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Star Fox Merchandise

Star Fox Runner

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I have some of those things. I also have a couple of things not listed there.

I have an SF64 flat cap ("golf" cap).

I have a rare SF game watch. (still in packaging)

Original SF Nintendo Power issue

SFAs Nintendo Dream issue with SFAs Mini-OST

I also have the watch pictured (still in packaging), and the car (still in packaging). The cars sometimes go quick. They are not only rare SF items, they are also sought by people who collect Johnny Lightning cars (I won mine in a bidding war with a JL collector).

Other things that exist:

SFAS Salt and Pepper shakers, the saltshaker has the SFAs logo, the Pepper one has a picture of Peppy (I get the pun, but SF has a character NAMED Pepper....).

"Fox Fuel" Jones Soda flavor that was a promo for SFAd.

Various pins and lanyards

Super Weekend Jacket


SF64 OSTs, US, Japanases, and European

SF Super Weekend hat

SNES Controller

Numerous posters

Strategy Guides (SNES Japanese had a Girl's version and a Boy's version)

Starwing Game Watch (Euro version of the game watch, super rare in the US)

And lots of promo stuff that was sent to stores to advertise the games. There exists a ceiling hanger Arwing from SF64. I want one so bad. There are also some statues of Fox floating around from the SNES days that were put in stores. These are very rare.

And I'm sure there is more crap that I missed.

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Nintendo really needs to merchandise more things and not just make game release and promo things, I'd totally have a ton of Krystal related merchandise if they made it.

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