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Exteel: Mech Your Move

Geo Stelar

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This is one of the most action-packed games I've ever seen.


It's an online third-person shooter where you build, customize, and paint your own mech. You can choose between MANY different types of Weapons:

SMG - Small to medium range sub machine guns

Shotgun - Small to mid-range

Rifle - long to Very long range weapons

Sword - short to small range

Spears - short to small range

Shield - different shields resist different types of attacks

Rocket Launcher - medium to long range, goes straight paths

Cannon - long to longest range, can home in to other mechs

These weapons goes in two sets, two one-handed weapons each, which will be handled in one hand by your mech. If you use a cannon or a rocket launcher, it will be two handled weapon. For example, you can have two SMG's, but your second set has one cannon.. Or, two shotguns, then in second set you have two rifles

You can switch between the two sets of weapons, so choose wisely.

These mechs I'm talking about are called, 'Mechanaughts', which has parts you can customize too:






You can also equip skills, but each skill requires you certain weapons.

I will show you 4 sites of this game:

The E3 Trailer

Short Movie Trailer

Official site

Forums, Player Guides and Strategies, etc.

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If I had a better conection I would

join. Maybe we could even team up, eh?

I'll think about it.

I have been an advanced player here before, but i don't wanna play anymore, because so many beginners and noobs imitate the set-ups of the more experienced players, and worse, they're not even used to those set-ups!

Plus there are farmers who has a higher level than me, but are easily defeated by non-cheaters and non-farmers. Even I could beat them in under half a minute.

It made me lazy. The only real challenge now is the expert players, not the ones that are your equal.

I don't know, but I've been to youtube and it seems more players are getting better.

My old account was deleted, primarily because I haven't played this game for one year, plus the fact that I told the Exteel admin that I won't be back for a long time.

One of these days I might consider getting back on field, start from scratch, and battle again.

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One of these days I might consider getting back on field, start from scratch, and battle again.

If so then you call tell me. Hopefully I will

have my connection at a greater speed by then.

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As I told you via MSN, Geo:


I'm in whenever anyone wants to play this. In fact, I might just give it a test run this coming weekend...

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Tried this one like one year ago, good concept, just badly applied. The auto aim really kills the game and makes it less skill based. Like, as soon as you close up to somebody, the most powerful weapon wins (bought with real cash or a ton of in game money), and skill goes directly down to the tube.

If you don't mind about random stuff like that and love mechs, then this is a so-so game.

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