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The Story Game.

Four-eyed Vulpine

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We are going to write a Star Fox fan fiction.  Together.

This is more or less a sequel of Kursed's one-word-at-a-time story thread, but perhaps three sentences at a time will hopefully lead to a more coherent story.

Display your sentences in this format so that there's no confusion.

1) Sentence 1

2) Sentence 2

3) Sentence 3

Okay, I'll start!

1) Falco's alarm clock buzzed loudly--the noise echoing off the metal walls of the dark bunk room.

2) He stuffed his head under his pillow and moaned.

3) "I don't want to get up, it's too early..." he muttered to himself.

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A) i get a sandwich to breakfast...

B) but i didn't enjoyed it because scout stole it!

C) then i killed him like this: *grabs a gun* *BANG* HAHA!

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1)  Falco takes the corpse and hides it in his closet.

2)  Fox then comes in wearing all camo for some reason and asks "What the crap was that?!"

3)  Falco shrugs and says "Nothin'."

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1) Fox eyes Falco suspiciously.

2) Fox says "Don't lie to me Falco. You killed a guy didn't you? Damnit Falco! That's the third time this week!!!"

3) Fox sighs and says "I'll help you dispose of the body...But this is the last time! You owe me Falco!"

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1) Falco decided he would make Fox a sandwich,"That, makes us even."

2)Falco began to messily recreate the sandwich in which his tongue had savored the taste, but rushed for the knowledge that he would not glance upon it's taste in his mouth.

3)During the creation of the sandwich, one pickle, twice the cheese, a slice of ham, all but which could satisfy the hunger of the mangy mercenary, he required that which all true men strive for, he was hungry for the satisfaction of a job well done...

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1) Falco accidentally knocked over some Exlax and cleaned up the mess, unaware that some of it had gotten into Fox's sandwich.

2) He took the sandwich to Fox and said "Here's your sandwich, you better like it!"

3) Fox gave Falco a sarcastic look, grabbed the sandwich, and took a big bite...

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1) fox says: "sorry falco, but this sanwich tastes awful! i will make my own sandwich."

2) falco looks at fox with a mean look and says: "at least you said sorry."

3) fox says: " okay.. i am really sorry, but i disliked the sandwich that you made."

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