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Your standard uniform colors


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If you may recall, the standard Star Fox pilot uniform (at least in Star Fox 64 and mostly also in Star Fox SNES) is the same for members:

  • silver-white flight jacket
  • white gloves
  • silver-white combat boots
  • shirt with black collar
  • pants with black waist and inverted triangular buckle
  • pilot's scarf

But the colors differ between members in two areas:

  • shirt and pants
  • pilot's scarf

In Star Fox SNES:

  • Fox had a golden brown uniform with a pink scarf.
  • Falco had an orange uniform with a red scarf.
  • Peppy had a red uniform with a green scarf.
  • Slippy had a blue uniform with no scarf (pink bead necklace instead).
  • Fara, as a flight instructor, had a somewhat different uniform, which was pink with green leggings with a pink scarf.
  • Miyu and Fay didn't have the same scarf-style uniform.

In Star Fox 64:

  • James had a green uniform with a red scarf, though the scarf was yellow in Command art.
  • Peppy had a red uniform with a green scarf.
  • Pigma had a black uniform with a red scarf.
  • Fox had a green uniform with a red scarf.
  • Falco had a red uniform with a red scarf.
  • Slippy had a blue uniform with a red scarf.

If you (your character) were to wear a standard Star Fox uniform but could designate your own individual uniform and scarf colors, which colors would you choose?  If you prefer the SNES-style uniforms (which really don't differ much except for colors of individual characters), the scarf is optional.

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I would like a light grey uniform with beige boots and a scarf with a colour reflecting your rank. Kind of plain, but you can't go wrong with such neutral colours and the scarf would add a nice contrast.

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My titular character (Robert Monroe) back when he was a Starfox fan OC wore a Cornerian flight uniform ala Starfox. It was a leftover from his military days, which he dropped out of on the eve of the Lylat War on account of realizing being a hero doesn't usually work and he didn't want to die.

Anyway, he sported a mix between the SNES and N64 looks. His jumpsuit was an aquamarineish color, and his jacket was a heavy beige longcoat. His scarf wasn't single colored, but a Confederate pattern, because why not. His gloves were black heavy duty fingerless gloves, but his boots were a throwback to the SNES design, being more streamlined than the rest of his appearence. Other cool things he had was a headset scanner (he did it before Fox and Falco did in Brawl!), and the tendancy to tote around a big fat space magnum.

Here is my most recent character sheet reference of him, and my girlfriend drew him in a chibish art style.

He is also known to wear various scientific equiptment, because hey, you know, he is technically a doctor (actually a quak, he never went to official medical school). His wife was pretty hot, too.

Nowadays he's been converted into a human with an awesome beard.

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I'd probably take a beige uniform, with dark colored pants, and boots.  Maybe a bright blue scarf though! :D

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