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So, I put this character up a long time ago, around when I first joined SF-O I think, back when there was not a seperate section for characters, just one sticky topic, but I never actually used DEAD, I'm reposting him and gonna try and mebbe RP a bit, could be fun.

BTW I have added a background to his name.

I've never actually RP'd before, so any advice would be greatly appreciated, hope I have a good time dogue!

Name:DEAD Fane


Race/Species:Red Fox



Weapons:To make up for his horrible aim, he uses a tremendously large laser, and a laser scimitar.

Abilities:from all his time carrying his backpack, he can carry rather heavy things, and is fairly quick... that is, if he's not already carrying his back pack, other then that, just an ordinary fool.

vehicle:Dead Fly's in a modified Arwing's prototype that he "found"... while on Corneria. Just the basics a g- diffuser system, some brakes, a radar. the only major thing changed was the removing of the cheap lasers, and addition of some more... appropriate lasers, to his standards, and, along with the standard thruster, a much, much larger thruster, along with the appropriate balancing equipment.


DEAD is a foolish fool, who loves lasers of any sort. He's got a large backpack with a solar panel on it, that no one, but his eyes have seen inside.  DEAD keeps some appliances in there(toaster, and an orange juicer, for when he's hungry of course),  along with his laser, various tools, and a sleeping bag. He never stays in one spot for long. He wants to see everything in the Lylat system.

    He's good with long periods of time with no contact, but always prefers to be with someone, except a general. He'll always do what he sees is right, and cares little for the "in" thing to do.

    He may just wander off unexpectedly in search of something that others just wouldn't have noticed.

The kinda guy that would just like a walk in the park... For a weak.

Background:He comes from Titania, along with his Parents, who still live there. He's had a nice life, wandering around, not much trouble, or at least, not much trouble that anyone has linked to him...

{extra bit of info!}->(DEAD was always called by his last name. His first name was used so rarely, eventually he just forgot it, but in order to get a pilot's license, you had till fill out your application form, first and last name was required. Not knowing what it was he walked out, deciding the best way to find out would be to ask someone, of course it happened to be a routy gang member who replied, "YOU'RE DEAD!" fallowed by an excessive amount of cussing, and a, "Go home ya scrap, keep staring and I'll give you a thwumpin.'" wandering what a thumpin' was, he stared into the gangsta's eyes, with deep interest... He got a thwumpin, but that didn't bother him, he had a name, and... knew what a thwumpin' was...)<-{extra bit of info!}

Strengths:never known to be unhappy, Repairing skills, patient enough to read instructions manuals, but often does not need one. DEAD is a very skilled pilot, although he has had little training.

(Added) Neutralities: If the D in DEAD stood for Dimwit... it would be as equally understated as it is overstated.

Weaknesses:Horrible aim, almost too patient, forgetful, and too carefree. susceptible to bad and good ideas, given that the person with the idea, seems to think that they would be helping people by doing it.

Heheh, now I just gotta figure out a good time to join an RP:)

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