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share here tips for drawing and stuff like that...

Hatsworth III

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well, this topic is to share/ask things about drawing and stuff, just to help pepole who want to learn how to draw somethings.

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try thinking the image in your head then try putting it on paper. I did this once and i came very close to my drawing!

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Not that I am a good artist, but I know of certain things that are commonly overlooked, and one of them is correct clothing. Unless it is skin tight, it should have folds in it. Even skin tight gets small folds at the joints.

Another trick I found handy is to get an erasable coloured pencil, and after drawing your character, draw the clothing, weapons, whatever you want, in the pencil so you can distinguish character lines from equipment lines.

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I hope this can help someone. (this is to make a, human shaped character)

hey i want so show you all, a form to draw your characters, this form works for me.

OK I'll explain a little and put some images to illustrate.

first step:

the first thing is think what you want, the pose, the ambient around him or her, and after that you start drawing a stick man, wiht the pose you have chose. for the head, draw a circle, and another circle on the joints of the body, and a line where the shoulders and waist are. it's important to know that the distance from the waist to the head, are three heads of distance (this measurement refers to measuring head, and use this measuring three times, and place the line of the waist ).

Second step:

after you are satisfied with everything, the next thing to do is begin to give shape to the body, for that you will have to use circles, squares, triangles, etc. this is becauseĀ  the human body and it's made of those shapes, use rectangles on the arms and circles on the joints. for the chest use a square on a man shape, and a square and a rhombus on the middle for a women. also remember that the women's have a thinner waist and smaller shoulders than men. when you finish this...

Third step:

now you have to connect all the parts of the body trace lines on the parts that you have made a shape when you do this now is up to you draw the clothes, equipment, of your character made the eyes for this trace two lines and made the eyes (look this), the hair, and everything you want.

Forth step:

now you just have to repaint the lines of the clothes and of the body wiht a pen and that's it, you now can scan it or paint it by hand.

[Pruned to save disk space]

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