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This is where you can put your animations ,and people will say something about them.

Note:the loading takes some time..

well...im going to start:


this one was my first animation..kinda small and short too..


this one was my first "small adventure" animation


this one is a small part of a story that im creating with some other guys


my little krystal animation :D


i get a little exited with this one, it was gonna be my banner but i made to much... ^_^ ,the timelines got faster when i upload it so is kinda "speedy",......im very proud of it :D

more to come... :cry:

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I have a little clip I would like to show to ya'll, but I can't find where to unload it!!!

The file is about 70 MB huge!!! Well, I added 6 more just in case.

Anyways, if someone know of a place to which I could upload the clip, I would apreciate it if you could provide me with a link.

Thanks for your time... and Semper Fi.

Starting to sound kind of like my Recruiter!

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....finally i manange to do my banner without using animation stuff, well i use only a little....but it was nothing..... i hope to find ideas for my other works..

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mmmm ' date=' my first comic gif story:[/i']



STARWARS!!! Mostly because it was the first sci-fi movie I ever saw... and I'm very loyal to what I stick with first... SEMPER FI!!!

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