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The SpaceHounds

Guest Remus_Lemures

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Guest Remus_Lemures

(my brother's StarFox-like story)

* * * * * *


Gray Hound was reclined in his chair, his feet resting on a console. He did this often, when he wanted to relax, or when he was bored. There were no missions today, no crises on any of the five planets of the Alpha Centrum System, and all was quiet on the western front. Gray reached over and activated the ship-wide intercom.

"SpaceHounds, report to the main bridge."

The Ecliptic was not a very large ship. The entire crew was assembled at the bridge in one minute.

Who is Gray Hound? Who are the SpaceHounds?

Gray Hound, age 24, was a police officer on the planet Ethos in the Alpha Centrum system. He had brown fur, with a black forehead, a stern face, and pointed ears. There was a scar across his left eye. One night, when he responded to a call from Alpha City Hall, a fleeing terrorist shot him with a blaster in the head at close range. This injury put him in a coma for a year. The terrorist turned out to be Gray's long-lost father, and while he was in a coma, Gray's mother died. When Gray finally awoke from the coma, he vowed to devote his life to bringing the most dangerous criminals to justice and protecting the people of the system. He assembled a crew to travel the system and hunt down outlaws. The SpaceHounds were formed, and they were a group of six (including Ingy the alien).

Vixen McLean, 24, was an aspiring young scientist who also wanted to be a nurse. She was Gray's friend since childhood, and when he wanted to from the SpaceHounds, she volunteered to be the first member and help him with his goal to take down dangerous criminals. Vixen has white fur and blond hair, and wears glasses that bring out her friendly eyes.

Talon Phoenix, 25, was a champion race pilot, until he decided to retire early. He felt there was something missing from his life besides fame and fortune and decided to pursue a more satisfying career, and was hired by Gray Hound. An excellent pilot, Talon has somewhat of a bold and competitive nature, but he takes his job seriously. He has red plumage and his head is topped by a spiky mohawk.

Robyn Airhart, 23, recently graduated from the Zephyr Flight Academy, the first female to do so in twenty years. In order to prove that a girl could be just as tough as any guy, she asked to join the SpaceHounds and was accepted. Also an excellent pilot, Robyn obediently follows Gray's orders, and some of her fellow crewmates think she is a little too serious and could be less uptight all the time. She has dark brown plumage.

Bandit Cooper, 18, was an orphan who was taken in by the leader of a smuggling ring on the planet Dorado. After living the criminal life for several years, he decided it wasn't for him and ran away. He sought out Gray Hound and offered to lend his skills to the side of the law. Bandit is a skilled mechanic with a sarcastic attitude. He is aware that he is much younger than the rest of the team, but he doesn't mind. His fur is gray and he has distinctive, black mask-like facial markings.

And then there is Ingy. Ingy is an unknown alien life form of unknown origin. The SpaceHounds discovered him hitch-hiking in an asteroid field. Ingy is an enigmatic life form, a shape shifter. In his normal state, he is a small creature, the color of black ink, with long spiky antennae, five short legs, and a single, big eye. Ingy can turn into an inky liquid substance and is capable of moving around in this form to slip into small spaces. Ingy can also morph into a monstrous, more powerful version of his normal form, growing several times his regular size and forming large claws. Ingy is the SpaceHounds' pet, and also a member of the crew. He (it?) is an intelligent and curious being, and can only say "Squee!"

And so Vixen, Talon, Robyn, Bandit and Ingy ascended the elevator that led to the bridge, and met their captain, Gray.

"Hey guys," he greeted them. "What do you say we do some patrolling?"

"Sure, Gray," Vixen replied.

"Cool with me," Talon said.

"Of course, sir," Robyn said.

"All right, boss," said Bandit.

"Squee!" said Ingy, who was cradled in Vixen's arms.

"Okay then. SpaceHounds, let's go!"

* * * * * *

Random, I know.

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Very nice character discription! Keep going!

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