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Do not feed the trolls


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DZ here. Those of you that do not visit the rest of SFO may not know me, as I don't post in here much. I am the lead forum admin for SFO.

This is posted in the announcements board, but since this board was the target and some of you only post here, I will repost this here:

We've had a few trolls swing by today.

I'm not sure if any more will come, but if they do stay out of it. If someone posts something troll, then report it and move along. They want a response from you, so don't let them win by giving it to them.

If you egg the troll on, intentionally or not, you will be held responsible for increasing the disturbance. So it is best to just not get involved.

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Sort of related. Turn your speaker down a bit if you have them turned up.



Do a barrel troll! :D

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