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Sonic characters + truth or dare


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OK this is intended for laughs and giggles and is my first time EVER writing a fanfic... This was inspired by the awesome Buddha Cat's Super Sonic Truth or Dare at Fanart central I couldnt resist typing my own Oh yes and they all wear clothes... if not then them streaking would all be pointless and stuff...

Sonic and crew were sitting around in Tails' workshop pending a promise Tails had made about a contest and a free Plane for the winner... Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Amy, Cream, Espio, Vector, Charmy, and Tikal were all sitting in a row like he said and there were faint sounds of printing from the room Tails was in...

Sonic: Wonder what kinda contest Tails has for us

Knuckles: How creative can he get he's only 8

After this comment Tails walked out of the room he was in with a handful of glossy paper and made his way down the row of people handing them each 1 of the pieces of paper most of their faces turned red and some of them had shot angry looks at Tails

Tails: I got other copies too so dont think any of you have the originals

Sonic: Do we skin him before or after he says the challange?

Amy: This should be fun...

Rouge: Last time this happened poor Shadow wound up in a cornfield with his pants on his head and a million dollars

Shadow looks at his picture then looks angrily at Tails

Shadow: You said you didnt take any pictures of that and you were the only one that knew!!!

Espio: Well I am assuming him and Rouge were the only ones that knew until you just blurted it out

Charmy: Where did you get these photos this never happened!

Tails: A picture is worth a thousand words

Cream: Tails how did you get these pictures!?

Tails: I dont have to tell you!

Amy: Oh lemme start, lemme start I got a good one already

Tails sets a pile of pictures on a table

Tails: Im a fair sport so I mixed in a picture of me too... oh and go right ahead Amy

Amy: OK Tails truth (Amy has an evil grin) or dare?

Tails: Truth

Amy Hah! I tricked you! Where, when, and how did you get the pictures of Cream?

Tails: I umm... When she was out of town I snuck into her appartment and planted cameras everywhere and I have them on a feedback to my computer

Cream: You mean this computer?

Cream is holding a glass of soda over top of one of Tails' computers

Tails: No wait!

Cream dumps all the soda into the PC and it fizzles then shuts down then she throws the glass at Tails barely missing his head

Tikal: Why would he have pictures like that he's 8 for crying out loud!

Tails: Umm moving on now... Shadow truth or dare?

Shadow: Might as well get it over with now dare...

Tails looks at the ground and thinks for a minute

Tails: I got it... I dare you to go streaking through Station Square while screaming "I love Sonic"

Shadow: You gotta be...

Sonic interrupts

Sonic: No way I wont let him!

Tails: Cyberspace here come some interesing Sonic pictures

Sonic opens his mouth to say something then just sits down in a chair

Shadow: OK fine...

Shadow walks into the bathroom then the door explodes open and Shadow is moving blindingly fast

Sonic: Hey no far he's using Chaos control!

Shadow comes flying into the workshop again and back into the bathroom before anyone can move to see him leave none the less come back

Tails: You cheated!

Shadow walks out of the bathroom

Shadow: You never said how fast I have to run... now... Vector.. truth or dare?

Vector: After seeing what could happen to me... Truth

Shadow: What happens to all those confiscated drugs that so called "disappear"

Vector: Umm... We have to find some way to keep Charmy from always being hyper

Charmy: You never gave me any drugs just this powdered sugar im supposed to sniff...

Amy: How disgusting how could you give him drugs so you dont have to put up with him!?

Espio: You would too if you had to put up with him 14 hours a day

Vector: Sonic truth or dare


Everyone looks at Sonic

Vector: Hm... I dare you to tell the truth about what your hiding!


Tikal: He can and he did

Sonic: No way I refuse thats not fair

Tails points to another one of his computers that is signed onto the internet

Sonic sighs

Sonic: I discoverd I only run fast because of my shoes

Tails: Thats it? I figured you had got some wierd X-Ray vision or bought a strip club or something...

Amy: This is the most boring truth or dare ever...

Cream: I know... nobody is hyper like usually everyone is we need some excitment to get us going

Sonic: OK I can fix that... Rouge truth or dare

Rouge: Dare

Sonic looks at the ground

Sonic: I cant think of anything...

Rouge: Who wouldve guessed... Perfect speed and no brains

Sonic: Hey! Just for that I dare you to go find Big and kiss him!

Every but Rouge busts out laughing

Rouge: OK Thats not that bad nor exciting

Sonic: and he has to be asleep

Rouge: Now thats just dumb

Tails: Yeah Sonic whats the point of that

Sonic: You'll see...

All of them go to Bigs house in the middle of the jungle and Big is asleep

Rouge: This is stupid...

Rouge walks over to kiss big and as she does she closes her eyes and big yawns... her ear pokes the top of his mouth and he quickly closes his mouth... around Rouge's head everyone laughs as big stands up with most of Rouge sticking out of his mouth

Amy: Ewww he's gonna eat her!

Big spits Rouge out then runs off into the jungle for no apparent reason, Rouge has a VERY annoyed look on her face

Cream: Ewwww shes all covered in slobber

Rouge: Sonic I hate you

Shadow: Sheesh man that was cruel

Knuckles is just stairing at Rouge with a blank look in his eyes

Rouge: Whats up with him?

Sonic: I think he is looking at you because your all wet...

Rouge shakes her head then gets up and hits Knuckles and walks off back to the workshop, everyone else follows

Rouge: Moving along now... Tikal truth or dare

Tikal: Umm...


Me:Now what we have here is.... all I got so far... or do I have more and I want to leave you with a cliffhanger!? will Tikal pic truth or will she take a dare?

Tikal: Well what am I gonna do?

Me: Umm... you will find out later...

Tikal: I have the right to know it is involving me


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Tikal: Truth?

Rouge: Which guy do you like most in this room?

Tikal blushes

Tikal: Well... I like Espio...

Espio: Why are they all attracted to me...

Rouge: They're not... They just think your cool cause you got all the ninja stuff goin on for ya...

Espio: Gee thanks thats a real great confidence booster

Tikal: Since you had to say something... Espio truth or dare

Espio: Dare...

Vector: She just said out of everyone else in the room she likes you the most and you let her dare you!?

Espio whispers to Vector "Its because she said she likes me that I let her dare me"

Charmy: Thats not right... she said she likes you so you hope that she wont be mean to you!

Tikal: Thats mean... a sweet guy like you taking advantage of me

Espio burys his head in his hands and shakes his head

Tikal: I dare you to go jump off of a cliff into a pool of pirahanas below!!!

Espio: Charmy if I die I will haunt you for the rest of your life...

Charmy: Espio ghost Espio ghost!!!

Espio walks out of Tails' workshop and everyone else follows

Espio: Anyone know where I can find a cliff with pirahanas at the bottom?

Sonic: Yeah do I ever... at the end of the runway here... I got too carried away in a celebration and forgot that after the picture was took I was still gonna fall...

Espio goes an looks of the end of the runway

Espio: No way I am not jumping off of there...

Tikal: Yes you are...

Espio: Blackmail me I dont care put all the pictures on the internet you want

Tikal: Nope... your gonna jump

Tikal kicks Espio in the back sending him flying off of the cliff

Amy: How is he gonna get back up?

Sonic: There is still a rope down there for when I had to climb back up

Tails: Dont you remember Sonic... it broke

Sonics eyes grow wide

Sonic: Hes gonna get eaten alive!!!

Everyone panics and runs around looking for a rope while Espio lands in the water safely

Espio:*thinking* Phew something at all the pirahanas.. wait... if something at them

A HUMUNGOUS Killer Whale starts to swim around Espio

Espio: *thinking* Wow what a big and I hope friendly fish...

The killer whale eats Espio whole everyone back on the cliff looks over the edge and gasps

Sonic: Umm.. lets just say Espio never existed...

Charmy: Yay Espio ghost Espio ghost!!!!

Everyone turns around and sees Espio soaking wet

Espio: I never existed huh!?

Espio kicks Sonic off the cliff then Amy runs and knocks Espio off AGAIN and then Tikal knocks Amy off and in the process falls off herself

Everyone that ISNT falling to their death is very confused and shocked

Cream: What just happened?

Shadow looks off the edge of the cliff and smiles

Shadow: Hopefully Sonic won't come back

A hand grabs Shadow's foot and pulls him off the side of the cliff

Knuckles: Whats going on?

They all walk over to the side of the cliff and see Sonic hanging on to the edge and Espio is holding onto his leg Amy is holding onto Espio's arm, Tikal is holding onto Amy's foot and Shadow is standing on Espios head keeping his balance... everyone on the top of the cliif look up and at each other then look back down to see tham all still there

Sonic: So is anyone gonna help us out or are you just gonna stare at us?

Shadow jumps off of Espios head and lands back on top of the cliff

Shadow: You tried to pull me off... You tried to kill me!?!?

Espio: Yo Knuckles... while we're just hanging out... truth or dare?

Sonic: This really isnt the time OOF

Tikal had just climbed up using everyone else as a ladder and had steped right on Sonics mouth

Knuckles: Dare

Espio: I dare you to OOMPH

Amy had just stepped on the back of Espios head driving his face into the cliff then she grabs Sonics hand that isnt holding the cliff and he lifts her up to the edge

Knuckles: To oomph? Could you say that a little clearer

Espio kicks off of the cliff really hard and sends him and Sonic into a flip back onto the cliff... Espio lands on his feet and Sonic smacks his head on a rock and lands on his head

Espio: I dare you to glomp Rouge

Knuckles looks at Rouge who looks very annoyed then runs towards her and tries to tackle her but gets kicked in the face

Knuckles: Im gonna have to try later when she is off guard...

Espio: Eh... fair enough...

Knuckles gets up and tries again and again to tackled Rouge but keeps getting kicked

Knuckles: OK... while we're waiting... Who hasnt got a truth or dare yet?

Charmy and Cream raise their hands

Knuckles: Charmy truth or dare?

Charmy; Dare, dare, dare, they look fun

Knuckles: Umm... I dare you to... umm... sting Shadow

Charmy: Gotcha

Shadow: Wait a minute I didnt agree to any of this

Charmy flys over and fakes a sting to Shadows leg the stings him in his forhead...

Charmy: Whats so bad about that?

Shadow pulls out a gun and starts shooting at Charmy who is dodging the bullets then he stings shadow again luckily on the trigger finger

Shadow: Why am I always the one that gets the worst of these

Charmy: Cream truth or dare

Cream: Truth

Charmy: Do you like Tails?

Cream blushes and hides her face in her hands

Cream: I... I... um yes...

Tails jums up and down happily

Cream: OK... Amy truth or dare

Amy: Dare

Cream looks at the ground and thinks for a minute

Cream: Im not good at these but here I go... I dare you to do to Sonic whatever you were gonna do when you catch him

Amy has a smile on her face

Amy: My pleasure...

Sonic starts to run away but Shadow trips him, Sonic gets back up and runs but her is cornered on the runway... his options are to jump off the cliff edge or run towards Amy

Amy: I got you now Sonic

Sonic slowly walks up to Amy and right before he is about to stop he is sent flying backwars by her hammer

Amy: Thats for always running from me!!!

Amy jumps on top of Sonic then evryone else goes "Awwwwwwwww how cute" then 45 mins later after she still wont let go of him everyone else walks inside of the workshop and waits...

3 days later Sonic crashes through the front door of the workshop


Sonic runs behind Shadow and attempts to hide but he steps out of the way leaving Sonic in plaing view when Amy walks through the doorway, Sonic runs and cowers in the corner and Amy just sits down in a chair near him keeping a close eye on him

Amy: That was fun... now where were we... oh yeah... Shadow truth or dare

Shadow: Why me!?

Amy: Cause I felt like it

Shadow: Fine... dare... its not like I could humiliate myself anymore than I have before

Amy: I dare you to walk into a bank with you pants on your headand you shirt rolled up as a weapon and say "gimme a million dollars" then walk back here blindfolded


Rouge: I told her...

Shadow: What ever I don't care this is gonna be a piece of cake

Amy: Oh yeah...

Amy is tossing a chaos emerald up and down in the air catching it over and over again

Shadow: Wow where did you get one of the chaos emeralds?

Amy: I found this one in your back pocket


Amy: Nope... it doesnt have your name on it so how do I know its yours?

Shadow: You stole it from my pocket AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING REACHING INTO MY PANTS!?!?!?!?!?

Amy smirks

Amy: You got a dare to do and if you dont you know the consequences

Shadow: I refuse... if I do the dare then the result in the end will be the picture that was blackmailing me so its lose lose for me

Tail: Remember that time you fought Sonic and wound up with him kneeling and you standing behind him? You know from a camera point of view that looks like you were

Shadow: I GET IT ALREADY SHUT UP... If I would quit doing these stupid dares then I wouldnt have any of the pictures...

Amy: Oh yeah and remember the cornfield has gotten larger now

Shadow: Great...

Shadow puts his pants over his head and walks out the door to the Station Square bank and does what the dare specifies... the bank clerks see its obviouslly Shadow and comply and give him 1,000,000$ and say "return it like you did last time and try not to lose any in the cornfield this time!"

Shadow walks out the door and looks around then puts on the blindfold walks 30 ft and gets hit by a bicyclist and continues to walk until... he winds up in a patch of corn... he smartly turns around and walks the other way and doesnt realize he just walked into the farmers market that was set up and he is now walking in the complete opposite direction... He walks for 2 more hours and just takes the blindfold off realizing he is on the space station ARK

Shadow: WHAT THE HELL HOW'D I GET UP HERE!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Shadow turns around and runs into the eclipse cannon fire button triggering it to fire then he walks over to the monitor and moves the targeter to a familiar workshop in the mystic ruins... then all of a sudden he sits up real fast up and realizes he was unconscious and when he took the blindfold off he was in a bed back at Tail's workshop... strangely missing all of his clothes


Amy: I gave them to an orphanage for you since you only half completed the dare...

Shadow: Well could someone go to my room and get me some more clothes...

Tails: Where is you room?

Shadow: Aboard the ARK...

Amy smirks

Amy: You go get them

Shadow: Yo Sonic best bud can I borrow some of your clothes!?

Sonic: Ha ha ha you say you wish Im dead then you want to borrow my clothes... Fine whatever Ill give you a pair of underwear and pants which you can keep both...

Shadow: Your not so bad after all...

Sonic leaves the room and is off to his house

Shadow: ... for an idiot that is...


Me: Guess what...

Everyone: What?

Me: I ran out of ides and got bored of typing from 10-4 AM...

Shadow: Couldn't you at least give me some clothes first?

Me: Nah I dont feel like it

Shadow: But Amy wont leave >.> <.<

Amy: Nope Im not leaving this room

Shadow: Hey look behind you its Sonic!

Amy pulls out her hammer

Amy: Next time you lie like that you will feel some horrible consequences

Shadow: You writer dude... why are you so mean to me!?

Me: I dunno I feel like it... Don't worry you will get them back one day...

Shadow: What my clothes or revenge

Me: If you dont quit asking me questions I am gonna take away that bed and that cover you are holding ever so tightly to!

and while I am at it... All Sonic characters ©[Copyright] Sonic Team and Sega... this fanfic ©[Copyright] Me {Ffgrandmaster117@AOL.com/Zack/Slippygoingno} so if you steal it I will personally come and shove a bomb down your throat... if you show it to someone gimme credit or I will do the above...

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About 2 hours later Sonic comes walking back into view with a handfull of food... and then walks into the room where Shadow is and throws some clothes at him

Shadow: Your house is 10 minutes away and last time I checked there is no resturant nearby...

Sonic: Eh I got delayed

Sonic leaves the room and Amy follows him... not to long later everyone is back sitting around in Tails workshop

Shadow: Sonic... truth or dare?

Sonic: Aww after I was just so nice to you too... dare

Shadow has an evil smirk on him face

Shadow: I dare you to let me shoot you until you're almost dead

Sonic: What kinda dare is that!?

Tails: Yeah thats not gonna work

Shadow jumps up with 2 GUN mech assault asault rifles

Shadow: Ive had enough of all of you torturing me!!!

Every one dives for cover while Shadow just insanely shoots at everything

Sonic: I think hes lost it!

Shadow is has a dememnted smile on his face and is laughing evily

Tails: No dont do it! I dont want my workshop to be blown up!

Shadow just laughs disturbingly and begins to hover in the air and glow red

Knuckles: Everyone run!

Everyone starts running towards the door but they all try to run through at the same time and then BOOM everything is sent flying... after all the dust clears everyone is lying on the ground excpet Shadow who is now just sitting down curled up in a fetal position

Shadow quickly repeats to himself "They're trying to get rid of me. They're trying to get rid of me"

Espio: Shadow? I think he really has snapped...

Shadow now starts to repeat "They're all crazy, they're all crazy!"

Amy: Thats it

Amy smacks Shadow in the head with her hammer knocking him over and unconscious

Amy: Oops... hit him to hard...

Sonic: Well... he dared me so I guess its my turn now...

Tails: You idiot what about my workshop!?!?

Sonic: Tails truth or dare

Tails: What!? We gotta rebuild my workshop!

Sonic: Theres nothing we can do right now so lets just continue

Tails: Fine then... dare me you retard

Sonic: I dunno... umm... I dare you to hump Jay Leno

Tails: Now Sonic we all know that he is a fictional character

Sonic: I know I know I was just joking... fine I dare you to go kiss Shadow

Tails: He cant hurt me if he is unconscious

Tails walks over and starts to kiss Shadow


Shadow wakes up and sees Tails... he punches him in the face then kicks him and sends him flying towards Knuckles who was ever so slowly creeping up behing Rouge... Rouge dodges and Knuckles gets hiy by tails and falls over


Shadow runs away faster than ever before

Vector: He's been through alot today... we should leave him alone for a while

Tails: Owwwwwwwwwww........

Cream walks over and starts to rub tails above his eye where he was punched

Tails: Cream... truth or dare

Cream: Dare I guess

Tails: I dare you to kiss me

Cream knees Tails real hard between the legs and all the other guys there flinch then Cream quickly kisses tails on the cheek then gets up and leaves Tails curled up into the fetal position


Tails: That hurt you idiot!

Me: Call me an idiot again and I will have Amy do the same thing with her hammer!

Tails: How can a fellow guy like you do that to a friend like me?

Me: I know I know it hurts just thinking about it...


Me: Yeah Ill work on that

Tails: and I want revenge on Shadow!

Me: Shut up or im calling Amy!!!

Tails: and at one point you called me cute...

Me: Yo Amy come take care of this runt!


(Tails has left the building)

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