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FoxFire II - An Original Work From Remus Lemures

Guest Remus_Lemures

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Guest Remus_Lemures

Hey, everyone! It's your friend Remus Lemures bringing you the "long awaited" story, FoxFire! Unfortunately, I had only written FoxFire II because I was too lazy to write FoxFire One, so whatever, its the first FoxFire story ever written. Send me your replies on how you like it would ya'? Anyway, yeah, I know I'm a horrible writer, so I get lots of that.


(This story has no chapters.)


A black cruiser landed on the landing pad of the Lemures Mansion. Its landing ramp lowered, and down it, walked three robotic guards, and then, our hero, Remus Lemures. He was dressed in civilian clothes, simply for avoiding familiarity with the people in Solaria, where he had just come back from. Remus feared them noticing him, because he wanted to stay in secrecy. The robotic guards opened the large front doors of the mansion, and Remus thanked them as he stepped through. He took his hood off.

He stepped into a richly furnished lobby, with the grand staircase up ahead, and two doors leading to various rooms to the left and right. There were curios filled with priceless china and on the walls, held swords brought from some of his adventures to other planets. From the double doors to the right, a silver metallic robot, named ROSS, walked towards Remus.

Welcome back, Master Lemures! said the robot in a cheerful British tone, happy to see his master back. We were waiting for you. Was your trip back to Solaria interesting?

I only spent a few days there, but it wasnt for sight-seeing, ROSS. said Remus, handing ROSS his black suitcase. But other than that, it was OK.

Did Commander FoxFire renew your existence in his organization?

Absolutely. He was happy to have his best agent back.

Im glad to hear that.

ROSS, wheres Vixu?

Shes upstairs in your room, sire. The feast will be ready in an hour. I hope youre hungry.

Oh, yes, ROSS. Im famished.

Remus took off his black trench coat, and walked up the grand staircase, where he took a left and down the hall, down to the last room. It was his room.


Remus opened the door and walked in. There, he saw his bed, just as he left it, his desk, with the stacks of paper still on it, his computer, shut down just like before he left, and of course, Vixu Tokugawa, standing out on the balcony. She turned around.

Remus? Oh, I missed you

Vixu ran to Remus and they embraced.

I missed you too, Vixu. I promise, this is the last time well ever part.

Vixu chuckled and eyed him from a distance in their embrace.

You dont have to be a drama king, Remus.

I know.

They kissed and fell onto the bed. It felt so good to be back home, thought Remus, where Vixu and I could be together at last.

Slither. Slither. Slither.

Remus and Vixu stopped abruptly in making love to each other and turned to the balcony. To their horror, they saw three puddles of black slime, crawling from above the balcony door, and slowly inching towards them. The two stood up from the bed and walked backwards. Vixu hugged Remus in fear, and Remus took out his blaster gun.

As soon as he started to power it up, the two puddles stopped, and in a few seconds, the puddles turned into forms.

They were human forms, clad in blue armor, and had shadowy faces. To their sides, they held long guns. Horrified, Remus charged a shot and fired away at the lead alien form. There was only a noise, and immediately, it held its hand up as if saying stop, and the charge shot stopped in its tracks in midair.

W-who are you? stammered Remus.

The alien spoke in a deep voice.

Remus Lemures. We are from the planet Lubrikus, from the Trizerous tribe. We have been sent here, to take the woman you are holding in your arms. said the alien.

Vixu? Im not letting you take her without a reason.

That reason is none of your business. Now hand her over or you will be dealt with in the harshest of manners.

Remus Lemures kept the blaster raised bravely. He still clutched Vixu. Hmmmm, thought Remus, What should I do? Ah hah! First, Ill slip a gas mine into Vixus hand without her noticing it, and then I can let her go to them. As soon as they take a hold of her, it will go off, knocking those freak aliens out cold. But then againVixu wont know what Im planning

You still insist on keeping her and having your guns raised? asked an alien.

But shell know what to do with it.

I hope shell forgive me if this doesnt work.

Slowly, and undetectedly, Remus slips a small gas mine into Vixus hand. She didnt feel it against the gloves she was wearing.

Unfortunately, she did.

Remus, whats this for-?

Too late. Remus already pushed her towards the aliens. Suddenly, one of them grabbed her with a chain and held her to him.

Master Lemures, I had heard noises. Is everything all right?

ROSS, watch out!

The halted charge blast the chief was holding in his hand released, and collided with ROSS. The robot flew backwards in a shower of sparks. The robot landed on the floor in an inanimate heap, and behind Remus, something knocked him unconscious. He slumped to the floor, as the three alien forms flew off, with a struggling Vixu.


Remus Lemures woke up on the floor, where he had last remembered where he was. His room was empty, except for what was originally in his room, and the balcony door was left open, with the covers flowing in the breeze. He saw some of ROSS leg in the threshold of the door, where Remus had seen one of those alien life form things shoot him. Remus stood up and rubbed his head. It hurt badly. But before he could have a lie-down, he ran to ROSS.

ROSS, I know you can hear me. said Remus. Reboot memory drive.


OK, then reboot movement systems.



From the grand staircase, three guards, with guns, trudged up to Remus.

Who did this? asked one guard.

I shall kill whoever! said another.

No, take ROSS to the mechanical repair room. And prepare my study.

Yes sir.

As the three guards, carrying ROSS on their shoulders left, Remus started down the hall and down the staircase. He was deep in thought. Who were those freaks anyhow? Asked Remus to himself, they took Vixu, and I swear Ill do everything I can to get her back.

Remus walked into the lobby of the mansion again, and this time headed to the opposite door. Remus walked into the library. He went to a bookcase, and pulled out a dark green book, almost totally hidden from sight. The bookcase moved away, and a metal door behind it came into view. Remus pulled it open, and he walked into a large room. Computers were on all sides of the room, and Remus took a seat at one. He pressed a few buttons on the keyboard, and the computer came to life.

Hello? Ah. Welcome back, Remus. said the computers female voice.

Enough chit chat. Im back in business.

While you were gone, Remus, the Wesker System changed.

I know. And it seems that theres a new order of evil around.

What do you mean?

Didnt you catch what was going on like an hour ago?

I did see something in your room. Except my database doesnt know anything about these monsters that attacked you. And kidnapped Vixu, by the way.

I know theres nothing in your databases. But it doesnt matter now. All I need is the information on a planet named LudaLudicrousLudamusLudawardLudacentia LudacrudLuda-


Ah. That. I need the information on it. You do the research, Ill do the investigating.

Aye, Remus.

Remus waited eagerly for a few minutes. And then a bunch of files appeared on screen.

Ah. Here it is. Lubrikus. That is in the Praetorius System. A very ancient system indeed.

What about information on the TrazTrazerousTrazerounTra-

Trizerous Tribe?

Yeah that.

Lets seeah. The Trizerous Tribe is one of the two tribes that rule over Lubrikus. Normally, they are peacemakers, but I have no information on how they might have been corrupted.

We really need to research morewell, I have no choice but to

But to what, Remus?

but to investigate. Im going in. Im going to the surface of Lubrikus.


Sir, might I suggest that you get some help with this quest? asked ROSS.

Yeah. You. said Remus, as he packed the last crate aboard the small two winged cruiser. Remus and his robotic servant walked onto up the ramp, and into the cruisers cockpit. ROSS took to the controls, and Remus, clad in his black trenchcoat, stood in the opening as the ship rose from the landing pad. He waved to his servants.

Farewell, my employees. I shall be back someday. And when I do, you shall see your fair lady again. said Remus majestically, as the boarding ramp closed. Remus took a seat in the fuselage, and then rested awhile.

Next stop, Lubrikus. We should be there in three hours, using our warp drive. said ROSS.

Thanks, ROSS. said Remus, as he drifted off to sleep.


Vixu woke up in a cell, aboard some type of ship. It was dark, and see could barely make out anything. It was no use screaming, thought Vixu, so Ill just have to talk. Vixu saw two of her alien captors sitting at the cockpit of the ship up ahead. She whistled. One of them turned around.

Yes? he asked.

What do you want from me? asked Vixu, who sat calmly, seeing that is was stupid to call for Remus help or break free.

You will serve our master now. He will make good use of you.

And what does he plan on doing?

He plans- hey, hey, we wont spoil it for you yet.

Would you tell me if I gave you everything you need to know about Remus?

Ha, Remus! said Vixu to herself. You let go of me when I needed you the most, now its payback!

Hmmm? asked Vixu again.


OK, fine. Your funeral.

She smiled as she got the alien at the ships controls angry. He got up from his seat and came up to her face.

Look, woman. Even though youre a prisoner to my boss, doesnt mean that I cant hurt you.

Oh, but that would break your heart wouldnt it? Youll feel sorry for me.

I would not.

Oh, yes you would.

Would not!

Would too!

Would not!

Would too!



The alien put his hands to his ears and shouted Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley!

Who have you been talking too?

Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley!

SHUT UP! Y-y-y-you freak!

The alien frowned at Vixu and resumed controlling the ship.

Were almost at Lubrikus. Youll feel right at home.

Thank you.


Lubrikus was a beautiful planet from the outside. Vast splotches of green (that were obviously forest) dotted its surface, and a tall mountain stood somewhere in the distance. But where Remus Lemures small cruiser landed was an excellent introduction to rest of the planet.

It seemed Remus ship had landed in some type of plain. It was surrounded by dense forests and numerous old stone buildings of some sort stood. The cruiser was just about to land, and Remus had already opened the landing ramp and stared outside. His eyes were astonished by how beautiful the place was. He jumped down and safely landed on the soft grass. The sounds of birds chirping sounded all around him, and when the cruiser landed, ROSS the robot stepped down and joined his master. Remus pulled out his blaster just in case.

Sir, Ive never seen anything like it. said ROSS.

Likewise. said Remus. Were not in Ventura anymore.


Remus looked around some more. The old stone buildings that stood a number of feet away from him looked suspicious.

I think its safe to set up our camp here. said Remus, putting his blaster away.

Aye sir.

Tomorrow, well head out for ground recon.


The alien ship landed on top of a mountain, and its landing ramp opened. The three alien kidnappers walked out, one of them carrying Vixu, who was kicking and screaming.

Shell lose her voice if she keeps on doing that. said one alien.

They walked into the cave and the deeper they went, the more oddly lighted it became. Blue lights, like water were shined on the walls, and alas, they reached their destination. It was a circular rock-walled room, and a pool of water stood between them, and a throne. The three aliens knelt before it.

Master Manticore, we have brought you Vixu Tokugawa. said an alien.

The voice that spoke out came from the throne, and Vixu silenced herself. It was a creepy deep voice.

Excellent work. Now leave and never return. said the voice.

Yes master.

The aliens turned on heel and left the cave. Vixu was left alone.

Vixu Tokugawa.

What dyou want from me? said Vixu with attitude.

Oh, impatient are we? Step into the light.

At once, a beam of golden light appeared in the center of the pool of water. Vixu crossed her arms and just stared at it.

And what if I dont want to?

I already know your overwhelming curiosity is boiling within your mind.

No its not! said Vixu lying.

You know you want to.

I will not.

Fine. Have it your way.

Suddenly, something from behind pushed Vixu across the water and into the beam of light. Vixu stood still as she was slowly lifted into the air


Later that evening

Remus and ROSS sat by a campfire, and toasted marshmallows. Remus stared into the fire and remembered what happened earlier. I let Vixu down, thought Remus, I knew I shouldnt have let her go like that

Is something bothering you, sir? asked ROSS.


My sensors show what is in your mind. She loves you more than anything else in her life.

As ROSS shut down and became a lifeless hunk of metal, Remus layed down on his sleeping bag and tried to sleep.


*later that morning*

Remus Lemures awoke to a foggy morning. ROSS lay on the soft grass inanimate and fogged up. Remus hastened to turn him on.

ROSS is alive now, sire. said ROSS, turning on his visor.

ROSS, todays the day we explore. said Remus, grabbing his knapsack, filled with food rations and a water bottle.

Where dyou suppose we go, sir?

Absolutely nowhere, Robotic Overcontrol SystematicS.

Remus took out his PDA, and it downloaded a map of the planet. A holographic model of the landscape materialized in the air.

Any signs of civilization anywhere, sire?

Ah, yes, ROSS. There is some type of-

In a flash of golden light, an arrow gracefully struck down Remus PDA, and it was pinned down on the ground. Remus looked behind him, but saw nothing. Then, he heard a noise, and he turned around quickly, to see ROSS being struck down by several men in rough, ruffian looking attire. They carried electric spears by what they looked like. Remus stared in horror, as he saw them smash ROSS into pieces. Remus tried to make a move to stop them, but something caught him from behind!

What the-

You are Remus Lemures? asked a womanly voice.

Im Remus Lemures.

Our master wishes to see you.


Now is not the time for questions. Come!

The men who were taking down ROSS, stopped and followed the woman holding Remus captive, as she jumped into the forest and hopped from tree to tree swiftly. The men were following close behind and Remus was in the womans unbreakable hold.

You are strong, said the woman, But not strong enough. Save your energy.

Remus gave in to her suggestion, as they flew through the forest at a pace with extreme grace.


Vixu woke up in a chair, and she was sitting at a long stone table. Across from her, a man dressed in a rough brown cloak, was sitting there. He stared at her from his visable golden eyes.

Who-who are you? asked Vixu nervously.

My sweet, you dont have to be nervous. said the man.

What do you want from me? asked Vixu.

I am just a simple man trying to make my way in the galaxy.

And how is that?


Vixu gasped and she tried to move from her seat, but she saw in horror handcuffs holding her to her seat. She struggled with them.

Dont struggle. It shall only make things worse. The shadowy man stood from his sat, carrying a wine glass filled with red fluid. Vixu only watched as he walked menacingly toward her.

My name is Manticore.

Why do I care?

I trust that youd like to learn the name of the man who will turn you into a very powerful being.

Vixu stared at him as though he were stupid.

I dont wanna be powerful.

Yes, you do. I searched your heart. You want revenge do you?

Vengefulness is a bad thing.

I know it is, but it can be a good thing too. You see, revenge is sweet. And you want revenge on your boyfriend, Remus Lemures?

Not true! Vixu was lying. She knew deep in her heart that Remus had let her go from his safe grasp earlier that day because he didnt love her anymore. She believed that that was the case. But she didnt want to reveal it to this shadowy being.

You dont have to hide it. I know it already.

Vixu finally gave in. How dearly she wanted to torture Remus. To make him feel the pain she felt when he let her go. Let her go into the grasp of darkness. To this Manticore.


Finally, the woman landed on her feet, and released Remus. They had landed in a majestic looking temple (of Napajian architecture). Remus looked around him as they walked down the stone walkway flanked with tall pillars. On all sides of the walkway, dozens of monks dressed in black robes watched them as they made their way towards the large front doors to the temple. Remus gaped at the size of the place. It made him feel small. Once they made their way to the doors, everyone halted, and the woman turned to Remus.

You are a stranger here. said the woman.

Tell me something I dont know. said Remus.

The woman turned to the doors and grasped the handle.

Address yourself clearly, make your points easy to understand, keep your sentences short, always reply with a sir, and always keep your focus on him. said the woman in a breath.

She pushed open the heavy wooden doors, and pointed inside. Remus asked are you coming with? They shook their heads. Remus walked in nervously.

He walked on an oriental carpet of some sort, and on either sides of him, there were sitting monks with their hands together. They were hooded, and Remus could not recognize them. There were torches on the wall, and the large stone chamber had a smoky smell to it.

Hello? Remus yelled out loud and his voice echoed throughout the large room. This was followed by a deafening silence. None of the monks inside moved or responded.

Hello? Remus shouted again. His voice reverberated around him, and still, the monks showed no sign that they acknowledged his presence.

Guess the guy who that lady wanted me to meet isnt home. he shouted at last, and he turned back to the door to leave. But as he did, he heard the sound of rustling behind him. Remus turned his head slowly.

Behind him stood

Hello. said the figure.

A cloaked man, whose brown eyes and bright long grey moustache could be seen under his hood. His voice sounded old and wise, and he carried a gnarled cane.

W-who are you? asked Remus, turning to face the man.

I am the leader of the people here. Of the Luminara tribe. The man walked down the carpet, and Remus followed. When they were at the very end of it, the man sat on a cushion on the floor, and behind a small table.

Please be seated. said the man. Remus found his cushion on the floor and sat also. The doors far behind him closed, the only things visable were the torches, the chiefs face, and various candles behind him.

Why are you here? asked the chief.

I am here to rescue my girlfriend who was kidnapped by a bunch of aliens. said Remus.

Ah, I see. Manticores power seems to be growing. He has corrupted an entire tribe.

Who is Manticore?

The man paused and there was complete silence. Then he spoke.

Years ago, a ship crashed on to our surface. We had investigated it, and we had found, a badly injured man. We took care of his injuries, and seeing as he had no way of leaving the planet, he decided to live here in the Luminara tribe lands. We had foreseen great potential in him, and we had also seen that he was ready to inherit the spirit of the earth.

Spirit of the-?

For centuries, the Luminara tribe have trained worthy men and women to becomeninja warriors, and only the strongest of them have inherited the three ninja titles.

Suddenly, the door opened behind Remus, and the same woman who brought Remus to the temple walked towards them.

Master. she greeted.

Hello, Tara. replied the chief. Tara is the ninja who inherits the spirit of the sun. Consider her as your trainer.


Remus Lemures, we see great potential in you. The monks and I have been studying you ever since you descended in your great flying vehicle. You are destined to inherit the spirit of the moon.

How do you decide?

The chiefs moustache curled slightly.

Fight my apprentice. Fight Tara.

I cant fight a girl. My code of honor will hit me across the back of my head.

Your code of honor is nothing. Fight Tara. You shall see that the spirit of the moon fits you.

Well fine.

Tara smiled. In a swoosh of wind, she disappeared. Remus was baffled by her quick getaway. Remus back flipped from his seat, and stood in a fighting stance. Then he closed his eyes. His ears twitched and his tail moved to an upright position. Then in a graceful sweep, he jumped from his spot and held on to the ceiling. Tara reappeared baffled below Remus, and unexpectedly, he began throwing down shuriken at her. It pinned her to the floor. Remus checked his pockets again, but he didnt feel any shuriken in them. The battle was over, and Remus landed softly on the floor and looked down at Tara.

Wow. said Remus, impressed.

Beginners luck! shouted Tara.

No. It was destiny. said the chief. Tara, I want you to train Remus. He is worthy for such a title.

Remus pulled off the shuriken, and Tara stood and brushed herself off.

Fine. she said.


Vixu remained seated at the table, with Manticore, who was now sitting at the other end, sipping more of his blood red wine and smiling at her through his hood. Vixu, seeing as Remus was not coming for her, decided to sit back and enjoy her time with this mysterious guy. She was chowing on a delicious roast chicken and talking to Manticore.

What do you plan to use me for? asked Vixu.

Your first assignment, my fine friend, Manticore sipped some more of his wine, is to eliminate the Luminara tribe.

Vixu dropped her fork and knife and looked up from her plate at him, shocked.

You want me kill an entire race of people? Thats crazy! she shouted.

You do want revenge on your man, Remus Lemures, do you?

II guess so

Remember, Vixu Tokugawa, you hate Remusyou want to kill himhe caused you misery from the day you met said Manticore, in a brainwashing tone of voice. It seemed to him that Vixu was completely under his spell.

I want to kill RemusI want revenge said Vixu, looking practically normal.

This girl was too easy to brainwash, thought Manticore in his mind, it looks my spell worked after all. As she ate my special roast chicken that I infected with my brainwashing liquid, she didnt see it coming. Shell do want I asked her to do

Vixu and Manticore continued eating and talkingabout other things like her life on Solaria and with the FoxFire Organization. Everytime Vixu tried to talk about the chicken, he changed the topic. Manticores plan was falling into place


Remus jumped from the floor, as Taras bo staff swung to his feet. He back flipped and wall jumped fro the wall. Tara foresaw his attack and shoved him backwards, where he hit the floor. Tara victoriously poked her staff onto Remus, which kept him down on the ground.

Too easy. said Tara. You arent so lightning fast now. Youve tired.

I guess you could say that. Could you pass me my water bottle? asked Remus.

Tara threw her stick to the side and Remus got up and brushed himself off. They both sat on the benches on the walls of this rectangular training hall. They sipped on their water bottles.

So, Tara, how long have you been a ninja? asked Remus curiously.

For ten years. Its my familys tradition. All of my brothers and sisters have been trained as ninjas, but Im the only one with the highest title. The warrior of the sun.

Remus looked at Tara. Her tan fur made her look worthy of such a title.

I see now. said Remus, sipping more of his water bottle.

They sat for a few minutes in total silence, and then Tara spoke up.

You knowJack FoxFire, right?

Commander FoxFire? Yes I know him well. Hes my boss.

He is one of my masters relatives.

Remus spit out some water from his mouth. Tara stared at him.

What? How come he didnt tell me?

He wanted to wait until you met him yourself.


This conversation is pointless. Tara sat back, and Remus did the same. Both were bored and tired from training.


Manticore sat on his throne, in the high ceiling main chamber of his rocky castle. Vixu stood before him, donned in black ninja robes and carrying a short sword in her hand. Two flowing cloths flowed in a small breeze.

You look ready to kill the Luminara. said Manticore.

Yes master. I shall see to it that there are no obstructions in your way to be the new leader of this planet. And that Remus Lemures is gone from the picture. said Vixu.

My, my, such words coming from such beauty. said Manticore. Go, my servant. Strike them down with your sword.

My pleasure to. said Vixu, as she jumped and disappeared from the grand hall. Manticore sat alone, and he let out his most evil laugh that echoed on the walls.


Remus and Tara were sitting out on the front porch of the training hall, looking out into the distance, with the vast array of trees, and the tall mountains. It almost saddened both lemurs to see their homeland taken into ownership by a man such as this Manticore. The sky was always grey now, and nothing looked cheerful.

Remus, said Tara, how is your world?

Well, where I work, its stuffy, busy, and out of control said Remus with a slight chuckle, But where I live now, its peacefulbeautifulwhere I can live with my belovedVixu

Gah, this is stupid, said Remus to himself.

Suprisingly, Tara layed her head down on Remus shoulder. She said nothing, and Remus didnt either. Instead, they just sat there thinking. About nothing.

How come I get the feeling Tara likes me? No. That would be cheating. And I dont want to cheat on Vixusaid Remus to himself again.

Suddenly, both of them could here people screaming and running footsteps behind them! Remus, now alert, pulled out his blaster gun from his belt, but Tara grabbed it first.

Remus, we havent trained for nothing. she said.

Oh, right. said Remus.

The two of them, ran from the balcony, and out into the temple courtyard. They saw to their horror, a black robed ninja floating towards them! Its face looked oddly familiar though

People dropped their baskets and ran indoors. Behind Remus and Tara, the doors slammed shut.

OK, lets kick some butt. said Remus.

Remus and Tara assumed their fighting stances.

You cannot defeat me. said the mysterious ninja, as she pulled out her short sword.

Think again! said Tara. Solstice Preparation!

Tara was engulfed in a greenish light and she closed her eyes.

Remus, cover me!

Got it. said Remus.

Lets seetime to try out my new attacks. Ill give this ninja a piece of my Crescent Moon Flames!

Remus raised his hands, and from them fired four bluish flames! They hit the ninja on contact, but she just shook them off.

Have a taste of my blade! said the ninja, spinning her sword.

Oh no!

The sword spun so fast, that a powerful wind swept Remus off his feet, but Tara raised her hand in time!

Equinox Burst! she shouted.

A black beam of energy shot out from her hand and aimed right for the ninja! The shadowy warrior gasped and the beam hit her straight in her straight and chest! She gasped again and flew far away as the beam hit her directly. Everyone came outdoors and cheered for Remus and Tara.


Vixu stood before Manticore in the grand hall. She looked at him with confidence, even though she had failed to do what he asked.

You failed me, Vixu. said Manticore seriously.

I know that, master. Remus and that Tara have been together for quite a while. said Vixu.

That does not matter. You will find time to adapt to your own ninja skills in time, my apprentice. For now, rest and relax. We have a big day tomorrow. said Manticore, as he rose from his great chair and left the hall, his cloak flowing.

Vixu stayed where she was and was deep in thought.

I will have my revenge on you, Remus. she said.


Remus and Tara continued to train in the training hall. Remus was getting better aiming with his Crescent Moon Flames, and Tara had taught him other ninja attacks; which included the powerful Lunar Barrage, the wispy Eclipse Wind, and the sneaky Moonlight Stalker. He knew nowthat he was fully the Ninja of the Moon. Tara congratulated him on that.

*later that evening*

Remus Lemures, Tara, her master, and a few select other ninjas sat cross-legged at a low table filled with delicious Napajian food (that they had to eat with chopsticks according to custom). Remus began chewing on his seafood, and Tara began talking to her ninja friend across the table.

well, Remus is doing well in his training.

Master, what of the plans?

This seafood is great.

Where are we going?

Hows training?


You want your onion wraps?

Master, my squad will retrieve Remus ship.

Thank you.

These were some of the things everyone was talking about. Remus had just finished his onion wrap, when the chief called everyone to his attention. Everyone silenced themselves.

Fellow monks and warriors, I have received most devastating news. said the chief in a serious tone.

We must move from our beloved planet quickly. Our common enemy, who goes by his name Manticore, is growing stronger as we speak, as he has absorbed power from the people of our partner tribe, Trizerous. He is using them as puppets to strengthen his force and now, I have to say that we must officially surrender. As ninja warriors, I see that many of you will gladly charge into battle with fearless recklessness, and so be it, but for those who want to live and come with us to escape to the paradise of the planet Ventura, then we shall leave on our great space flying vehicle that we have stored underground this great temple.

There was an air of excitement amongst everyone, but it suddenly turned into frightfulness and worry as they remembered what their master had said. They will leave their home that they had for a millennia, and live on another planet. Remus stood up.

Master, is not pointless to fight him? said Remus grandly. I know that this Manticore was our greatest enemy, but if we gave him his powersthen we can take them away!

There was another gasp of excitement.

Ninja Lemures, your training has come to an end. Even though you are the ninja of the moon, there is nothing you can do to defeat him.

I dont believe that! said Tara, standing up. Our great ninja master is giving up like that? Youve got to be joking around!

Aye! said a monk standing up.

Aye! said another.

Soon, the whole table stood up to support Remus and Tara. The chief looked at them with confidence now. Then in his wise voice, he spoke.

Very well, then. You may fight. But do not bring us defeat. Bring us success.

The table cheered and hugged each other. Remus and Tara hugged and then when they remembered what they were doing, they let go and handshake.

*later that night*

Remus had finished throwing his last civilian shirt into his sports bag and shoved it into his space cruiser; without the help of his robotic friend, ROSS, who is lying on the soft grass of the space cruisers previous landing zone inanimate and littered with various animal manure. Remus got inside of the cruiser and closed the door. In the passenger seat beside him, Tara readied her controls, and Remus lifted off from the landing zone. Remus hooked on his commlink to his masters ship.

Master, youre ready for lift off.

Inside the hexagonal, magical looking ancient flying machine, everyone in the Luminara tribe was sitting cross legged and meditating, and as they did this, their space traveling ship slowly rose, and began to move forward. Remus cruiser and the ship began to move out into the night sky, and soon, into space. Remus had put his ship into autopilot, and began to juggle magical ninja flames in his hands, careful not to drop any because they might damage the controls. Tara was sitting nervously, seeing as they werent going to exit Lubrikus peacefully.

Tara, were fine, just sit back and relax now.

Its not that, its just that this wont be pretty if Manticore was seeing out departure.


Suddenly, just when Remus and the Luminara tribe chief thought they were out of Lubrikus for good, a green beam of spiritual energy zoomed past both ships and it came right from the surface of the planet.

You just had to say it. said Remus.

Suddenly, on the dashboard in front of Remus, a bubble appeared and the chiefs head appeared in it.

Remus, we have detected this beam of spiritual energy coming from the planets surface. You and Tara must go back down and get rid of Manticore. Good luck.

Yes, master.

Remus obeyed and pulled hard on the controls. His cruiser turned around fast and it started zooming back down towards Lubrikus. More beams of energy came flying at the two ships, but Remus dodged them. The hexagonal ship began firing their own beams of ninja energy.

The cruiser entered the atmosphere, and just when they were only a few yards away from the landing zone, a beam of energy hit the cruiser on the wing! Remus and Tara were flung from their seats, and into the entry bay of the ship. The entry ramp swung open, and Remus and Tara flew out. The cruiser spun around in damage, and hit the ground, where it exploded on impact. Remus and Tara were fallingfallingfalling then suddenly they joined hands and landed on the soft grass, light as a feather. They both sighed in relief.

Cmon, Tara, said Remus, We have work to do.


Vixu stood by her master, watching him as he tried to aim at the hexagonal ship and fired tirelessly at it. It didnt flinch!

Arrrggghhh! screamed Manticore, Those monks inside are joining their spiritual energy and making their shields too much stronger. We need a way to penetrate them and deliver the coup de grace to them.

Master, said Vixu, holding a small ball of fire showing Remus and Tara heading in their direction, It looks like that fool Lemures and Tara are back! What should we do?

Manticores lips curled to an evillish smile.

We destroy them. Manticore abandoned his energy beam weapon and him and Vixu began to walk to the front of the throne in the grand hall. Vixu juggled some energy flames in her hands.

Ready yourself, my apprentice. Were going to have a fight!

Vixu laughed maliciously.


Remus and Tara were busy climbing the steps up to Manticores castle of darkness. They busted open the stone doors with their ninja attacks and rushed their way in. Remus got his flames ready, and he saw Manticore and Vixu standing on the stairs in front of the large throne.

Hello, Remus. said Vixu, taming her flames to dance around her.

Hello, Vixu. said Remus, doing the same with his.

Hello, Manticore. said Tara, doing the same with hers.

Hello, Tara. said Manticore, juggling his bright green energy spheres. Have you come to surrender?

Oh no, weve come to kick your-

Now isnt the time, Remus. said Tara, holding his arms down that were threatening to fire their powers at him.

Your friend Vixu is mine now. You couldnt just go back home could you? Manticores flames were growing brighter.

Im with Manticore on this one. said Vixu.

Thats right.

Vixu, youre such an idiot. Look at this guy, and say the word evil. said Remus.

Hes not evil; at least heloves me.

Remus jaw dropped.

Whaaaaaat? shouted Remus.

Yes, you heard me. He loves me. said Vixu.

Dont worry dear. said Manticore, now holding Vixus hand. Ill get rid of him for you.

Well both do it.

Is that a fight thats brewing up? asked Remus, his flames growing even brighter than before.

Well take him down together, right Remus? asked Tara.

No, I want you to stay back, Tara. If I fail, you go in next.

Alright Remus. Tara back flipped off.

Here we go. said Remus to himself.

Manticore, Vixu and Remus jumped at each other, all three of them firing flames of energy at each other. Remus was gliding around them, under them, and above them, dodging them with ease. Manticore swung his foot around, and hit Remus square in the chest. He shouted and fell to the floor. Tara watched in horror.

I cant watch anymore. Im going in. said Tara, now jumping into the battle too.

Tara threw flames at Vixu, and she fell backwards. Remus threw a weak flame at Manticore, who was now going to finish him off. Manticore flew backwards. Then they faced each other.

GROUND QUAKE! shouted Manticore, stomping his foot and creating a quake that wanted to knock Remus off his feet. Remus jumped.

CRESCENT MOON FLAMES! shouted Remus, throwing blue flames at Manticore desperately.

Manticore blew them off with a small breath. They dissolved immediately. Manticore charged at Remus unexpectedly and elbowed him right in the stomach. Remus yelped and dove to the ground, where he lay there in agony. His attacks are too strong! thought Remus, I need to level up!

Tara punched Vixu, but she blocked it with her arm, and then kicked her gracefully. Tara flew backwards, and then Vixu uppercutted her once again. Tara lay on the floor, weakened. Vixu just placed her hand in position and used her ninja powers to keep her on the floor.

You cannot stop my powers, you useless- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Remus fired a beam of spiritual energy at Vixu and it blew her all the way to the wall, where she hit it and fell to the floor now weakened. Tara thanked Remus, but Manticore slapped her away. Manticore fired a beam of energy at Remus, but Remus did the same, and they locked together! They both struggled with their power and Tara joined in with her beam. All three of them grunted as they kept on going with their attacks.

I cant let Remus beat me, thought Manticore.

I cant let Manticore beat me, thought Remus.

I cant let Manticore beat us, thought Tara.

Manticore, Tara, and Remus continued to grunt in effort as they continued to lock their energy beams at each other. Remus so far was trying the hardest, and his beam was slowly inching towards Manticore. Manticore frowned and began to try even harder than before. Tara tried harder, but it didnt work. Then, in a split second, Manticore let go of one hand and blasted Tara from the scene and then quickly put his hand back in its place. Remus closed his eyes and tried to think of something happy to urge his beam to come out on top.

Ha, Remus, said Manticore, Youve distracted yourself!



Manticores huge energy beam prevailed over Remus and Remus flew backwards and hit the wall, where he dropped to the floor, half unconscious. Vixu, still on the ground, smiled maliciously. She got up and joined her master, walking up to Remus.

Face it, Remus Lemures, said Manticore, You failed. You failed yourself, and you failed your loved one.

Vixus smile faded from her face, as she tried to remember the happy times with Remus. She closed her eyes

Remus, where are we? asked Vixu.

Vixu seemed to have landed in some type of ring. Behind her, a huge Napajian temple stood Dragon statues were surrounding the ring. Remus Lemures, in flowing white monk robes, stood a distance from her with his hands together.

Remus, what are you doing? asked Vixu as she walked towards him.

We are in your memory, Vixu. Do you remember this place? asked Remus.

I remember it well. This is whereI first met you.

No, this is where I first met you. It is important to remember this place, because to fully detach from you evil side that is grasping you, you must think of something happy.

Vixu closed her eyes again

She awoke standing beside Manticore where she remembered she was standing. Manticore was now hitting Remus with a solid blue beam. Remus was shouting in agony.

You have failed, Remus. And now, you must pay the price. said Manticore evilly.

Manticores beam attack was getting stronger. Vixu closed her eyes. She was now remembering when they met. And then she was thinking of when they pronounced each other as a team. And then slowly, she felt a great demonic presence slide away from her. She did not here it leave her mind.

Vixu was nowde-demonized.

Remus curled up on the floor, in agony and clearly did not want to accept his fate. A small ember burned above his finger. He had to hold on.

Vixu! shouted Remus. Do something!

You talk too much. said Manticore. He slowly lifted his leg up above Remus back, but then.

Remus curled up into an even harder ball as he waited for what was coming nextthe end. But instead of that happening, he saw Manticore frozen to his spot. His eyes were widened in horror. Remus eyes widened in horror too, as he saw a spiritual blade thrusted right into Manticores chest. Vixu was standing beside him, blank faced and holding the hilt. Everything in the chamber became silent. There was only the sound of breathing from the four exhausted warriors. Tara regained her energy and stood.

Manticore, she said, The battle is over.

Is it really? asked Manticore, No, my dear Tarait has just begun. There is no end to evil.

Manticore dropped to his knees, and fell over. His body underneath his wicked armor disentegrated and the pieces of the armor dropped to the floor. Remus smiled weakly. Vixus sword dissapeared, and she dropped to her knees.

Remus she said.

She embraced Remus happily.

RemusIm so glad youre OK. said Vixu quietly.

Im fine now, Vixu. Hey, Remus looked around, Wheres Tara?

Vixu looked around also.

I dont know. She dissapeared all of a sudden.


Cmon Remus. Lets get out of here.

As Remus and Vixu walked away, the Lubrikus sun set behind the mountains, creating a beautiful sunset. It was over now. Manticore, or the great warrior of the earth, was gone now. Lubrikus was safe.

Remus settled himself into the pilots chair of his personal cruiser. Him and Vixu had just finished saying good bye to the citizens of the Luminara tribe. As the cruiser lifted off from the Luminara temple courtyard, Remus spotted the Trizerous tribe cheering from a clearing in the woods. Remus grinned.

Vixu, said Remus, Are you ready to get back?

Im ready.

Then lets go. Our own kind awaits.

The cruiser sped away from the planets atmosphere, leaving behind it, a now peaceful planet.

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Maybe I ask why?

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Guest Remus_Lemures

Yeah, I kinda' did like shut this topic down cause, first of all, the ending is all WRONG, and second of all, I have an even better version of this story that I will post some time after I recieve some feedback from ya'll. By the way, on the revised story, Remus doesn't die, and there is more detail on how Vixu began to hate Remus from the beginning of the story.


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So... whaddaya want, me just to kill this topic or do you just wanna revise the first post and I'll delete everything after for a fresh start?

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Guest Remus_Lemures

I have rendered this topic utterly useless, seeing that I have restarted the entire FoxFire series for like the billionth time. Good day to all.

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