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Zoids website + new pic preview


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Hey everyone, I will probably make a Zoids website. but before I do it I want to know who is interested. I will start this website as soon as I have enough free time. If no one really minds, why bother doing it :/.. I would include all kinds of stuff from CG renders, music, video, Zoids Battle Legends sountrack (done halfways recording it), screenshots, fanart, info, animations, model pictures, etc.. The thing is I haven't really met anyone who likes Zoids or even mecha.. :..

anyway.. Here's a preview of my next pic:


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Whoa, that looks cool!

And I'm not just saying that. Hell, you might get me into Zoids, who knows?

And who said I didn't like mecha? You should see the Wolfen Eagle IV... it kinda looks something like mecha, but nowhere near the detail yet.

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ZOIDS is a japanese cartoon. The first 3 seasons were the best but the rest just plain sucked. ZOIDS uses 3d models for the mechs (but cel shaded) thats what makes the cartoon so original.

Like some intro I saw on an episode I downloaded (from the first 2 seasons) said:

"In the far reaches of the Milky Way on the planet Zi, there exists metallic life forms that posess superior fighting skills. These are the Zoids. Warriors by nature, zoids have been used as the ultimate weapons in an ongoing war between the imperial forces and the republicans of planet Zi."

and no.. Zoids are not self controlled, they are piloted (only liger zero and berserk fury have an organoid system (i'll explain that later) and are alive but can still be piloted).

and here is some screenshots of my favorite zoids from the 3rd season "New Century Zero" (nothing to do with the intro up there).

Command Wolf


Liger Zero Jager


Shadow Fox


Liger Zero Panzer


Berserk Fury


and I recorded a video of the credits (it has many cutscenes from the cartoon) for anyone who wants to see how the cartoon looks like (3d cel shaded models).


^ 1.25 Mb filesize

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