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Falco belong in Star Fox?


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Falco has always been one of the more mysterious characters in StarFox. What was he? Where did he come from? Gang member? He has lots of unanswered questions surrounding him, but I think I got it all figured out.

Falco doesn't really belong in Star Fox. Not by rights. He was originally of the Mario Universe to be Luigi's rival, as Wario is to Mario. This sounds absurd, but allow me to show evidence;

-Falco can jump. Better than Mario even. (Smash series)

-Falco's last name, Lombardi, is Italian.

-"F" is an inverted "L" with an attachment. This better fits the connection to Wario since "W" is an inversion of "M" while still being it's own letter.

-He's on and off by himself in a gang. Pre 64 and during Adventures he's off with some mysterious group, but who? The Mario gang?

-Possible, since going with the letter point he's also blue, completing the circle of the four cardinal color, red and green for Mario and Luigi, yellow and blue for Wario and Falco.

-Falco's name, although twisted and vague, resemble's Luigi's in visual structure.

-Some may point out that Falco isn't human. Moot. Look at Wario. How that thing can be considered human is beyond me.

So there's a few points. But anyone can make a few connections between two things sharing any similarities, here's the big story tying him in. Remember Super Mario Land 2, how Wario was first introduced a villain? Falco was to do much the same under a different name; Birdo. For unknown reasons, he was cut and replaced by a reptilian creature instead. Some evidence-

-Birdo carries a crystal ball. Why? There is NO REASON for a big mouthed cross dressing thing to have a jewel as big as it's head and throw eggs. Actual birds, like Falco, are stereotyped to have an affinity for shiny things and guarding them.

-Birdo presumably works for Wart, whose toad-ness and jewelry resembles Slippy, but that's another story.

-The crystal ball birdo always carries is connected to some gateway resembling an actual bird. Why?

-As a boss, Birdo is out of place along with Fry Guy. We have in the boss line up, a mouse, snake, crab, toad, a fire ball and mutant big mouthed reptile thing. An avian boss would better suit the theme.

But what's his story as Luigi's rival? Simply put, Falco cannot fly. Luigi, of the entire SMB2 cast, jumped highest. Put two and two together and you have a story like Wario's. This wouldn't come to light until Mario Party 3 though, where Waluigi was introduced. Falco was to first appear in Mario-ish clothes there and serve as Luigi's rival as the sarcastic smart guy type over Wario's repulsiveness. However, by now Falco was already accepted as a StarFox character and instead replaced him with Waluigi, who is completely undeveloped filler. Situations like these have happened before, like the Arwing in Zelda.

So, to remedy it all, they kept everything as is and only had vague references to Falco's connection to the Mario Bros through the gang speak and such.

"But Milky" you may shout, "StarFox and Mario are in two separate universes!"

That never stopped StarFox and F Zero. Besides, there's only one universe, and Super Mario Galaxy shows us that the Mushroom Kingdom is somewhere out there in space.


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Don't forget.

Lombardi is an Italian surname.

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You really worked on this, eh?

Nice. I have to say, I like Falco

in Star Fox, althrough considering

the Star Fox/F-Zero stuff, it could

be true that he comes from


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You really worked on this, eh?

You put way too much thought into this.

All of 30 minutes of it.  :lol:

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I see, althought Falco belongs in Star Fox, because otherwise, the game designers wouldn't have put him in there, but I understand what yu're saying.

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Hey FalcoLombardi56 we have a policy about topic dredging.  Try not to dredge in topics older than a couple of months. :)

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