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Well like the topic name says, this is all about decisions like "should I get this game, or should I get this other one?" or "Hey, I'm planning to get this game, is it truly that crappy?", you know, since we are a medium sized community, I thought on reviving one of the old SFO topics. This is obviously dedicated for games from all the consoles, no matter how old they are, if you are planning to buy something, but you are not sure about it, just post your query and let others help you.

I guess I'll start with a difficult decision, I'm planning to get either Metroid prime Trilogy or Super Mario Galaxy 2. I'm more into good replay value instead of pure graphics or gameplay mechanics . I have MP3 and super mario galaxy 1, so both games will feel quite old for me, however, I haven't played MP1 or MP2 so at least 2/3 of the game will feel very much new. On the other hand, I felt that SMG1 was extremely too easy, so I'm still unsure about SMG2, specially after getting all the green stars, I don't see a high replay value. Metroid Prime games have the extra difficulty after beating them, which makes them more accessible and challenging and that will probably boast over 80 hours.

And I could go over and over comparing them both, I just want to know which one has more replay value, I know that both games have great control mechanics and all so, I'm purely basing my decision in the hours I'm going to spend with the game.

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Not ever owning or playing either game (or the others in their franchises :lol:) I can't really be of much help, although Metroid Prime Trilogy does just seem like a better buy, because replay value is always a great thing.  Then again, the lightheartedness and demeanor of Super Mario Galaxy is also good.  NOW MY HEAD HURTS!  :morning::D

(Good idea to revive a topic like this :D)

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