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How To Fix Your Brawl Card


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I've noticed I'm the only one who has fixed his Brawl card on the forum. I'll give a quick guide for this all, firstly, remove the quotes (") from the code in your signature. I'll start with my card's code unfixed:


Click here to level up my card!

May not show the actual coding, but clicking yields an error...

Now, there is a really quick fix, just remove the quotes in the URL (NOT IN THE %7Boption%7D)

This should fix your Brawl card.  Let me know if there are anymore questions.

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Thanks, I was wondering how to fix that!  :D

You're welcome, I tend to find small little fixes for useless things.
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Glad to see this has worked, while I don't entirely know the style, I tend to understand the basics of scripts and navigation errors.

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