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Please mind where you are posting things


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I've had to move more threads this week than normal, so I would like to issue a friendly reminder to please check the board descriptions and please post things in the appropriate place. It keeps things better organized. Thanks.

Here is a quick reminder of what goes in each board:

Rules and Announcements - Announcements, staff info, and the rules.

SFO Stuff - Questions/issues/suggestions regarding SFO itself. Subforums for issues that pertain to only the site or only the forums.

The Lounge - General discussion so long as it is within the rules and doesn't belong elsewhere.

->The Welcome Wagon - "I'm New" posts

->The Time Clock - "I'm leaving for a while" or "I'm Back" posts

->The Portal - Links to your site(s)

The Arcade - discussion of Video/Computer Games other than Star Fox

The Rec Room - Forum games, word games, and funny picture/video threads. NOT spam.

General Star Fox - Star Fox discussions that are about the series as a whole or that do not fit into another category

Portable Star Fox - Star Fox Command

Star Fox Cubed - Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault

Old-School Star Fox - Star Fox, Star Fox 2, and Star Fox 64

Star Fox Fanart - Visual Arts of Star Fox

Star Fox Fanfiction - Literary work based on Star Fox

Non-Star Fox Works - Creative works NOT based on Star Fox

Role Playing - RPs...

The Polling Place - Poll threads

Krystal Archive Forum - Krystal discussion and discussion of Mr. K.'s Krystal Archive site.

SFO Archive - Old threads. They are locked.

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why list the archives if we can't post in it?

Because if he didn't, someone would come and ask why he didn't list that as well.

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