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Starfox models by Mithos Kionisu

Guest Mithos Kionisu

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Guest Mithos Kionisu

These are just some models Ive been working on in my spare time.


Team Starfox and the Greatfox battleing Team Schwarzer Tod (Black Death) and the Death's Hand above a scerenic planet near sunset.


The Schwarzer Tod's Death's Hand


THe same as above except with shots of the inside


Another angle, showing off the primary hanger (center level), Living quarters (bottom level), Secondary Hanger (top level), meeting area (top level, in front of the secondary hanger), and hallway to the cockpit (far right upper level), and the elevater shafts.


Shot of the hanger with a Schwarzer Tod Striker Fighter in docking clamps.


Arwing, Schwarzer Tod Striker Fighter, and Schwarzer Tod Striker Fighter (in docking position) side by side for comparason)


angled view of a new fighter im working on (with piolet in the cockpit) based off of the wolfen


Rear view of the above fighter


N64 style Arwing (Work In Progress)


Assualt style Arwing (work in progress)


Mithos Kionisu, Leader of the Schwarzer Tod space pirates.

NOTE: All models have very basic model colors on them as I....dont know how to uvw map and texture a model :oops: most of these took me a few hours to make (except for mithos, he took two months) and are designed to be low poly (the two new arwings im making are ganna be higher poly and more detailed)

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I love the arwing with the two wolfens! That picture is awesome!

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I love the arwing with the two wolfens! That picture is awesome!

Actually, they're not Wolfens, they're Schwarzer Tod Striker Fighters one's in docking postion, just sayin'. >_>

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Guest Mithos Kionisu

Thanks for the comments, I've got a few more pics (and a short description for some), and once I'm done with the 64 and Assualt style Arwings I'll get to work on the Wolfen II's


Arwing MK 1.5 (Post 64/adventures - Pre Assualt) This vehicle was the stepping stone between the Arwing MK I and MK II, it boasted 4 G-Diffusers as apposed to the MK I's 2, and larger caliber guns, however, the MK II has smaller caliber guns, closer to that of the MK I, due to the fact that the newer guns were prone to over heating and were a hassle to repair, the MK II is also faster.


Arwing MK 1-B (pre 64 - Post Assualt) The Arwing Bomber is the Cornerian Navy's workhorse when it comes to missions the require heavy damage to large areas or areas with Heavy Anti Aircraft fire. The bomber has no weapons systems apart from its payload of either 20 Nova Bombs or 1 Tactical Nuke. There is also a turret behind the cockpit from wich the co-piolet my offer some form of defence. THe bomber has much greater armor then standared Arwings and is also much slower. This craft is still in use.


Arwing MK 1-I (64 - Post Assualt)

THe Arwing Intercepter is an extremley fast and manuverable version of the standared Arwing (about 2-3x max speed) The intercepter lacks armor of any kind and only has standered guns (unable to upgrade, charge, or use Nova Bombs). This became Falco's vehicle of choice after the Apoirod Invasion.


Arwing MK II-P/Schwarzer Tod Striker Fighter "Shadow" MK-I (Post 64 - Pre Assualt)

The Arwing MK II-P is a prototype of the Standered Arwing MK II (made after the MK 1.5) It was stolen by Mithos Kionisu when he deserted the Cornerian Airforce with his squadren to form the Schwarzer Tod Space Pirates and was heavilly modified and given a new coat of paint. The "Shadow" as it was nick named by the Schwarzer Tod (due to the fact that it was incredably hard to see in flight due to the black refflective paint which also served to disrupt radar) has 4 G-Diffusers (compaired to the Arwing's 2 at the time) and was armed with two standared, wing mounted guns and two guass cannons on the front of the craft. the Strike Fighters proved too much a match for the Starfox team untill they recieved the Arwing MK II's and were finaly able to defeat Schwarzer Tod. Though they escaped capture, the Schwarzer Tod have not been seen since their defeat, weather or not they still pose a threat remains to be seen.




Shots of all 4 ships





(NOTE: There are alot of problems with this model as I didnt have any good refrence material when I made it. The hanger should be below the cannons, not above, it is also far to small, untill I played assualt I didnt know what the hanger looked like or how big it was. So untill I remake it I guess I'll make up a story to go along with it :oops:)

Great Fox MK II (Post 64/Adventures-Pre Assualt)

While the Great Fox was being upgraded (thanks to the money from Adventures) Star Fox had to use a smaller craft to ferry them to and fro, that was this ship, smaller and less powerfull then the real Great Fox, it stilled served the Star Fox team well during the missions the had it for. This ship is also responsable for the destruction of the Death's Hand.

This ship is no longer in use as Star Fox moved back into the Great Fox MK I(II) after the upgrades were complete.

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Guest Mithos Kionisu


X-29 spinoff, perchance?


yeah, I take inspiration from all sorts of places. I probably should get around with writing a fanfic taking place between adventures and assult (involving the Schwarzer Tod ofcorse :wink: ) but I'm not very good at getting whats in my head down on paper in word form....

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Guest Mithos Kionisu

Ok, I updated the Junkers HF-S (Heavy Fighter- Special, which is what I decided to call the black and red ship that looked sorta like a wolfen) It now has two more engines (based off of the Arwing MK II's) and looks slightly less like a wolfen.


Old version


New version, still lacks guass canon and the plasma assualt canons

You can see (read) the Junkers in action in my fanfic Blitzkrieg http://localhost/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1036

I am also trying to come up with ideas for the new Cornerian Republic Navy fighter and Ural Confederacy fighter (and a range of battle ships) that will be in my Upcoming fanfic: Tides of War (once I finish Blitzkrieg ofcorse)

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Guest Mithos Kionisu

Once again trying to distance it from the Wolfen

(Still might add the upper wings)


a side shot of the new and old version of the Junkers HF-S


same as above, front view this time


angled view of new and old


A look at the five powerfull engines compaired to the rather wimpy looking ones of the old version

The Plasma Assault Canons and the Gauss Canon (or rifle, w/e you prefer) are now clearly visable (and slightly redesigned)

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Erg, I posted on this when you first put those there... I guess I hit the back button before it was submitted. >_>


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Guest Mithos Kionisu

Ok, big update, I finaly got it skined and bumpmapped 8 pics


Side shot of the Junkers (from left to right: unskinned, skinned, old model)


top down view


bottom view


front view


back view


Angled front shot


shot of the engine


Shot of the cockpit


Shot of the Schwarzer Tod in formation, the piolets first initial painted on the engine

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