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Who could play Star Fox characters in a movie.


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What I mean by this, when they make a movie that uses CGI, they will sometimes overlay the image over the actor, but the actor still shows through it, now, who do you think would look enough like the characters to have a good likeness to them in the movie? And looking + sounding like the character would be a plus, but the model wouldn't have to sound like the character. And you don't need one for every character in the universe, just someone you know of who could pull off the character. Oh, and to make it a bit easier, you can use an example of a person from when they were in their prime, because there are those people that'd be perfect for things, but just got a bit old as of late.

First off, for :krystal:, I went with Alizee because, to me, she still has that innocent look, despite what she is given to wear.

For Andross, now this may be a weird one, but picture it for a minute, and keep in mind, its just for a basic facial structure, tn2michaelclarkeduncan1.jpg

For :wolf:, and this may be a bit obvious, but at least we know he can pull off the eye-patch. escapefromny213.jpg

ForĀ  :slippy:, and this would require some video editing to get the right height, gabrieliglesias.png

That's all I can think of at the moment, though I am waiting for someone to find a Leon match, almost went with Christopher Walken for him... Anyway, toss up what ya think.

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I know lol, but I could seriously see him playing an epic Slippy, especially if they use him for voice acting too, when he does that high pitched voice.

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Hehe, apparently you beat me to it Asper, ah well, figured someone had to of, although mine is slightly different, since yours was famous actors only.

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