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Are there other none anthro animals In Starfox?


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I don't remember seeing any real non anthro animals like maybe quadruped Foxes?

besides the saurian's has anybody seen any wildlife on starfox?

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hopefully. so far all we have is

Well, there's those revolting undersea creatures of Aquas (like those stupid exploding starfish)

the Kani, Z-Gulls, and Z-Serpents of Zoness

No indigenous creatures on Titania...if there were any, they're dead now, the Goras creature doesn't count, since it's a bio weapon/planetary defense system built by the original Titanians.

I've seen beautiful blue butterflies on Sauria in Star Fox Assault and in Star Fox Adventures, I've seen, on Planet Sauria, Egg Snatchers, Bloops, and those stupid burrowing creatures that come out of the ground and spit at you, or attack you with their arms/claws...

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Guest Julius Quasar

Also, on the SNES Star Fox

There's that crazy bird that you find in the Asteroid Belt on Route 3, when you collide with it, it takes you into the Out Of This Dimension level.

And in the same SNES game, I saw a space bird fly past me when I killed a certain amount of enemies consecutively I could hear it's wings flapping, and a space whale who moved past me as well, making those noises whales make, after killing even more enemies consecutively.  The space bird and the space whale are VERY helpful in leaving behind power ups to help you (the whale is the best at doing that, hell, I got twin blasters AND a nova bomb from that whale)...

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