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Tf Mischeif (THE SEQUEL OF TRNASFORMATIONS) part 3 The finale!


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78 days later… The beginning of


OMG! I realized I am going to college with ALL the people I used to and still know. Even the Teachers! Well, you see I was very superintellectual in my class, but I never bragged about my school smarts. I was like Switzerland’s motto: “You touch no one, No one touchs you.” Neverless my humble nature, I was very recently ,the most popular kid in school by default, because I didn’t do anything wrong this year. But NOW, what they would think of a VERY Pretty blue anthro fox named Krystal walking through in their school? Plus there is a Dance Reunion From lunch to 4:00. T_T

Why this had to happen to me?! But then again, this might have an different effect on them than I thought.

The 1ST Day of school, “super-revised” version.

Before I only wore normal clothes, now I have to wear a RHU, plus a dress for the dance and an bunch of new clothes for GIRLS. Plus again, They had to cut a hole in my pants to let my tail out.

Now I have an not so typical life. Im wearing a hoodie To cover my Fox Ears and to hide my tail and I used the wire to shrink the opening of the hood, so nosy people had to look REALLY deep to discover who Is inside. It worked when I got on the bus, but It had an flaw, because my best friends regonized my hoodie and sat next to me. “So, umm, how are you doing today?”, Tyler said. I blushed because I wasn’t from the same planet anymore in every way and also I am now an vomulo, but luckily, he didn’t notice because my hoodie’s opening was restricted enough to conceal emotions. But I either had to reply or otherwise he might open my  opening and discover who I am now.

“ Umm, I am fine , thank you very much.”, I replied. “Why your voice sounds like an girl?”, Tyler said. He did regonize my Spanish accent enough not to dismiss me as a girl. Well you see, I was growing up in Spain for 10 years then returned to England, where I was born. “Just trying some helium.”, I said. I deflated my  miniature beach ball and I rubbed it, making an funny sound. “Oh. Well can I have some?”, Tyler said. Oh shoot.  Gonna have to think up an line fast! “What about in the dorm after the dance?”, I said. “Sure, OK.”, He said. We got off the bus and began entering the college yard. “Phew.”, I thought. My muzzle was damp with sweat, so I went in the Girls’ Bathroom to get some paper towels. Luckily, no one was there. So I wiped the sweat off. Then I left the bathroom to go to class. But here’s an problem… Im not a human anymore. So I have to go because they will search all over the planet to find me. If they do… You don’t wanna know. So I proceed to HomeRoom. I entered the class, Hoodie still over my dress, and pants covering my lower part of the dress. “Hello, please have a seat.”, Miss Howard said. I walked and sat in the very back row. “Please Take off your hood. I have to think up fast before I got busted and sended to the principal. Then I had an Idea. I brought up my MathBook and Opened it. That way it will cover my face and maybe the fox ears. Then I took off my hood. No one realizes that there is a blue fox sitting in that desk, reading a book. I some times raised my ears just long enough to make my teacher notice. But right before she does, I lowered my ears. That was teasing her.

“Ok. Get your Science Books because we are studying about foxes. I winced, because I thought she knew what was I.

“Come with me, class.”, Ms. Howard said. We walked outside with my Hoodie closed over my head. “Well, we came outside so we can go fox-watching.”, Ms. Howard said. “However, that student will be the seeker to find foxes.”, she said while she pointed at me. We went to the forest. “Go into the forest and find us some foxes.”, she said to me. Didn’t she realized She is talking to a fox. I nodded and walked into the forest. I brought Krystal’s Adventures suit. Let say I was daring too back then. I took off everything on me when I was far away for they to be not able to see me. Then I put on Krystal’s Rhu and I also put on her head and necklace and I also wore an loincloth, strangely. Then I got her staff. Time to tease again. This is more daring than I ever done before. I ran to a lone boy from that class. I acted like Someone looking for something. The boy was shocked. I looked around in front of him , not to make eye contact. Then he took a pic. Then I ran back to take everything off then wear the normal rhu and dress first then then the hoodie and pants. I closed my hoodie’s opening. I walked back while that boy was showing the picture to the teacher and the teacher said: “That is not real, Nevel. It just’s a photocopied picture.” “Please, take off that hood.”, she said. I didn’t respond. She said,”Or I’ll open it for you. She reached for my hood. Only an inch away from revealing me. RING!!!!! The Hand pulled away from me before it touched my hood. Saved by the bell! I went to Lunch. Philly Cheesesteak today. This delicate meat made me strangely hungry. I ate with my hood closed.(Don’t ask how I did it. Just don’t.) I was finished with my lunch. Then It was time for the Dance. I wnet to the bathroom to take off my hoodie and pants to reveal my dress. “I look pretty.”, I thought. I prepared  to look as pretty as possible before I went to the dance. (An common girl obession, which I have now) I had to find Tyler because I have to tell him now before he mistook me as something else. I entered the dance. And suddenly the spotlight was on me. Everyone was lokking as me. They gasped a little. Guess they did see a fox. I was very blushed in my face. “Wanna dance with me, Love?”, Tyler said. “Sure.”, I said. “You sound familiar. No matter. We will dance.”, Tyler said. We danced the Tango. He was the leader. He spun me, then dropped me, only to rise up again when his quick hand caught me. A very small part of me was very shocked and want to leave. But I still danced with him. As the dance DJ took a break, Tyler and I went to the Closet right by the Water Foundation. We went there. As I finally explained everything From Summer to now, Tyler was weirded out and shocked at first, but his expression softed and he made a funny joke about me. He said, “You’ll make a finnneee girlfriend.”, he said. I giggled. Why did I do that? Maybe my hormones are now loopy. But I know that I would not fall victim into myself. But As I went out the Closest, EVERYONE heard because of an certain someone overheard our conversation and told everyone about me being On the “other side” and now is an Blue Anthro Fox. Sometimes, I even wonder why I even mentioned myself so many time in the story I told Ivan(From US) to write.

My mind my been random  at the time I spoke to Ivan my story. I might been a bit cranky too. It was 4:00 in the morning! Anyway that Everyone heard what we said that I could see their expressions. But suddenly, they were cheering for me and Tyler. “Why they are doing this?’, I said. “ Because You and I are Prom Queen and King.” My mind was BLOWN away! “Seriously?”, I said. I shook only slightly before Tyler and I went on the stage. As Tyler made his speech, I was wondering what should I say or do? I thought an plan to how to make a great speech. As It was my turn, I stepped into the spotlight and Microphone. “All I to say is that even when life hold you down, you will have to move on. Even through the thick and thin. No Matter what is going to happen to you or your loved ones, just don’t be obessed with it. One day,  you will have to move on. I had moved on. Even though I’m now an very pretty blue fox, If you know what I mean. Anyway, I had to learn how was to be like in someone else’s body. If a certain someone didn’t save me, I would not be here today. Let’s just hope we can make an better future. If we do, we can be successful. And here’s a small joke – I would be the first scientist from another planet! Now, let’s dance!”, I said my speech. (First of all, I lost my Spanish accent after my conversation with Tyler about Prom Rulers, I don’t why and I somehow, SOMEHOW picked up my native accent, which is british… I hope I paid Ivan enough to type this. After all, Ivan really hates typing this kind of stuff, but he knows he’s getting paid.) Everyone was cheering now. This was my moment. We danced and had fun for the rest of the night. Phew. I guessed I had to go through all that to understand something -  no matter how much different you are to people, chances are that they still will support you. I really have to go to bed. It will be a whole new year to come. But remember, my adventure is still not over.

The end?

Maybe to be rewritten

(For understanding this language, Here’s the code:



English :  A E I O U

Saurian :  U O A E I


  English: M

  Saurian: M



  English: Y

  Saurian: 0 (an zero) (sound like “oo”)

English: B C D F G H J K L N P Q R S T


Saurian: R S T V W X Z B C D F G H J K


Proper Nouns

    Proper Nouns remain the same during translation.

That’s the code breaker!)

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