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Looking at the past from the future.

Vrance Movado

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I've alway wondered for years now this but I've never answered this myself. How will you look back at this 20 30 years from now. Are you going to say " I once played that" after seeing something from your younger days. Or say "I can believe I did that, I can't believe I liked that". Or for the artist for example, "I can believe I drew that when I was young, what was I thinking?" Are you going to be proud at what you did in your childhood? I've would like to myself in the future to see what I become. To see if i still like SF or anithing of the sort. To see how much I change. Are you going to be ashamed at what you've done? Take the administrators for example, what will they do in the future when they have kids or successful jobs or careers, are they going to have their kid personality? Will they still have intrest in SF? What will you do in your future? Do you see yourself successful? Carter and a house? I ask myself these questions, an think, "what will I be in my future?". "will I still be a fan of SF? Or grow up and move on like it was just another stage in your life? I might jut be bableing now, but what do you see in your future? I'm not crazy, I just like to wonder of why will be for me. What do you think? Don't post here I you are just going to say "who cares, what happens happens" this is a question that will make you question your life decisions. Take this seriously, noone will choose your life only you control your fate. It's kinda hard to imagine yourself 70 or above and look back at your childhood, think of all the wonderful things you did. You should try it sometime. It's really hard to explain this in text, but I hope you understand what I mean to say. 

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A bit of a dmb question because I won't do it if it's something I wouldn't do. If anything it will be life before gadget x was invented.

I do have to tell my mam I broke my nephues bed once. I let him take the fall for it. I keep forgeting though.

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I'm probably going to become a cranky old fart. Still a head higher than most people, and twice as wide over the shoulders, with a white beard that's so long it get stuck in my belt from time to time. I'm still going to be a gearhead, and will terrorize the modern car enthusiast of the road, in their electric sports car, with the fury of a V8 musclecar that's even older than me.

I doubt I'll regret much of what I did at this time. I've done many stupid things over my life so far, which have caused me to strongly dislike the little runt that was my younger self. But I like to believe I've passed that stage now, and that I'll look back at these years as good ones.

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I honestly do not know.

Phearps I will become an embittered and selfish.

Phearps I will be nicer and more friendly.

Phearps I will do something no one else could do before.

Why are I saying what "I could", you say?

Well, because your view on the past depends mostly

in your opinions about it in the future.

I mean, now for example you could be a pacifist,

life-lover and everything, and then an accident or

something turns you into an evil racist.

In the same vein, a certain situation can make you

value life more if you did not do so in the past...

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