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StarFox: Rogue Soul

Starfox mccloud15

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hey guys reply me if you want me to complete this! thanks!!! :D

by the way, the picture down there is how they look in this story.


it's been 3 years after the aparoid incident, last year fox was exiled from corneria, the reason: some months before fox's exile, a political attack from a power-hungry bear named alexander grizzle threathened corneria, fox's mission was simple: take him out.

the mission was progressing exeptionally well, untill krystal was taken hostage. fox had a clear shot against alexander, but he prefered to save krystal and alexander escaped, pepper was so mad at fox he exiled him, now all fox and krystal have are each other.

alexander is now always followed by his left hand: a squad of stealth units he calls ghosts.

now fox and krystal want to take down alexander in order to return to what they once called home...

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You got me intrigued, let's see some more!

(But just so ya know, you typo'd the word "Rogue" in the main title. You spelled it like like rouge, the pink make up girls put on their cheeks.  :wink:)

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You got me intrigued, let's see some more!

(But just so ya know, you typo'd the word "Rogue" in the main title. You spelled it like like rouge, the pink make up girls put on their cheeks.  :wink:)

corrected XD thanks, I'm sorry




''I'm so tired of this'' I thought as I prepared to pull the trigger of my sniper rifle, just as I fired, my target just fell into the ground, dead.

I called my client to tell him our job was done and that we wanted the money as soon as we got back to his base.

I then called krystal to tell her that I was done and we should go (she helped me on this kind of ''hide-and-strike'' jobs), I also told her that I was tired of living this way, we had to bounty on scum and the pay was sometimes good, sometimes bad (generally bad, though).

As soon as we arrived to claim our money I noticed that our arwings (a little bit rusty by now) were almost empty, ''crap, there goes half of our money'' I though (the arwings had not been checked in all this time so they consumed a lot).

After spending our money on ship fuel we returned home (we were living in sauria at the moment) I could finally relax, Krystal was also tired so we were just going to go to bed, suddenly my PDA began to beep. It was the same guy who paid earlier (as you might suggest he was calling us very frecuently, i really don't know how someone could win so many enemies). I just told that vermin I needed to sleep.

The next day Krystal and I were listening to the news on our arwings, we heard a familiar name: Alexander Grizzle, the guy who left us living this misery. He had practically destroyed corneria by now, causing a civil war. As for Falco, Slippy and Peppy, they are still members of Starfox, they must be busy right now.

When we arrived to that vermin's rat hole he told us the usual information: target, place, etc. We had to take down a hog who ''betrayed'' him by not paying some money to him (they were like titania gangsters).

When we arrived to the hog's fortress we noticed that it was really well defended, he must have known that thay would hire someone to take him down...

'Krystal can you install the D-8 charges?'' I asked her, we were trying to make a hole trough the thick iron plates of the fortress. ''Ready'' she told me after 5 minutes, ''Blast those babies!'' i said,  the blast made several small holes on the steel plates, one of them was big enough for us to pass with all our equipment. I prepared my shotgun, my trusty blaster and my other favorite, my sniper.

I asked krystal ''how should we hit?''. ''We should infiltrate'' (that is how she always works, she thinks it's more...uh...safe). We took a guard down, Krystal used the clothing as disguise, while I entered the air conducts to cover her from above.

Everything was progressing smoothly, until we approached our target (who's room was guarded by a pair of wolfs) and one said ''HEY YOU! Your scent doesn't match the one of your suit!'' opening fire against her, luckily she had a reflector like mine, ''we have been discovered'' I opened a hole through the vent and jumped down, firing my shotgun against one of the guards, turned my head and recieved a punch on my face, luckily Krystal had her staff, she quickly froze the wolf and got rid of him.

I kicked the door open, just to find that he had prepared for our arrival, 10 guards, heavily armed stood in front of us, with the pig on the center. ''So, you are Giuzzini's  hired puppets... the failure Fox McCloud and his bitch'' (when he said this i was about to jump and kill him. Krystal snapped me back to reallity and told me ''we have more important things to think about fox!''. She fell to her knees and activated her staff's shield, preparing to recieve the bullets.

''Gosh your shield rocks!'' I thought as they opened fire. I took my Sniper from my back and noticed he had a stock of mines to defend himself in case he was attacked. ''HURRY FOX! IT WON'T LAST FOR LONG'' Krystal yelled. I aimed and upon fire, the mines exploded from the sides of the room, taking down 7 guards, I told Krystal ''WE CAN TAKE THEM NOW!'' we quickly got into fighting position as the guards got up, we quickly took them down, leaving just one target in the room: the pig we are after.

I took out my blaster and said ''game over''. As I approached the pig I noticed he had a standard gun under his sleeve, he quickly took it out and fired without aiming, I fired in reaction, piercing his heart, I then felt a big pain in my left arm, Krystal salid ''Fox! Are you ok?!?'' I told her I had been shot on the arm, but at least we finished the job.



hope u like it!"

[Pruned to save disk space]

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That same night Krystal removed the bullet, nothing too serious, I was ok by the next day, by the time we got the next call I was ready, this time the guy wanted us to take down gorilla he discovered was helping the pig we took out yesterday, this guy was hiding in Titiania, we prepared to go, we were listening to the radio as usual, listening to was happening at corneria, again some disturbing news came in, Alexander's ghosts were getting rid of pepper's men, as Krystal turned of the radio I said ''the worst of all is that we could be helping down there, but dumb general Pepper won't let us in...''. ''I know'' Krystal replied.

We quickly entered hyperspeed and arrived to Titania in a second. This guy's base was... well, just a simple outpost, this was going to be a piece of cake!

There were no doors, so we just had to kick in, ''We'll do it my way!'' I said (My way was...well, not infiltrating but attacking). Krystal remained in silence as she prepared her handgun and her staff, I was ready by then.

I must admit, although the base itself was really simple it was well protected in the inside, lot's of guards, soldiers (mostly criminals, they had no training) and it had a sentry.

we quickly got rid of soldiers who advanced toward us, when the stopped coming out we advanced, the outpost was a little maze, i must admit, at one point I decided to split, I kissed Krystal at that point and told her to be careful.

As I advanced i noticed the guards were armed with grenade launchers and combat rifles, I had to be careful, one grenade shot and I would be dead. I advanced with stealth, doing headshot after headshot, they obviously knew they were being attacked.

After 3 minutes I arrived to what seemed to be the center of the outpost. on the back was our target, the differnce with this guy was that he was the figher type, he had a thick armor and was armed with a gatling gun and a bazooka, he also couldn't be snipered because he had a thick iron helmet. He suddenly yelled ''COME OUT!''. I jumped out a window frame i was hiding in (I would have to do it eventually).

I said ''what are you up to ape!''. He laughed and said ''Is this yours?'', he was holding Krystal from her neck with his filthy hands, she was unconcious. ''Put her down!!'' I yelled at him, ''Slow down Fox, we can come to an arrangement'', ''What do you want'' I said, ''Tell me who sent you here'' (I really though I shouldm't have said it but... Krystal was in danger...) ''Giuzzini'' I said, ''So, that rat... time to pay him a visit'' he said. I knew I was in trouble, he threw Krystal to the ground, and said ''take her, I have to get rid of that rat'', he hopped in his ship and dissapeared on the horizon.

I picked up Krystal from the ground and carried her away, hoping for her to wake up soon.

When she woke up i explained everything to her. She was everything I had by that time.

We hurried to Giuzzini's headquarters to disvered they had beed totaled. We found the gorilla we faced earlier tearing down the place, ''He is not here, and you guys are in trouble, he now hired someone to tan YOUR hides, he must have you checked''. I immediately looked down the PDA he gave to me (I needed a new one by the time, it was like a pay to me). I said ''He really is a rotten vermin'', I took the PDA and samshed it to the ground, hoping that he wouln't locate us.

''I leave you guys out of charge'' said the gorilla, ''take down Giuzzini down for me will ya' '' he added, now he was a good guy...

When we got home, we literally died on our bed, we were really tired, I then got up at 5 am, I recieved a grim message from Giuzzini, I guess you imagine what it said...



hope you like this part!

by the way, if someone wants to lend me their characters it will be deeply appreciated, as I will use them! just send me a small profile of them :D

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The next day I got up first, I was preparing breakfast when suddenly a sniper shot came through our window, I prepared my blaster and decided to investigate, I found nothing, I knew It was someone related (or hired) by Giuzzini

All that noise woke up Krystal who imediately asked what happened, ''Snipers'' I said, pointing the bullet hole in the wall. ''We have to be carefull'' I added.

As the day continued, we wanted to have some peace now that we were not working, but I guess we can't just relax, another sniper shot, luckily this sniper wasn't good I guess, then a blaster shot, and wolf jumped out of a hiding spot, ''Wolf!'' I yelled surprised, ''Have you been trying to kill us?!''. ''Not now Fox'' he replied, ''Someone by the name of Giuzzini has put an enormous bounty for you both, even more if you are taken alive, expect to be followed, not just by one guy, but all bounty hunters on Sargasso''. ''How do you know?'', ''I sometimes hang out there genius'' he said, ''then why aren't you after us as well'' I asked. ''Now that you are not one of Pepper's trash I guess you're better, don't get me wrong, I'll tan your hide one day''.

As he left, I noticed a shade in the distance, it was the guy with the sniper, I asked Krystal to get rid of him while I distracted from below, the guy was so distracted trying to sniper me that he didn't notice Krystal sneaking behind me, then, with one swift strike of her staff, the guy was unconscious. Time for some questions. We asked him for Giuzzini's location and stuff like that, he showed us the papers with the offers in them.

After anonymously sending the guy to corneria as a criminal,  we stared at the paper, ''Giuzzini is really stupid, isn't he?'' Krystal said, ''Look at the bottom of the paper, there is a direction on it'', ''Good observation'' I said. Time to move.

We climbed our arwings, our direction was the Fichina, half way there Krystal said ''Suspicious ship appraching fox''. She was right, a bounty hunter ''Prepare for the dogfight i said''. we opened the wings and as we braked the enemy ship turned to face us, the guy was a really good pilot, he damaged my arwing, forcing us to stop in fortuna.

When we arrived we had to find an outpost, that planet is almost deserted, we had to look for some time, luckily for us, we found a desolate house, the woman who lived there was very kind, we had to stay for a night, while I repaired my arwing (I had to learn how to fix them after so long).

The next day we left early, ''I hope we get there soon'' I said, ''Don't worry'' Krystal replied. After 5 minutes of flight we arrived to the sector the paper said, when we got there we found nothing, I checked the paper again and noticed it said to meet him at a specified time, we had 3 hours of free time, and we bet no bounty hunter knew we were here right now, so, we enojoyed a very good time together in Fichina's snowy plains.

When the it was time we felt a small quake, a bunker door appeared from the snow, ''Thant must be it'' I said, as I took out my sniper the door opened, and Giuzzini came out with two other rats. ''Let's wait 5 minutes and see if someone comes'' they told Giuzzini.

The rat remained silent. We jumped out as I took out one of his soldiers, ''RUN INSIDE'' said the other one, Giuzzini quickly entered, closing the hatch.

We quickly made te other rat surrender, we took his ID key and opened the door, it wasn't reall a bunker, it was more like a small basement, unfortunately we noticed a gap in the ceiling, Giuzzini had escaped on his ship, we were going to have to search again, and we still had bounty hunters after us...

As we returned home we noticed our door was forced open, as we entered we found a Bounty hunter waiting for us, a black tall wolf, he opened fire as soon as we entered, I quickly activated my reflector and asked Krystal to cover, I took out my blaster and used the couch as cover, the wolf was approaching to me with a shotgun, as I jumped out, he fliped over a table and used it for cover, suddenly the wolf pulled smoke granades out of his bag, throwing one to where I was hiding, I was pused by  the blast and fell face down, as I got up I felt a gun barrel in my head, I closed my eyes tightly, preparing to recieve the shot, luckily the wolf was planing to take us alive, and as he got distracted with me, Krystal had  to open fire against him, taking him down...

''We can't stay here Krystal, it's too dangerous, we should move, at least until we take down Giuzzini...'''



GUYS i really would like to include your characters!!!!!!!

sed me profiles!!! D:

[Pruned to save disk space]

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no bad, I like this! :yes: you stayed in character with Fox, good job!

Thanks Julius! I really appreciuate it!

I'm pausing for today, if you excuse me. I'm tired XD and besides I urgently need at least 1 character, I have the perfect way to inculde him (her).

I also must do the drawing.


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not many people reading it, i'll post next part tomorrow, lend me your characters!! o.o XD

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I heard you would needed characters, so...

Name: Thunderstar

Species: European Lombax (P.S. He's right there <---)

Gender: Boy

Age: (I'm SO sorry if this is too young for you) 12

Weapons: A blaster that can change into a light saber, reflector

Personality: Helpful when needed, angry when ticked then hates the person, nice when people are nice, and uses justice in a violent kind of way, probably like that.

And if you need a bad person...

Name: Sarah

Species: Bald Eagle (The bald eagle in my signature)

Gender: Girl

Age: 12

Weapons: Scythe, blaster, reflector like Wolf's

Personality: Oh, like some typical too-much popular girl, aggressive (Vampire if you can add that, but don't be to obvious about it AKA Godmodding)

(PS I'm not going to be here all of the weekdays so if you have a question, I'll try and check some days. P.S. Pm me  :lol:)

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How did I miss this? O_o  This is good stuff, the drawings add a good touch to the story. Good job and keep it going.

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XD thanks everyone


As we fled from our home (again) I was just hoping to find Giuzzini soon, because we couldn't stay in one place because of the price on our heads I didin't care for finding another home, as we approached a new location at sauria, we noticed a ''v'' shaped ship on the distance, preparing to descend, they were obviously hunters, I took my binculars and told Krystal ''Hey, if we steal that ship we can find Giuzzini, it must have his location''.

We prepared the assault, the ship was not so far from us, we walked for 5 minutes trough the jungle and found it on a clear spot, we noticed the hatch was open so we entered and quicky downloaded the data, ''Let's blow this thing up'' I said, as I set the charges, Krystal had that ''I'm mind-reading someone'' look on her face, ''BEHIND YOU'' she said, suddenly a frog with a cloaking device appered behind of me, and two other cloaked hunters appeared in front of Krystal, I quickly took my blaster from it's holder and fired upon the frog, but Krystal was having trouble as she had to fight 2 hunters, as I took aim against them, one of them grabbed Krystal, the other one activated a set of reflectors on his arms, so that I couldn't shoot them, then he began walking slowly towards me, preparing to bash me with them, suddenly a lost bullet which came from the bushes (where did it come from?) hit the guy holding Krystal, she quickly took out her staff and left him unconscious, I was now against the ship's hull, with the hunter slowly walking toward me, luckily Krystal was now free and she took down that guy with a hit on the back of his head, the hunter just fell into the ground.

''Thanks again Krystal'' I proudly said, ''Sure Fox, no problem'', I had the date disc on my hands, ''Time to pay Giuzzini a little visit'' I said, Krystal giggled. We soon parted to the Sargasso region, on the way there we noticed a small ship following us, however, it didn't seem it was going to attack. We were looking for an asteroid which was the objective on the data we stole, it was the biggest asteroid on the belt, as usual we were listening to the news ''Alexander now has pepper as a hostage, the war the brought upon corneria is now worse, as it seems he is winning'' ''What about Falco, Slippy and the others! Falco was supposed to be the owner of StarFox now...'' I said angrily, ''Relax Fox, I'm sure they are doing it's best'' Krystal said, ''I hope'' I replied...

Upon arrival, we locked our arwings to the asteroid, we saw nothing there, upon 10 minutes of investigation I was almost ready to call this off, when Krystal noticed something that shouldn't be there, she saw a hat on the ground, on closer inspection it was metal-crafted and was part of some mechanism, we pulled it, shoot it but nothing, then Krystal gave the hat a spin, and just like a gear, it opened a narrow passage, which took us to a pressurizer chamber, when we entered the chamber we took our helmets off, there was oxigen now, by the looks of the walls it seemed that this place was carved out some days ago, it was a dark place with a heavy atmosphere, we suddenly heard a racket from behind us as 2 young guys came to the room fighting, ''What!? what are you doing here?!?!'' I shouted, ''Fox, they were the ones piloting the ships we found earlier...''

''What! this kids?'' I said, ''I'm thunderstar'' said the boy ''I'm a lombax'' he added, ''man, you should really go home'' I said, I noticed Krystal was pointing something down on his hand, I looked down... ''WHAT?!?!'' the kid had a real gun, as we disscused the eagle girl silently slipped away and yelled ''I know your plans hahaha'' as she put her helmet on and escaped. I sighted...

The hideout was just a long narrow hallway with 3 rooms, one in the middle, where we thought Giuzzini was hiding, the place was quiet, too quiet, when we got to the end of the hallway to where the door was, we heard Giuzzini's voice as we turned our heads to look ''I have you now Fox McCloud'' he laughed, from the three rooms came out three guards, one wolf, a jackal and a lizard, so covered in armors they were barely recognizable, we would have to fight them with our hands, as weapon fire wouldn't do anything, luckily they didn't have any firepower on their hands, they didn't see Krystal, as she was behind of us, she entered her slient stalker mode, as I prepared to throw my first punch, Thunderstar jumped to one of the guards yelling ''You won't get us!'' the other 2 guards were surprised but began to attack. ''Hey, where is the girl'' Giuzzini yelled ''RIGHT HERE!!!'' she yelled back as she jumped out from behind a cargo box.

As we took down the guards Krystal was running straight towards him in the hallway, with her staff shining, he took out an automatic rifle and opened fire against her, she skillfully dodged the bullets, and by the time she got to him we had already defeated the guards (yes with some bruises) so we were covering her from behind, she fought Giuzzini and quickly took the rodent down, I suddenly had an idea: Take Giuzzini to corneria, the rat has been followed by the law for some time and that would be a great excuse to go to corneria!

We caged him (we had to transport him someway...) and luckily Thunderstar's ship had a small cargo door, so we put him there.

We took off, we wanted to go to sauria first (yes, to our home) on our way there, Krystal said in the communicator ''thanks for the help earlier thunderstar'', ''The bullet from the bush'' I added. He laughed, ''the funny thing is that it wasn't on purpose''. We sighted...

When we arrived home, Krystal and I got ready for bed, Thunderstar left some hours ago, he said he would be back, and that we shouldn't be on this situation, he was right.

As we prepared to sleep I hugged Krystal and told her I loved her, and I thanked her for the day, she just giggled as we began to sleep.


to be continued...

did you like it? XD

[Pruned to save disk space]

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When I woke up I noticed Krystal got up before me, as I went down the stairs I noticed a sweet scent coming from the kitchen, I slowly walked to the kitchen and I saw Krystal cooking something that smelled delicious! I was so happy! It had been ages since this happened, you know, with all the things going on and stuff...

I guess we could finally relax a little bit, ''Fox, breakfast is ready'' she looked happy, we sat down and began to eat, she told me ''hey shouln't we feed Giuzzini?'' I laughed ''He tecnically isn't a pet'', I entered our small warehouse to check the guy out, I just gave him the food and returned home, ''He's fine'' I said, ''So, are we ready to go to Corneria?'' I asked, Krystal thought for a moment and said ''I guess'' ''You don't sound sure...'' I said Krystal said ''So you too...'' (right she read minds) ''Maybe'' I said.

As the day advanced we decided to have a free day, it was around 3 o' clock, we were watching a movie, when we suddenly heard a racket ''GIUZZINI!!'' we quickly ran to the warehouse to see a Jackal in a cloaking suit setting some weak charges to blow the door up,''HEY!'' the Jackal said to himself ''Crap!'' he ran off to the jungle so we chased after him, after chasing him for a minute we heard a bang, it looked like he remotely detonated the charges, we were praying for Giuzzini to be there, the jackal then activated his cloaking suit and apparently returned to the warehouse. ''very smart'' I said, ''Remember I can read minds'' Krystal said, ''God, you rule'' I replied.

When we got to the warehouse we noticed what was obvious, Giuzzini was not there, but not even the cage was there,''Follow me fox!'' Krystal said after running a bit we found the jackal trying to put the cage in his ship, apparently he was very reckless, and stupid, the cage did not fit, ''well time to fight'' I said ''No weapons needed'' I added, ''Wait here Krystal, I'll be back''.

As I jumped from the bushes the jackal did barely notice I was there, he was too busy trying to fit the cage, I slowly approached his back, poked his shoulder, and when he turned back, BAM! a hit between his eyes, as he got back up Krystal told me ''very funny Fox'' ''Hey it was''  I laughed, then, I felt a hit on my back, followed by a shock, I fell to the ground, I couldn't move. ''Paralizer'' Krystal said, as she prepared to fight the guy, she didn't bring her staff, so she would fight traditionaly.

The jackal was very bad at fighting, it seemed that he was still a novice at what he did, Krystal had no problem defeating him, ''All right all right'' said the jackal, ''I'll give him back'', ''just let me go'', ''answer this'' Krystal said, ''Why did you want to take Giuzzini'', ''I want the price on him'' he said, ''I'll forget the price now madame'' he added, ''oh something else, how did you find him?'' Krystal asked. ''I had him tracked, I wanted to take advantage of the situation''.

As the jackal took off on his ship, I said ''Hey Krystal, a little help here?''  Krystal giggled ''Don't be so cocky next time Fox'', ''Sure...'' I said.

As she carried me home I said ''I'm sorry Krystal, this is embarassing'', ''No problem Fox'' she said with a smile on her face. ''I'll make dinner tonight'' I added.


to be continued!

I hope you like it, if you are still reading it of course. ^^

[Pruned to save disk space]

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He's a great writer, isn't he?  :P

Yea he is,  I'm so interested in this that I made a 1 1/2 story. :P

Though, do you want a preview of it?

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Hey guys! I'm sorry that I haven't posted the next part yet, I cought a cold and it's not very comfortable to be in front of the computer...

green fox, thanks dude...


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