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Miyu Fanfiction (Yeah, that's my creative title. Woop de do.)


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Miyu fanfiction


Miyu was a somewhat tomboyish lynx from the unreleased Starfox 2. This 

is the story of her, but without the events of Starfox 2 ever 

occurring. Currently she works on her own as a mercenary. Note: 

Occasional graphic violence. Alchohol reference.  Strong language. And 

when the characters say "Eff" they do not actually say "Eff", they say 

what eff implies. This is also somewhat of a tie in to starfox command.

Miyu's story

Miyu groaned as the first rays of light drifted through the blinds. 

She glanced over at the clock. "Damn!" she said, as she leaped toward 

the dresser. Then the phone rang. "Eff it!" she yelled. "Miyu! Where 

the eff are you?" "I slept in, I'll be there in a couple of minutes!" 

she replied. "No time! We have to go now!" The screeching sound of 

plasma rifle fire filled the reciever before the man on the phone hung 

up. "Crap." Miyu said as she flopped back down on the bed, half 

dressed, with a gun in one hand and the phone in the other.

"The streets of this planet are filthy" Miyu thought as she walked to 

The Fern, the secret meeting place of mercenaries. The Fern was 

disguised as Tom's Bar, and operated just as a regular bar would. But, 

if you ordered a certain drink, and then answered the following 

question correctly you would be shown into a back room that was 

actually an elevator, and would descend into The Fern. Miyu did this, 

and soon was standing in a warehouse full of scarred, singed, and 

weapon laden mercenaries.

"Cornerian fusion want anybody else assassinated?" Miyu asked to one 

of the many "vendors" that dealt jobs and pay to the mercs, but not 

without keeping some for themselves. "Nah, CF has kept to themselves 

lately." said an old greyed gorilla, Miyu's preferred vendor. 

"Anything that pays well in general?" Miyu replied, eyeing a new model 

of liquid cooled sniper rifle that a man was trying to sell. "Nah, 

it's been pretty quiet..." the vendor looked somewhat distant now. 

"You're hiding something from me, aren't you." Miyu said, noticing 

him. "Well, yes. I know that you aren't into cloak-and-dagger, but a 

gang known as Black Tide wants General Pepper asassinated" the vendor 

said, and he immediately regretted saying it. Miyu spat out what she 

was drinking. "The general of the entire cornerian military? Are they 

crazy? And how much does it pay?" now the vendor looked downright 

afraid. "You aren't seriously considering taking this job, are you?" 

She just smiled. "What do you think? Sign me up." then she just walked 


The following days were a blur. Miyu got in contact with an old 

friend, a young wolf who went by the name Sodium. He specialized in 

this sort of quiet assasination, where Miyu would much rather break 

into his house, guns ablazing. They met in an old abandoned spaceport 

that they used to launch their fighters. "Sounds like an effing fun 

job, huh?" Sodium said. "I thought you would say that." Miyu said as 

she hugged him. "Glad to see you too." Sodium replied. "So, as for the 

job. I would say we fire a few missiles into his house, maybe some 

30mm cannon fire, then mini-nuke the place." Miyu laughed. "Then we go 

turn ourselves in!" Sodium chuckled as well. "Actually, I was thinking 

more along the lines of poisoning him. We'll sign up as personal 

butlers, then put a few drops of neurotoxin in his drink. We'll use a 

less potent one, cause him the most pain possible. For the hell of it. 

I've been so bored these past few months." Miyu smiled. "Then what are 

we waiting for?" The two of them climbed into Steel Rain, Miyu's 

converted cargo ship. Sodium had stole it for her as a birthday 

present when she turned 25. "She still treating you well?" Sodium 

asked. Miyu was about to say something when a piece of the overhead 

panels broke off and landed on a button that subsequentially fired a 

missile into a building. She smiled and said "Just fine!".

Miyu and Sodium looked out of the bush they were hiding in at the four 

way intersection in front of them. A truck containing assorted fruits 

and vegetables was scheduled to arrive here soon. Then they would both 

ambush the truck and assume the occupant's roles in order to gain 

acess to the general's manor. "Here they come!" Sodium whispered. Miyu 

readied the rifle she held in her hand. It was an older one, and it 

still used bullets, but it was less expensive to operate and it was 

unlikely the truck would have any sort of armor. The truck pulled into 

the intersection and idled there for a second. Miyu fired and blood 

splattered all over the cab. Within seconds Sodium sat in the driver's 

seat, dressed in the real driver's clothes. Miyu lay buried under the 

many bags of grain and vegetables that were loaded in the back.

They pulled up to the checkpoint, and the guard stepped forward. "I'll 

just need to inspect your cargo, sir." said the guard. Sodium's heart 

rate shot up. This wasn't part of the plan! He quickly drew a silenced 

pistol from his pocket and shot the guard in the head. He dropped to 

the ground with a thud. Sodium jumped out and quickly hid the body, 

but not without taking his radio first. Miyu now crouched behind the 

vehicle as it pulled forward. "You have one hour. That's how long I'll 

be unloading the vegetables. After that I have to leave, with or 

without you." whispered sodium. Miyu switched on her Live Adapting 

Camo, or L.A.C. for short. It only functioned in low light, as it bent 

light around it to create the effect of invisibility, but wasn't 

powerful enough to bend large amounts. She ran to the side of the 

building and scaled it. Her agility aided her in this, and soon she 

was crouched on the roof.

She walked toward the skylight, and drew a small laser pen from her 

pocket. She was about to cut through the glass when someone walked up 

behind her. "Hey! This is a restricted area! Put your hands behind 

your head or you will he shot!" Miyu leaped up and grabbed his arm. 

"What the hell?!" the guard said. Miyu punched him several times, 

until he started to block her. He pulled out a pistol, but Miyu 

grabbed it out of his hand and tossed it aside. Miyu produced a knife 

and lunged at him. The guard sidestepped her and she skittered to a 

halt near the edge of the roof, losing her grip on the knife. It 

tumbled over the edge, clattering on the concrete three floors below.

  Miyu turned just in time to block the guard as he attempted to kick 

her. Just then she noticed a screwdriver lying on the tiles. She 

grabbed it and stabbed the guard repeatedly in the arm, then kicked 

him once in the face, hard. He was instantly knocked out. Miyu grabbed 

the now unconsious guard and threw him onto the peak of the roof.

Miyu resumed cutting and was soon standing in a large war room. Maps 

and charts lay strewn about. She bypassed the lock with ease. Now she 

was standing in a long corridor, with many smaller hallways branching 

off in all directions. She went right, and then went down the hallway 

leading southeast. Miyu heard footsteps. There were no doors in this 

hallway, just a fork a ways away. "Damn!" she said and quickly scaled 

one of the massive statues of Cornerian religious figures. Just as she 

hid behind it's head, two young guards walked past. As soon as they 

passed she dropped from her perch and headed down the hallway. She 

went right at the fork and picked another lock. Miyu entered another 

room, this one containing large barrels of wine.

Miyu removed the vial of poison from her pocket. Suddenly a voice from 

the door stopped her. "Who's that?" Miyu turned and saw a teenage 

girl, no more than fourteen years old. Miyu's mind was racing, trying 

to figure out a way to avoid witnesses. "Uh...just a servant, testing 

the wine for... tempurature?" Miyu said in her most servant-like 

voice. "Oh, come on, you can do better than that," said the

girl standing in the door, "even I know that you're not a servant. 

Because I'm one myself, but please, continue poisoning the vats, I 

hate Corneria and it's generals. I didn't see anything" and with that 

the servant girl leapt away. Miyu exhaled. Her luck could only last so 

long. She resumed poisoning the vats with a poison that only affected 


Miyu watched as the general fell out of his chair, coughing up wine 

and blood. This was the difficult part. With the general poisoned, any 

other guests of imporance were easy targets, so the guards went on 

high alert. A siren sounded somewhere, and guards poured out of every 

availible exit. A few went to the roof, and spotted Miyu. "Hey! Drop 

to the ground with your hands

behind your head or we will open fire!" one of them said, but Miyu was 

already running full speed at them. She rammed into the lead and 

pushed him off the roof. He landed with a sickening crunch. The other 

two put up more of a fight, but Miyu quickly dispatched them with two 

kicks. Then she heard a high pitched screeching sound and ducked just 

in time to not get her head blown off by

a ball of high energy plasma. She drew a pistol and shot a few of the 

guards, and leaped off the roof, firing a few plasma bolts as she 

fell. The guards attempted to catch her fleeing form, but she was too 

nimble. Miyu vaulted over the fence and was safely stashed under an 

ambulence as it left with the general inside.

"Cheers!" said Miyu, as she toasted with Sodium. Both of them were now 

rolling in cash, and nachos, which Sodium had randomly accquired a 

taste for. The two of them sat in a resturaunt overlooking the ice 

fields of Fichina. "You know, next time we do something like that, you 

unload the vegetables. I had no clue what half of them were called, 

and the chefs seemed to need to quiz me on every single one. I had to 

get pretty creative by the end there," Said Sodium, and the two of 

them laughed "but I have to admit that the names I came up with were 

pretty awesome." Miyu looked out the window, as four white and blue 

space fighters flew past. " Not much left to do but get drunk and wait 

for a job, then." Miyu said, but just as she said it the doors of the 

resturaunt burst open and a Cornerian swat team ran in. "Time to go!" 

said Sodium, and the two of them jumped through the window and out 

into Fichina.

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interesting story. I like how the hideout is disguised as a normal bar etc.

Imaginative. Also, cool you have Miyu in it, she's cute.

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interesting story. I like how the hideout is disguised as a normal bar etc.

Imaginative. Also, cool you have Miyu in it, she's cute.

Thanks! I've actually never played Starfox 2, I just did some research and this is what I came up with! The idea with the bar, well, I guess I just kinda associate mercenaries/pirates with alcohol.  :lol:

I should probably play SF2 before I write any more though  :lol:

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A few grammatical errors about in the story, but overall a good read.  Please continue this! :wink:

Where? I can't stand bad grammar, so help meh out here!

Edit: Sequel in the works!

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