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What's your fave BGM?


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Just post your top 10 most favorite BGMs from any game!!!


10.cave of horntail-Maplestory

9.alishar boss theme-maplestory

8.Kunlun mountains-ESO

7.Eloquence peak-ESO

6.Corneria Multiplayer-Assault

5.papulatus boss theme-Maplestory

4.Dragon forest-Maplestory

3.Dragon's nest/Dragon canyon-Maplstory

2.Horntail boss theme-Maplestory

1.G2 Paladin cutscene01-Mabinogi

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In a 'mostly' accurate order;

10. "Monaco" from Twisted Metal: Head-On

9. "Theme from Battery" by Amon Tobin from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

8. "Opening" by Nathan Grigg from F.E.A.R.

7. "Aftermath" by Steve Jablonsky and Trevor Morris from Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

6. "Advanced Qualifier" by David Bergeaud from Ratchet Deadlocked

5. "Epilogue" by Kow Ohtani from Shadow of the Colossus

4. "Meditation of the Oracle" by Jesper Kyd from The Chronicles of Spellborn

3. "Necris Attack" by Jesper Kyd and Rom Di Prisco from Unreal Tournament 3

2. "Iceland Fight Theme" by Michael McCann from Splinter Cell: Double Agent

1. "Isabella" by Jesper Kyd from Freedom Fighters

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