like a wrench. On the top of the wrench head was the cockpit, while on either side were light plasma autopulsers, and on the slanted part on either side of the forward part of the head and between the wrench prongs were starfighter-mounted plasma missile launchers. On the other side of the nine-foot neck was what looked to be the body of a bird, with forward-swept wings and a tail that held the propulsion system. Around the mid-section of both wings were two heavy laser cannons—making a total of four, one above and below each wing—with barrels that extended one-quarter the length of the neck. A half-pyramid rose up on both dorsal and ventral areas of the fuselage, and supported four winglets that formed an X. Mounted on the tips of these wings on a perfect 180-degree angle were four of what Fox assumed to be Starfighter-mounted, rectangular-shaped rocket launchers that held two rockets each. Upon a second glance, Fox and the others noticed three ship-to-ship missiles embedded in each wing.

As the cockpit opened, Fox had to shake his head to keep the typical “I’m the leader of Star Fox” look he had. The person he saw in the cockpit was the same person he saw in his vision. Fox daren’t open the telepathic link, as Krystal mentioned earlier that this person was beyond telepathy, and if he did that, this person could detect it with ease.

But whatever Fox felt, Krystal could sense it, so Fox was sure she knew how he felt. But none of this showed on either of their faces as this person approached them. His brown eyes had an undead quality, something that clearly implied that he had died—and was subsequently brought back to life—sometime in his past.

The person stood 6’ 4”, had a slender body, crimson fur, and had scars that ran over both his eyes. He also wore an emerald-green jump suit that was somewhat loose on his skin. But on his hands were a pair of wrist gauntlets large enough to carry a small blade.

As he approached the group, Fox could feel Krystal’s internal tension.

Fox, she said telepathically, there’s something wrong with this person. It’s almost as if... she stopped as the person stopped in front of Fox.

“Vice Admiral Kyle Anderson, reporting for duty, sir.” he said with a raspy voice. Somehow, Fox and Krystal felt that there was something that this new member was hiding...

(Chapter Two will be up later.)

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Okay, rainfyre (and everyone else who is watching this topic), here's chapter two!

Chapter Two

After Kyle had arrived at Star Fox HQ, He was given a permanent quarters just three doors across from Katt. Shortly thereafter, Star Fox HQ received a distress call from Corneria stating that they were under attack by the Borg. Fox, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to test Kyle’s command ability, sent Krystal with Kyle and dispatched Kyle with a battle fleet to launch an immediate counterattack on the Borg...

With several warp cores and transwarp coils installed on his ship, Kyle’s Class-II Dragonarian Warbird, the Dragon’s Rage, arrived at Corneria in less than fifteen minutes, faster than Krystal ever expected. When they arrived, the sight was horrifying; several Borg cubes and spheres were assaulting the planet, and a good half of the Cornerian Defense Fleet was in ruins.

“Red alert! All hands to battlestations!” Kyle called out to his crew. He turned to Krystal and asked, “Any advice?”

“I’m just here to watch the show, not to give advice.” Krystal said. Kyle shrugged and said,

“Suit yourself.” In a comment directed to his crew, he added, “Launch red and blue wings to engage enemy fighters. Charge up the Bio-pulse beam and target the nearest Borg vessel.”

“Target acquired; Borg cube on heading seven-two-four-mark-zero-three. Bio-pulse beam up and charging.” Answered one of the crewmen.

“Fire a disruptor burst to get their attention.” Kyle ordered. The tactical officer pressed a few buttons, and six blue-white disruptor bolts raced for the cube. Seconds later, they struck, and the cube reared around and raced for the Dragon’s Rage. The tactical officer gave Kyle a slight nod, and Kyle ordered,

“Engineering, deploy the multi-adaptive ablative armor. Tactical, fire the Bio-pulse beam.” Instantly, the entire ship was covered in armor, and a bio-pulse beam lashed out and struck the Borg cube dead center. The beam obliterated the ship, and caused several more to take interest in the Class-II Dragonarian Warbird.

“IM Phasers are ready, sir.” The Tactical officer said.

“Open fire. Accelerate to attack speed and hit the Borg with everything we’ve got.” Kyle barked. Krystal felt a slight jolt as the ship began to move, and disruptors, phasers, torpedoes and bio-pulse beams blazed. In just five minutes, three Borg cubes went up in pieces, leaving just two cubes and four spheres.

The CDF, seeing the effectiveness that the Class-II Dragonarian Warbird had against the Borg vessels, launched a hastily-organized counterattack. If that weren’t trouble enough for the borg, the Star Fox battle fleet—a mix of Dragonarian, Terran, Lylat and Klingon ships—dropped out of light speed and attacked the ships. The Borg, knowing they were totally out of their league, chose that particular moment to retreat.

“Sir, we are getting a subspace transmission from... the borg queen.” One of the crewmen said. Kyle gave the Comm officer a nod, and the Borg queen appeared on the view screen.

“Ah, your majesty... how are things in the collective?” Kyle asked.

“Perfect... for the most part.” The queen answered. “And the Dragon’s Rage?”

“Never better.” Kyle replied.

“Is there any particular reason you attacked Corneria?” Krystal inquired impatiently.

“We are simply delivering another race from chaos into order.” The queen replied.

“Well,” Kyle said, “You obviously failed. All you accomplished was just pissing the Interstellar Alliance of Alien Races off.”

“Have I?” the queen answered. Reaching her left arm out, she added, “Perhaps your Cerinian friend over there will recognize this person?” Not even two seconds later, Panther Caroso appeared on the screen. Krystal’s eyes widened, and she exclaimed,

“Panther!” in an angrier tone, she growled, “What have you done to him??”

“Relax, dear Krystal. They have done nothing but save my life from Star Wolf assassins.” Panther said.

“Yes... Panther has provided me with valuable information regarding Star Wolf’s plans. Because of him, I was able to evacuate the Unicomplex before they attacked. Because of this, he will act as what you organics call a ‘liaison’ between the collective and Star Fox. We will meet you at Star Fox HQ. If you want the information that we have, you will not destroy the ship that arrives.” Before Kyle or Krystal could reply, the transmission was cut off, and although she couldn’t access Kyle’s thoughts, Krystal could sense that Kyle knew something that she nor anyone else in his crew or the guild didn’t know...

Fox was surprised to see that the entire battle fleet that he sent to aid Corneria was undamaged. Then again, maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised. Kyle’s Class-II Dragonarian Warbird was with them. The borg didn’t stand a chance against a ship like that, not when it was armed with multiple weapons, a bio-pulse beam and multiple transphasic torpedo launchers among them.

What came as more of a surprise was Krystal’s demeanor when she mentioned that Panther was coming with the borg to form an alliance. And while she didn’t know what it was, Krystal sensed that Kyle knew something she didn’t know. Rather than interrogate Kyle and find out what was going through his head, Fox decided to adopt a wait-and-see approach. If Kyle did know something, it would surely present itself in time.

When the borg cube exited warp speed, no one attacked, just as Fox had ordered. In turn, the cube didn’t attack. It described a number of sensor sweeps of the surrounding area, then moved on to the station and beamed Panther aboard. Panther was met by Fox and Krystal, while Kyle was in his living quarters, and his Class-II Dragonarian Warbird was under cloak and monitoring the cube.

Fox and Krystal escorted Panther to a conference room where Falco, Katt, Lucy, Slippy and Amanda sat at a table.

“So, Panther,” Fox said as he sat down, “Krystal tells me you have information regarding Star Wolf’s activities.”

“That is correct,” Panther replied. “You very well know how much Wolf doesn’t like you.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Krystal said.

“Because Wolf recently met someone...” Panther said, “a human by the name of ‘Darth Trayus,’ and was promised the power to destroy Fox and the rest of Star Fox guild.” Before Panther could go on any further, Krystal jerked her head to her left, as if in reaction to being slapped. Her eyes went wide with fear, and her eyes went from side to side, as if she was searching for something in the room.

“Krystal, are you—” Fox started. He was cut off when Krystal suddenly screamed and flew out of her chair. Her body hit the wall with a loud wham! And she was knocked unconscious. Fox rushed over to her side, fearing the worst. When Krystal regained consciousness two seconds later, she said,

“There’s something on the station!”

“Whoa, Krystal, relax! What’s on the station?” Fox asked. Krystal appeared frantic, fearful. Perhaps that smack against the wall did more damage than Fox thought.

“Something powerful! It’s headed to the hangar bay!” she exclaimed.

“Slow down,” Fox stated, “Which hangar?” Krystal made no reply as she jumped to her feet, leapt over the table and chased after whatever she thought was headed to the hangar bay. Fox chased after her, followed by Katt.

Krystal stopped at a sealed door, looking for some way to open it.

“It went in here,” Krystal said. “But I don’t understand—this hangar was sealed until further notice. Only you could open it.”

“Why was it sealed?” Katt asked.

“The hangar force field failed. I sealed it until the Venomian techs could fix it. But how could this... whatever it is get through a sealed door that only I am able to open?” Fox inquired. “Moreover, how can anything survive in that hangar? It’s uninhabit—”

“A star dragon could survive in there.” said Rad’err’s voice. Fox, Krystal and Katt turned to see Rad’err standing behind them. Fox, having learned about the Mythical Dragonarian creatures of Dragonarian lore, knew what Rad’err was talking about.

“Impossible,” he said, “A creature that size wouldn’t be able to fit in the halls of this place, and a hatchling wouldn’t be able to open this door. Plus, a creature like that would have been seen by someone.” Rad’err chuckled.

“Not a dragon shifter.” Fox frowned.

“A dragon shifter?” Katt repeated.

“Yes... they are an ancient race, long forgotten. Unless one knows what to look for, it is impossible to see them. They are invisible to the rest of the galaxy, hiding in plain sight.” Rad’err said. Suddenly, Slippy came running up.

“Fox, Panther’s gone!” The statement hit Fox like a painful insect bite. Too late, he realized what Panther’s arrival on the station was; Star Wolf’s official declaration of war against Star Fox. Too late, Fox realized that Star Wolf had made an alliance with the Borg. Too late, Fox realized that the Cube sent here was sent to scan and analyze Star Fox HQ’s defenses.

“Fox,” Krystal said, “I think Kyle might know something.”

“How do you know?” Fox asked.

“When the Borg queen announced that Panther was coming to Star Fox HQ,” Krystal replied. “I could faintly sense that he knew something.”

“Then maybe it’s time we paid him a visit.” Fox said. He then started toward Kyle’s quarters with Krystal, followed closely by Katt and Falco.

As soon as Fox reached the door, the door locked and an artificial voice said,

“Access denied.”

“Access denied??” Falco exclaimed. “You’re the head of Star Fox! You have unrestricted access to every dorm on this station!”

“Computer, recognize voice pattern Fox McCloud. Authorization: McCloud, 4-2-4 Charlie-Foxtrot.”

“Firstly,” the computer said, “my name isn’t ‘computer,’ its Wes. And Secondly, the Admiral doesn’t wish to be disturbed. He is asleep.”

“What do you mean, ‘the Admiral’?” Katt asked.

“Vice Admiral Kyle Anderson, the Cornerian cat that recently joined this guild.” Wes answered.

“Oh, so now the computer has a name and has turned against Fox to serve a newbie to the guild. I think it’s time to get a new system.” Falco remarked with a heavy hint of sarcasm.

“This isn’t the computer. Wes is an AI.” Krystal said. “Wes, please... wake your Admiral. We need to talk to him.”

“Concerning...what?” Wes asked. Fox sighed. He didn’t like giving information like what he had to the AI of a newbie, but right now, he didn’t have a hell of a choice.

“Star Wolf has declared war against us, and we—” Wes cut him off then.

“One moment, sir—I’ll wake him. He’ll have much to discuss.” There was a moment of silence as Wes woke Kyle, and the door unlocked. Fox entered, followed by Krystal, Katt and Falco. Kyle looked as if he had just gotten done working out; he was panting slightly.

“You okay, Kyle? Do you need a medic?” Fox asked.

“I’ll be fine, thank you, sir.” Kyle replied.

“It has come to our attention that you know something about the threat we face.” Fox said in his typical leader’s voice.

“Yes, sir. I do.”

“So,” Fox stated, “You knew that the cube was analyzing Star Fox HQ’s defenses.”

“Yes, sir.” At this point, Falco was enraged.

“Give us one good reason we shouldn’t kick you off the guild right now!”

“Calm down, Falco.” Katt said. There was a momentary pause before Kyle replied,

“Because you need me far more than I need you.” Fox frowned.

“What is that supposed to mean? I’m half tempted to remove you now!”

“You sure that’s a good idea?” Kyle asked. “Removing me would be like signing Star Fox’s Death Warrant. Would you want the death of your own guild on your conscience?” Fox nearly back-handed Kyle for saying that. What held him back was that in a corner of his mind, Fox knew Kyle was right.

Fox, Krystal thought to Fox, He’s holding something back. As soon as Krystal said this, she flew against the wall, but this time, was suspended there as if held by invisible chains. In an iron-hard, rasping voice that had a thrumming quality to it, Kyle growled,

“Stay. Out. Of my mind. Your telepathy won’t save you from what I can do.” Fox would have asserted his authority, should have asserted it, but felt compelled to let this play out, despite the resentment he felt for Kyle for treating Krystal this way.

But in all of this, Katt was calm, and it showed in her voice.

“You don’t have to do this, Kyle. She’s just trying to help.” Kyle’s icy, lifeless stare locked with Katt’s warm, soothing gaze, and whatever message was conveyed in that moment caused Kyle to release Krystal. There was a moment of silence before Kyle said,

“Ten-twenty-two Gamma Echo.”

“What’s that?” Fox asked.

“It’s an access code.” Kyle replied. “You’ll need it to access the restricted intelligence files I have stored on my ship’s computer.” Fox nodded wordlessly, and left without another sound, followed by Krystal and Falco, leaving Katt staring at Kyle. He looked at her for a full minute, and then turned away.

“I don’t get it.” Katt said.

“Don’t get what?” Kyle inquired.

“What are you hiding in your mind that you’re so afraid of Krystal seeing?” Kyle was silent for a long moment as he stared at his reflection on the space-safe glass window.

“It’s not what I’m trying to hide,” he said. “It’s what I’m trying to forget.”

“And what’s that?” Katt asked.

“My past. The wars I’ve fought... the hundreds I’ve killed... the scars I’ve incurred.”

“Yes, we know about all that, it was in your--” Katt began. Kyle cut her off.

“A military service record makes no mention of scars acquired before one enlisted. A son isn’t meant to bury his entire family at the age of six.” Katt felt an almost immediate pang of sorrow. If what Kyle was saying was true, then he had been living without a family for twenty years!

Katt walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I... I didn’t know.”

“Spare me your compassionate pity. It isn’t needed here.” Kyle said in an iron-hard voice. Katt paused, turned to leave, and stopped. She looked over her shoulder at Kyle, and said in a soft, warm voice,

“If you ever need somebody to talk to, don’t hesitate to call me.” Without another word, she left...

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I'm not gonna tell you! Haha!

... you'll just have to keep reading.

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Wow... I finished three chapters in one weekend. Here's Chapter Three!

Chapter Three

Krystal awoke next to Fox at 4:30 AM. Something was calling her... something on the station. It took her a fraction of a second to figure out that this something, this presence, was the same presence that had flung her against the wall as it headed into the sealed hangar. She slowly got out of bed, quietly slipped into her clothes, and followed her sixth sense to the source of this presence. It wasn’t long until she stopped on the main promenade level, holodeck three. She could faintly hear the sounds of battle in the room, but as best she could sense, there was only one person in there. Slowly, cautiously, she opened the door to reveal a  pitched battle between Kyle and a parasitic race known as the Flood. He was armed with an MP340 AAR, an A50 Cobra, and two plasma katanas.

He leapt over a barrel at an abnormal jump height, threw a spike grenade into a combat form, and ran like hell behind a bunker to take cover. The grenade detonated, pulverized a clutch of infection forms, sent a carrier form flying halfway across the room, and put four combat forms down. That’s when two of them noticed Krystal standing in the doorway.

They rushed at her, eager to kill her, but danced to the impact of 7.62mm bullets tearing one apart, and the other died when a .357 AP bullet sent a flaccid infection form that was originally in the monster’s chest flinging out the front. The body collapsed at Krystal’s feet with a loud crunch, and Krystal looked up in time to see Kyle reload his weapon and put a burst into the top of a combat form’s head  as he was getting up.

“Any idea why Flood were in holodeck three? And while we’re on the subject, why didn’t they trigger the alarm?” Krystal asked.

“They were holograms.” Kyle answered as Katt came in, sidearm in hand.

“Funny, I don’t remember anybody downloading any combat holograms to the holodeck.” Krystal said.

“No one did.” Kyle replied, “Wes had the holo-program stored in his memory.”

“Is this what you do in your spare time?” Katt asked, trying to change the subject before Kyle used whatever powers he had on Krystal again.

“Of course,” Kyle said. “And what better way to spend my time than honing my combat skills?”

“Why against the Flood?” Krystal inquired.

“Because the Flood, aside from Species 8472, are the most dangerous enemy known to this galaxy.” Wes replied. Krystal was about to speak when Kyle’s communicator burped static, and a gruff Dragonarian voice came over the channel.

“Admiral, long-range sensors have picked up Borg Transwarp signatures!”

“Acknowledged,” Kyle said. “go to battle alert. Raise the shields and charge the weapons.”

“Sir, there are several Kemorainian imperial remnant ships with them!” the Dragonarian exclaimed.

“Launch the fighter wings. I’ll be with them shortly.” Kyle ordered. Looking to Krystal, he added, “You might want to wake Fox.” Krystal nodded in agreement, and hurried off. Kyle was walking past Katt when she said,

“Now we can see how well you can fly that JX-49 of yours.”

“Why? Was my piloting ability ever in question?” Kyle asked. Katt chuckled at the comment as she headed to her Arwing. Conveniently, Katt’s Arwing was sitting right next to Kyle’s JX-49. Kyle hopped into his JX49, the cockpit shut, and Kyle began the ignition sequence. Katt kept one eye on Kyle as she powered up her Arwing, and was surprised to see his JX49 suddenly lift off the ground. The three jet engines flared, and the JX-49 disappeared from the hangar bay. Katt lifted off and phased through the force-field as several pilots arrived to man their fighters.

Just as Kyle and Katt were out of the hangar, the Borg/Kemorainian fleet dropped out of warp, and a swarm of fighters appeared.

But Kyle was ready.

“Wes, fire the High-yield plasma warhead.” He ordered. The AI complied, and two blue-green plasma torpedoes raced for the enemy fighter formation. But, instead of exploding on the fighters in front, the torpedoes detonated at the center of the group, annihilating more than half of the enemy fighters.

By then, Star Fox had launched their own fighters, and the Borg fighters had joined the mix. One of the Borg fighters fired a disruptor pulse and missed Katt, and before Katt could return fire, Kyle flew his JX49 inverted over Katt’s Arwing and opened up on the enemy fighter. The borg fighter couldn’t stand the heavy laser cannons on the JX49, and was torn asunder.

Kyle then raced for the Borg Sphere at the head of the enemy fleet, and at the press of a series of buttons, four temporal copies of his fighter appeared. Every one of them armed their plasma torpedo launchers and sent two white plasma-disruptor torpedoes racing for the sphere. They all detonated on the sphere, and ripped a huge chunk out of it. The rest of the sphere was blown away by a series of well-placed quantum and photon torpedoes.

While Kyle and his temporal copies went berserk on the enemy fighters, Fox, Krystal and Falco sat back and watched. Not only was Kyle an excellent ship captain, but he was an extraordinary pilot. Could it be possible that Kyle could surpass Fox as a better pilot?

No, Fox thought. Fox didn’t learn his piloting skills in a military career. Kyle did. But what else had he learned in his time with the military, Fox wondered? The more he thought about it, the more Fox was sure that someone or something else had taught him his skills. Destroying a Borg fighter while flying inverted over a wingmate’s fighter was bad enough, but attacking an enemy ship several times larger than his fighter—and doing so unsupported—verged on suicidal. It was almost as if Kyle was trying to kill himself, but why?

Fox snapped out of his reverie and gave the order for all ships to attack. Why Kyle was taking chances with his life didn’t matter. In the end, Fox would make sure he lived to help Star Fox with their war against Star Wolf.

Of all the ships out there fighting this enemy fleet, Kyle’s Class-II Dragonarian Warbird seemed to strike fear into the enemy’s hearts. Was it the massive amount of weapons they detected on the vessel? Or was it the sheer size of it that caused them such fear? Whatever the case, Fox was glad to take advantage of their fear and attack.

A Bio-pulse beam lashed out and struck a Borg cube, obliterating a huge chunk of it. The rest of the fleet was quick to attack this new weakpoint, and in seconds, the cube was devastated. Another Borg cube took exception to the way the other cube had been annihilated, and fired a series of shield inversion torpedoes at the Class-II Dragonarian Warbird. The Torpedoes had almost no effect, and the Dragon’s Rage fired its HVMDC (Hyper-Velocity Mass Driver Cannon) through the center of the cube.

But the cube wasn’t the only ship damaged by the HVMDC. A hapless Kemorainian Advanced Dreadnaught was behind the cube when it fired, and was blown away when the ultra-dense depleted Uranium-Tritanium-Dragonium slug tore through the ship’s Quantum Singularity reactor. Now, the enemy fleet gunned for the Class-II Dragonarian Warbird. But the warbird was suddenly nowhere to be found.

So where did it go? The answer came when the warbird de-cloaked behind a cube and fired three Transphasic torpedoes into it. It then fired a Bio-pulse beam at a Kemorainian battle cruiser. If the Borg ships were ripped apart in seconds by this weapon, then the Kemorainian vessels went up even faster. The impact of the beam whipped the ship in two.

Fox returned his attention to Kyle and took notice of the way he was dragging Katt’s badly-damaged Arwing behind his JX-49. What had happened, Fox mused?

First, Katt was being chased by several Kemorainian and Borg fighters. Then, her Arwing is critically damaged, and life support was failing. Next thing she knew, her Arwing inadvertantly ejected her into space, and she was being carried by this great Dragon. How one was even able to survive in space she’d never guess. She wound up in the cockpit of another fighter, and a voice said,

“Just hang in there, Katt. You’ll make it.” Whetever happened next was a blur, as she woke up in Medbay. Was the battle over? What had happened?

The answer came with gratifying speed.

“Finally awake, eh?” Krystal asked. Katt looked to her right and saw a figure come into focus.

“What... happened?” Katt groaned. Now, all of a sudden, it was an effort to speak. How much of a beating had she taken, she wondered?

“You survived quite a spectacular beating. Falco was devastated to see what happened to your Arwing.” Krystal said.

“Where... is... he?” Katt inquired. It hurt her throat to speak, but she could think of no other means of communication.

“He’s thanking Kyle.” Krystal replied. Katt frowned. What did Falco have to thank Kyle for? Krystal must have sensed this question, and answered, “Kyle saved your life... With the help of a Star Dragon.” The memory came flooding back into Katt’s mind; being critically damaged by those enemy fighters, being ejected into space, and being carried by that great dragon. Just who was that dragon? Why did it save her? Katt tried to get up, but was stopped by Krystal.

“Rest, Katt. We’ll have answers soon.” Katt complied, rested her head on the pillow, and fell asleep...

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Guest Julius Quasar

Interesting blend of sources...

agreed!^ not bad...but, I'm not much of a Star Wars or a Star Trek fan, sorry...but I still like this story, great job, I love Star Fox!  and I like how you mixed them with Romulans and stuff like that in this story

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Oops... sorry, I forgot. Well, here's chapter four. Be warned, this is one of the more emotional chapters...

Chapter Four

Fox sat in Kyle’s ready room on board his ship, looking over the intelligence files Kyle had gathered prior to joining Star Fox. What he wanted was some clue as to what Wolf would throw at him next. Well, he found plenty of info on what he should expect, but no definitive details as to exactly what was going to be thrown his way.

Fox also learned that Kyle had—and still has—a number of connections within the Romulan, Reman, and Dragonarian Empires, and the Galactic Republic, and even a few discreet connections within a race called the Yaut’ja. If these connections were used, it could bolster Star Fox’s strength for the next assault. But Fox would have to gain Kyle’s trust in order to...

No, Fox thought, that would just make it seem to Kyle that he was being manipulated. He didn’t want him to feel manipulated. Then again, if Kyle didn’t trust Fox, then why did he allow him access to restricted intel on his ship?

Then it hit him: Katt. If anybody, Katt had the most noticable effect on Kyle. That night when Kyle held Krystal in telekinetic chains, Katt did something, or Kyle saw something in Katt’s eyes, that caused him to release Krystal. If Kyle trusted anybody, it was Katt. But how to bring them to trust each other without drawing too much suspicion...?

Katt was out of medbay in two days. As she walked out, she headed to Kyle’s quarters, intent on thanking him for saving her life. She rounded a corner, passed through two intersections, and came around another corner when she spotted Kyle’s quarters. She knew better than to just barge in and say thanks. So she tried to speak to Wes first.

“Wes, you in there?”

“Oh, hello, Katt.” Wes replied. “Nice to see you’re okay.”

“Is Kyle available?” Katt asked.

“Thought that might come up.” Wes said. “The Admiral is currently headed to the main promenade level.”

“Thanks, Wes.” Katt stated. She was about to leave when Wes stopped her.

“Uh, just one more thing, Katt; watch what you say around the Admiral. He doesn’t like to go too deep into his past. Like he said to you that one night; he’s trying to forget it.” Katt nodded and headed to the main promenade level.

Upon arriving, she noticed Kyle walk up to a bar stool, take a seat, and said to the bartender,

“Bartender, I’d like a bottle of Jek’ari’s ale.” Katt sat down beside Kyle as the bartender handed Kyle’s drink to him and tried her best not to look sorry for the way he appeared tired.

“So,” she began, “how’s our Vice Admiral today?”

“He’s fine,” Kyle replied, “aside from a minor dry throat from not having anything to drink in a couple of hours.” Katt was thinking of what to say next when words rushed from her mouth.

“You look tired.” Instead of snapping at her the way she expected him to, Kyle said,

“I haven’t slept much since I saved your life. Spend eight years in the Dragonarian ODST and you learn to get by with just a little bit of sleep.”

“Yeah, speaking of that,” Katt stated, “Krystal mentioned that a Star Dragon helped you. Would you happen to know what she’s talking about?” Kyle sighed, took a sip of his ale, and looked directly into Katt’s eyes.

“He’s an old friend of mine. He lends a hand when needed. I wouldn’t have been able to save you without him, and your friend, Falco, would have been devastated.”

“Would this ‘old friend’ happen to have a name?” Katt asked. Right then, Katt’s mind was telling her “you’re pushing it,” but Kyle didn’t seem to mind.

“His name is... Jek’ari. Kylet’oran Jek’ari.” he said. Katt frowned. The sudden pause in Kyle’s reply gave the implication that there was something he was holding back. But Katt didn’t want to push her luck, so she decided to change the subject.

However, before she could speak, Falco spotted Katt and came running over.

“Katt! Are you alright? How’s your head—”

“I’m fine, Falco. I was just thanking Kyle for... saving my life.” Katt responded.

“You don’t have to thank me,” Kyle said. “I’ve never abandoned anyone during a fight, and I wasn’t about to start then.” Without another word, he downed the last of his ale, tipped the bartender, and headed off.

“Strange...” Katt mumbled, staring after Kyle.

“What?” Falco asked.

“He seemed... friendlier.” Katt replied. She got up from her seat and headed off, followed by Falco...

It was late into the nighttime hours that Katt was passing by Kyle’s quarters when Wes spoke up.

“Ms. Monroe?”

“Just call me Katt.” Katt said.

“I think you should talk to Kyle,” Wes stated, “He seems a bit... timid. He had an uneasy REM cycle, and—”

“Basically, he just had a nightmare.” Katt finished. Wes imitated a sigh, and then replied,

“Yes. I thought you might be able to get through to him.” Katt nodded, the door slid open, and Katt stepped in. Kyle was standing before the window, and Katt was about to go get him a drink when he croaked,

“Please, don’t go. Your presence here is... soothing.” Katt noticed he was shivering, guessed he might be cold, and grabbed a small blanket that was sitting nearby. She slowly approached him, and gently put the blanket over his shoulders.

“Are you okay?” Katt asked. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Kyle made a soft sniffle, as if he were on the verge of breaking down.

“Every night, they haunt me.” Kyle said. His voice shook with grief. Katt knew that something was wrong now.

“Memories of your past?” Katt inquired. Kyle nodded.

“The memories of what happened to my family. The very memories I’ve been trying to forget for twenty years.” Katt placed a gentle hand on Kyle’s shoulder.

“If you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m right here.” Kyle shook his head.

“You are kind to offer,” he said, “but unless you could shut these memories out of my head, there’s nothing you can do.” Katt reached her arm around Kyle’s shoulders, and stared out at the stars with him.

“Tell me something,” Katt said, trying to cheer him up. “Why did you join the Dragonarian ODST?” A single tear left Kyle’s eye as he made his response.

“To die.” He responded. “I had hoped that in joining the most hardcore Dragonarian military unit, that I would find some way to die, to end all these years of pain. I went through training in record time with a reputation of being a ruthless killer, ready to die at a moment’s notice.

“Yet, with every battle I fought, I still lived. Nothing could kill me. Not even taking the better part of a frag grenade. It was like god wasn’t content to let me die!” Now, Kyle was angry. He picked up a vase and shattered it against a wall. He made a brief rampage around the room before sitting with his back against his bed. Katt strode over to him and kneeled down before him. She took his hands, and he reluctantly began to cry on her shoulder as Fox and Krystal came in.

Katt held Kyle against her shoulder as he cried out all his pain. Now, what Krystal and Fox saw before them was not a battle-hardened, suicidal warrior, but a man, crying out great pain and agony, sick and tormented over what he had done. “Why?” he cried. “Why me? Why does the pain never end? Why won’t I die? I’ve seen too many things, things that left wounds... wounds that bleed still.” Of all the things Katt had felt over the course of her life, the sorrow she felt for Kyle was the strongest. Never before had she seen a man so sick and tormented over his past. Never before had she seen a man left so scarred by what he had seen.

After seeing Kyle’s service records, and hearing his cries of pain, it begged the question; which was more scarred—his body, or his mind? Suddenly, Kyle began to mumble a song.

“I... I want to heal... I want to feel... what I thought was never... real...”

“... I want to let go of the pain I’ve held so long...” Katt finished. Kyle and Katt then started to go through verses of the song “Somewhere I belong” until Kyle had lulled himself to sleep.

“What happened?” Fox whispered.

“The Admiral had what you would call a ‘nightmare.’” Wes said. Katt picked Kyle up and gently set him down on his bed.

“I think he’ll be fine.” She said in a hushed tone. “But it might be wise to monitor his sleep.”

“I’ll keep an eye on him,” Wes stated, “and will alert all of you to any change.”

“Actually,” Fox responded, “Just alert Katt. I think she can handle it.”

“Very well.” Wes said. As Fox and Krystal left, Katt sat down next to Kyle on the bed, and gently took his hand.

“Sleep peacefully, Kyle.” she whispered, a single tear falling from her eye. Without another word, but after staying with Kyle for a few moments, Katt left for her own quarters...

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Loving it, where's that third chapter, eh? I'm also curious at how much Katt and Kyle's connection is going to tick off Falco! But seriously, this story is really good.

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Look four posts above your last post, rainfyre, and you'll see chapter three. And was Chapter four really that good? Wow... I wasn't expecting that. And to Answer rainfyre's question about how Katt's conection with Kyle would tick off Falco, You'll just have to keep reading. You'll see what happens in Chapter Six or Seven... one or the other. Anyhow, here's Chapter Five...

Chapter Five

Fox headed down to Kyle’s quarters to see if he was alright. He had learned from the first officer of Kyle’s ship that Kyle also had other connections, as well. Connections so discreet, that Kyle never spoke openly about them, if at all. Connections with the Kemorainians’ most famed fleet and ground unit, the Death Brigade. Connections within the Covenant Council, and even as high as the Covenant Heirarchs. Even connections within several Mandalorian Clans, including the great clan Ordo.

As Fox came up to Kyle’s quarters, he knocked on the door.

“Hey, Wes, is Kyle up?”

“Yes,” Wes replied, “But he’s not here.”

“Where is he?” Fox asked.

“You already know,” Wes answered. “What does he usually do in his spare time?” Fox remembered what Krystal had said the previous night about that subject, and nodded.

“Right. Hone his combat skills.”

“Although,” Wes commented, “he did leave you something in case you decided to head down there.”

“What did he leave?” Fox inquired. The door slid open, and Fox stepped through.

“Look on the bed.” Wes said. Fox complied, and was greeted by the sight of an M340 TAR and a belt of ammunition magazines. Fox grabbed them both and headed off. From what Fox had learned from the councillor of the Dragon’s Rage, if Kyle left a weapon for Fox—or anyone important, for that matter—then he thought the situation was about to go from bad to worse, or it already had...

Katt awoke to find a gun sitting in the bed next to her with a note that read, “Katt, this is an MA48. Take it and the Ammo I have provided and meet me on holodeck three. --Kyle” Katt didn’t quite understand why Kyle would leave her a gun and ask her to meet him on a holodeck, but she felt compelled to comply with the note. She grabbed the rifle, checked to see that it was loaded, grabbed the ammunition, and headed for the door.

Before she could open it, it opened to reveal Krystal and Falco, one armed with an SRS-250 Assault Rifle, the other with an SRS-265 Battle Rifle.

“You got a note from Kyle, as well?” Krystal asked. Katt nodded, and Falco said,

“Well, let’s go. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Upon entering holodeck three, Fox and Kyle were already there, and when Katt, Krystal and Falco entered, Kyle said,

“Excellent, we’re all here.”

“Now will you explain what this is all about?” Fox asked.

“Certainly,” Kyle answered. “Star Fox HQ has been boarded by Borg drones.” Fox’s reaction was instantaneous.

“What?!? Why wasn’t I notified??”

“Because the Borg are tapped into the communications grid.” Kyle responded. “Wes is monitoring them. Had you been notified, the borg would know that their presence on the station was no longer hidden, and they would proceed to assimilate this station.”

“Which is why you’ve arranged for us to meet you on the holodeck; there are no security systems here!” Katt remarked.

“No,” Kyle stated, “Because Wes has blocked out the borg from this holodeck.”

“Where are they?” Krystal inquired.

“The cargo bay.” Kyle replied. “It was the only place large enough to fit thirty-six drones in one room. Putting them in multiple smaller rooms would just make it easier for us to hunt them down.”

“Hunting down borg is anything but easy.” Fox said. “They can adapt to our weapons relatively quickly.”

“Yes, but not to my weapons.” Kyle commented.

“How do you know?” Falco asked.

“Because I know that the Borg cannot adapt to physical attacks. If they could, they would be able to stop a sword from cleaving their head.” Kyle explained. There was a moment of silence before Fox asked,

“Okay, how are we going to take out thirty-six borg drones on our own?”

“Well, the Borg aren’t good fighters,” Kyle said, “but they are capable of surprises. I have some marines standing by to transport once the borg are away from their hive controller.”

“Why?” Falco inquired.

“The Hive controller controlls the borg on this station. Shut down the controller, you shut down the borg. Shut down the borg, you can retrieve their neural tranciever and find out exactly what the collective is planning.” Kyle explained.

“Why the collective? Why not see if there’s any information pertaining to what Star Wolf is going to throw at us next?” Krystal asked.

“Because the Borg aren’t known for making alliances. I have a feeling that the queen plans to double-cross Star Wolf, and it would pay to know when.” Kyle answered.

“Okay, how do you know?” Falco demanded.

“The only reason the Borg would make an alliance with anyone is if they had no choice and that race or faction had something they needed,” Kyle explained, “I suspect Star Wolf has something they need, and if you’ve had as much experience with the queen as I’ve had, you’d know that the queen has a plan to double-cross them.” There was a full two seconds of silence before Fox said,

“Alright, let’s do this. Kyle, you’re on point.”

Kyle nodded and cocked his MP340. “Yes, sir.”

The trip down to the cargo bay was uneventful, up until they reached the cargo bay. As the door opened, several drones could be seen regeneration alcoves nearby. Kyle was the first one in the bay, and he stopped fifteen paces ahead as he swept his weapon around. When he gave the “all-clear” signal, Fox, Katt, Krystal and Falco came in.

“Okay,” Fox said, “how do we get their attention?”

“Like this,” Kyle replied. He then shot the nearest Alcove Power Node, and every borg in the alcoves under the node ceaced to operate. They all fell out of their alcoves and hit the deck with a loud thump!

Kyle quickly pivoted around on his heels and brought his weapon to bear in time to catch a drone waking from regeneration and walking out of his alcove. He opened fire, and the drone was expunged by flying depleted uranium-dragonium bullets. The next two drones got out of different alcoves, and Kyle commented,

“Are you guys going to let me steal all the glory, or are you going to take some of these drones out?” Fox took aim at the nearest drone with his M340 and fired. The 7.62mm bullets blew through the drone’s head and threw him to the floor. Fox shifted aim, and fired at a drone just getting out of his alcove. The impact of the bullets threw him back into his alcove and smashed it.

Falco then took action, and aimed his SRS-265 at another Alcove Power Node, and fired. The Borg on it dropped to the floor like sticks, and Falco put a burst into a drone that strayed too close. Falco then shifted aim and fired at another power node, and knocked out the borg there. This effectively cut the number of Borg attackers in half, and with four drones dead on the deck with holes in their heads or elsewhere, left fourteen drones.

However, as they were encroaching on Kyle, Fox, Falco, Krystal and Katt, the marines from the Dragon’s Rage had transported into the cargo bay, and had placed a number of EMP charges on the hive controller. When the Borg drones were less than twenty or so paces away from the team, the marines detonated the EMP charges, and the drones shut down.

Kyle kicked one of the drones over and put a burst into his brain.

“What’d you do that for?” Katt asked.

“That,” Kyle replied, putting another bullet into the drone’s head and then reloading, “was for the hell of it.” Katt chuckled and responded,

“You have a strange sense of humor, Kyle.” Then, a security team burst into the cargo bay, weapons drawn.

“Relax;” Fox said, “It’s under control. Get a couple of these drones down to medbay and extract their neural transceivers.”

“No need,” Kyle stated. Fox looked over to see Kyle holding several neural transceivers.

“I probably don’t want to know how you managed to get those.” Fox commented. Kyle smiled and shook his head.

“No, you don’t.” Kyle walked over to one of the Dragonarian techs, handed him the neural transceivers, mumbled something in the Dragonarian tongue, and headed off. Katt stared after him for a moment, and then followed...

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Look four posts above your last post, rainfyre, and you'll see chapter three.

I meant the third chapter you had written that you mentioned in your post, not chapter 3, I already saw that one!  :lol:

At any rate, this story always leaves me waiting eagerly for the next chapter. Can't wait...

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Okay, in this chapter, you learn what Kyle really is...

Chapter Six

Katt followed Kyle to his quarters, where Wes let her in without a word. Kyle put his MP340 in a de-materializer, and as if he didn’t notice Katt standing in the doorway, he sat down on his bed. Katt walked over and sat down next to him.

“Hey,” she started, “You feeling okay?”

“Fighting the Borg brought up memories... best left forgotten.” Kyle said. “Memories of a friend, taken--”

“Hey, if sharing this particular part of your past causes you pain, you don’t have to tell me.” Katt stated in a soft, soothing voice. Kyle chuckled slightly.

“I thought you wanted to know my past.”

“You told me enough of it last night,” Katt said. “Enough for me to know that reminding you of old wounds and scars does you no good.” The smile on Kyle’s face faded. He stood up and walked over to the window.

“Don’t get too attached to me,” he stated, “I’d hate to wind up with your death on my conscience.” Katt frowned, unsure of what he meant, and left.

As she headed out the door, she could faintly hear Kyle and Wes conversing.

“You shouldn’t have sent her away like that.” Wes said.

“It doesn’t matter. I will not suffer the same events twice.” Kyle growled.

“It will be different this time.”

“No... It’s happening exactly as before.”

“Maybe, but she’s different. It won’t end the same. And I’ll leave it at that, since this conversation is no longer private.” Wes said. Katt knew that Wes had caught her eavesdropping, and had just seconds to high-tail it before Kyle caught on.

She rushed away before Kyle could see her, and once she was out of sight, she slowed down. Just when she thought she was safe, she ran into Falco.

“Katt, are you okay?” Falco’s voice startled Katt, and she jumped almost a foot off the ground.

“I’m... fine... Falco.” Katt said between breaths.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” Falco stated. “What were you running from?” Katt looked into Falco’s blue eyes, and suddenly felt conflicted. What was she going to tell him? She couldn’t tell him how much she cared about Kyle, Falco would surely take it as a sign of betrayal. But then again, she and Falco had known each other for years. He might not...

No, Katt thought, knowing about her feelings for Kyle would devastate Falco. And the more she thought about it, the more...

“Katt, I... wanted you to meet a... friend of mine.” Falco said, interrupting Katt’s thoughts. “Her name is Jenifer... Jenifer Pheonix.” As Falco said this, a red-feathered Anthropomorphic Pheonix walked up beside Falco, and looked directly at Katt. She inclined her head, and asked,

“Are you alright? You seem... a little tense.”

“I’m fine, I... I have to go.” Katt stammered, walking past Falco. She doubled back towards Kyle’s quarters and headed to her own quarters. Wes didn’t say a word as she strode past. She entered her quarters, locked the door, and sat with her back against it in tears.

Somehow, she could feel Kyle’s presence in her quarters. But she didn’t care. Her best friend had moved on to someone else.

“It was inevitable, you know.” Kyle’s voice said.

“What do you mean?” Katt sobbed.

“You know what I mean.” Kyle replied. “You already knew Falco would find someone else. One of his own kind.”

“I loved him. I—” Katt began.

“And he still loves you. You were his only friend that kept with him throughout the years.” Kyle interrupted. Katt sobbed for a moment, then looked around for the nonexistent Kyle.

“I thought you didn’t want to get too attached to me.” Katt said. Kyle appeared with his back to her, staring out the window.

“I’ve been getting attached to you since you first calmed me, that night when Panther gave us Star Wolf’s declaration of war.” Katt looked at Kyle and frowned slightly. What was he saying?

Kyle seemed to have sensed Katt’s confusion, as he said, “You calmed me when I was on the verge of killing Krystal. No one can do that with as much ease as you did. And then you comforted me when I was in pain, bleeding from wounds of the past.”

“I couldn’t just let you suffer. I felt... that I had to do something.” Katt stated.

“And that scares the hell out of me,” Kyle said. “No one tries to help me like you have unless they see something worth helping.” Katt was about to speak when Kyle turned around, revealing a pair of emerald-green dragon eyes. She gasped, and Kyle stated, “I think it’s time you knew.”

“Time that I knew what?” Kat asked.

“What I really am.” Kyle replied. Katt followed Kyle to the sealed hangar, where Kyle took her hand and the two of them phased through the door. Surprisingly, the hangar was life supporting. But how? Had the Venomian techs fixed it? No, Katt thought, the hangar door was wide open, and there was no force field.

Katt watched as Kyle stood at a great distance. He hunched over, and suddenly, great dragon wings sprouted from his back. His body grew larger, his arms and legs more muscular and dragon-like, his neck grew longer, and his head turned to that of a dragon. When all this was finished, a great dragon had replaced Kyle. Katt slowly approached the Dragon, and he said,

“This is what I wanted to show you. I am the Star Dragon that saved you. I am Kylet’oran Jek’ari.”

“How—how did you do that? How did you turn into a dragon?” Katt asked.

“I am what is known to the galaxy as a Dragon Shifter. We are an ancient race, hidden amongst the people of the galaxy in plain sight.” Kyle answered. Katt paused for a moment, contemplating. Why did Kyle want to show her that he was a dragon shifter? Was this an attempt at pushing her away?

Again, Kyle sensed this question, and replied, “I am showing you this because I don’t think I should be keeping secrets, not from someone who cares about me.”

“And what of your fears that you wound end up with my death on your conscience?” Katt asked. Kyle looked out to the stars.

“We all have to face our fears at some point,” he said. He looked back to Katt. “Maybe it’s time I face mine.” Katt smiled, slowly approaching Kyle. Tears welled up in her eyes, and Kyle shifted back to his regular form. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. She could feel Kyle’s heart beat against hers, and she looked into Kyle’s brown eyes. For once, in all the time she had met him, she wasn’t met with an icy, lifeless stare, but a warm, loving gaze, bright and lively.

She slowly leaned over, whispering “I love you.”

“I know.” Kyle whispered back. In that moment, as their lips met, time seemed to slow down. Both of them cherished this moment for as long as it would last. When they pulled away, Kyle walked Katt out of the hangar bay...

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This was GOOD! Although fans of "FalKatt" (couldn't resist that awful celebrity style name combo) might not be so happy. I can't help but wonder if Falco is using Jenifer to make Katt jealous. Next please!

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Listen, Can't talk right now, not enough time. Here's Chapter Seven...

Chapter Seven

Katt awoke from a nap next to Kyle. It was well into the night, and Wes obviously had detected her waking.

“Are you alright, Katt?” he asked.

“I’m fine, just... thirsty.” Katt said.

“What’ll it be?” Wes asked. Katt looked over to the beverage materializer, thought for a moment, then replied,

“Jek’ari’s Ale.” In seconds, the drink was materialized. Then, as Katt was grabbing her drink, Falco walked in. Katt saw the expression on his face, and knew he was pissed.

“How could you Katt?” He exclaimed.

“You did it first.” Katt stated calmly.

“Did it first??” Falco exclaimed. “I did nothing to—”

“Excuse me, what do you call your relationship with Jenifer?” Katt asked. Falco was silent for a moment, then said,

“Okay, but still, why him? He’s a half-dead—”

“He’s not half dead, Falco, not anymore.” Katt interrupted. “He has more than his fair share of scars, and I’m the only one who can heal them.”

“Katt, he’s a half-dead, homicidal, suicidal maniac!” Falco shouted.

“Don’t let him hear you,” Katt said. “You’ve seen only a small portion of his true power. He could unleash his full fury in a heartbeat.” Falco paused for a moment, then began,

“Katt, all I want is for you to be happy, and—” Katt cut him off.

“I am happy, Falco. And no matter what you call him, I will not turn away from him. He needs me, and we need him.”

“Yeah, we need him—to stop Star Wolf. That’s it. We don’t need him for anything else.” Falco said. “Besides, how do you know he loves you? Why is he willing to share his scars with you?”

“Because he trusts me,” Katt answered, “and because I love him. Would you do any less for Jenifer?”

“Don’t bring Jenifer into this!” Falco snapped.

“Why?” Katt asked. “Because you love her?”

“That’s a different—” Falco started.

“Is it?” Katt interjected. “Maybe you should listen to some of the stories of his past before you go trying to tear us apart.”

“What does his past have to do with this?” Falco demanded.

“Because that is why I love him,” Katt answered. “Because he can take a beating and still keep going. Because he bled and still bleeds from past wounds, yet he can still find it in his heart to love someone.” These were good reasons, but Falco was unwilling to accept them.

“What is he going to do after the war? Take you and flee to some distant galaxy? Drop off the face of the galaxy with you and never return?” It was then that Katt realized what Falco feared. It wasn’t that he thought that Kyle wasn’t good enough for her, it was his fear that Kyle would take the only friend he’d ever known away from him.

“He’s not going to take me away from you, Falco.” Katt said. She slowly approached him as tears welled up in his eyes. Without warning, Falco reached out and grabbed Katt, crying down her shoulder. “After the war, we’re not going to drop off the face of the galaxy,” Katt whispered in Falco’s ear. “I’m not sure what he has planned, but I will not just up and leave you.” Falco made no response as he cried softly on Katt’s shoulder. For a while, she held him, until he lifted his head up, wiped away his tears, and said,

“Look... I’m sorry. I didn’t see how much—”

“It’s understandable, Falco.” Kyle stated. “I must confess, I had my doubts about my relationship with your friend.”

“I’m sorry, Kyle... I didn’t realize—”

“What? That I was eavesdropping?” Kyle asked. “I may have been asleep, but I can still hear what goes on around me, thanks to my... abilities as a dragon shifter.” Falco frowned.

“Dragon shifter? You’re a dragon shifter?” Kyle nodded.

“How do you think I saved Katt?” he inquired. Falco thought for a moment, then responded,

“Okay, you make sense there. But why didn’t you tell any of us?”

“Simply put,” Katt said, “he didn’t trust any of us with his secret.” Katt had no more than said this when Jenifer came in. She rushed over and hugged Falco, and said,

“Are you okay? I heard you and Katt arguing, and I feared the worst.”

“I’m fine, Jenifer.” Falco replied in a soft voice. The loving twosome held each other for a moment, and when Jenifer released Falco, she took notice of Kyle getting out of bed.

“... And you must be Kyle. Falco told me... well, what he knew about you, which, I have to say, wasn’t much.” She said. Kyle was about to speak when he stopped. His ear twitched, and his eyes narrowed, He looked out the window, as if looking for something hidden in the stars.

“Kyle, what’s wrong?” Katt asked.

“I... sense something. Minds... colored with...” Kyle’s voice trailed off.

“Minds colored with what?” Falco inquired. Kyle was silent for a moment before saying,

“... Fear, anxiety... apprehension. Like they’re waiting for...” It took Kyle a fraction of a second to figure out what was going on; Star Wolf was headed to Star Fox HQ, intent on destroying Star Fox. On top of that, there was a spy on the station!

Kyle rushed into his clothes, grabbed his weapons and two odd-looking hilts, and exclaimed,

“Wes, get a message to Fox! Tell him that Star Wolf is launching a full-scale assault!” Wes made no reply as Kyle rushed off.

“Hey—wait up!” Katt exclaimed, running after Kyle, followed by Falco and Jenifer. Kyle stopped for a moment and turned to face Katt.

“Katt, I know this man, this spy, and I can’t risk him hurting you. Please, don’t follow me.”

“And I can’t risk you getting killed. We’ll face this spy together.” Katt countered. Kyle sighed, which implied that he didn’t like the idea of taking his lover into a fight he thought was out of her league, and said,

“Alright, you win. But take this, you’ll need it.” and handed Katt a Plasma Katana.

“Take care of her,” Falco stated. Kyle simply nodded and rushed off with Katt...

Fox was sleeping peacefully next to Krystal, unaware of Kyle’s revelation. Next thing he knew, he was being waken up by Wes, saying that Star Wolf was launching an all-out assault. Now, he was getting into his Arwing and preparing for an assault that was so close, there wasn’t time enough to contact the IAAR for assistance. He could only hope for the best...

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Okay, to all who are reading, here's Chapter Eight!

Chapter Eight

Deep in the cargo bay, where the fried Borg hive controller was, a man sat on his knees, in a meditation trance. His skin and flesh was cracked and scarred, his right eye was white as paper, and he looked like a zombie from a holovid. To the untrained eye, he would look like a walking corpse. But to the eyes of a dragon shifter trained in the ways of the force—both light and dark—he was a monster, a perversion of the dark side like none seen before Darth Sion.

The man stood up, his undead, blind left eye searching around for a target.

“I sense you, old friend. Faint, weak.” He said.

“Your senses betray you, as you betrayed my family.” The dragon-shifter replied.

“After all that has happened, still you live. You are difficult to kill.” The man stated.

“For one as limited as you, perhaps.” The dragon-shifter responded. “To have fallen so far and learned nothing, that is your failing.”

“The failure is yours,” the man exclaimed. “No longer do your whispers crawl within my skull. No longer do I suffer beneath companions who weaken me. And now you run to Star Fox, hoping they will help you. They are all fools, and a guild of fools cannot stop the darkness that is to come.”

“We shall see.” The dragon shifter said. The man activated his lightsaber, but the dragon shifter was suddenly nowhere to be found...

Fox had flown his Arwing to Kyle’s Class-II Dragonarian Warbird with Krystal, where he waited for Star Wolf’s fleet to arrive. But so far, there had been no sign. He doubted that Star Wolf had cloaking devices, so he didn’t bother with anti-cloak scans. He stared out into space, looking for any clue as to where the enemy fleet was. Could Kyle have been wrong? No, Fox thought, Kyle was...

Something caught Fox’s eye. A ghostly shimmer... then he saw it, a barely noticeable shimmer just to the right of the viewscreen. His reaction was immediate.

“Focus an anti-cloak scan there!” He ordered, pointing directly at the shimmer. After a few seconds, the science officer piped up, his gruff Dragonarian voice ringing with alarm.

“Sensors are detecting a cloaked enemy vessel, Kemorainian bird-of-prey!” a moment later, he added, “Sir, there’s an entire fleet of warships closing in!”

“Red alert! All hands to battle stations!” Fox barked. As if detecting the enemy ship was some sort of trigger, an entire fleet of Kemorainian, Cardassian, Jem’Hadar, and Sith ships de-cloaked. There were so many, they even outnumbered Star Fox.

The Kemorainian imperial remnant had their Kei-dari attack battleships, a pair of Kuudaako assault battleships, and several Izarria battlecruisers. The Cardassians had their Hideki fighters, several Galor-class battleships, and slightly fewer Keldon-class heavy battleships. The Jem’hadar had their battleships, their fighters, and a pair of dreadnoughts—ships that Fox knew spelled trouble. And the Sith had their Interdictor cruisers and a few Centurion battlecruisers in the midst of their formation of Interdictor cruisers and screen of fighters.

The biggest threat, however, was the stolen Class-II Reman Warbird that sat amidst the entire fleet. The ship had Wolf on it, Fox reasoned, and probably could match the firepower of the Dragon’s Rage.

“Tactical,” Fox ordered, “Scan that Reman Warbird.” After a moment, the tactical officer replied,

“Sixty-two disruptor banks, thirty-seven photon torpedo bays, enhanced primary and secondary shielding, and a Class-III Tachyon Beam Cannon.” Fox knew that Tachyon beam cannon meant trouble. It could rip the fleet apart in seconds.

If only Kyle had contacted his friends, Star Fox would have...

As if to give Fox hope, a battle group of Covenant CCS-class battle cruisers dropped out of slipspace. Following them was a Republic Battle fleet of Brightly-colored Centurion Battlecruisers, Hammerhead attack cruisers, and Foray Blockade Runners. After that fleet dropped out of hyperspace, a mixed fleet of Reman Nightwing, Saif, and Praetor class warships and Romulan Noxerian, D’deridex and Raptor class warships dropped out of warp.

    If that weren’t trouble enough for the enemy, a small fleet of Mandalorian ships dropped out of hyperspace, a mixed bag of Crusader class corvettes, Vengeance class frigates, and Keldabe class battleships. Their fighter screen consisted of a swarm of Star Viper squadrons and Basilisk war droids. If that wasn’t bad enough, Four Yaut’ja heavy warships dropped out of warp. Now the odds were even.

“Open a channel to the Reman Warbird,” Fox said. The Com officer grinned, pressed a few buttons on his touch-screen panel, and answered,

“Channel open, sir.”

“Okay, Wolf. We tried this once your way, are you game for a rematch?”

“Wolf?” Came Wolf’s reply. “That name no longer has any meaning to me. It’s Trayus, now. Darth Trayus.”

“Well, whoever you are, you must already know that—” Fox started.

“I offer no quarter here. I will not spare any of you Star Fox pigs or your allies!” Wolf interrupted.

“Why are you doing this, Wolf?” Fox asked.

Fox, Krystal said telepathically, He’s waiting for the Borg to flank us.

Don’t worry about that, Kyle countered telepathically, I have some friends taking care of them right now.

“You do not need to know why I am doing this!” Wolf growled.

“Just so you know, Trayus,” Fox said, “Your Borg friends aren’t going to make it here.” This comment only infuriated Wolf, and he cut the transmission short.

“Sir,” the tactical officer said, “If I may, the bio-pulse beam is charged and ready. We could use it to thin the enemy’s numbers and to great advantage against the Reman Warbird.” Before Fox could reply, the Star Wolf fleet rushed out at Star Fox and their allies.

“Accelerate to attack speed and target the nearest enemy warship!” Fox barked.

“Target acquired; Kemorainian Kuudaako class assault battleship.”

“Fire the bio-pulse beam!” Krystal ordered. Instantly, a yellow-orange beam lanced out and struck the Kemorainian ship, whipping it in two. Fox then noticed a Sith Centurion heading for Star Fox HQ.

“Target that Sith warship,” Fox ordered, “Fire the Hyper-Velocity Mass Driver Cannon on my mark.” The Dragon’s Rage accelerated for the Sith Centurion, and powered up its HVMDC, while the Sith Centurion fired its port side laser cannon batteries.

“Mass Driver Cannon ready, sir.” The Tactical officer said. Fox waited a moment as the Class-II Dragonarian Warbird got closer to the enemy ship. Finally, when Fox thought he was within the range where the HVMDC would do the most damage, ordered, “Fire.” The Mass Driver Cannon sent a super-dense Uranium-Dragonium-Tritanium slug racing for the Sith Centurion. The impact, plus the explosion of the ship’s main reactor, tore the ship asunder. Fox ordered the Dragon’s Rage around to make a run on a hapless pair of Cardassian Keldons...

While the battle raged in space, Kyle and Katt headed to the Cargo bay. From what Katt could glean from Kyle, the spy was a Sith Lord in the cargo bay, someone by the name of Darth Seinar. He was supposedly an undead creature of the Dark Side, and according to Kyle, the one responsible for his family’s death.

Upon entering the cargo bay, they saw Seinar waiting for them on the far side of the bay.

“This battle is mine alone, Katt.” Kyle said, starting to walk towards Darth Seinar.

“No,” Katt pleaded, grabbing Kyle by the arm. “You’ll need my help to defeat this person.”

“Katt, I can’t risk you getting killed!” Kyle exclaimed softly. Katt looked to the Dark Jedi, then back to Kyle.

“Please... be careful.” She said, releasing Kyle’s arm. Kyle didn’t say a word as he turned to face Darth Seinar and walked toward him.

“You are a fool to face me here. I spared you once, I shall not do so again.” Seinar said.

“After what you did to my family, you’ll see no mercy from me.” Kyle growled, activating his lightsabers. One was the standard model blue saber, the other was a short red saber. Darth Seinar activated his Crimson lightsaber, and hurled himself at Kyle. Kyle countered the blow, spun, and nearly cleaved the Sith lord in half. He would have succeeded had Seinar not jumped back. Kyle pressed on the attack, jumping over Seinar’s head and moving his sabers in a scissor cut to take Seinar’s head off. But Seinar countered with his own saber, forced Kyle’s sabers up, and was about to gut Kyle when he leapt aside, ran for a wall of crates with Seinar hot on his trail, ran up them and jumped off. He landed behind Seinar, and before the Sith Lord could react, Kyle kicked him into the crates and impaled him there.

At that point, Katt thought the duel was over. But she soon realized as Darth Seinar removed the lightsaber pinning him to the crates that this duel was far from over.

“As long as the Dark side of the force flows through the cracks in my flesh, I cannot be killed.” He said. Kyle force-pulled his lightsaber into his hand. “You are a wretched thing, Kyle... a wretched thing of weakness and fear. You cannot defeat me.”

“Are you going to fight... or just talk me to death?” Kyle mocked. Kyle hurled himself at Seinar, and the battle was, once again, joined...

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Lightsaber battles in SF and Wolf is a Sith Lord, as a Star Wars and Star Fox geek I can't help but love this story! Welcome back, now you have no excuse for not putting up the rest of the chapters  :)

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Okay, here's part of Chapter Nine...

Chapter Nine

Falco, who was leading the flights of starfighters, did a series of loops and barrel rolls to rid himself of a Sith fighter that had slotted itself behind him. The Sith pilot was determined, but not particularly bright. Falco looked around, looking for an opportunity to...

Then he saw one; a Sith Interdictor was attacking a damaged CCS Battle cruiser. Seizing this chance, Falco turned and sped towards the interdictor. Consistent with what Falco thought, the Sith fighter sped after him. Falco twisted and weaved to avoid the Interdictor’s turbolaser fire, and at the last second, just before he would hit the bridge, he hit the brakes, turned to his left, and sped across the bow of the Interdictor. The Sith pilot, however, was less fortunate. He crashed into the bridge, blew up inside, and basically screwed the entire ship over. The Interdictor lurched to port, passed over the Covenant CCS Battle cruiser, collided with a Sith Centurion, and took it with them as they exploded. The explosion of the Interdictor was enough to tear the Centurion in half.

Falco then targeted a Cardassian Hideki fighter and chased him along the dorsal structure of a Jem’Hadar dreadnought. He fired, shredded the impulse engines, and sent the fighter spinning into the ship. Conveniently, the Dragon’s Rage dropped the dreadnought’s shields, and the Hideki fighter crashed into the bridge and rendered it useless. That didn’t destroy the ship, and the ship remained intact until the Dragon’s Rage fired its bio-pulse beam at the ship. Falco was far away when the ship blew.

Falco was searching for his next target when he spotted Jenifer’s Arwing being chased by a pair of Jem’Hadar fighters. He slotted himself in behind them, Targeted one, and fired. His Arwing’s heavy laser cannons disintegrated the fighter’s armor, and the ship flew apart. Falco then targeted the other fighter, fired, and blew him apart.

Despite all this, Falco could only ponder how Kyle was doing...

The duel between Kyle and Darth Seinar was getting fierce. Kyle had killed Seinar three times, and Seinar had gotten back up, just as powerful as before. Katt was starting to fear for Kyle’s life. Never before had she seen him so lost in his own anger and rage. He would viciously cut, slash, spin, whirl, and use all manner of Parkour-style acrobatics to wound Seinar. But he simply couldn’t kill him.

When the two came to a saber lock, Seinar spoke.

“Can you see it now? You cannot defeat me. Even if you could, you still have Darth Trayus to defeat, and he’s more than a match for either of us!”

“Just keep telling yourself that, and I’ll keep proving you wrong.” Kyle said.

“I can die a hundred times, Kyle, and still I will rise again, as strong as before.” Seinar growled.

“But you will never be as strong as me!” Kyle exclaimed. Then, unexpectedly, Seinar knocked Kyle’s lightsabers out of his hands and kicked him to the floor.

“And now, wretched thing, you will die!” Seinar stated. Katt refused to let Kyle die, which compelled her to activate her Plasma Katana and leap across the room. She deflected the blow, and Seinar glared at her. “Foolish of you, young one. Do you care for this wretched weakling so  much, you would put your own life at risk for his?”

“I do. And I will not let you kill him.” Katt replied.

“So be it.” Seinar said. Just as he was about to attack, Kyle leapt over him and sliced off his head in mid-air. When Kyle landed, he remained down on one knee, lightsabers active. Seinar didn’t get up. Using some sort of dragon shifter power, Kyle disintegrated Seinar’s body to ensure he didn’t get up again. That done, Kyle stood there, his back turned to Katt, as if contemplating something. Katt walked in front of him and looked up into his brown eyes.

“Hey—you okay?” she asked.

“You... you saved my life.” Kyle answered.

“It’s only fair; you saved my life, now I saved yours.” Katt said.

“Exactly! You don’t owe me anymore. You’re rid of me.” Kyle responded. Katt chuckled, smiled, and lifted Kyle’s chin up.

“I’m not rid of you, Kyle. Far from it. I won’t leave you. I love you too much to do that.” She stated softly. Kyle, filled with happiness, pulled Katt into a hug and clung to her like a child clinging to his mother. The door to the cargo bay opened, revealing Fox and Falco. Katt waved them away, giving the implication that she would prefer to spend this moment with Kyle alone. Fox simply nodded, grabbed Falco, and left.

Katt stood there with Kyle for a few moments, holding him close, and then kissed him lightly. After that, she led Kyle out of the cargo bay, stopping only so that Kyle could retrieve Seinar’s lightsaber. As Katt and Kyle walked out of the cargo bay, they were approached by Fox.

“Is the Sith Lord dead?” he asked.

“He is. And the Star Wolf fleet?” Kyle replied.

“Gone... but one remains; Trayus.” Fox said.

“What about Wolf?” Katt asked.

“Wolf is Darth Trayus.” Fox and Kyle said in unison.

“Trayus fled the battle before it was over.” Fox said. “Your first officer already tracked him to his base of operations in the Former Mirdakian Neutral zone.”

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Well, rainfyre, since you asked so politely for the next part, here it is.

    ...“Trayus fled the battle before it was over.” Fox said. “Your first officer already tracked him to his base of operations in the Former Mirdakian Neutral zone.” Fox had no more than said this when Slippy and a few technicians approached them.

“Fox, you’re not going to believe this, but we actually tapped into the Borg communications network through the neural tranceivers!”

“What? What’re they saying?” Fox demanded.

“They’re sending an assault force to Wolf’s base!” Slippy replied.

“They’ll fail misrebly.” Fox said.

“Maybe, but they’ll give us the advantage we need. Even a ship like the Class-II Reman Warbird can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.” Kyle stated. Fox nodded in agreement.

“Agreed. We should launch an immediate counterattack and destroy Wolf’s ship. With Trayus out of the picture, Star Wolf will not trouble us.”

“It’s settled, then.” Kyle said. “We will attack.”

Chapter Ten

Trayus sat in a meditation trance in his quarters. The crushing defeat at Star Fox HQ was an unfortunate turn of events. Most is fleet had gone with him to that pig pen, and all those ships had been destroyed. Now, only an eighth of the fleet remained. On top of that, the Borg Queen was frustrated at Trayus’ inability to foresee that Species 8472 would hold her forces back and destroy them, and was sending an assault force to assimilate Star Wolf.

With as infuriating as this turn of events was, Trayus searched the force for any possible way out of this mess, any possible solution that would allow him to live, but none had presented itself. Was the force really content to let him die? Was it really going to let Star Fox defeat Star Wolf?

Trayus’ meditation was interrupted when his first officer chimed in over the intercom.

“Sir, the Borg assault fleet has dropped out of warp!” Trayus rose to his feet, grabbed his lightsaber, and headed to the bridge. The Borg may have numbers on their side, but Trayus had weapons on his...

The Dragon’s Rage dropped out of warp with thirty-four other starships from Star Fox, a wide assortment of Klingon, Federation, Sangheili, Dragonarian, Kemorainian, Romulan, and Reman ships. Consistent with what Fox and Kyle thought, a battle between the Borg and Star Wolf was already in progress. Only Trayus’ ship and a trio of damaged battleships were left of Star Wolf’s fleet. The HQ was disabled, also, a result of the vicious Borg assault.

“Open a channel to the fleet.” Kyle and Fox ordered simultaneously.

“Channel open, sir. You’re on.” replied the com officer.

“All ships, select your targets and engage.” Fox ordered. As the ships rushed past, Kyle and Fox stared at Trayus’ ship.

“I’ve got a score to settle... Trayus.” Kyle whispered.

“We’ve both got scores to settle, Kyle.” Fox said. “First course of action?”

“Disable his Tachyon Beam Cannon.” Kyle replied. “Tactical, charge the mass driver cannon and the Bio-Pulse beam emitter. MDC target: Tachyon Beam Cannon Fire Control. Bio-Pulse beam target: The primary shield generator.” The tactical officer nodded, and began his work as the Helm officer accelerated to attack speed.

“Weapons ready, Admiral.” The tactical officer said.

“Sir, the enemy flagship is hailing us.” the com officer said. Kyle gave a simple hand signal, and Wolf’s face appeared on the view screen.

“Fox... I wasn’t expecting to see you here. As you can see, I’m a little busy.”

“Wolf, the game is finished. Your fleet is in ruin, and there’s no one left to listen to your delusional lies about Star Fox.” Fox said.

“Surrender yourself and your ship to us, and perhaps we will find a way to explain this to the alliance.” Kyle added.

“I have no time for explanations, Kylet'oran.” Wolf growled. “You wouldn’t like it, anyway. Begone, and perhaps I will let you live. The galaxy needs gullible servants such as yourself!”

“We may never know what happened to you, Wolf, but we cannot allow you to cause us anymore harm.” Fox said, then gave a hand signal to cut the channel. Wolf’s ship then charged for the Dragon’s Rage, weapons blazing, seemingly careless or unaware that it was taking repeated Borg cutting beams and shield inversion torpedoes to their aft shields.

After a few moments, Kyle ordered, “Fire the Bio-Pulse beam.” A yellow-orange beam of energy lashed out and struck the Class-II Reman Warbird, and the entire ship lurched to port. “Fire the HVMDC.” Kyle ordered. The Hyper-Velocity Mass Driver Cannon fired, sent a slug racing, and struck the Reman Warbird’s top system control center.

“Success, sir. Both their shield generators are off-line, and so are their engines, weapons and sensors.” the tactical officer said. Kyle thought for a moment, then issued orders.

“Fox, please assume command. Have boarding parties ready to transport in five.”

“Where are you going?” Katt asked.

“I’m taking care of Trayus... once and for all.” Kyle replied. Even when he said this, Katt could detect his anger. There was something in his tone that implied that Wolf had done something to him in the past, but what?

When she looked into his eyes, she had it; Wolf was the whole reason he had come to Star Fox looking as if he was undead. Wolf had killed him long ago, and he wanted vengeance. As he left, Katt stood there, staring after him.

“What’s wrong with him?” Falco asked.

“Vengeance... he wants revenge.” Katt replied. Falco frowned.

“On who?”

Katt gulped, and replied, “Wolf.”

“With all he’s done, I don’t blame him.” Falco said.

“No, Falco, that’s not it.” Katt stated. “Wolf murdered Kyle, and now Kyle wants to return the favor.” She had no more than said this when she headed off after Kyle.

“Katt, where are you going?” Falco called out to her as he raced off after her.

“I have to stop him.” Katt said.

“Why?” Falco asked.

Katt stopped and rounded on Falco. “Falco, what he intends to do, I can’t allow. If he is allowed to kill Wolf, to take his vengeance, he will become vengeful, angry and corrupt... just like Wolf. I can’t allow that to happen.” A single tear left her eye as she said this. Falco knew that there was no stopping her. He hesitated, then said,

“Be careful, Katt.” Katt simply nodded wordlessly, and left...

Kyle had fought his way to the bridge by the time Katt had transported aboard. The Blast doors had shut, but blast doors couldn’t keep a Jedi weapon master away. Using the force to amplify his strength, he cut out a weak point in the doors. His squad placed several charged explosives on this new weak point, and the door was blown apart.

Vengeance was near...

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