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OneWingedAngel's Current RP Character's


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Name: Scott Harvey
Age: Currently 22
Race: Mixed Breed (Fox and Siberian Husky)
Origin: Born in Centeral Corneria, and Raised on a less developed planet several systems away. Journeyed back to Corneria at age 14, and arrived 4 years later.
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 168Lb
Build: Lean but slightly toned in muscle.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Jet black, Medium length.
Family: His sister Sarah, Anne as his Fiance, and his 1 year old son, Lyall.
Alignment: Neutral.


Personality: Not the most outspoken of people, but Is usually polite, and friendly when brought into conversations. Though despite this, his most difficult trait is his tendancy to avoid working with others, preferring to handle things on his own. He tends to avoid conflict whenever possible. So even with his skillset, he tends to avoid working with outside sources unless given a convincing argument.


Background: (Will be added later)


Abilities: Natural skills include decent Marksmanship, Sword training, familiarity with hand to hand combat, and is very knowledgeable in Tech. His unnatural skill, however, is his Inherited trait from an artifact that gives him an abnormal ability the channel an energy into a form of flames. Most used as are Fireballs, Channeled burst attacks, and an ability to teleport.


A slight regeneration ability is also within' his Innate traits, though his body isn't as trained with it and will often end up using more energy in order to use it.

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This character still has some developing to be done so more detail's will come up along the way.

Name: Sarah

Age: 20
Species: Huskie/Fox Hybrid
Sex: Female

Height: (undecided)
Weight: 120

Eye color: Emerald Green

Hair/Fur: Very long and unkept black hair, But Fur is a little more Gray then her Brother's Jet Black.

Personality: Unsocial when around those she Doesn't know or have any connections to. But Around Friends and her brother She's very Active and is usually in a pleasant and upbeat mood, But can be rather Childish at times...

Clothing/Attire: She Usually Wears an old 80's Leather Jacket with a Dark T-shirt under it and a pair of Black Jeans, But Unlike her Brother She Doesn't wear the Same outfit every day of the week, and occasionally wears one of Ruby's Black Jumpsuits.

Weapons: Like Scott She holds onto an old 16nth Century Sword which they were both given to by their parents as kids, But she doesn't use it very often. When She Returned her Brother had given her an AEP7 Laser Pistol From his Armory and seems to keep it on her person at all times.

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Name: Anne
Age: 19
Species: Cornerian Colly
Sex: Female

Height: 5'4
Weight: 116

Eye Color:  Icy Blue

Hair/Fur: Snow white Hair and Fur, though the style is very messy...

Personality: Not much of a talker, and mainly keeps to herself, but when she does she maintains a polite, no-nonsense attitude.

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