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a story i made for a contest


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welli made this story for a contest the winner will get it animated and well viewed i thought i should show it to my friends on starfox-online well here is the stroy and the name darklighting is my user name for devaintart

well heres the stroy 1out of 10 what do you think

Sonic in halo by darklighting

Sonic as Spartan 117

Tails as Spartan 118

Shadow as Spartan 119

Knuckles as Spartan 120

Amy as cortana

Our story begins in a war agents the convanet and mankind and the piller of atume is the last hope for mankind*some guy flew by in space saying weeeee* will someone get that guy out of my way as I was saying the piller of autum was in the middle of a fire fight with the covanet and where just barly able to get away by using hyper space but they have only a short time before the covanet finds them by tracking their plasma remanes and why are they fighting them well its hard to explain it would be easyer I you just go and play the game but anywhay our stoy begains and one second I have to run from my wife now *wife: get back here

Captain keys: cortana

Amy: I told you to call me amy but what is it

Captain keys: go wake up the Spartans

Amy: who are the Spartans

Captain keys: you know sonic,tails,knuckles and shadow

Amy: oooo I cant wait when sonic wakes up

Captain keys: and this time I mean the whole team

Amy: fine

Amy then sends a message to the crew

Captain assistant1: we got orders

Captain assistant 2: o boy I want the lobster

Captain assistant 1: wrong kind of orders you moron

They then go to the room where they are frozen as they unfreaze them

Captain assistant1: do they have feazer burn

Captain assistant2: nope their good they dont have freazer burn

Sonic: ok then why is my butt frozen

Both: that will pass

And why did you wake me up after the big space battle

Both: we dont know to keep you from getting killed

Sonic: whatever

Sonic: and where is my team

Both: their over their playing cards

Shadow: tails do you have any 3

Tails: go fish

Sonic: come on we need to get going

All: ok lets go

They all go to captain keys room trying to dodge bullets and plasma

Captain keys: why did you just go trough the other door

All: what other door!!!!!!

The captain then points to the door

The team then falls over

Sonic: thats it I am taking this helmat off its sooo anoying

Shadow: me to

Knux: me to

Tails: me to

Echo: me to me to

All : shut up

Amy : sonic!

Sonic: wha amy sonic then falls down

Capain keys: well back to business I need you to protect corta

Amy: amy!!!!

Captain keys: ok amy from the covanet ok and well here is a gun for all of you its better than nothing

Shadow : I can live with that

Shadow then shot the roof with his gun

Shadow: oops *hides his gun behinde him*

Sonic : shall we go then

Amy: hey I have to ride in your suit remember

Sonic then sweats a little

Sonic: anyone eles what amy to ride in their suit

Everyone starts whisling

Sonic: fine ill do it you big babys

Amy: yaaaaay

Then they finally go to the life pods

As they walk through the halls they see some grunts

Shadow: ill take care of this

Shadow then kills the grunts with his gun

Shadow: the deed is done

Then when our heros go through the halls they see some elites

Tails:I have an idea

They all put bags on them saying elite with a bad drawing of a elite on it

elite: hi

Tailes: hes on to us fire!

elite: huh?

They kill all the elites and they see some of the life pods being lanched

Knux: nooooo wait for us

Kuckles: then jumps at the window

Sonic: amy now is a good time to be helpful

Amy: well there is one life pod left but hurry before it leaves

Sonic : ok then lets go and will someone take knux off the window

Shadow: I got him come on lets go

Then our heros go trough some tunnels saying blah all the whay

Sonic :will someone kill that narrator

Knuckles : but then we wont have a story

Sonic: ok you got a point

Sonic: and lets just get to that life pod the ice on my butt hasnt thawed yet and I know those pods have seat warmers

Tails: we passed the pod 5 times already

All: what do you mean we passed it 5 times already!

Tails: yay its over their

All: why didnt you menson this sooner

Tails: it says so here on this map I found

The team then falls over

Knuckles: well lets get out of here then

All: good idea

Sonic: ahhh I can feal my but thawing

Piolet: glad you like it. Hold on somthings wrong whaaa sonic look its its spam on my screen we are going to crash get In your happy boxes

All: where in out happy box where ready!!!!

Kuckles : knew it where going to die

Then they crash but the team survied

Sonic: is everyone ok

All: *groan*

Kuckles and I did not weat my self when we came down

Then the team walked out and kuckles suite made a water rushing sound every timed he moved


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