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Lylat Fugitives


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Lylat Fugitives

Chapter 0:


To have a better understanding of the story, please read: The Drums of War:



Where we left off:

The events of the Skycutter Cruise ship were called a massacre. After the death of Reaver Weapons Inc. President Aaron Williamson, the Star Fox members contacted the General of the Cornerian Army, Bill Grey, explaining the misunderstanding and prevented another Lylat War. The task force sent to rescue survivors reported that 94% of the thirty thousand aboard the ship did not survive, many of whom were below the age of thirty, leaving behind spouses and young children. Those who were left alive at the base were prosecuted by the Cornerian Army; those responsible for firing the turret were executed. Those who guarded the base were handed down life sentences in high security prisons. Others who played a lesser role were sentenced to 25 years in the same prison.

Doctor’s reports tell us of the injuries that the members of the Star Fox group sustained during the incidents:

McCloud, Fox: Twisted Ankle (Level 3/5), Sprained Wrist (Level 2/5)

McCloud, Krystal: Concussion (Level 1/5), Body Bruising (Level 3/5), Shock (Level 5/5)

McCloud, Kari: Body Bruising (Level 4/5), Dislocated thumb (Level 2/5)

McCloud, Marcus: Concussion (Level 5/5), Cracked Skull (Level 3/5), Internal Bleeding (Level 2/5)

McCloud, Todd: Twisted Ankle (Level 4/5), Concussion (Level 1/5)

Foxglove, Lola: Shock (Level 3/5), Body Bruising (Level 3/5)

Kilza, Reece: Broken Arm (Level 4/5), Broken Leg (Level 3/5), Concussion (Level 3/5)

Hornbrew, Kadie: Shock (Level 4/5), Concussion (Level 2/5), Whiplash (Level 1/5)

Doctors were amazed at how Lola managed to remain relatively unharmed compared to the other members of the group .


What happened to…

Fox and Krystal: After helping to apprehend those he were still alive at the weapons base the couple helped Cornerian Officials handle the transportation of survivors back to Corneria for hospitalization and transport back to their homes. After they had helped deal with that they then got themselves treated. Fox was offered the position of Bill Grey’s advisor and successor, Fox respectfully declined. Krystal was offered the position as well, who also respectfully declined. They now spend their days together in their home, visiting friends and family, cherishing them.

Marcus and Kari: Marcus was immediately rushed to the medical bay on the Cornerian Warship due to the nature of his injuries. Kari went up to the ship to be with her brother at the request of her parents who needed to help the Cornerians. Marcus was made to remain in a wheel chair  as his skull healed. Eventually he was back to his old self, antagonizing Reece and flying around in his Arwing. Kari kept in close contact with her family, seeing how much they meant to her after almost losing them. Marcus started re-recruiting for his Star Fire team.

Todd and Lola: Todd and Lola cherished each others company after the cruise, they had trouble trusting strangers for a while after the cruise since a stranger entered them into the contest. Todd and Lola helped clean up for a short while with Fox and Krystal before injuries caused them to retire to the hospital. Todd and Lola found out what it was like to feel loss for each other, feeling this brief sense of loss, Todd and Lola grew to be even closer than they were before. Todd and Lola agreed to help Marcus in his new Star Fox team ‘Star Strike’ if he ever requires assistance.

Reece and Kadie: Reece was shipped immediately to the Cornerian Warship for treatment of his broken bones, Kadie went with him to make sure all went well. Reece took a good two months to fully recover from his injuries. Fed up with what the world was continuing to throw at him Reece decided to be a senior member of Marcus’s Star Strike team, Kadie joined as well alongside Reece.


It has been two years since that cruise. Team Star Strike consists of Marcus, Kadie, Todd, Reece and Lola. Marcus took the position of the leader, Todd took the role of battle tactics, Lola took the role as a pilot and ground force, Kadie was in charge of the technology, Reece took the role of the senior battle pilot. The crew had returned from a mission dealing with intergalactic bandits, they entered the bridge of the Great Fox…

Marcus entered through the doors of the Great Fox, Reece, Kadie, Lola and Todd followed him. Marcus appeared to have a trace of cockiness about him, having survive two near death experiences and having his parents held hostage Reece thought he would be a little more cautious. Marcus walked up to the holographic image generator in front of him,

“ROB, connect us to General Grey.” Marcus ordered ROB,

“Affirmative.” ROB replied without any emotion in his voice, the generator projected an image of a rather attractive female winter wolf appeared on screen standing next to Bill, she wore the military uniform but it was very tight,

“General Grey here.” He answered,

“Hey General.” Marcus greeted, happily,

“Ah Marcus, how’s it going little buddy?” he asked,

“Not bad, not bad.” Marcus replied, “Those bandits won’t be troubling you anymore.” Bill smiled in delight,

“Great, trading caravans can return their routes there immediently. I will contact you when I have another task for you, your fee will be transferred to you soon. Catch you.” Bill ended the communication link. Marcus turned to ROB,

“Set course to Corneria please ROB.” Marcus asked,

“Affirmative.” ROB responded. ROB programmed the ship’s computers and systems, the ship slowly turned around, the thrusters activated and they started heading towards Corneria.


Bill’s advisor stood next to him,

“Sir, may I make a comment.” She asked,

“Sure Jess, don’t need to ask.” Bill replied, sitting down in his chair.  Jess walked around to the front of his desk,

“I think you put too much faith in this ‘Star Strike’, I fear they may be the death of you one day.” She told him, Bill looked at her,

“I have known Marcus’s father since we were in the academy together, I have full faith in his son and his team. I am aware of your concerns, but dude, you need to trust me when I trust them.” Jess nodded,

“I understand sir.” She replied.


A/N: Got lots of ideas for this one, should be longer than Drums. Now that the catch-up chapter is out of the way I can start with the storyline. Now for that legal crap:

Star Fox and all its characters are ©Nintendo 1993-2010. I own all the stories I have written and my own characters. SF-O Julius Quasar owns Todd McCloud and Lola Foxglove. SF-O Kursed owns Kadie Hornbrew and Kari McCloud. Characters can be added in future chapters with permission of the owners  if it is a fan character of another user, details of that character will be told in the author's note (A/N) of the chapter.

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Yay! there will be more!!!!!!!! I'm glad you decided to continue on, and I can only expect even better stuff than before! You know the deal, if new characters are needed, If an idea or two are needed, I'm okay with helping. But either way, Awesome Prologue! :D

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Ahh, very good, thank you! *applauds*

Thanks Julius, and it should be I is thanking you for letting me use your characters. :D

G00D job!, if ever need an

eXtra character, please tell me. :wink:

Thanks DRL, if I need one, I'll let you know. ;)

Yay! there will be more!!!!!!!! I'm glad you decided to continue on, and I can only expect even better stuff than before! You know the deal, if new characters are needed, If an idea or two are needed, I'm okay with helping. But either way, Awesome Prologue! :D

Yes there shall be more! :o Geeze, better stuff than before, no pressure at all. :P If I need help at all I shall let you know ;) Thanks again.

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nice but even though Fox is old I still don't think Krystal can get away from teh excitment I think that's why she joined with fox in the first place considering her search for her paerrents was kinda boring alone. persoonly i think Fox should be like peppy.

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Oh we will see more of Fox and Krystal later on, don't worry about that Kursed. ;)

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Lylat Fugitives

Chapter 1:

Coming Home


The Great Fox traveled at a regular speed through the long and distant Lylat system, the crew aboard were relaxing after a successful mission, dealing with a bandit group attacking and looting caravans sent to bring goods to many planets around the Lylat System. Marcus sat in the command seat of the Great Fox’s bridge. Marcus tapped his finger impatiently on the arm rest of his chair, they had been traveling through the Lylat System for more than an hour and a half now, he didn’t know how long it would be before they got home, Marcus sighed impatiently as he stood up from the captain’s chair, he wiped his long white fringe from his eyes, he walked over to ROB, who was attending to the controls of the ship’s navigational controls.

“ROB, how long until we reach Corneria?” Marcus asked ROB,

“At current speed, we will reach our destination of the Planet Corneria in one hour, forty seven minutes and four seconds.” ROB told Marcus,  Marcus groaned loudly, he was so bored, television can only provide so much entertainment when all that is shown is repeats. Marcus walked through the bridge’s doors, they slid open as Marcus got near. Marcus continued to walk down the halls of the Great Fox. Kadie walked out from the kitchen, holding a chocolate muffin in her hand she had packed for herself before departing on the trip, she took a bite of the muffin, munching on it as she walked up to Marcus. Kadie smiled at him as she walked past him, not going to talk with a mouth full. Marcus looked at the vixen,

“Hey Kadie.” Marcus called, Kadie turned around to face Marcus,

“Hmm?” she mumbled, still chewing on her muffin,

“Where’s Reece?” Marcus asked curiously, Kadie swallowed the piece of muffin she had in her mouth,

“He’s probably still sleeping.” Kadie told Marcus, “He hasn’t been sleeping well lately; I think his shoulder might be starting to pull again.” Kadie added. Reece had trouble with his shoulder ever since he had dislocated his arm from his socket when they prevented the resurrection of the Aparoids by Andrew all those years ago.

“Lazy.” Marcus told Kadie in a joking tone, Kadie smiled,

“Well as you said Marcus, ‘the old man needs his beauty sleep’.” Kadie joked with the same smile on her face. “Was there anything else?” Kadie asked Marcus,

“No that’s all thanks.” Marcus told her, Kadie nodded happily, she took a bite of her muffin and continued down the hall, on her way to the recreation room. Marcus smirked, he thought of an idea to rid him of this curse called boredom. He entered the kitchen looking for ‘tools’ to sure his boredom.

Reece laid on his bed in his and Kadie’s room, he had tucked himself tightly underneath the blankets of the bed. All that was free from the blankets was his head and his hand with a little bit of his arm exposed also. The cloth blanket raised and lowered with Reece’s breathing. Marcus smirked in delight. He reached into the bag he grabbed from the kitchen, inside were the ‘tools’ he would use to rid himself of this curse he called boredom. Marcus pulled out a container of whipped cream, he quietly shook the can up and down rapidity, Reece didn’t notice the sound since he was a very heavy sleeper, it takes a lot to wake him pre-maturely. Marcus use his index finger and his thumb to gently turn Reece’s hand over so his palm was facing upward. Marcus slowly sprayed the cream on Reece’s hand. Reece rolled his head onto the other side. Marcus froze, hoping Reece wouldn’t wake up, Reece grunted before becoming motionless again. Marcus waited a good five minutes to be sure that Reece was asleep. Marcus let out a sigh of relief when Reece was asleep. Marcus quickly put the rest of the cream on Reece’s hand. Marcus quietly snickered to himself, amused with the little prank he was playing on Reece. Marcus grabbed a plastic bottle of honey from the bag. He gently opened the top of it only slightly. He squeezed the bottle gently, a small trail of honey made its way onto Reece’s white, messy, medium length hair. Marcus crouched down and placed his muzzle in his hands, trying to muffle his quiet laughter. Marcus reached into the bag, he pulled out some bristles that he had taken from a brush. He gently rubbed them along Reece’s nose. Reece twitched his nose and moved his head slightly. Marcus did it again, Reece let out a frustrated groan, Marcus did it one more time. Reece’s hand slowly rubbed up his face, smearing the cream and honey up his fur and hair. Marcus grinned in delight, he quickly took his bag and ran out of Reece’s room. Marcus ran down the hall of the Great Fox, delight and success filled his face. Todd walked into the hallway of the Great Fox from the recreation room, Marcus ran into him, almost knocking his uncle over,

“Whoa!” Todd yelped as he staggered backwards,

“Sorry Uncle.” Marcus quickly apologized,

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Todd questioned, a loud, angry roar could be heard down the hall behind Marcus,

MARCUS!” Reece growled from his bed. Todd smirked at Marcus,

“Now I see,” Todd chuckled, “Quick, you better go before he rips off your head using that pony tail of yours.” Todd suggested as he stood to the side of the hall.

“Thanks Todd.” Marcus thanked his uncle as he ran past him, laughing as he found a place to hide.


There were three cans sitting on a flat rock, the cans were crushed to a paper thin size, the thin side was pointed outwards. One shot was fired, birds flew out from the nearby by trees, fleeing from the potential danger, another shot was fired and another. Apart from some scared birds no damage was done. Three more shots were heard they were followed by the loud ‘clang’ sound that the cans made when the bullets hit them. The sound of the meadow returned, apart from the chirping of birds.

“Ha! I told you I was a better the marksman.” Krystal boasted to Fox, gently shoving him. Fox rolled his eyes,

“I guess you’re right.” He admitted as he stood up from his sniping position, “I still kick your butt in flying though.” Fox told her with a smirk,

“I’ll give you that one.” Krystal replied, wrapping an arm around Fox. Fox put his arm around his wife, enjoying her company. A loud ringtone started playing from Fox’s pocket, Fox looked down at his pants as he reached into his pocket, he pulled out his mobile phone, he flipped the top of the phone up, a small holographic photo of Marcus popped out of the phone, Fox pressed the accept button,

“Marcus, how you doing?” Fox asked as he put Marcus on loudspeaker,

“Fine, I tired calling Mom’s phone but she didn’t answer and wasn’t talking on it which was definitely a surprise for me.” Marcus replied,

“Hi Marcus.” Krystal greeted in a serious tone, smirking as she did so,

“Oh… uh… Hi Mom.” Marcus awkwardly replied, Krystal quietly snickered to herself, “Yeah I just called to tell you that we are twenty minutes from Corneria, I just wanted to see if you guys are free, I will call in if you are.” Marcus told them,

“Yes we are free dear.” Krystal told Marcus, “You guys okay from your mission?”

“Apart from some scraped paint from out Arwings and Reece wanting to kill me, we are fine.” Marcus replied, chuckling after mentioning Reece,

“What did you do this time?” Fox asked,

“Oh nothing much, I just stuck cream and honey to his face while he was sleeping.” Marcus chuckled,

“Heh, Marcus, you really enjoy annoying him don’t you?” Fox asked,

“Yep.” Marcus replied happily,

“Well keep safe Marcus; we’ll see you when you get here.” Krystal told him, she ended the communication link. Krystal looked up at Fox, “Guess we’ll have to clean up the house a little.” Krystal noted,

“Yeah, I was afraid of that.” Fox replied. The vulpine couple picked up their rifles, they slung their straps over their shoulders and started walked through the meadow back to their home.


The Great Fox’s landing gear extended, it slowed down as it approached the surface of Corneria. The Great Fox gently landed on the landing pad. The ramp extended from the base of the Great Fox to the surface, Reece walked out onto the surface of Corneria, he stretched and happily took in the sun. The others followed Reece out of the Great Fox. Reece looked up at the sun and feeling its warmth he had grown to love,

“I’m going to be glad to get a full rest when I get back.” Reece told no one in particular,

“Well I’m going to call in home and see Mom and Dad,” Marcus told him, “I might see where Kari is at as well.”

“We’re going to go home for a while,” Todd added, “might go to that new café on the main strip tomorrow, you guys interested?”

“I’m game.” Reece answered, scratching his shoulder,

“Same.” Kadie added with a smile,

“I’ll probably go, might spend time with my parents though.” Marcus added,

“Okay, well get back to me on it.” Todd replied,

“I’ll go split our pay now, I’ll see you guys later.” Marcus told the group, with that said the group went to conduct their planned business.


A/N: I was going to make this chapter about 7-8 pages long, but I decided I would make half of it chapter one and the next chapter, chapter 2. Enjoy.

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wow interesting,but overall boring. nice writing.

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wow interesting,but overall boring. nice writing.

That's the introduction chapters for ya'. :lol:

It'll probably be a bit slow until I get to about chapter three, that's when I plan to start the main plot. ;)

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Go Marcus!, But poor Reece, lol. Sure, not as much action, but the intro chapters are meant to be like that or else when serious stuff goes down, it won't be as much of a thrill. Anyways, Great chapter, and as always, can't wait to see it progress! :D

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*pants* Ok....I finally made it through all of the stories before this, and I have to say evilwaffles, thank you for giving me a free pass to the wonderful world of Lylat and all of it's wonders, troubles, and other stuff :lol:.  Gosh, you've made me become attached to so many of these characters :D.  Keep up the AWESOME work, especially the humor, and I cannot wait for another EPIC chapter! :D

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Awesome!  I love that prank, especially! xD  Great job! :yes:

Reece didn't. Thanks Julius. :P

Another succesful chapter.

G00D job! :yes:

Why thank thee! :friends:

Go Marcus!, But poor Reece, lol. Sure, not as much action, but the intro chapters are meant to be like that or else when serious stuff goes down, it won't be as much of a thrill. Anyways, Great chapter, and as always, can't wait to see it progress! :D

Reece says: "Go Marcus?!"


Yeah will be more action further along in the story I guarantee it. And thanks again Nick.

*pants* Ok....I finally made it through all of the stories before this, and I have to say evilwaffles, thank you for giving me a free pass to the wonderful world of Lylat and all of it's wonders, troubles, and other stuff :lol:.  Gosh, you've made me become attached to so many of these characters :D.  Keep up the AWESOME work, especially the humor, and I cannot wait for another EPIC chapter! :D

You're welcome Crazy, I am glad I could entertain you with my stories. :D

I'll have chapter 2 up soon, stay tuned...

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Lylat Fugitives

Chapter 2:



Sector E, an empty sector, nothing but a few stars filled the empty sector, four years ago, Corneria and Venom scientists started a joint operation, they got permission from the Governments of both Venom and Corneria to set up a scientific space station in Sector A so they could monitor the reports of fungi growing in small chunks of rock floating in the sector. Their last report, or any form of communication, was over a year ago. The United Science Council worried of a bandit or mercenary attack, they hired little known mercenaries ‘The Creed’ to investigate why the base has been silent for over a year since both Corneria and Venom have been dealing with other threats and disasters.

“Our target is in sight boys!” Stated the leader of The Creed, he was a male husky, around 40 years of age, he always kept a cigarette in his mouth, lit or not, The Creed flew their light aircrafts towards the Scientific Base.

“Yeah Bob, looks like nothin’ special is going on here.” Snorted one of the husky’s mercenaries, the mercenary was a male pig, obese and missing some teeth which were replaced gold teeth.

“Easy money, don’t you think?” replied a male feline pilot, he licked his lips after he mentioned the money,

“Heh, right you are Sam.” Bob replied as he lit his cigarette with his lighter. They continued gliding towards the scientific base,

“Hey, are those machines flying out of the base?” The pig mercenary asked, Bob squinted off into the distance,

“Hell, I think your right.” Bob stated, “Hey what the hell!” He growled, “What the hell is that fleshy looking looking crap that’s on those machines?”

“It’s glowing… that can’t be good!” Sam added. Bob activated his radio that he had linked directly to the control room of the science base,

“Is this your idea of some kind of joke!?” he growled, demanding an answer, there was no response, “Answer me!” he demanded,

“Give in, it will make it easier on you…” A voice told Sam,

“What? Was that some kind of sexual remark?” Sam growled,

“Give in, make it easy.”

“Uh… Bob we have a big problem.” The pig stated in a worried tone, Bob looked up, he saw that the machines were charging shots and were locking them onto the signals of The Creed’s ships, Bob swore,

“Quick get hell out of here!” he yelled, the trio turned their ships around and began to flee, but it was too late, the machines fired their charged beams, they hit the ships of The Creed, the ships blew up all together in an eruption of blue flames.


Marcus poured the milk onto his cereal, he spent the night at his parent’s home. He put the spoon into his bowl and ate some of the cereal. He heard the phone ring; as usual his mother was never too far away from the phone,

“Hello, Krystal speaking.” Krystal greeted as she picked up the phone, she listened to the person on the other side of the phone, Marcus paid no attention to his mother, he continued eating,

“Uh huh. Yes.” Krystal confirmed after the caller spoke, “Okay, I’ll tell him, bye.” Krystal hung up the phone,

“Yeah mom?” Marcus replied,

“That was Bill’s assistant Jessica, she requests that you and your team see her about a new assignment.”

“Okay thanks Mom. I’ll call the others as soon as I’ve finished my breakfast.” He told her, happily smiling at his mother. Marcus sighed,

“Not even a moment to rest.” He grumbled as he put some more food into his mouth.


Reece walked into the local chocolate store, just around the corner from the local market, the door chimes rung as the door opened, the parrot looked at Reece,

“Why good day Reece, what brings my favorite customer to my shop?” she asked,

“Just checking your stuff, might get some for when I go out next.” Reece answered,

“Well good news then, I just froze some chocolate, see how hard it is?” she asked, grabbing some frozen chocolate and started jabbing Reece in the ribs,

“Ouch.” Reece groaned as the jab sent a sharp pain through his body,

“Come on Reece, time to get up.” She said in a completely different voice,

“Huh?” Reece questioned,

“Come on, up!” the parrot told him, jabbing him once more.

Reece’s eyes darted open, he was still under a sheet on the couch of his home, he went to sleep there so he wouldn’t wake Kadie up after returning home late after staying out until 3 am with Todd spending time around Corneria. Reece lazily looked at the clock, it was 9.04am, Reece groaned,

“What is so important that I am being woken up so early?” Reece mumbled into his pillow, closing his eyes again, almost falling asleep straight away. Kadie sighed, she lifted Reece up from the bed, and pointed his muzzle towards the dining room, Reece sniffed, he could smell some food, his eyes quickly opened,

“Is that the reason, if so, it is justified.” Reece replied with a smirk, Kadie shook her head,

“No, that’s not the reason.” Kadie told him, “Marcus called, looks like we have a new assignment.” Reece grumbled under his breath,

“We just got back, and we get more work. Yay!” he told her sarcastically.

“Well, you might want to eat up and get changed, we need to leave soon.” Kadie told him, rustling his hair. Reece quickly darted out of the chair and made his way to the food on the table, not wanting his food to get cold.


Todd and Lola stood in the elevator of the Cornerian Defense Base, Todd was still half asleep after his night out. Lola had to keep him awake, sharing the same role of which Kadie was doing for Reece. Todd wrapped his arm Lola, leaning into her, he did this for both to keep himself on his feet and to give Lola some friendly contact. Todd was trying really hard not to fall asleep on his feet. The double doors of the elevator slid open, the office of Bill Grey’s assistant Jessica Kail.

“And two make five.” Reece stated as the couple entered the room, he was laying on one of the couches, his eyes closed. Kadie sat on the chair next to him, Marcus sat on one of the chairs in front of Jessica’s office desk.

“Now we can begin.” Jessica stated, getting straight to business, she dimmed the lights and loaded a holographic projector, several images popped out of it,

“Recently we sent a mercenary squadron known as ‘The Creed’ to question a scientific base which went silent over a year ago, they were killed by these.” A holographic photograph of the machines that attacked the Creed appeared, “I assume you know what we are dealing with.” Reece sat up on the chair,

“I never thought I would see those things again…” Reece stated in horror,

“What? Printers?” Marcus asked, not aware of what he was dealing with,

“No… god damn Aparoids.” Reece told them,

“Yes, that is what we are dealing with here.” Jessica stated, “From the little intelligence we have, we are able to see that the Aparoids are not subject to just one queen, there are many hives or broods, whatever your preference. They are not dead and are still a threat to all of us here in the Lylat system. What I need you guys to do is…” Jessica was interrupted by a loud overcome speaker,

“Jessica, send Star Strike  to the hanger, Aquas is under attack, I’ll provide more details to them as they get down.” Bill told Jessica,

“Well, you heard him.” Jessica stated, the group, except for Marcus, ran out the door towards the elevator, Marcus was held back by his hand by Jessica, she looked into his eyes,

“Stay safe, my forbidden love.” She told Marcus,

“I will babe, don’t you worry.” Marcus told her, they kissed on the lips before Marcus left the office to catch up with the rest of his team.


A/N: Well, there we go, unoriginal enemies, but I was originally going to go for Zerg but decided against it. I am on school holidays now so plenty of free time, whoo!

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Zerg Aparoids what's the diffrence?

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One is set in Starcraft and the other in Star Fox. Decided to go with Aparoids since Zerg cannot control machines that I am aware of.

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you never know one of those changlings might be able to pilot them.

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Yeah maybe they could. I just prefer the whole Aparoid virus thing since it infects pretty much everything.

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Yeah maybe they could. I just prefer the whole Aparoid virus thing since it infects pretty much everything.

it's your fan fic nice going on the jessica can marcus thing :D
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Glad you like it Kursed. :) Adds the whole forbidden romance part into the story.

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