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Hookay! so, as the name implies, I have more than one character, so I'll start off with this guy.  now, he isn't exactly the most original, as I have borrowed some elements from various sources.  if you got a keen eye, you'll notice them almost immediately.  anyway; this character, as well as the others all come from an Alternate Reality of the cannon SF franchise; something that was created over the course of dozens of RPs spanning across three different forums which I helmed as an Admin.  Oh, and I have this tendency of being ridiculously detailed, so watch out! XD. Anyway! the Alternate Reality as explained below:

the Alternate Reality's time line of events follow the cannon SF, or "Prime" time line; all the way up to events after Assault where it diverges drastically - the events of Command never take place; the discovery of a more, massive Aparoid count with different queens that contain gem cores and named as such (Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby to name a few).

this discovery sends the Star Fox team to a neighboring system, some few lightyears away from Lylat, dubbed "Gale", where they begin to search for and destroy the remaining queens one by one.  the mission takes Star Fox nearly a year and a half to complete before they return home, receiving a heroes' welcome as the Great Fox II is sent back into drydock for three months of repair and refitting due to sustaining moderate battle damage.

during this year and a half, as well as the extra three months, significant advances are made in technology as the after effect of the mission - ships now carry torpedoes with antimatter warheads, upgrades to defenses now include the use of polarizing a ship's hull (applying several layers of magnetic fields to a hull to make it several magnitudes harder which allows for withstanding more hits before taking any form of serious damage.) plus a massive project of fitting vessels and fighters with Hyperdrives, and the navicomps utilized to make the required calculations for a jump; thus opening Lylat to a whole new level of interstellar travel.

There are also more survivors of Cerinia's destruction than just Krystal which helped to create him.  one other note is that in this Alternate Reality, Earth has been visited at least twice and his parents originate from there, with his father being half Cerinian, hence the 3-race hybrid.

if you have any questions regarding the matter, or need to clarify something about my characters with me, by all means, don't hesitate to contact me via PM or MSN.  As always, friendly criticism is welcomed!

Name: Anakin Velocity

Age: 18

sex: male

Species:Cerinian/Cornerian/Earth Hedgehog

birth date: April 3rd, 2300 (Alternate Reality)


Max Velocity: Father

Lucky Velocity: Mother

Nirvana Velocity: Sister

Marcus Velocity: Grandfather

Appearance: Anakin is a black hedgehog, with his middle quills upwards and the others are downward. his hair is in a style of neatly sized bushes, and he wears a uniform similar to that of his father's, but the difference is that he had a black bandana on his neck, with two long strands of the cloth running down to his knees, almost like a cloak. his shoes are a modified version of his fathers own as well, being SOAP-AR 97 destroyers, which have advanced capabilities, meaning the thrusters are capable of firing for more powerful burns, allowing him to hover for a brief time (Approximately 30 seconds) if used correctly.

the super-reinforced grinding plate is modified with an extra layer of metallic armor, to keep the grinding plate from being damaged at high-speed grinds at sonic speed. his eyes are ice blue in color, and a snowy-white streak runs down his right bottom quill.

Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Abilities: Super speed, telekinesis, manipulation of diamonds

Weapons:  Anakin's weapon comes mostly in the form of his ability to manipulate diamonds; he can convert almost any substance (with the exceptions of gases or liquids such as water) into said mineral, and use them as a form of a projectile barrage when he calls the "Diamond Storm" to take out moderate numbers of foes, but his favored weapon is the creation of a longsword from said mineral as a melee weapon.

Bio: Anakin's personality is not all that different from Max's, with a little bit of Lucky's own thrown in the mix. Kind and caring, Anakin won't mind helping around others that need it. he isn't very fond of the types of people that try to do menacing actions that threaten others as he considers them to be 'cowards'. Depending on the type of situation, Anakin is a quick thinker, able to come up with a solution to certain problems. he can also be found to be hyper, as well as not afraid to shoot his mouth off- characteristics of his mother. However, when the going is rough, Anakin is always serious about the matter at hand, and is quick to make important decisions. He can also be quite quick to anger if anything threatens his parents.

His relationship with his sister, Nirvana, is just like any other older brother-younger sister relationship. She tends to drive him crazy at times due to her mischievous personality, however he does deeply care for her as any other brother would. Any abuse heading towards Nirvana is met with a short temper, sharp tongue, or a combination of both..with a really hurtful beating likely to follow. Anakin also has a tendency of humorously overreacting whenever a comment is made about his size (he'll take a comment and exaggerate it to an extreme such as "Who're you calling so short he can ride the back of a grasshopper!?").

Background: Anakin was born on Corneria in the year of 2300 in an alternate reality; and spent most of his childhood there.  his younger sister, Nirvana, wouldn't be born until he hit the age of 6.  most of his childhood, he dreamed of what was beyond Lylat; something of a more, grand adventure.

his chance would come when he hit 15, when a by then age 47 Fox McCloud (with an honorary commission of Admiral in the Cornerian Army on his shoulders) brought together his old team, as well as their children to create a new Star Fox; as well as bringing the Great Fox II (a dreadnought identical to the original's refitted look in Assault with the exception of an expanded Hangar bay to accommodate extra fighters for the newer part of the team) out of retirement and having her fitted with state of the art technology; Arwings, Landmasters and other essential vehicles.

during the third year of this exploration, the team is however, called back to Sauria to fight off an invading force from a then unknown enemy.  during an exchange of weapon fire, the ensuing explosion produced an unexpected result - a rift pulled Anakin's craft into the Prime Reality, where he must now find a way back..

Strengths:  Anakin's strengths rely mostly on his super speed, telekinetic and diamond-manipulating abilities, as well as the strong will to achieve victory. the latter is characterized by the pupils of his eyes and the streak on his quill glowing a brighter shade of blue than that of their normal colorization - this usually happens when he is extremely confident in himself to accomplish a goal when it is near.

Weaknesses: Being called short; though this might not really count as a weakness since his rants also occasionally involve a random act of violence (e.g a kick to the face).

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@Wolf O'Connor: Thanks!

A New Character Has been Started! she's basically a huge  revamp of an old Sonic character being turned Star Fox that was used perhaps once and then fell off the face of the earth;  probably because I couldn't get a feel for her personality or whatever.  anyhow - this profile is a Work in Progress, so check back occasionally for an update or two as I fill in more information.

“Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right away. Do it when you can. It's the only way to live a life without regrets.â€

Name: Sichelmond

Age: 23

Race/Species: Arctic Fox

Sex: Female

Height: 144 cm (4' 8 1/2")

Weight: 33 kg (73 lbs)

Weapons: custom built Phase Pistol - Sichelmond prefers a pulse weapon over the standard issue blaster and during her time as part of a weapons' research team; she was given access to an armory and thus under permission from a superior; was granted the parts required to construct the weapon. the phase pistol also grants Sichelmond an advantage over that with the blaster with it being a point-and-shoot weapon while also negating the effect of having to compensate for particle drift; effectively making hitting a target easier.

her weapon allows the use of two different settings just as standard issue weaponry used in the defense force - stun, and in an extreme case, kill. (Side note: Obviously you people know what the different settings mean, so no description there. XD)  However, the weapon can be set to a maximum setting of 10 megajoules (albeit with some internal modifications to prevent an overload.)

the effect of a hit from the beam that is fired off by this weapon is different than the standard blaster - instead of tearing through a target's clothing or skin which left an identifiable wound;  the Phase Pistol can inflict an injury similar to that of an electric shock - causing decent harm without breaking the skin.

though its primary use is a weapon, a Phase Pistol can be used for other purposes - cutting through material such as solid rock, iron or a tree trunk and also produce a heat ray.  the weapon can additionally be rigged to overload - the resulting explosion capable of doing decent damage in large, open areas;  although Sichelmond usually considers this purpose in a scenario where this is the only option left available.  being a lefty; She keeps the weapon in a holster on her left side with the grip pointed at an upward angle for quickest draw. 

personal modifications to the weapon's exterior include a custom paint scheme to conceal it's appearance from view in a snowy environment with it having highlights of white rather than the normal black and silver.

Abilities: being born an arctic fox in the harsh environment of Fichina; Sichelmond has a relatively high tolerance for cold weather; and alas she also prefers it to the warmer climates of the other planets of Lylat; especially during the summer months. 

she has the athletic as well as pain tolerance abilities that are granted to anyone that undergoes the physical training that the Cornerian Defence Academy provides; as well as the use of a fighting style Unique to her bloodline known as Sonido, which allows for enhanced agility and speed. though it doesn't quite necessarily grant her a pace anywhere near an excess 180 kph;  Sichelmond is capable of keeping up with certain traffic - she can match a hover car's cruising pace with relative ease.

One final ability is that her accuracy with a pulse weapon is nearly on par with that of Fox McCloud; earning her decent respect. 

Homeworld: Fichina

Bio: Initially born into a lower class, Sichelmond retains her modesty even as an adopted member of the Defense Force: she is graceful and "clean", yet chooses to talk to ordinary people. However, her cool and lone demeanor often forces her to hide her personal troubles even from her friends.

her attitude towards those Sichelmond considers close to her is usually varied - she can be a bickering adversary, and at other times also worry about them and dispatch advice equivalent to the words of a wise sage.

History: Born at the climate control center infirmary on Fichina; Sichelmond lived out most of, if not all her childhood there - the daughter of a loving mother and father. however, she would be forced to grow up a hell of a lot more quicker due to the Lylat War - her parents were killed during the invasion of Fichina by Andross' forces which were attempting to set off a bomb at the center; which would result in the planet becoming uninhabitable. of course, Star Fox intervened and prevented the disaster, and even went on to defeat Andross completely.

however, the loss of her family was not without its effects. initially a kind and very caring girl; Sichelmond's personality drastically changed in the years after her parent's death; developing a strong sense of justice as well as becoming calm and also somewhat cold and desiring solitude in her attitude towards others seeing as to living a childhood without parents left a wound that was never able to be healed. she eventually joined the defense academy at the age of fourteen, and graduated at 19 before being assigned to her home planet as part of the climate control center's security force; where Sichelmond would continue to serve to this very day. she has built a few friendships during her time there, ans as a result Sichelmond has sworn to never see anyone die in front of her own eyes again; or go through the same pain she did as a child.

Strengths: Excellent marksmanship - Sichelmond is able to fire at a target in near whiteout conditions due to having lived through some of Fichina's harshest storms during survival training; and is therefore able to even take out a target as thin as a piece of rope in the darkness of night.

Weaknesses: none; though some have seen her personality as one that was rough to strike up a conversation with, along with that; the lone demeanor tends to have her slightly withdrawn from larger groups of people.

Other Notes:  Looked up her name and found out that Sichelmond is a german word; and it roughly translates to "Crescent Moon" in english.  more to come soon.  Also, if there is anyone who wishes to use my profiles as a reference for more detailed ones of their own little creations, then by all means go ahead. :D

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Augh. FINALLY got off my ass and finished her up. College can do that. anyway; please comment and rate. friendly criticism is welcomed. Apologies in advance for any dredging! >_>

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