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Some of you may have noticed the post by Hope(N Forever) about Lylat Wiki. This came at somewhat of a bad time for me, because I'd been hoping to keep the site under wraps until I could get it a skin and finish the general setup. I am the official co-owner of the site, and I just want to say that I hope you guys won't judge us now, because I'd never intended for us to go public. Probably shoulda mentioned that to him, in retrospect.  :facepalm:

If you saw the link, feel free to visit and join. I don't want Google throwing up our links, though, so I won't be reposting it. It's bad publicity for people to see us in the state we're in now. Anyways, good day to you all!

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Yeah, problem is that I didn't bother to bookmark that site, and thus can't find it again. :lol:

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