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First Fox, now this!? Why do costumes target me? I mean come on!

I’ll explain the story. I live in London, UK. But that’s the only fact I can give you now. Anyway after my occurance with Silver, we were best buds ever since then. Well by that I mean only 10 days since I met him when he was born. Right now, he’s got an IQ of 500. And it’s growing every minute.

We would play games and play with the Mind Transporter, which was the teleporter I used to go into my mind. I was using it for that purpose. Now I knew all the costumes and we learned from each other what to do. So, once I do, then that watch just keep on adding info about the costumes. We became close friends along with Silver. Now Silver was mentally mature enough not to act off-character whenever he sees secrets of my own. I haven’t told Ivan about what happened the last 10 days. It looks like a paradise, except I didn’t know what is going to happen to me. The costumes greeted me with open arms. They were smart enough now, because of my displine, they didn’t suck in anyone they touch. I especially reinforced this in Fox, which I was him for an few hours 10 days ago without my permission and intention. Fox said he was sorry of what he did to me. I forgave him and we played dress-up! I know that is an lame phrase, but that is the closest to what the magic costumes can do. Or so I thought. When I started telling Ivan about this, He thought I was crazy! I know he can keep an very good secret if it doesn’t involve crime. As he started to believe me, he told his Mom to come over to my house. Well I know 2 Ivans. Both of them can keep a secret. One in the US, One in London. The London one is coming to visit me while the US one is writing my story now as I speak. Ivan from London came to my house and as he swore not to tell an secret, I took him to Silver’s house. He was over the moon when he met Silver, my best bud since Day 1 of his life. Ivan from London is an video-game expert. He finished New Super Mario Bros Wii with-in 5 days, from an Blockbuster Rental. He was talking with Silver excitedly but calmly at the same time. As they started an conversation, I pulled out the Mind Transporter. Ivan said ,”Whoa what is that?” I told him this was an Mind Transporter that let see you your imagination. As I showed him my mind as we stepped on the transporter. As Ivan was walking around aimlessly around my own mind, he reached for that door what held the costumes. I warned him to be careful because if you’re not careful enough, you can come in as yourself, you can come out an Lucario or any other costume on that extremely long rack without intention. I told him that happened to me once. He was truly careful when entering the door with me. I showed him if you want to be an other person or thing, just ask the costume on the rack. They’re alive, so  that the reason the warning I told Ivan before exist. I told him about that they’re alive. And Ivan said no way and touched one. And now an Blaziken costume jumped on him and now he’s an Blaziken. “I told you so!”, I said. “Blaziken , can you get off Ivan(from London)? The costume did and everything was back to normal. Now we are going to paly an game. It’s called DodgeBall War. The way to paly this is you have to make an stragey to conquer the other team then carry out that plan using costumes for dodgeballs. If you got hit by an dodge ball, the costume will wrap around you and you will become that character. That how you get kicked out of the game until a person catches it with tamper resistant long gloves or knock an pin down. If you threw that ball, it got catched, then the costumes pick you. If that happens, the first two out will go back, costume still on, but with an green band. That mean you’re out once but you came back. The polka dots on the goal balls are actually holes. If our goal ball got knocked down, the other team wins. And if you lose too many times, everyone on that losing team must wear an MAGIC costume the gender opposite of inviduals. The wining team would pick the costumes for the losing team. That’s all the rules. “Let’s play ball!”, I said. I ran, grabbed an Lugia costume wrapped up and threw it and It hitted Taylor in the face! He’s out! I caught an Lucario costume while Silver on my side, almost got hit. The person who got out and an Gardeivor costume picked him! Then I threw the Lucario costume at Mike while Tall Abe flinged the Pikachu costume at Jerry. Mike dodged it and threw that costume at me. Then I catched it and did an barrel roll while I threw the ball. And it hit 5 people before the costume even got activated. By then, There was now 5 Falcos. I was still holding the Lucario ball, saving it for an special someone. Then Kyle came out running and I just easily got him stuck on this ball I saved for him. Served him Right. Then I picked up an Cream costume and just threw it like I was digusted by it and It just hit James and I was hysterial laughing at him. (I laughed so hard that day seeing him stuck up like that.) Anyway, I bounced while Silver and Ivan assisted me with an front-end cutoff and left flank obliteration! Me and Silver went hiting people with costumes from afar, while Ivan was running throwing costumes near the foul line. The foul line is the halfway line. You across it, you’re out and the costume to get to you makes you be him or her! Careful!  I shouted “Kxaj moudj WAR!” While I was in Sudden Death. It was just me and Andrew. Mano vs Mano. Ivan(from US)’s worst enemy. I just did an curveball at an fastball speed with the Shaymin costume and Andrew tries to catch it but it was just an centimeter too low. The costume hit him in the face and I won the game! I shook hands with my friends and enemies and left my mind with Ivan and Silver.  (I have people in my mind cuz of my memories.)

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