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if you find a game that you think is worth playing post it here and give your reason for why people should play it. :D

example: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/510303

i think people would like this game because it involves your reflexes

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Ah crap. I had a tone of these last week. Here's a copy paste.

I've played these interesting flash games recently. One called transform is a puzzle game where you escape a lion by transforming?... It's hard to explain... Just play it and see for yourself.


There is also the Glow series of what are basicly trail and error games, but with clues about how and why you are messing up, giving it a puzzle game feel. The most interesting of the bunch is Grow RPG where you have to grow a fantasy RPG, but I'd recomend starting with Grow Nano 3 where you simpley have to make a man better. (Tip: the medicine goes first)



Nano 3


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