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Link VS Pit


Who would win in a fight?  

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  1. 1. Who would win in a fight?

    • Link
    • Pit

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With Kid Icarus: Uprising coming out, along with the Oot 3DS remake, this is a topic that was bound to happen. lol


So who do you think would win? And please, give your thoughts.

Personally I'd like to start out talking about primary weapons of choice.

Link, the knight/robin hood adventurer primarily uses the Master Sword which has the ability to repel evil. Mixed with that and his constant use of a bow and arrow (And even a Crossbow in one game) Link is certainly a fearsome foe, especially to those with evil in their hearts.

However Pit, also an archer, carries a special weapon as well: Palutena's Bow which has be showcased in Brawl and the the new Uprising game. A weapon forged by the goddess Palutena, it has the ability to fire arrows of light, and even disassemble to become two short swords letting Pit never miss a beat in-between firing and striking.

So it's up to you guys for the discusion now.  :wink: 

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Guest Para Astaroth

Pit got WINGS from a drink he drank!!!  HE WINS!!!!!! :lol:

(What drink 'gives you wings'?  It was originally on A LOT of commercials)

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In a case of who I like better, Link wins.

In a case of who I think would win in a fight, I have to say that Link wins.

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So far I know nothing about Pit,

exept that he is on a 3DS game. :|

So, Link has my vote. Even if he

does not wins I will cheering up

for him. :)

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