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The Green Fox

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That's what they consider "News Worthy"?

They consider footballs sex lives and celebrity handbags news. This is interesting at least.

Also this is a great paraody of rubbernecking as news.

full episode


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That's some ugly arss fish.

Damn, I first laughted at it, since I thought it was a joke/fake.

Then I though "this is what I call: UGLY. But why fear it? Yeah it is UGLY and UGLY and well... But that is no reason to fear it. Maybe the editor is a cow-ard."

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Guest Red-Kyote

WTF!! , OMG . ( hold it down - hold it down )that was f****** UGLY!      now i realise i overreacted and i was surprised to see something that ugly . but ive seen worse.

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This looks like me whenever I tasted a lemon

Man that made me go ROLF!

And Tyler...

:omg: i jumped the first time i saw that

I did a [shadow=blue,left]Barrel Roll[/shadow] the first time I saw it.

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