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Family or Friends?


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Hey guys! First off, I wanted to say thank you to all of those writing fanfics... and making me feel like I need to hop on it and make one :P. But seriously, Thanks for giving me the inspiration, and second, Sorry I haven't been commenting on your guys' fanfics. My Internet is on and off, and when it is on, it is only like that for about 10-30sec if I am lucky. But this weekend I am at my sister's house that has stable internet!!!!:D so I hope to be catching up on it very soon. Any who, lets start the show!

Prologue (Chapter 0)

�And the day is saved, thanks to The Starfox team! If it wasn�t for their bravery, valor, and justice, the Aparoids surely would have taken over the Lylat System. We can all agre��          

�Grr, No thanks to us?! I saved Fox multiple times during this threat!� Grumbled Wolf, as he crushed the Lylat News Paper beneath his claws.

It has been only mere weeks after the invasion of the Aparoids had ended. And even though Starwolf saved the Starfox team in quite a few occasions, they are left out of the spotlight.

�Wolf, you must understand that we are looked as �The Bad Guys� in Lylat, yet, no one cares. Sure, we could save a kid or two, but in the end, we are just overshadowed by Starfox if we do something good. And overshadowed by Andross and all those wanna-bees when we do something bad. Why do you think no one has ever tried to hunt us down?� Said Leon as he tried to read the freshly wrinkled paper.                            

�But we have to get more known eventually boss. How could I ever win over the lovely Krystal, or any other fine feminine choices, if we are always just D-List criminals?� Panther exclaimed, as it was obvious he was stroking his ego. �It�s all about the hard-core villains.�

�Don�t make me get you �clipped� Panther. You know I am not joking!� As he held a coupon to a Genitalia Doctor.

�Geeze, you don�t have to be so harsh boss, I was only giving my side.� Panther said while secretly covering his crotch under the table.

Wolf got up from his seat In his conference room, and paced around for about five minutes, while stroking his goatee. At this time, Leon was whistling a tune, while polishing his gun. Panther, on the other hand, decided to take this time to take out his personalized hand-mirror and groom himself.

�I got it!� Wolf said while rushing back to his seat and pulling some papers.                                                                                                                                 �Yes boss? What is your master plan this time?� Panther said in a mocking tone.                                                                                                                            

The papers Wolf was pulling out at this time were ones about an industrial flying boarding school.

�What we need is Fox McCloud taken down, And you all know that I want this team to be the one to take him down. And what we need to do this, is someone on the inside.� Wolf said while circling the table and looking at Panther and Leon. �And who better to do this job, other  than family!� As Wolf set a folder with some papers in it on the table in front of the two subordinates. When Leon saw the file, he stood in shock.

�Wolf, I thought� I thought Mel had custody of him.� Leon said while stammering, barely able to finish his sentence.                                                                                                    

�Yes, and I can�t force him to do anything. But, he has always wanted �Daddy�s Love�, and I know all we need to do is get him on our side, find a way to get him near Fox, which I have no idea how to do yet, but once he gets insider info on them, we will know all we need to finally take down that annoying pup!� Wolf said quite excitedly.

�So, does that mean we are gonna get a new member, Wolf? Getting some new blood in here wouldn�t be a bad thing.� Said Panther, sounding as if he wanted a new member, or was just plain curious to see if this kid looked anything like Wolf.

�There is a reason I have never mentioned him, it�s not like I�m proud of him. I would never let him join, but if I am lucky, not only will Fox be out of my life forever, I might never have to see that little failure of a pilot in my life ever again!� Wolf said while doing the traditional �Bad Guy/Evil Genius� laugh.

�That�s harsh Wolf� I like it! It is so evil and bad, It�s just what we need to get us known!� Panther said, imagining how many women would want to be with him after this accomplishment.

�But� What about, what about Mel? Don�t you think she might be an issue? She has some pretty big pow�� as Leon got interrupted by Wolf.

�Non-sense. You know as well as I do that she never wanted to be stuck with him either.� Wolf said with unending streams of overconfidence. �All we need to do now, is plan it, and carry it out! I get Fox and that disappointment out of my life. Leon, you will get more than your fare share of happiness knowing that Mel will be torn to pieces. And Panther� You will get your reputation and whatever you decide to do with it.�

�I love it!� Said Panther, almost wishing he had thought of such an idea.

�Okay�� Leon said with almost a tint of fear or uneasiness.

�Now, let�s get it all fleshed out�� Said Wolf as he closes the door, And as their ship flew into the darkness.

(P.S. The title might not make sense right now, so deal with it! lol jk. :P)

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Thanks Julius and DRL.

Chapter 1, The Start to a Possible End!

                ‘Dear diary,

                        So, today went kinda well. Liam, like always, passed his tests as top of the class. He just has an innate nack for these sorta things. He is much better with “Foot” mission skills, but is still pretty dang good at flying. Either way, he gets to move on to the even harder classes. And I have good and bad news. Good news, I did a lot better on this final than I did the past two years. Bad news, I still failed it… But it will all work out in the end, even though I now have to take an extermination test. Apparently great fling schools don’t like it when you fail the same class three times in a row, and can throw you out for it. Everyone gets to move on in the courses, but eh, I’m only here cause none of my parents really want to be looking after a failure like me. But who needs them. I want to be good at flying so they could appreciate me, but that isn’t happening any time soon. I still have Liam… and that’s about it actually, but he is a great friend so that’s all I need right now. It will be just fine, I just need to pass this test and I bet Liam will help!

                        Well, good news, more good news, and bad news. Liam helped me study and I learned a lot. I got, in my eyes, a really good grade on the test. But, In the actual flying part of the test, I kinda crashed the test ship… Well, I guess I got to go to a new flying school. But, I will still have contact with Liam and… Awe who am I kidding. This sucks! Oh well, guess I got to do some explaining to Mom.  –End entry’

        After failing practically every test that the best flying school the planet of Corneria has to offer, Gearhart starts his trip home. Gearhart stands about 5’11 at 175lbs and is 17 years old. He is a brown and white wolf, and with his reputation, he is known as the “Flying Failure”. Not only was he horrible at piloting, but when it came to a shoot down, he couldn’t hit a wall even if his life depended on it. He was more of the brawler. He was better at using his fists in a fight. Above that, he had an aura that many people just didn’t like. Not many people are ever seen with him, other than his friend Liam.

        Gearhart approaches a very modern-day type house. The paint seems to be peeling, and the yard needs a lot of work with the sight of many weeds and a lot of dead grass. Gearhart nocks at the door while having a very palpable sense of unease. “One minuet!” can be heard on the other side of the door as it opens, and Gearhart is greeted by a brown vixen.

        “Hey sweetie. You aren’t on your vacation till three weeks from now. What’s the Matter?” The brown vixen asked in a very caring tone.

        “Well, mom, you know how I am trying really hard in school, and how I can never seem to pass those tests?” Gearhart responded, sounding like he was trying to avoid  the main issue at hand.

        “Yes, how did you do on them?” Mel said in a way that gave Gearhart only more grief.

        “Well, I did better than usual on them, but I failed again.”

        “Well, everyone has their time. You always have next semester.” Mel said while trying to hide her anger.

        “That’s the thing, since I failed the class three times in a row I had to take an extermination exam, and I tried really hard, but I failed.” Gearhart said as his tail started to    cave inwards between his legs.

        “I have just about had it!” Mel said in a tone that felt like it has been bottled up for quite some time. “You don’t even try, do you? How could anyone fail that many times, even after studying!? At this point, I respect your father much more than I respect you!”

      “You don’t mean that, do you mom?” Gearhart said as it was obvious through his eyes that he partially died inside.

      “Get out of here you failure of a son!” Mel said while slamming the door on Gearhart’s muzzle.

        Gearhart stood there for a few moments. Tears were flooding down his fur, ignoring the fact he was out in public. He took a second to wipe his now tear filled eyes, then started walking off. With his throat dry as sandpaper, and his eyes red and faced downward, he decided to head to his dorm to pick up his things, and find someplace he can go to stay.

        When Gearhart got back to his dorm, He was greeted by Liam, a blue fox.

        “Hey, sorry to hear about not being able to stay. How did your mom take it?”

        “Not to good at all. Looks like I get to find a good box, or tree to sleep under for a while.” Gearhart said with inner sadness.

        “I’m sorry to hear about that. Can I help you somehow? Like a cab or something?” Liam said holding up a phonebook.

        “No, It will be okay. I’m not good at flying, but am okay at life.” He said while knowing he was completely lying to himself.

        “Okay. Well, I want you to know I will always be here for you.” Liam said smiling, which gave Gearhart much more hope.

        “Thanks, I will see you soon. And hey, I might be able to fly better than you when I do!” He said making the two laugh.

        “Goodbye Gearhart!” Liam said before closing the door behind Gearhart.

        A few moments after, Liam picked up the phone and made a call. The voice on the other end was deep and rough, as Liam spoke, “Hey, It’s Liam. Yes, he is gone. Okay… Uh-huh… Alright. Give me ten minutes and I will head out there… No, he doesn’t know. Okay… See ya soon.”. As Liam opened his closet, he picked up a pre-packed bag, and walked out of the dorm.

        Gearhart was walking for quite some time. He had moments where he would walk into an ally way and have small bursts of tears. For Gearhart, controlling emotions was no easy task. He still has moments of depression just do to his father never being around, or how no matter how hard he tried, he never got better than any of the other pilots. And with his father being a great pilot, he felt like he was a complete failure, even though he never told anyone else his last name, not even Liam or the academy.

        It was about after three hours of walking when Gearhart decided to stop at a train station. Not to get on, just for a break. Gearhart would have been lucky to have enough money to get food for about one or two days. And as he was looking at the pitiful excuse of a wallet he had, he picked up a strange sent. Even though Gearhart was not good at many things, his senses were always up to snuff. The smell was very weird. He knew it from somewhere, but he couldn’t tell from where. All he knew is that the smell brought back feelings he didn’t want experience again, so he immediately picked up his bag and kept moving on.

      He knew this thing was following him, and was catching up to him quite fast. He only had about one minute. Gearhart dropped all his gear and went on the defensive. He was getting nervous, and because of this he could no longer tell which direction the scent came from, which only lead to him being more nervous. And as he was pacing to try and find out what direction the thing was coming from, he felt claws lay upon his shoulder, as he turned.

      “Why hello there... Son"

And that's it for chapter one. Rather small, but the other chapters should be longer in general... hopefully. Oh, and for all you Fox fans, yes. We will be seeing the Starfox team. Thanks again for all those reading and replying :D!

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Hard to explain whether it is good or bad at this moment, but that is what the future chapters are for. :D

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Nice job Nick. :yes:

Looks like a promising story, I will be keeping my eye on this.

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Thanks Evil and EazyIN. Due to my issue with internet, it might be a while before i can even be online again, unless I am lucky. So i hope to get the next chapter up by Friday or Saturday, unless Comcast wants to be nice and send the internet crew out here sooner, or if I can get to the library again this week.

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Yays! Here it is, what everyone has been waiting for! I know there is a lot of social and talking rather than descriptiveness, but more will come. Father issues are just really hard for me to make descriptively without getting personal in it. Also, the rules state I must warn you of the one and only use of the “A” word in this chapter -.- …… Enjoy! :D

Chapter 2, Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Chapter 2, Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Gearhart fell to the ground due to the intense anxiety of seeing Wolf.

“Dad?!” Gearhart said in pure shock while struggling to stand, “What do you want?!”

“Why, just to talk to my favorite son in the whole world.” Wolf said sarcastically, with a big grin on his face.

“Well, I got enough parent pep-talks today. I bet Mom called you, right?”

“Nope, I just wanted to see if you had enough time to help Daddy out with an issue.” Wolf said with pure inner confidence.

“Look, I know I failed the class and Mom pro…” Gearhart froze for a moment, “You, want my help?!”  He questioned with great confusion.

“Why wouldn’t I? You are my very own flesh and blood!” Wolf said while putting his hands on Gearhart’s shoulders.

“You mean for like flying and stuff?! I mean I know you haven’t been around for, oh I don’t know, six-teen years! But, you must know that I’m horrible at flying.” Gearhart said trying to prove that this situation must be a mistake.

“You are my son, how could I possibly go through life without giving you a chance to prove yourself?”

“But, why… I mean… how could I even…I crashed a test ship after eleven years of practice!” Gearhart exclaimed.

“True skills show themselves when needed, and you have true skill in you! Now if you really don’t want to make Daddy proud…” Wolf said, as he turned and took a few steps. He knew exactly how Gearhart would respond.

“Wait! I will help! I will show people I do have flying skills!” Gearhart said, while Wolf hid a grin of self satisfaction.

“Great! Now, meet me at the corner of 32nd and 27th tomorrow at eight o’ clock sharp. We will head to the base from there.”

“Okay. And Dad, I won’t fail you.” Gearhart said while holding up fist.

“Oh, I know you will do fine, Son.” Wolf said as he walked off.

Even though it was looked as immature unless you were a pup, Gearhart couldn’t help but let his tail flap from side to side as he found a source of happiness he had never really seen. The one thing he needed at this time, he found. Gearhart stood there for a good five minutes before coming back to reality. Still with a big smile, he picked up his scratched up bags and proceeded down the road. Only a couple times did he ever think of the fact that he never asked what the problem was or could he truly be able to help, but that didn’t matter. As long as he could get his act together for at least two days, he would be happy. “A real mission. It can’t be that hard, could it?”


“What a sucker!” Wolf said while laughing to himself. “‘Okay. And Dad, I won’t fail you’, Ha! When has there ever been a point in that boy’s life that he hasn’t failed me”. Wolf went down the street to where he parked his car and started the foot chase. He got into the front seat, and started the engine. Out of the glove box, Wolf pulled out an in city map. He had an address circled, It was Mel’s house. “As long as I don’t get her too pissed, I won’t get my ass shot off.” Wolf said as he put his foot on the gas, made a U-Turn, and headed to her house.

Wolf parked the car a block away. The last thing he needed was for his new car to be hit with a rocket launcher for a third time. As he started to approach the house, he did whatever partial grooming he could perform. And with being around Panther for quite some time, that was a lot of grooming. He wanted to make as good of an entrance as possible. When passing the house before Mel’s, he grabbed some colorful flowers from the neighbor’s garden, and put on another fake face. He knocked on the door, as Mel answered it.

“Hey, Honey.” Wolf said while handing the flowers to her, “These are for you."

“Wolf, cut the crap. Just come on in, I know that’s all you want” Mel said while opening the door and letting Wolf in.

“I just snapped at Gearhart for no reason. He came to say he got kicked out of the academy, and my hormones got the better of me, and now he is out there somewhere with no place to rest, eat or sleep!” Mel said while tearing and sulking on the couch.

“Ah, and this couldn’t be why you are all hormonal right?” Wolf said while shaking a newly opened box of tampons.

“God, Wolf!” Mel barked as she snatched the box from Wolf and threw it to the side. Mel got up and picked up her box of cigarettes, pulled out her lighter, and lit one. “So, Wolf. Your child support check came in. What are you here for?” Mel said while trying to calm her emotions down.

“Well, I wanted to say that I want to look after the boy for a bit. And knowing that you kinda threw him out, he might like some time with Dad. He hasn’t seen me since he was a baby after all.” Wolf said while trying to ignore the fact that every inch of her wall was covered with either machine guns, sniper rifles, or pistols.

“Definitely not!” Mel yelled while slamming her cigarette on the coffee table, “You get into so much trouble, I’ll be lucky if that boy comes back alive!”

“Now, I wouldn’t let him fly or anything. You know that. We wouldn’t do any missions, and I’m just asking for one week. I want to know my son better is all. Is that so much to ask?” Wolf said while looking into Mel’s eyes. He knew that was her weakness.

“Okay, but only five days. We need to get him into another school, hopefully one where he can learn a thing or two.”

“I’ll take it” Wolf said, smirking on the inside, knowing his plan was falling into place.

“Just please bring him back here when you’re done. I feel horrible about what I said.” Mel said, showing her emotions were truly all over the place.

“You got it. I’ll be on my way then.” Wolf said while getting up from his seat and walking out the door.

“And please don’t introduce him to your friends. Last thing I need is for him to want to be a part of your scummy team.”

“I wouldn’t even think of it.” Wolf said as Mel shut the door.

“Well, good thing that’s over with. Finally, after months of waiting and planning, this is actually working better than expected!” Wolf said to himself while walking down the way back to his car. “Starwolf will finally be put onto the radar. I’m not holding back this time, Fox is gonna get it!” proclaimed Wolf as he opened the door, turned on the engine and drove off to the edge of the city.


“Crap! I left my wallet in the dorm.” Liam moaned as he was walking downtown. “I really should have eaten breakfast or something today. Well, at least I’m here.” Liam was outside a parking garage, as his stomach was practically yelling at him now. He looked left, right, above, and behind him before stepping into the lot. He walked up the long ramp until he got to the third level. He stopped as he saw a figure standing in the middle of the ramp.

“I thought this opportunity would never come up. Thanks for the offer by the way.” Liam said while extending his hand to the figure.

“Well, we have needed more people, and with your talents, our job should be done more easily.” The figure said.

“Okay, well, why did you care if Gearhart knew about the job?”  Putting his hand down, seeing as the man wasn’t going to shake it.

“We have our reasons. Now, meet me at this location tonight at eleven. We will head out to the rest of them then.” The figure said while handing Liam a folded paper.

The figure then turned and walked over to a car, and proceeded to get in, start it, and drive off. Liam stood smiling while the figure drove off. Then, as soon as the car was out of sight, Liam pulled out a communicator watch.

“Hey, I met up with the guy” Liam said into the watch, “I confirmed they that they are up to something, and that they are most likely gonna try and pull it off  in the next day or two… No, the only thing I felt weird about is that they asked about my dorm mate, but other than that, it seemed fine… Yes, I’m alright with going on, this doesn’t scare me at all… Okay, yea, I will get back in contact with you when I can I guess. For now, Liam out.” He pushed a button on the watch, and put it into his bag. He started his way back to the entrance. “I hope the school is okay with me ditching a few days of class for this” He said as he walked off.


Gearhart walked out of the “Cornerian Express” bank at about six o’ clock pm. Gearhart was flipping through bills, counting the money for the third time making sure that he had the right amount. “5,000 credits. Not much, but I’m gonna need my own flying gear since I can’t use the school’s equipment anymore.” Gearhart, at this point, finally ceased the tail wagging, yet still had a big smile on his face. “I’ve been saving this money for an occasion just like this, sadly it’s not as much as I wanted, but it will get me the essentials.” Gearhart organized the bills into his wallet, and shoved the wallet into the front pocket of his pants. He wanted to make sure this money staid as safe as possible.

Gearhart’s walking lead to a mall, “JC Credits”. This was your classic mall. It had the places to sit and eat, snack vendors, cellular vendors, game shops, clothing shops, and the reason Gearhart was going there, “Payless Flight Gear”, the only one in city. Gearhart walked into the mall physically but his mind was elsewhere thinking of how he might save the day, or out shine everyone else with stellar flying skills. “Ahhhh…” Gearhart sighed as he was walking in the mall. It wasn’t until he got to the shop when he came back to his senses. He walked into the open frame and started browsing. There was a multitude of gear in this shop: Everything from flight equipment, to excess levers and gears, to sick bags. It took Gearhart about thirty minutes before coming to some decisions. As he started picking out some gear, he picked up another familiar scent, it smelled like peppermint. Gearhart headed over to the “Gloves and Hand Protection” section of the shop. He saw Liam there, sitting and trying on black leather gloves.

“Liam!” Gearhart said in astonishment, as he walked over to his friend. “Why do you smell like peppermint?”

“Hey, Gearhart! What are you doing here?” Liam said while getting up from his sitting position while sniffing himself. “I don’t smell peppermint, are you crazy?"

“Never mind, forget I asked. Either way, I get to go on a special mission! Yea, I get to go on a mission with my Dad!” He said with much pride.

“Wait, I thought you said your dad abandoned you when you were, like, one?”

"He did, but he came to me today after I gathered my stuff from the academy.”

“Okay, well, who is your dad anyways? I always felt I shouldn’t have asked” Liam said cautiously.

“Oh, he is one not to mention. It’s okay though, I will get to show my true flying skills!” Gearhart said with even more pride.

“That’s fine. Well, ‘Mr. Flying Expert’, what exactly are buying for your mission?”

“Well, flying gear, and boots, and protectors and stuff, the essentials.” Gearhart said while showing Liam what he had pulled out.  Liam made a sour face when seeing the bad choices in Gearhart’s gear selection.

“Maybe I should help you out with your purchases”, Liam said while taking the equipment away from him. “Here, this way.”

Gearhart and Liam spent practically the next three hours picking out proper gear. More than half of the equipment Gearhart pulled out either was of bad material, overpriced, or the wrong size. Since Liam’s family was of more wealth, he got to spend more time in the stores learning what to get for many different situations. The main reason it took so long was because they tried to get everything Gearhart might need under the 5,000 credit budget. And when they were waiting in line to use the dressing rooms, they spent the time talking about gossip, shows, and just anything in general as if they were back in the dorm and everything was normal. It took Gearhart’s mind off the ecstasy of the excitement, and the stress it also caused. And as the time came where the two had to exit the mall, they both just barely finished getting the equipment. As they walked out of the mall, they stood outside for about another minute talking.

“So Liam, why were you getting stuff?” Gearhart said as the question never came to his attention.

“Oh, well I am on a mission myself you could say.”Liam said trying to not make it too big of a deal.

“Cool! Who are you working with? And what type of mission is it?”

“Eh, it’s nothing special, just a simple job for some mercenaries.” Liam said trying really hard to not get Gearhart interested.

“Liam,” Gearhart said with a serious tone, “I know when you’re hiding things; it’s one of my only talents.” It was true.

“Gearhart, I’m really not supposed to be talking about it. Especially since I have to miss some days in class for it”

“Okay, fine.” He said with a little disappointment of not knowing. “You will be fine though, right?”

“Look, I finished top of class, I think I can handle a little mission. I’m more worried about you” Liam said in a concerned tone.

“I can do this! ‘True skills are shown when needed’ you know.” Gearhart said with confidence.

“I bet they are. Just promise me you won’t do anything stupid, alright?” He said with great concern.

“Liam, I got asked to be part of a mission. I must be doing something right. I’ll be fine.”

“Well-” Liam was interrupted by his phone alarm. “Crap, I’m sorry Gearhart, I gotta go now, or I’ll be late.” He said as he put his hand up and started running off.

“Okay, I’ll see you soon then.” At this point, Gearhart felt something dark was looming over Liam, whether it be self-brought or put on by someone else. “I hope.”

“Well, I need to find a place to sleep.” Gearhart walked over to the side off the mall where a huge tree was. “This should do!” He said while climbing up the tree. He got up to a very thick branch, hanged his stuff, and sat in a comfortable up-right position. “I still can’t get over that feeling I had”, He said while trying to find a good way to put his head. He put his on his headphones and turned on his MP3 player as he usually did before falling asleep. “Well, Liam is smart, he can handle himself. I just need to worry about me now.” As he let out a big yawn, and shut his eyes. Good night, Gearhart. Tomorrow is a big day. He thought to himself as he fell asleep.


Sorry if this Chapter seems a bit rushed or badly written. I was trying to get this chapter finished up fast seeing as I won’t be getting steady internet until next Friday. :( . But chapter 3 is almost finished, so I hope to get that posted soon, hopefully by Sunday or Monday. And we will get to some action next chapter (YAY!). Thanks again for everyone reading and replying! :D

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... :hehe: Oh well. As they say, the show must go on! So without further adieu, Here is #3! :D

Chapter 3, Backfired Plan?!

Gearhart woke up, to the sound of his alarm blasting in his ears. He quickly shoved the blankets over his head to try and mute the sound, but it didn’t work. “What day is it?” he questioned as he looked at his watch. “The 24th. What is so…” then, realizing today was the day of the extermination exam, “Oh crap! I automatically fail if I’m late!” He exclaimed while throwing off the blankets, and pounding the top of the alarm to turn it off. But every time he pressed the wide button on the top, it didn’t work. “Damn it!” He yelled as he rolled out of bed. “Wait, what the”, his thought was cut off as he felt a huge pain to his torso as he came crashing to the hard earth below him. Coming to his senses, and realizing it was a dream, he found himself on the ground after a twenty foot drop from the branch. “God, I hate it when this sorta thing happens.” He growled while getting to his feet. He lazily checked his watch to make sure it was reality. It was the 25th, a Wednesday, and was 8:30am. “Better hurry up then I guess. Can’t leave Dad waiting!” Gearhart’s big smile started returning, just being able to use the word ‘Dad” in a good sentence made him happy now. He climbed back up the tree, taking his time seeing as his torso was now asleep from the pain. He grabbed his bags, put his MP3 player away into his pocket, and jumped down. He re-entered the Mall, seeing as now he needed to change.

It took Gearhart a half-hour to get into all his gear. It felt good. He had new clothes, got to do his very first mission, and it was with his Dad. Before setting off, he put his headphones on, and turned on his MP3 player to try and calm down his nervousness. “I wish Liam could be here.” He said while walking down the road. “One call shouldn’t hurt.” Gearhart pulled his cell phone and dialed Liam’s number while still walking along the coarse pavement. ‘Ring, Ring, Rin… “Hey guys, it’s me, Liam. Just leave your name, number, and I will get back to you as fast as I can. Bye”’ “Damn, voice mail. Yea, just try and get back to me Liam. You know who this is, and what my number is so yea. Bye.” He closed the phone and squeezed it back into his pocket. “Odd that not all seven rings went through though. He must be busy. I’ll try again later.”


Earlier that morning…


“Men, get in line!” Panther ordered. About twenty pilots were lined up. The races were very scattered out. Some wolfs, cats, an avian, a vixen or two, apes, and then at the end of the line was Liam. “Now, since all the pre-planning is done, I have instructions to talk to…” He stopped to look at his sheet, “Liam Archon”. Liam stepped forward, “I am Liam” he said. Crap! They couldn’t have found me out just yet! Liam thought as Panther approached him. “Okay. The rest of you, go get some rest. When Wolf returns, we will strike.” The rest of the crew started walking towards the bedding area. Panther spoke again when everyone except Liam was out of the room.

“Okay. Now, we are going to go to Leon and do some tactical planning.” Panther started walking to a different door.

“Wait, I thought this was just a bombardment mission? We have more tactical planning?” Liam said while slowly following Panther.

“Well, for the whole crew, yes. For Wolf, Leon, myself and you maybe, no.” Panther turned to face Liam. “The flight fight is our main plan, but if our plan doesn’t work, we will need to go in and do the work from the inside ourselves."

“Okay.” He continued walking, until he realized what Panther said and stopped again. “When you say, do the work, yourself if the plan fails, do you mean there is already someone on the inside?”

“That is something for only Wolf, Leon and I to discuss. Come on, I need to get some sleep tonight.” He said while opening the door. Both Liam and Panther walked in. They both sat at the table where Leon was sitting.

“Took you guys long enough” Leon said with some anger in his voice. “Now, let’s get to work.”

The three stayed up till two o’ clock planning. They were overlooking an entire map to the Great Fox, trying to find ways to enter, attack from, escape, and such. Liam tried giving some false advice, but Leon spot out every weakness from his ideas, so he had to give some actual good help. After that, Liam was allowed to return to his own room. Liam didn’t know why, but they treated him a lot better than anyone else, but if he got to sleep on a bed, rather than a sack of rocks, he was okay with it. He opened the door, got dressed into his night clothes, rested his muzzle on the pillow and fell asleep.


Liam woke up earlier than usual; he wanted to make sure that he was ready to go when Wolf got back. He got up, much against his desire, started dressing, and then headed out. As he was walking out, he heard Leon and Panther talking. He dashed to the edge to the corner at the end of the hall, got down and tried listening in.

“So Leon, when is Wolf going to back with that mutt?” Panther complained.

“I don’t know for the last time, Panther. He isn’t getting-” Leon stopped as a ringtone was heard from around the corner.

No freaking way?! Liam thought while trying to turn off his phone. Damn it, Gearhart! I told you I was on a mission! Liam started running back to his room. He got inside, and threw his phone into the closet.

After a good ten minutes, he stepped out of his room pretending like nothing happened. The coast was clear so he moved to the dining area. Surprisingly enough, there was no one in there, and none of the food was touched. Liam went and sat down after pulling a plate, and started serving himself some food. It was about five minutes until Leon entered the room. He sat down, and just grabbed at food with his hands without using a plate. The more time Liam had to spend with Starwolf, the more he felt uneasy.

After breakfast, he decided to catch up on some more rest, seeing as Wolf wasn’t going to be there anytime soon.


Gearhart was joyfully walking down 32nd street. He got to the street corner about ten minutes early, exactly what he was shooting for. He was waiting patiently, happily listening to his music, when he smelled Wolf about five minutes down the road. He quickly walked over in that direction. He was excited to see his father again. And Gearhart was right, he saw Wolf. He quickly headed towards his father.

“Dad!” Gearhart excitedly said as he went over to Wolf.

“Your… Early to say the least.” Wolf was a little shocked. “How did you find me so fast?”

“Well, I might not be the best at flying, but I can smell odors from far away.” It was obvious he was trying to impress his father.

“Is that so?” Wolf said while digging for something in the pocket of his jacket. “Here, have this”

“A necklace? Why do you want me to have this?” He said while holding it to the light. A sudden sent started emanating from it. “What the?”

“It is a good luck charm that the O’Donnell’s have worn for many generations,” Wolf hid the receipt behind his back, “It is for you and your first mission."

“Thanks!” Gearhart put on the necklace, the smell was still there, but it wasn’t bad. “So let’s go! I can’t wait to start it!”

“Neither can I.” Wolf said with a smirk.

The two walked to the corner of 32nd and 27th. From there they entered the large, abandoned warehouse on the corner and walked to the end of the building. Wolf pulled up a secret entrance that was well hidden within the dusty, tile floor. If Gearhart was anyone else, he wouldn’t have noticed it, but this type of elaborate hiding was child’s play for his senses. They continued down the secret path for about five minutes, until reaching a door. The door lead to a room with two Wolfen laying in there, and a sealed metal gate. “Get in one of them.” Wolf said to Gearhart as he walked over and pulled a leaver on the side of the wall. The big metal gate opened, making a big enough opening for the two ships to fly out. Gearhart’s heart started beating at alarming rates as he got into the Wolfen. He felt almost as if there was a presence to this ship, just like the one on Liam, but the more he thought about it, the more the scent affected him, making the feeling slip through his grasp. He wanted to calm down and focus on it, but the anxiety he felt now was more than he ever felt before. After a few moments, Wolf jumped into his Wolfen.

“Come on, boy! We’re heading out!” Wolf said as he started the engine and started flying off.

“Okay, you can do this Gearhart.” He said as he started to try and talk himself through the steps. “First, engine. Second, the balance diffusers. Third, start it slow,” And as he did this, the engine picked up much more force than he wanted as he started catching up to Wolf in no time.

“See, kid. You’re doing fine!” Wolf said while chuckling to himself. “Now, when we head to the base, we are gonna have time to have a fifth-teen minute break. If you have any questions, now would be the time to ask.”

"Okay, who exactly are we fighting today?” He asked with a mix of fear and eagerness in his tone.

“Just some of Dad’s old friends. Nothing too hard.”

“Okay. Cool!” He dug through his junk filled pocked for his cell phone. As soon as he found it, he started dialing Liam’s number. He entered the numbers rather quickly, but stopped before hitting the call button. “No, I’ll be fine. I got this!” He stated to himself as they kept flying into the distance. He closed the phone, set the ship to auto-pilot, and tried calming himself down.


It was about two hours before they landed the ships into the hanger bay of the base.  As they started getting out of their Wolfens, a message went aloud on the speakers. ‘Fifth-Teen Minutes till take off! Everyone get your gear, and start making your way to your respective ships’. The message repeated this two more times before stopping. “I’ll see you out there, Son.” Wolf said as he placed his hand on Gearhart’s shoulder. “You too, Dad.” Wolf rustled the fur on Gearhart’s head for moment, then turned and started heading to a private room. Gearhart on the other hand went exploring. The first room he found was the kitchen. “Yes! I’m starving.” He exclaimed while wolfing down some food (Bad pun intended. :D). The message repeated its self again; the only difference now was that it said ten minutes rather than fifth-teen. After eating so much that his stomach was hurting, he decided to head back to his ship. He noticed many people running past him. He never knew that his Dad had so many people on his team. But with more people, comes more safety, He thought as he made his way to the ship.

Before he fully entered the ship, he thought he smelled something off or familiar, but the necklace’s scent was over shadowing it so much he couldn’t tell who or what it was. Probably just Dad, he thought. ‘3… 2… 1… Initiate mission!’ The speaker said as the gate to the hanger bay opened and everyone started flying out.  The outside of the window on Gearhart’s Wolfen was very dark. He could see well enough to fly, but no one could see inside his ship. This gave him great confusion, but he tried to focus on the task at hand.

They flew for one hour before they saw a ship that looked like a base. It was smaller than Wolf’s by a bit; it gave Gearhart even more hope of doing well. As soon as they came closer though, a voice on the general communication system, a voice that Gearhart never heard in his life, spoke out. “Main fighters, move out now!” As five ships started coming out of the base and raced towards them. The battle was about to begin.

It started out fairly easy. Gearhart missed all of his shots, and was barely able to keep up with any of the five, but no one was going after him. It took a while for Gearhart to lose his fear/anxiety over the battle field, but he eventually calmed down and started focusing. Still, he was unable to land a hit; no one really was able to. The tactics these pilots used were very off though. None of them are even attacking, and usually when you are in small numbers, getting into a formation would help, He thought. All they are doing is gathering everyone into a big group. But then it came to him. He looked anywhere that a ship might be to give the enemy an advantage. About fifty meters off to his left, he saw a disturbance in space, it was hard to explain, but it was there and he felt stupid for not being able to see it sooner. He quickly turned the communication system on. “Everyone, stop following those guys and get back here! There is a hidden ship!” No one seemed to respond to Gearhart’s warning, except for one ship. And much to Gearhart’s dislike, the disturbance took the shape of a ship slowly faded into view, and launched a nova bomb towards the mass that the five were making. Gearhart tried shooting the bomb to try and de-activate it, but he missed every shot. The five ships scattered simultaneously as the bomb made its way over. The bomb went off, taking nine-teen ships down. The only ones still up were his father’s, two other commander ships, and the ship that took his advice.

“This isn’t good”, Gearhart said as the fear of failing, and even dying came back to him. The six ships raced towards the remaining five members of their team. Wolf’s ship and the two other commanders instantly got into the fray, and the one that Gearhart saved hesitated before going in there. Gearhart wasn’t moving. One small slip up, even one, misplaced blink of the eye is enough to get myself killed! He thought. He decided to stay there and count the ships to make sure all were there. “One, two, three, four, five, and six. Good, none are hid- Oh crap!” Gearhart yelled as he saw one of them head his way. He tried to move and run away, but as he set his hands on the controls, a bolt of electricity zapped the commands and his hands. “Agh.” Gearhart grunted trying to get blood flowing to stop the numbness that was setting in his hands. He stopped caring for his hands, and went to move the controls, but they wouldn’t move. “Come on! Move!”  The commands wouldn’t budge. He tried activating the emergency energy source, the blasters, and even the emergency eject. Nothing was working. The communication system, on the other hand, was; he decided to make a final plead for help. “Help! This is Gearhart! I can’t move! The commands are fried!” he said on the team’s personal communication system. As soon as he said that, one of the ships instantly darted towards him. He knew it was an ally, but his eyes were blurring badly for some reason, so he couldn’t tell whose it was. It must be Dad’s! He thought. But the enemy ship was too fast for him. A charged shot along with a missile were headed towards Gearhart. As the two blasts hit his Wolfen, he smacked his head against the screen, and a piece of metal shot up into his arm. Gearhart yelped in pain, and seeing blood gushing down his arm made him start facing reality. “No, this can’t be it”, Gearhart said to himself, while cringing at the newly found pain in his arm. “I was gonna show people my abilities.” He started to cry. The tears ran down him as his ship started to spiraled down to a nearby planet. “I can’t go out this way!” Gearhart started to take out his blaster underneath his seat. “I can’t take this!” He placed the barrel to where he could hit his heart, and closed his eyes. “Goodbye.” As he was about to pull the trigger of the blaster, his ship stopped suddenly. The momentum not only made him drop the blaster, but it sent Gearhart’s head into the screen in the same spot as the last time. He could feel and hear his skull crack loudly as he fell unconscious.


“When are you gonna shape up Gearhart?” A, what seemed to be, thirty-three year old, brown and white wolf asked Gearhart.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, get a hold of your life. Learn to fly, gain some confidence, and hell, even get a girl!” The wolf said.

“I… I can fly. And I have some confidence. And I just haven’t met someone yet.” Gearhart pointed his face downwards, trying not to realize the hard truth that this man was saying.

“I know darn well those are all lies!” The wolf said while walking closer to Gearhart. “You don’t want to end up like this do you?” The blank white plane that the man and Gearhart were on was molding. It eventually turned into Gearhart’s house. There was a male grey wolf with an eye patch, and a female brown fox holding a baby covered in blankets.

“Wolf?! What is the matter with you?!” The brown fox exclaimed while setting the baby down, and moving closer to Wolf.

“I can’t handle this!” Wolf yelled which woke the baby and caused it to start crying. “Great, now the baby is crying.”

“Babe, please. Just tell me what is going on. We can get through this!”

“Look, I tried, Mel. I really did, but I can’t handle being a father. I love you, but I can’t do this” Wolf said while walking out the door. Mel stood there for a moment, then went and sat back on the couch and picked up Gearhart, who was still crying.

“Its okay honey,” She said while starting to cry herself. “We don’t need him. We will have a wonderful life by ourselves.” She continued to cry.

“Mom…” The older Gearhart said as the background started to fade as it went back to the white filled plane.

“Was… Was I the reason they split up?” He said as he started to get some tears of his own.

“Do you want to know? Do you want another chance?”  The wolf asked him.

“At what?” Gearhart wiped his tears from his face and looked at the wolf.

“At life.” The wolf walked up to Gearhart. “If you haven’t noticed, you’re dead.” Gearhart paused, giving thought to the idea.

“Yes.” Gearhart said while tearing even more. “Yes. I want to know the truth!” he yelled as his vision went black.


Gearhart’s eyes opened. His eyes burned, and were blurry and his ears were echoing. It took him a bit, but he was able to focus enough to try and tell where he was. He was connected to wires, and was bandaged. Gearhart slowly adjusted himself so he could sit up. He sighed, trying to ignore how banged up he looked. He rested his head on the wall behind him, and didn’t feel any pain, nor did he feel pain when he touched his arms.

“You seemed to make a speedy recovery.” A feminine voice said. Gearhart looked over to see who it was.

“Who are you?” He could barely make out what the person looked like; his eyes were still adjusting.

“Me? I’m Krystal.” A blue vixen walked up to the medical bed that Gearhart was on. “Pleased to meet you.”


So yea, the next chapter is almost finished, but I got to take it slow on typing now. Not only is my internet cruddy, so is the electricity in my house. Shocking my main hand (from trying to take the charger for my laptop out) so bad my left hand won't move sometimes, is not a good thing. :D

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So yes, anouther more social chapter, Sue Me!  :hehe:... actually, I don't have much money so don't. There is some action, not much, but some. So, I'll stop talking and allow you to read. Enjoy! :D

Chapter 4, Enter Starfox!

Gearhart sat up a bit more; he did not know who this ‘Krystal’ was, or what she was a part of, and wanted to show not even little signs of weakness, except for the fact that he looked brutally messed up. Gearhart cleared his dry throat, and paused for a moment as he rubbed his eyes as they were still blurry. “Now, who are you is the question I’m wondering.” Krystal said while checking the wires attached to the machine that was helping Gearhart’s blood regulate smoothly. Only a few moments after Krystal spoke, Gearhart’s head felt a bashing like sensation all around. He growled in pain as Krystal looked over quickly, unsure of what was going on. “That’s very odd…” She said while taking a closer look at Gearhart. “Well, back to the question. Who are you?” She still held the confused look on her face. “I’m…” Gearhart paused. He remembered a lecture class that he took since Liam suggested it. It was about how to survive under enemy grounds.  He remembered how boring it was, but Liam was really interested and good at that topic, like everything else.

(Flash back start!)

“Rule number Twenty-three of the Seventy-five Regulations for Self Preservation states. ‘If found and captured under enemy lines, with no chance of rescue, never give them any correct personal information.’ If those that capture you know what they are doing, they can use everything and anything against you. They are worse than Lawyers.”

“Liam, this guy is nuts!” Gearhart whispered to Liam. “These aren’t even regulations. They are just ideas he made up. He is just spouting ideas with numbers. This won’t ever help us.”

(Flash back end!)

As Gearhart finished his momentary flash back, he sighed and did a massive facepalm. Krystal, who never really had to wait for simple information, was now starting to get impatient.

“Okay, that’s it. I’m out of here.” She bluffed as she turned and started walking off.

“No! Wait! My name is Richard, Richard O’ Connor.” Gearhart lied. “Can you tell me how long I have been asleep?

“That’s more like it. And you were out cold for one day. It was a miracle you could survive that.” Krystal smiled and walked back over to the bed. “Now, Richard. Why were you with Starwolf? You are quite young to be with them certainly?” Gearhart, still trying to regain his senses, had never even heard of the term ‘Starwolf’ before in his life, but he went with it.

“The pay was good; I needed the money, so I took the job. I’m just your average pilot.”

“Sure you are.” Krystal said sarcastically while looking over at his neck. She noticed the necklace and was shocked to see it on him. “Why do you carry that on you, Richard?"

“Oh, my dad gave it to me. He said it was an heirloom. It doesn’t smell to nice, but it meant a lot to me, so I kept it.”

“You can smell this?” She said while examining the necklace and him further.

“Yea, is there something wrong with it?” Gearhart tried to look at it too, but his eyes were still disoriented.

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you this but,” She stopped as she grabbed the necklace and shattered it beneath her grip, “But this is only hindering you.”

“Why did you do that?! This is the only thing I have to remem-” He stopped as his vision, hearing, and sense of smell started returning to normal. “Whoa. That is actually a lot nicer!” Gearhart said while thanking Krystal.

“That is odd. Do you realize that…” She was cut off by a voice on the intercom.

“Krystal. I need you up here with the rest of the team for planning.” The voice was male, and seemed to belong to an adult, and he had either good news, or bad news. That was all Gearhart could tell by the sound of his voice; if his hearing wasn’t off, he would’ve been able to know the race too. “Transfer the captive to a holding cell.”

“Okay, well, we have to be going now.”  Krystal said while helping Gearhart out of the bed.

“You guys aren’t gonna kill me, right?” Gearhart asked. That question was in his mind ever since Krystal started talking to him.

“That’s not my decision. But we will most likely let you go soon. You don’t seem to have much information.” Gearhart stopped in his tracks.

“No!” He snapped. Then realizing that he did, “I’m sorry. It’s just that… my Dad thinks I’m dead now, and I have failed him. And my Mom thinks of me as a failure. I have nowhere to go.” He stated, while trying to hold back the tears that were soon to come. Krystal paused and thought. Gearhart could tell she was relating his issues with something.

“I’ll see what the group says, that’s all I can promise.” She said with a more slightly depressed tone. Gearhart didn’t mean to make Krystal sad by telling her some truth, and he felt bad he did, so he stopped talking.

The two walked down the hall and got to a door that said ‘Containment Room’. “Okay. Well, I guess this is where my stop is.” Krystal kept walking. “Oh, you don’t seem to be much trouble. The cells are very uncomfortable, so you can stay in my old room.” “Thanks!” Gearhart’s smile started coming back. These people weren’t too bad. Gearhart felt sad inside that he lied to her before, but he couldn’t give himself up just yet.

They got to the room. Krystal unlocked, and opened the door and let Gearhart in. As she was about to walk out, Gearhart’s nose came back to its full sense and he noticed that Krystal had an unusual scent to her. It was faint, but she smelled like a Strawberry if he focused on it. But for fear of self embarrassment, he decided to keep it to himself.

It was only a few moments till he got bored and decided to look around. On the walls there were photos. Most were Krystal and others. The others were recurring throughout multiple photos. Gearhart looked inside the drawers of her wooden desk, which also happened to have more photos. These photos were of Krystal and this brown fox named Fox McCloud. “Ugh, this is so boring.” Gearhart started to lie down on the bed. As he did this, the dusty bookshelf in Krystal’s room caught his eye. He went over and examined the books. They were of medical studies and anatomy. Gearhart went to look at one of the books. The Anthro Body and You! By: Ben Dover, with support from, Tay Kitt. “Sounds interesting. Well, let’s get started.” Gearhart said while cracking the spine of the book and started his long read.


---Three Hours later…

“Well, that was interesting…” Gearhart said as he lay on the bed. Next to him was a stack of fifth-teen book, each at least holding 500 pages. Usually it would take a person much longer to read even just a single book, but reading material was another one of Gearhart’s only talents. As he started to rest his muzzle on the pillow as he started to hear something. He heard two people walking down the hall, they seemed t be headed towards the room. “Yeah! We’ll get that guy good!” Gearhart analyzed the voice. "Male, about twenty-seven to twenty-nine, like the guy on the intercom, and is a frog" Gearhart said. "There is no way they are taking me down that easy!"

Gearhart got up and dashed to the edge of the door where the opening would be made when opened. As soon as the door opened, Gearhart slid in front. Now facing the frog, he quickly took his index finger and middle finger and lunged them into the lower left side of the frog’s chest, going in between the two ribs, and close to the heart. This was a great technique for medics on the battle field to save people by temporarily making their heart stop. But, Gearhart found this to be an effective battle move as well. The frog stuttered back and fell to the floor, grasping at the spot where Gearhart had jabbed him. “Falco…”He was gasping for air silently. His heart was now shook up so much it would only take a minute to get him knocked out from air loss. The blue falcon behind him didn’t like this. “Slippy!” He cried while lunging at Gearhart. Gearhart was worried for a moment, but then he saw there were many flaws in Falco’s technique. “Your weight is on your front foot”, He said while dodging the punch Falco threw. “Your shoulders are not in line with your lower body”, Gearhart slid behind the bird. Falco, unsure of what was to happen next, closed his eyes expecting the worst. “Lastly, you let the enemy get behind you.” Gearhart pressed his two fingers into the upper right section of Falco’s back, right next to his spine. Falco stood for a second, and fell suddenly as his backbone collapsed under the weight of his body. Gearhart had hit a nerve that was meant to make a patient less resistant to treatments. Except Gearhart missed the spot by half a millimeter, so Falco’s body, as he laid on the ground, was twitching in random spots, unable to control his body or even speak. “You guys have been great, but I need to be going before anyone gets me.” Gearhart told the, now unconscious, Slippy, and Falco who was still unable to move. None of them had scents like Krystal though. It only confused him more, but he needed to get out, so he rushed down the hall.

Gearhart checked every door as he was running down the hall. The only ones that would open without a key were the bathrooms, and janitorial closets. As he got down to the end of the hall, only one door was left. He felt like little time was left for a clean escape so he rushed into opening the door before checking the label. He took only one step into the room before noticing what was in there. A male blue vulpine, an attractive female red furred vixen, a male yellow furred lynx, and a female brown furred dog were all staring at Gearhart menacingly. Gearhart took  a step back and looked at the label of the room. ‘Rec Room’. “Son of a…” Gearhart was silenced as the blue vulpine and the lynx tackled, and pinned him to the ground. The two girls got up, took some rope lying around and tied Gearhart up.


Gearhart was fully tied up to a chair. His hands, arms, legs ankles, shoulders, chest, forehead, everywhere. Everyone went back to what they were doing, and Gearhart decided to get info on these people while he waited for his fate. The red vixen was Nel. The blue vulpine was Fayt. The yellow lynx was Cliff. And the brown dog was Fara. Nel wore clothes that were partially revealing, had two kukri, one at each side, seemed to be the fun having type, and had patches of fur that were shorter than the rest on her back. It seemed to cause her pain when Cliff or Fayt joked around and pat her on it. Cliff and Fayt were both rather muscular, but definitely not mature. The two of them were always playing pranks on each other, or others. It was also easy to tell that it was hard for Fayt to keep his muzzle shut for more than two seconds. Fayt also was the only one in that room that smelled like strawberries too. Fara was a rather sweet one. She would joke around, but always made sure if the person was alright. She even asked Gearhart if he needed anything, even though the others didn’t like the fact she was nice to ‘The Prisoner’. 

It was only thirty minutes till Krystal and Fox, who Gearhart had just met for the first time, walked in carrying the bodies of Falco and Slippy. This got Gearhart very nervous and scared.

“Richard. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Fox McCloud. Leader of team Starfox.” Fox started. “We know what happened in the halls, with you, Falco and Slippy. Do you mind telling us why you decided to knock them out?”

“I was afraid that they were gonna hurt me. When they were walking down the hall, I heard Slippy say ‘Yeah! We’ll get that guy good!’ and I thought that you guys were gonna kill me.” Gearhart was now trembling and stuttering in his speech. Gearhart’s ears twitched as he heard Fayt whispering to Cliff in the background.

“Look, If you don’t trust me, you can say it to my face!” Gearhart turned his muzzle as far as he could to yell at Fayt. “I can hear you ya know!”

“Well, that proves you could hear something from the room in the hall.” Fox said while chuckling. “You’re just lucky you got the slip on Falco, he usually wins in a hand fight.” The rest of the crew laughed and made sneer comments about Falco.

“So… are you mad?"

“Well, not really seeing as Slippy and Falco have been kind of a pain lately”, Fox said while smiling. “But I will need to see you and Krystal in the office.”

“Okay… can someone untie me though?”


They walked down the hallways, went on an elevator, and walked some more. They started approaching the end of another hall where the room was. Right before getting to the door though, Gearhart felt another bashing sensation all around his head. He yelped in agony as the pain made him fall to the floor this time.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” Krystal exclaimed while getting down to the floor to help Gearhart.

“What’s the matter Richard?” Fox quickly responded, unsure of what was going on.

“What do you mean you’re sorry?” Gearhart said while trying to stand up by himself.

“I’m a telepath. Every time I have tried to read your mind I haven’t been able to enter, and it causes your head to feel this pain."

“It’s fine, I guess.” Gearhart said while balancing himself and panting. “You didn’t know.”

“Now then, we have that situation covered,” Fox said while yawning. He opened the door. “Let’s come on in.” The trio walked into the room. It was rather large for what it seemed to be on the outside. Krystal and Gearhart sat down, after getting the permission to from Fox. Fox sat down on the other side of the table and interlaced his fingers. “Now, Richard. We don’t have any knowledge of why you were with Starwolf, but you don’t seem to act like anyone that deserves to be with their ranks.” Fox started. “But your sensory skills are astounding, and how you were able to take out Slippy and Falco so fast was also incredible.” He pulled out some papers and looked at Gearhart. “I am offering you the opportunity to help us get back at Starwolf for a counter attack in exchange for us forgetting that you were part of their forces. We need to teach them a lesson for good.” Gearhart looked down at the papers. It was information on Wolf, Leon and Panther including all of the work they have been up to for the past year. He was shocked to see his father as a criminal and paused for a minute before answering.

“Yes. I… I will help.” Gearhart responded. He at the moment was lying of course. He couldn’t accept the idea of his father being a criminal, but he also knew if he stayed with these people long enough, he might be able to stop the attack on his Dad. “When will we attack?"

“Oh, no time soon. But we want to see what you can help us with in the mean time. Your obviously not the best pilot, but you have other skills that are extraordinary.” Gearhart’s smile broke through. No one had ever told him that, not even Liam. He felt now even worse about lying, but now it was too late to go back. If they found out that he was Wolf’s son, he wouldn’t be able to help protect his dad.

“Thanks.” Gearhart put his hand on the folders. “Do you mind if I take a look at these?”

“Go ahead. From what I could tell in my room, you are quite the reader.” Krystal responded.

“Ummm, Krystal. Why was he in your previous room?” Fox said with a little jealousy in his voice.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ll tell you about it later, honey.” Krystal said while winking at Fox as he smiled.

“Right then, your room is right next to Nel’s.” Fox said while giving an electronic portable map to Gearhart. “Explore  if you wish, one of the others or myself will give you a tour of the place tomorrow.” Fox said while trying to wrap the meeting up fast. It was nine o’ clock pm, and he had been up for twenty-three hours already. But Gearhart could see right through Fox, and why he wanted to finish it up.

“Okay, thanks!” Gearhart got up and started to walk out the door. He knew that Fox was eager to get some alone time with Krystal, and so was she apparently, so he didn’t want to take any more of their time


Gearhart finally made it to his room after getting lost three times. He noticed that it had nothing in it really, but that was okay. He was not going to be here forever, so he felt it would do for the time being. He had no spare clothes on him, and there were none in the drawer, so he decided to just fall on top of his bed and rest. He checked his phone to see if he would be able to call Liam, but it had lost all of its energy, so it couldn’t make any calls. He laid flat on his back, staring up to the ceiling. “Well, it can’t get much worse than this.” He said as he rested his pillow, and fell asleep.


So yea, I was having some hard times making characters for the Starfox crew. I got the minimum I needed, but I could use a bit more. If people could help me out with that, It would be great, if not, it's all good, and the story will still progress awesomely! Thanks again for reading!  :wink:

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Nicely done Nick, love how it is going so far. Lol, Krystal as an interrogator.

If you need help, feel free to PM me.

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Nicely done Nick, love how it is going so far. Lol, Krystal as an interrogator.

If you need help, feel free to PM me.

Thx, Evil. I might just take you up on that, depends if my brain wants to be nice  :?.

Very good! :yes:

Thanks as well, julius. Your stories (past ones) actually helped me get some original ideas that made this chapter a bit easier to write. Wheter it makes the next few or not, idk, but thanks!  :wink:

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Okaly doakly, since you guys have been so awesome, I have chapter for you! Enjoys! :D

Chapter 5, The Uprising

‘Beep beep beep’ Gearhart’s alarm on his watch activated. He took his hands and rubbed his face trying to wake himself up faster. He sat up and headed to the bathroom. “I haven’t been able to shower in a while.” Gearhart said as he turned the knob in the shower machine.

Half-awake, Gearhart finished his shower, and noticed on his bed there were some clothes. Gearhart smelled the air around them. “I can’t tell for sure, but Nel most likely put these here.” There was enough for two days. He put one set on, noticing that the shirt was a muscle T-shirt, and the pants were baggy jeans. He usually never dressed in this sort of stuff. Gearhart did have a lot of muscle, more than Fayt and Cliff, but he didn’t like showing it off. The time was nine o’ clock am. “Wow, I slept for that long.” He spoke with some disbelief. His stomach started growling at him. Gearhart took a look at the electronic map Fox gave him the previous night, and headed out the door. Looking at the map, he took the shortest route to the dining hall.

He got there no problem this time, unlike the trouble he had while trying to find his room. Fayt and Cliff were in there already, eating food, trying not to choke on it from their constant laughing. Unsure of how the method usually went, Gearhart got a plate and took small amounts of f the trays and placed them on his plate. After Gearhart sat down, Fayt stopped laughing and stood up. “Hey.” He started, “You might know this already, but I’m Fayt. Head of the stealth department you could say.” He said while putting his right hand in front of Gearhart. This came to a shock upon Gearhart. How a person who was always joking around was able to be stealthy was beyond him. Gearhart started to lift his hand, but then noticed the way Fayt was holding his hand was awkward. It was simple to see his plans through Gearhart’s eyes. “Oh, let me shake you with my other hand”, Gearhart lifted his left hand rather than the right. “I don’t want to be shocked accidentally by your joy-buzzer.” Gearhart stated while trying to sound nice by it. “Dang! Your good!” Fayt said while extending his left hand and shaking Gearhart’s. “My name is Richard. Nice to meet you two!” Gearhart said, as he felt another bashing sensation in his head, but not as bad as the first two times from Krystal. “Well, my name is Cliff. I’m the mechanic on this vessel, but I don’t mind getting into the fray!” Cliff said while shaking Gearhart’s hand as well. “Now eat up! I know a guy like you can easily eat more!” Cliff started piling food on Gearhart’s plate. He sighed while looking at all the food, trying to keep a happy attitude. It wasn’t even more than a second till he noticed the food was obviously tampered with. “I thank you,” Gearhart started as he lifted his plate and set it to the side. “But I have a feeling this food will end up making me sick or even unconscious again.” Cliff snapped his fingers in a disappointed manner. “Dang, no fun.” He said while sitting back down.

Fayt started telling stories, most were false or at least that’s what Gearhart thought. They were there till eleven, and then Falco, who was using a crutch to walk, came in. Gearhart got up and went over to him. “Falco, I’m really sorry about what I did, I didn’t know that-” He was cut off by Falco. “Look, you did what you did cause’ you thought you would die if you didn’t. I’m not on good terms with you, so don’t apologize, and Back Off!” He snapped and spit on Gearhart’s shoe. It was silent for a second, then Fayt and Cliff busted into laughter. “…Okay, well, I’ll be going now.” Gearhart said as he walked out, drying a tear in his eye. He was never good with people yelling at him. He could hear in the background Fayt was saying something to Falco. He looked back to see Falco cry out in pain as he shook Fayt’s hand. Cliff was now facing down on the table laughing and pounding the table. Gearhart sighed and looked for Fox or Krystal.

He walked down, not sure where to look first, but noticed the med room, and decided to check up on Slippy. He walked in there, peeking his head in first and saw Fara checking up on Slippy. She turned her head to see who it was, and looked in disgust when she saw Gearhart. “Why are you in here Richard?  You already hurt him enough.” She pointed at the screen above Slippy’s head. It was a reading at his heart beats. “He will be like this for at least another day!” “I’m… I’m sorry. Truly, I am.” Gearhart said as he walked back out the room. He wiped another tear from his face. He hated it when women were mad at him. Not as much scared as it was when a man was, but he still didn’t like it. He decided to go back to his room and wait. He thought someone would come get him eventually if they wanted or needed him.


He lay on his bed, waiting for any sign of his tour to start. He was very excited to start it, since this would be the first space base that he got a tour of. During this time, Gearhart took a look at the files Fox and Krystal let him see. He read the files thoroughly, flipping pages by the second or minute. The files showed all of Starwolf’s previous activity, members, and info. It even included their run-ins with Starfox, and from what it looked like, Wolf hated Fox really badly. Gearhart took the time to process all the information in his head. “Why would they be enemies?” Gearhart closed his eyes and yawned. “Fox is a nice guy, and his members also seem nice. Stopping this conflict isn’t going to be easy. ”

It wasn’t too long before Gearhart heard a knock on his door. He decided to be surprised and opened the door before guessing who it was. As he opened the door he noticed it was Nel. Gearhart smiled. “Hey, Richard. Well, are you ready for your tour? Fox asked us and I volunteered. You really don’t need Fayt or Cliff to do it. And Fara and Falco don’t seem to be too happy with you.” “Uh, sure. Thanks. Oh, and thanks for the clothes.” Gearhart said while stuttering his speech. “No problemo. Let’s get this started!” Nel said while pulling his arm and leading him down the hall. Gearhart started blushing; this was probably the first time a girl had ever touched him, other than his mother that is.

Nel started by showing Gearhart where the Arwings were being held. This was a large room, with multiple planes in there. She showed him which one was his for the time being; Gearhart’s frown started coming back. He didn’t want to think about needing to fly, but he quickly transitioned back into a smile to keep up the charade. Next was the dining hall. He had already been here before, but wanted to spend as much time with the only member that was nice to him for as long as possible. In there, at that time, was Falco, enjoying his lunch, Fayt and Cliff. “Oh, here. Let me give you a rundown of the members of Starfox aboard the Great Fox right now.” She said while rubbing her hand through the fur on her neck.

“You got Falco, he is the loner of the team. He does nothing but back talk, gloat, or complain. He’s a great pilot, and good at combat, but I sometimes can’t stand him, nor do I see why Fox keeps him. Next we got Fara. She is overall good at everything. She’s a nurse, can fly pretty well, she is okay at using a gun, but in hand-to-hand, she rather sucks. She is a nice person, very caring, and has the hots…” She stopped herself before continuing what she was about to say. “Uhh… Next, is Fayt and Cliff. Fayt is great at stealthy missions, despite his first impressions and is also a telepath.” That must be why I felt that pain. He must have tried to read my mind like Krystal. Good thing he isn’t stronger or that would have hurt a lot. Gearhart thought to himself. Fayt could be heard laughing like there was no tomorrow from the inside of the kitchen.

“He is good at piloting and pretty strong too. Cliff is head engineer over here. He, like Fayt, is good at piloting and strong too, just not good at sneaking around. Those two are always seen together unless one has a date. Then the other is focused on getting the two split up.” From the kitchen, the two could hear Falco yelling profanities at Cliff and Fayt, and then they heard a smash as Cliff fell to the ground from a punch. Most likely from Falco.

The two walked a bit further from the kitchen to escape any further interruptions.

“Okay, now you have Krystal. She is awesome. She is the head medic, almost as good, if not the same, as Falco when it comes to flying, and great in melee combat! She also is also in a relationship with our leader, Fox. Other than that, she is a powerful telepath. If you have secrets to hide, don’t think of them, or avoid her at all costs.” Gearhart smirked at this, knowing that he couldn’t be affected by it, but still didn’t want to be there when whatever barrier protecting him goes down.

“And lastly we have Fox. He is our leader, best pilot, even though he likes to give the other members spotlight time out in battle, great at combat, and overall the one to go to if you need help with something. Except for me of course.” She said while smiling at Gearhart. “Now then, let’s continue.” Gearhart stopped her.

“Wait, what about yourself?” He said while his heart started beating a bit faster.

“Oh, well”, She started while rubbing the fur on her neck some more. “I’m okay at piloting, not the best. I prefer combat myself, not with guns, but with these.” Nel said while turning her hip to show him the kukri on each side. Gearhart looked, and quickly lifted his head and turned it to the side. “Is something wrong?” Nel said with a confused face.

“Uhm… It’s… It’s nothing.” He said while stammering and scratching the side of his face. He turned and faced Nel again. Nel giggled and continued walking.

“Come on! We have more to cover.” Gearhart’s tail started wagging as he followed her. As soon as he noticed it though, he stopped it instantly, a little embarrassed, even though no one saw it.

The next stop was the main deck. Nel explained to him that this is where all the mission briefings were held. Not always was every member needed for a mission, but it was mandatory for all members to come up during a briefing unless specific orders had been given. The rest of the tour went pretty uneventful. The two sat for lunch in the middle of it, and finished up right as it came time for dinner. Usually the dinner would be voiced with a lot of talking and laughter, mainly due to Cliff and Fayt, but they were a little injured. The two sat there, Cliff with a swollen eye, and bandages over his face and chest, and Fayt with a swollen muzzle and one of his ears lifeless and some bandages around his chest. Fox laughed a little before speaking.

“So uh, Fayt, Cliff,” Fox started, still chuckling. “How did this happen?” The two were silent as they tried to eat their meal.

“Your welcome, Foxie.” Falco stated while still holding his loner look and eating his food.

“Well, get better soon.” He turned over to Gearhart and Nel. “So, how did the tour go?”

“It was really nice.” Gearhart said while smiling. He noticed out of the corner of his eye Fara and Falco giving him a dirty look.

“That’s good. Thanks for doing that Nel.” She nodded and smiled in reply; she had food in her mouth. “So was your room okay last night, Richard?” Gearhart paused for a moment, then realized they meant him and quickly responded.

“Oh, yeah. I’m used to having not many things in my room. My mom Mel-” Gearhart quickly stopped as he realized what he was saying. He paused before continuing. “My mom melted all of the things I had in my room so we could afford the rent on our house before I was kicked out.” Falco at this point was now staring questioningly at Gearhart. Fara, started feeling bad about him being kicked out of his house, especially since he wasn’t ready to face the world just yet, as it was very obvious, and stopped glaring at him.

“Well, you’re with us for right now so that should help your mind get off things.” Krystal said in a very caring tone. “You can put those books in your room; I’ve already read them, but not quite as fast as you.”

“Thanks. That would be nice.” Gearhart smiled and continued eating. Falco, after about a minute, stopped starring at Gearhart and went back to his food.

“I’m sorry for being rude to you earlier, Richard. I was just a little upset, but I know you did it in self-defense.” Fara said. She couldn’t keep the bad vibe going on for too much longer. It just wasn’t her.

“Thanks. But don’t worry about it, I was being paranoid. It was just a misunderstanding.” Falco grumbled something under his breath when Gearhart was finished responding. Gearhart knew exactly what he said, and it wasn’t pleasant, but the others laughed at Falco’s grumble.

Soon, people started finishing up and put their dishes in the sink one by one. Gearhart had not even touched more than half of his plate. He almost blew it, and it made him feel nervous beyond belief. Especially with the way Falco was acting. The last people at the table were Fox and Gearhart; Fox was a slow eater. Gearhart really wanted to tell Fox the truth, especially after all his kindness, but he didn’t have the guts.

“Hey, Fox?” Gearhart was nervous, and it was obvious through his tone.

“Yes, Richard? You haven’t eaten much food, are you okay?” Fox was curious. He knew that Gearhart hadn’t eaten a lot for breakfast either.

“Yeah, I’m fine. But I was wondering,” Gearhart started, his heart beating faster. “Do you think you could teach me some tips for flying? I want to be able to at least handle myself in dog fights. I’m tired of feeling like a failure.” Gearhart was preparing for denial.

“Sure. I don’t see why not.” Fox got up and started taking his plates to the sink. “If any one of my crewmen doesn’t have the abilities needed for the job, in your case the flying, I’ll help them so they can do it.” Gearhart smiled in pure relief. He did not know much about this Fox McCloud, but what he read from the reports in the Starwolf pamphlet, and from what Nel said, he was the best pilot out there, and he felt honored.

“Thanks. It means a lot to me.” Fox couldn’t be seen as he was behind the wall washing his dishes. Gearhart took this time to dry his tears that were coming down.

“Okay, let’s start tonight. I find it always helpful to practice at night. Gives you less time before you sleep so more information will stay in.”

“Cool!” Gearhart got up and wiped his face one last time before dumping the rest of the food on his plate and washing it.

After washing their dishes, they headed to the hanger bay, and got into their Arwings and set off for space. Fox taught Gearhart moves and techniques for four hours. They ended their practice at about eleven-thirty; Gearhart was worn out, but Fox’s lesson helped a lot. “Sorry that there wasn’t too much to the lesson. If I wait any longer Krystal will kill me!” The two laughed as they walked from the Arwings. “We will continue this for about a week, after that, you just need experience. You will be a great pilot in no time.” Fox said while patting Gearhart on his left arm. As Fox did that, Gearhart yelped in pain. “Are you okay Richard?” “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s probably just still not fully healed.” Gearhart said while grasping his arm. “Okay, tell me if it keeps acting up, alright?” “Sure thing.” Gearhart responded. The two walked to their rooms and went straight to sleep.


The next morning, Gearhart, as well as the other members, were awoken very early by the intercom. “Okay guys, we got a request from Peppy for a mission.” It was Fox on the intercom. “I will need to see all everyone, except for Slippy. That’s all.” The intercom went silent. “Damnit!” Gearhart said under his breath. “Well, I gotta go I guess.” He put on his second set of clothes that Nel had given him, and headed for the main deck


‘In current news, a local resident in…’ The T.V. continued. It was the news channel and Mel had nothing else to watch. She was smoking, while cleaning one of her many guns. Her cigarette was practically done so she put it into the ash tray and started pulling out another. When she felt bad about something, she took the route of smoking her problems away. But the only thing this ever helped her with was developing lung cancer, and gives her other things to be upset at. She put the rifle back on the wall and started going for another gun, but the news caught her attention. ‘Starwolf, a known mercenary group that rivals Starfox, got into a dog fight just outside of the Fichina local space area. The postings say that they fought Starfox, and lost horribly.’ The anchorman chuckled as Mel’s eyes widened. ‘It shows that the only survivors were Wolf O’ Donnell, Panther Caroso, Leon Powalski, and a blue vulpine who’s identity is not known yet. If any civil -’ The T.V. was blown to smithereens as Mel took the a machine gun and fired recklessly at it and yelled as she did. As she dropped the gun, her face twisted in corrupt madness that would make anyone, including Fox, run in pure terror. She quickly started grabbing guns, grenades of many varieties, and got into a more fitting outfit for killing in. As she was done, she walked out the door, guns and grenades all attached to her. “Wolf…” She said softly as she walked to her car. “You are so dead…”


You thought Mel wasn't going to be important?  Well think again. I actualy have internet now! So the next chapter will be comming soon. :D

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SWEET!  :yes:

Great job!

I'm glad ya like it!  :wink:

Chapter 6, Suspicions

Gearhart walked down the halls and went to the main deck. Fox and Krystal were already there; their room was the closest obviously. Gearhart took a seat near one to Krystal, seeing as she was the only one there at the time. He wiped his eyes, trying to remove the crust from the creases of them. The next to enter was Fara. She seemed very awake and took a seat right to the left of Krystal. They started talking about something; Gearhart really didn’t care to listen in on it. Then came Fayt and Cliff; laughing as usual. They made a surprisingly fast recovery from Falco’s beating the day before hand. They occupied the seats just to the right of Gearhart. Nel was the next to come in. She took the seat that was in between Krystal and Gearhart. This made him smile but he acted like it was nothing, or at least tried to. And lastly Falco entered. He sat to the left of Fara and closed his eyes. Gearhart knew he was listening in. Probably trying to act cool. He thought. Fox finally took a seat. “Okay, team. We got orders from Peppy to go undercover at the annual Cornerian Fair that starts today.” Fox said while grabbing the transmission box. When he said this, everyone except Gearhart and Falco seemed excited. “Yes! I heard this year’s was gonna be better than all others!” Fara said excitedly to Krystal. “Hey, Cliff! Imagine all the fun we could have there! The people that go are just begging to be messed with!” Fayt said excitingly towards Cliff. “Hell yeah! Games, Rides, people to mess with! Could life get any better? I deduct that it can NOT!” He practically yelled while giving Fayt a High-Five. Gearhart wasn’t too excited to go there. Every time he ever went his mom would always be smoking somewhere or just not there at all. It only brought sad memories in the long run. It was obvious that Nel and Krystal were excited, but they weren’t going crazy like Fayt, Cliff, and Fara. Fox rolled his eyes at the way those three were acting. “Okay, guys. This was the transition I got from Peppy just a little while ago. Listen up, and I will give directions afterwards.” He said while pressing the button on the box as the hologram of an old hare was shown. Gearhart learned who Peppy was from the files. Apparently he was the one who helped teach Fox all of his skills.

“Starfox! As you all know, the Cornerian annual fair is coming up. And I am sorry that you won’t be there to mess around, but you can once you finish. Back to business! As you know, our armed forces are still low from past incidents, and we need your help. We suspect an illegal deal is going to happen involving this person.” A picture of white and gray furred tiger was shown now. Peppy coughed as he continued. “Now, we don’t have a clue where this person will be during the fair. All we know is that we need you guys to check up on her and make sure she isn’t doing anything wrong. And if she is, you go in and capture her. This seems like an easy job, but be careful! She has many allies and friends, and quite strong. I know you will do a great job, Starfox! Peppy out!” The transmission ended. Fox set the transmission box aside and stood up.

“Here’s the plan.” Fox started while pulling out a box from underneath the table. “Fayt and Cliff, you guys are going to be positioned here.” Fox said pointing to the fair map he pulled out from the box. “You two will scout out the area with binoculars.” Fox handed Fayt and Cliff some binoculars that were in the box.

“Awwe. That blows!” Fayt said while folding his arms and turning his face to the side.

“Don’t worry; we can sneak off for a bit, no one will notice!” Cliff whispered to Fayt, as the two started laughing. Fox rolled his eyes again, even though he couldn’t hear what they were saying.

“Okay, now Fara and Krystal. You two are going to enjoy yourselves and do what you want, but keep surveillance up at all times. We need a pair of eyes out and about during this mission.” Fara’s eyes widened and Fayt’s mouth dropped.

“What?!” Fayt yelled.

“See, this what you get when you do good work and not joke around.” Fara said tempting Fayt, but he knew better to continue this, so he thought of a plan to get back at her.

“And Nel. You are going to be trying to get information on this tiger. You are, to my knowledge, the one best to protect themselves in a group fight or ambush. But still, be safe.”

“Okay…” Nel looked disappointed. Gearhart patted her on her upper back, where the patches of fur weren’t occupied.

“It’s okay; at least you don’t have to be partnered with me or those two.” He said pointing at Fayt and Cliff, who were now huddled, whispering plans and ideas. This made her smile, even though she was still a little sad. Fox pulled out a security outfit from within the box.

“Now, I only have one of these, but Falco and Richard, you two are going to act as security. Falco, since your face is better known the Richard’s, you are getting the outfit.” It was obvious Falco hated this, but he followed orders and took the uniform. “If anyone finds information, they report it to me. Understood?” Everyone nodded or said yes to confirm that they heard Fox. “Great! We need to head out now so we can get there at the start. Let’s move!”

Everyone got out of their chair and headed for the door. Gearhart was the last to exit, and Falco stopped him before he left. The two were now alone. “Some things up with you. I don’t trust it. Back off from Nel, and stop trying to become friends with people.” He put his arm down and walked off. “I have my eye on you.” Falco added. Whew, I need to watch out for Falco. He is on to me somehow. Gearhart thought as he started walking to the Arwings.

Fox stood in the hanger, to make sure everyone got in their Arwings. As people started entering, he pulled Gearhart to the side. “Okay, so you are new to the group, but it is mandatory that we all have one of these at all times.” Fox said while handing Gearhart a communication gauntlet. “Use it to respond, or tell people information.” Gearhart nodded and continued to his ship.

After a minute, everyone was in their ship, and Fox gave the word as they all launched. Gearhart still had a tiny bit of trouble, but he was able to get a hold of it very fast.

As they started approaching the planet, Fox gave his last words of advice. The only people actually listening to it at this point though were Gearhart and Krystal. Fayt and Cliff weren’t for obvious reasons, Fara was imagining how fun it would be, and Falco simply wasn’t caring. “Good luck on your first mission, Richard.” Nel said over the communication system. Gearhart smiled and was about to respond as Falco’s words repeated in his head. He lost his smile and responded. “Yes, and good luck to everyone, not that you all really need it.”  Everyone laughed.

Eventually they came to a landing site, reserved for Starfox and their mission. The team got out of their Arwings and started heading to their post, after checking in with Fox.


It has been two hours since the Starfox team has started their mission.

“Wait for it…” Fayt said. Fayt and Cliff were crouching on the roof of a building. Fayt had in his hands a S.S.S. (Super Soaker Sniper) and was taking aim down into a massive crowd of people. “Come on Fayt! You’re gonna miss your chance like last time!” Cliff exclaimed in excitement and worry. “Yeah, I know. Now shut-up! I have to wait for the best opening.” Fayt re-aligned his scope, the target was Fara. They had been stalking Fara and Krystal all day, trying to get a prank pulled off, without making it seem that they had abandoned their post. “And… Now!” Fayt yelled as he pulled the trigger. The water stream was on course, and seemed like it was going to make it, until Krystal stepped in front of Fara, as she knew the way to the next ride. The blast of water hit Krystal’s chest, getting it, and her stomach as the water dripped, wet. “What the?!” She yelled furiously as people started to stare at Krystal’s now see through shirt. She covered her chest with her arms, and instantly looked into the direction the two were, and glared right at them. “CRAP!” Fayt yelped while throwing the S.S.S. to the side. “She must have read our minds or something! She knows it was us!” Fayt instantly got up and ran, jumping from building top to building top. The two then got bombarded by many rude slang terms and profanities from Krystal. At this point Cliff knew Fayt was not messing around and got up to follow him. “I see why Fox likes you so much!” Fara teased. “NOT Funny!” Krystal yelled while running off to chase Cliff and Fayt. Both Krystal and Fayt had telepathy, so trying to cut the two off was not going to be an option, seeing as the two could tell where the other was going to go. “Wait for me!” Fara called out to Krystal as she went running in the direction Krystal headed for the very long chase that was about to occur.


Falco was sitting down on a bench, not patrolling like he should have been doing. “This sucks. I have to be here all day? I’d rather be in the hospital bed.” He leaned back and closed his eyes. A green scaled reptilian approached Falco from a nearby café. “Falco Lombardi? Is that you?” The man spoke, as Falco opened his eyes to see who it was. “Leo? What are you doing here” Falco lazily said as he got up and yawned. “You know, just here with the family.” He stood right next to Falco giving him a hand shake. “Where’s your family?” Falco said with a confused expression with still a smile on his face; being able to talk to someone rather than be bored was an improvement. “I ditched them!” The two laughed. “Here, come in and have a drink. We can catch up!” He said pointing over at the café. “Sure, I have nothing better to do.” Falco said as they both walked over to the café.


Nel was walking around near where most of the attractions were. She had not found one lead yet as to the whereabouts of the white and gray furred tiger was. She walked around as a random lady walked out of a booth that’s entrance was covered by sheets and ran into Nel. “Your name is Nel, is it not?” The old lizard asked. “It might be. Why do you care?” She said; she wasn’t quite interested in what she had to say. “Come, come! There is no time to spare!” The old lizard warned as she started rushing back into her booth. Nel decided to see what this lady had to say. She kept her guard up as she entered the room. It was filled with incents and torn pink cloth. “I got only a glimpse of what was to come. Now sit! And place your left hand on the ball, and keep your right palm facing upwards!” The old lizard said as she sat on her seat. At the table was a stack of tarot cards, a crystal ball, and the cloth covering the table had a large diagram of a pentagram on it. Nel decided to sit down and do as the lady asked. “Usualy, Seeker Zostro makes customers pay, but you, my child are a different case!” Seeker Zostro said as she took Nel’s palm and felt it with her left hand, while staring into the crystal ball. “I see, I see…” Seeker Zostro said as she gazed through the ball, and felt the patterns on Nel’s hand. “One among your ranks is not in a good place. He will fall back into similar habits, as the accident happens. You will try to help him, but the others will not. One near him has done this to him. Whether he survives, or falls because of this, Seeker Zostro cannot tell.” She said as she looked out of the crystal ball and let go of Nel’s hand. Nel opened her eyes slowly, not sure if it was okay to yet. “Is that it?” She said; not believing any thing the lady had just spoken, but it was a good way to waste time. “That is all Zostro sees…” Seeker Zostro said. Nel turned and started walking. Seeker Zostro’s eyes instantly widened and turned black, as images of the pentagram on the table replaced her pupils. Her Head tilted up as her body got up from the table and a force raised her up as her feet were off the ground by a few inches. A demonic voice came out of Seeker Zostro; as something was controlling her. “The one that you seek will soon have the demised. Fate has been chosen it to be like so unless you act!.” Nel turned around to see Zostro showing signs of being possessed. “Go! Soon it will be too late to save the one you care!” the voice said as Seeker Zostro fell  to the ground unconscious. Nel was now worried, having no idea of what this lady meant, but now started slightly trusting everything she said. She ran off back outside, and ran off in search of the others.


Gearhart sat on a bench that was over near the back of the fair. He wore a depressed face; the day wasn’t going well for him. No one ever looked at him, and whenever he tried to talk to people, and get information, they would either ignore him, or say rude comments towards him. This was the usual treatment Gearhart got from people. Even though it had only been a few days with Starfox and Starwolf, he had grown accustom to people not always avoiding him, or acting as if he did something horribly wrong. He wanted to get back up and keep trying so he wouldn’t fail Fox, but he just didn’t have the drive to do it.

After five minutes that he sat there, a light blue vixen walked over to him at sat right next to him. She was very attractive, and this got Gearhart to straighten up his back and not look so depressed.

“So what’s a nice man like you doing here?” The vixen asked while looking at him. He had always looked a few years older than he actually was. Gearhart analyzed the voice, unsure of what this lady wanted. She’s twenty, doesn’t seem to mean harm, and seems happy. He thought to himself before he answered.

“I’m on business you could say.” Gearhart said in a monotone. Inside though he was happy someone was finally talking to him.

“At a fun park like this? That’s a bummer. My name is Lure by the way.” She said while looking Gearhart in the face.

“My name is Gearhart. Nice to meet you.” He said while looking back at her. His sight got caught in her eyes. He couldn’t express what it was, but her eyes trapped him in a awe like stasis. He quickly blinked and shook his head as he go out of it. She giggled. At this point, he was able to sense that she smelled like strawberries.

“So, Gearhart. What are you trying to find?” She asked while putting her hand on him right wrist. This made Gearhart very uncomfortable, but didn’t want to be rude so he imagined that it wasn’t happening.

“I’m looking for this white and gray tiger.” He gave the statistics of the tiger, such as the presumed height, weight, and eye color.

“Okay, and where are your teammates located to help find this person?” she asked while rubbing his wrist.

“They are scattered all over the place. Fayt and Cliff are…” He stopped not realizing what was happening. “I  never said I was looking for anyone or if I had teammates!” He stood and pulled his wrist away. “Who are you?” Lure giggled.

“Well, that’s no fun. People usually aren’t able to get out of my gaze so fast.” She got up and kissed Gearhart on the side of his muzzle. “You’re really cute. If I wasn’t on business myself, I would have gotten to know you much better.” She winked at him and started walking off. Gearhart stood there for a moment, and broke his trance soon after. That was probably his first kiss he had ever gotten from anyone, not even his mother would kiss him as a child. He smiled and walked off. It was such a mood lifter; he had almost forgotten what he was there for.


Fox sat up on a high building secretively, and well hidden, using a pair of binoculars to scout out the area of the huge fair. He knew that most of the other members were going to goof off, or get bored, so he took it upon himself to do lookout work. He saw with no problem what Fayt and Cliff were doing, and what they had done. He laughed to himself as he saw them run in terror as Krystal chased after them. He was tempted to zoom in on Krystal with the water incident and all, but he knew Krystal would see that he did telepathically so he avoided it. Thanks, dear. I love your maturity! Krystal spoke in his mind. I love you, now try not to hurt them too bad, we still need to find this tiger, or confirm that she isn’t here. Fox replied happily. Sure thing. Love you! She responded. He chuckled seeing the fear in Fayt and Cliff’s eyes and went back to scouting out the area. His wrist communicator started beeping at him all of a sudden. He turned it on and saw a message from Peppy. He played the message.

“Fox! There has been a great big mix up!” Peppy looked very frantic. “The tiger, who we learned is named Sharon, is not in the park at all! It was a distraction!” A picture of the an abandoned house was shown on the hologram. “She is in an abandoned house, or is trying to escape from there. I have sent you the co-ordinates to it. Gather your team and head there right away! Peppy out!”

“That’s not good.” Fox said to himself as he switched the wrist communicator so it could tell everyone. “Everyone, I need you all to head back to the ships. There has been a mix up in location. Be there in two minutes!” Fox said in a rushed tone as he jumped down from the roof he was on, to another roof, and started running along the tops of the buildings back to the Arwings.

“Yes! Sorry gals, but looks like we have to follow Fox’s orders and head back to the ships!” Fayt said while both Cliff and himself were laughing. “You got lucky!” Krystal barked at the two as they all started running back to the ships.

It was two minutes and everyone was there except Gearhart. “Damnit!” Fox said while turning his wrist communicator on. “Richard, we are gonna lose our chance! Hurry up!” Fox yelled into the watch. Another two minutes passed. Fox started getting worried. “Uhh…” He said wonderingly as he looked at all the members. “Nel! Will you go back and look for Richard? I am going to take Krystal, Fara, Falco, Fayt and Cliff and head to the location. When you find him, contact me, and catch up. Everyone else, in the Arwings, now!” Fox said. “Sure thing, Fox!” Nel said with a smile. She was worried for Gearhart as well, but was happy she got to be the one looking for him.

Nel ran off, back into the carnival. She felt that she should have told Fox, or at least Krystal of what the lady said, but Fox didn’t believe in fortune telling or anything like that. “I really hope that Zostro lady didn’t mean Richard.” She said as she ran back into the mob of people, in search for her fellow teammate.


Oh, I always keep forgetting to post this. This is a portrait of Gearhart, more or less anyway.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Awesome chapter, awesome story, and especially awesome picture! :yes:

I love the part where they got Krystal wet with the S.S.S., especially! :P

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(Modified the mistake of Nel calling Gearhart 'Gearhart'. That wasn't actually supposed to happen. Thanks for telling Logan.)

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No problem, Nick, glad I could help. Love the story by the way! And the S.S.S. gun tangent was hilarious  :lol:

Thanks. Glad to see you actually make an account.  :wink:

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Awesome chapter, awesome story, and especially awesome picture! :yes:

I love the part where they got Krystal wet with the S.S.S., especially! :P

Thanks! I do agree that it is an awesome story and pic. :) Sorry about forgetting to add you to the last post. :( but this should make up for it! :D

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Finally, some steady internet! No wi-fi just yet, but this will do. Enjoy Chapert 7! :D

Chapter 7, Conflicting Fortunes

Gearhart, now back to his job after getting the spirit boost from Lure, was walking down the streets searching for the white and gray tiger. He was smiling more than ever now and didn’t even let the people walking about bother him. Gearhart headed down an area where there was the most population, knowing that would be where someone who wanted to hide would be. As he went down, an old lizard ran up to him. He could smell that she was near Nel recently, and smelled faintly of roses. All these weird scents popping up were really confusing him, so he didn’t bother it, and allowed the lady to speak. “You, you, you…” The old lizard lady spoke out. “Yes?” Gearhart responded; not really wanting to be talking to this woman. “Come, Seeker Zostro has seen you, and you must see as well!” Seeker Zostro exclaimed as she headed into her booth. Gearhart sighed, he didn’t want to waste more time on pointless things, but thought he would see what she had to say.

He walked in, the room was the same as when Nel was there, and Gearhart could tell that. “Sit, put your left hand on the ball, and right palm upwards! You have little time!” She said, while rushing to her seat. This was Gearhart’s first fortune teller, so he did exactly as she said. The crystal ball clouded with gray fog that slowly was turning into a tornado, as soon as Gearhart touched it; it freaked him out a bit. “The ball shows many things, young Gearhart.” She said, her eyes closed and feeling his palms. He was shocked to see that she knew his name, but let her continue. “The one you know as Lure, she has disabled you greatly; your friends are no longer within reach. Yet, one is! You must find her before the one you are searching for finds you.” She stopped as she opened her eyes. “That is all I see.” She said as she picked up the deck of Tarot cards. Gearhart was confused by this, but allowed her to continue; he could tell she wasn’t lying at least. Zostro closed her eyes again and set three cards on the table. She re-opened her eyes and flipped the first one. A picture of a man on the edge of a cliff with an ocean behind him was shown. “The Fool. This tells me that you do things not based off right and wrong, but rather how you feel it should be. You are also unaware of things that others can see easily. Your journey is risky, but you must find inner confidence.” She paused and flipped the second card. A card of a large tower being shot by lightning, and two men falling from it was shown. “The Tower. This tells me you have many secrets that others don’t know. You also tend to try and protect yourself from things by avoiding it, or acting as if it is not an issue. You must break this tower to become truly happy.” This made Gearhart really think; she started to pick up the final card. A picture of a man, sitting upon a horse drawn seat was shown. “The Chariot. You have to take control of your emotions. You are of great talent and potential, once straightened out, life will be easier.” Zostro stood up and looked at Gearhart. She was about to talk, as a sudden quake occurred. It caused everything around them to shake, as the top three cards that were on the top of the deck were now face down on the ground. The quake then stopped. “This is quite strange.” She said while kneeling next to the three cards on the ground. “In times like this, it is said the cards foresees something of great importance.” She said while flipping the first card. “The Lovers.” She looked at Gearhart. “That one is self explanatory.” She said while giggling. She flipped the next card. “The Hanged Man. You need to let things go. Things that bring nothing, but are a burden, or life will be sad.” She quickly flipped the last card. She gasped as she looked at it. It was a picture of a man, riding his horse into battle, but this card was upside down. She quickly looked at Gearhart; a fearful expression now upon her face. “A forced change is going to occur, you must leave this place! Seeker Zostro does not want you here when it happens!” Zostro quickly started pushing Gearhart out of her house. “Okay, okay. I’m going!” Gearhart said while walking out the door. Not knowing what was going to happen next, and not caring, he went back to his duties.


Gearhart was working for about ten minutes. After the event with Zostro, he went back to having a normal expression on his face, and returned to having the usual treatment he had normally gotten. He walked around the corner of a very populous area of the carnival, as he noticed a strange aura in the ally way he just passed. He turned back, and went to the ally. Gearhart noticed a strange figure, who to him looked like the tiger, walking down a hidden passage within the stone of the ally. He quickly brought his gauntlet to his face, pressed the button, and talked into it. “This is Gearhart, I have-” He stopped as he noticed when he pressed the button that the communication system was not working. Gearhart stood for a moment, thinking how this could have happened, but then remembered Lure. “Must have been when she was rubbing my wrist.” He sighed and took off the gauntlet. The transmitter device was gone, meaning it was still working, just nothing he said would be heard by anyone. He strapped the device back on his wrist. Confused, and needing to find the others quickly, he got the scent that was almost gone to even Gearhart, of Nel off his clothes. She was about a mile away. Not sure what to do, he ran the direction Nel was in.


Nel was searching for Gearhart. She had no way of telling where he was, but she was determined. She asked around, and the only people that seemed to see him did not like him for some reasons that made no sense. She ran into a light blue vixen. “Have you seen a brown and white wolf, approximately-” The vixen cut her off. “Gearhart is over that way.” She said while pointing in the direction behind her. “Who?” Nel questioned. “The cute one. Blue eyed, rather tall. Oh, I’m sorry Nel. I messed up names. Yes, Richard is in that direction.” The vixen said. “Okay thank y… How did you know my name is Nel?” Nel was now very confused. “You might want to get your friend; Seeker Zostro might be right about him.” The vixen stated while continuing down the area. Nel, now befuddled by this situation, took her advice and went off down the street.


Gearhart was running down the street at full speed. He was never the fastest runner, but he could run for a while, even with heavy supplies. He ran past Zostro’s booth, past the spot where he met Lure, and went into a crowd. She was close and he could tell. He finally found Nel, she was looking around in the crowd. He rushed over to her.

“There you are, Richard. Where were you?” Nel asked in a worried tone.

“What do you mean?” Gearhart said, happy to see Nel again.

“Well, Fox told all of us to meet at the Arwings. Apparently there was a miss up in location of the tiger. Didn’t you get the message?” Gearhart shook his head and lifted his gauntlet.

“My gauntlet got the transmitter device removed by this woman named Lure.” Nel looked confused.

“You let a stranger get close enough to remove it?!” She said with a little anger and jealousy. Gearhart saw he must have said either something wrong, or did something wrong, but that wasn’t what mattered to him.

“Well, Fox is wrong! I saw the tiger! I tried telling everyone, but the gauntlet wasn’t working. We need to go now and get her before she escapes!” Gearhart said while trying to get Nel to move.

“But Fox said to report back and follow him once I found you. He won’t believe that you saw it since Peppy is the one that gave Fox the info.” She said undecided of what her next move would be.

“Then…” Gearhart paused as he thought. “Then don’t tell Fox. Either we get to her fast, or she escapes. If we go now without the proof, I’m going to get in trouble. If we get her now, you get the credit!” Nel was silent; she was still not sure. “Look, I’ll do all the hard stuff, you just back me up.” Gearhart added. Nel smiled; she liked the idea of that.

“Okay. Fox will start getting curious on what happened to me soon, so let’s make this fast.” She replied. The two ran off, back  to where Gearhart just was.


Gearhart walked up to the spot of where he saw the tiger moved through. “This isn’t going to work, Richard. There is nothing here.” Nel said, a little disappointed that she would have to return soon. Gearhart examined the area, and started pressing stones inward. After five bricks were pushed in, the rest of the bricks moved upwards, into the wall as an opening were made. “Now we can go in.” Gearhart said smiling and walking in. Nel smiled at this as well and followed.

For Nel, it was hard to see, but for Gearhart, the darkness was no problem. The secret hall was very musty and moist on the ground. “Here, Nel. Grab my hand. This place is very slippery, one wrong step and you could fall.” Gearhart said while focusing on any tracks he could see on the ground. Nel grabbed his hand and started blushing, Gearhart did not understand why, but he was happy. He was able to pick up slight disturbances in the ground; it was so moist and dark in here, he was able to see just that. He followed them through the hall as it led to stairs leading down ward. Carefully, the two walked down. Nel almost slipped a few times, if Gearhar wasn’t there, she easily would have fell down and got hurt very badly. The stairs led to a wooden door. Gearhart put his ear to the door. It didn’t seem that there was anyone on the other side. “Okay, let’s see what’s behind door number one!” Gearhart whispered as he cracked the door. The door squeaked quite loudly, causing Gearhart to open the door as fast as he could. It was a lit room with a bed, some dressers, and a desk. The two walked into the room. Gearhart couldn’t tell what it was but there was something not right about the room. “Be careful, Nel. Something is up about this room.” Gearhart said while walking to the desk. Nel entered the room as well. “What do you mean? There-” A big cracking sound was heard. Gearhart turned around to see that Nel was on the floor, face down, and bleeding at a fast rate. The tiger was standing over Nel with a large metal bat. His heart instantly dropped as he stood in fear. “So much for your friend being of any use.” The tiger said while stepping left of the door and pressing a button. The room then faded away as the image of a large base appeared. Gearhart realized that the room was a cloaking device, and that they were in a much larger place than they thought. “She is either dead, or going to bleed to death within the next minute or two.” The tiger stated while slowly moving to Gearhart. With this, Gearhart acted. He quickly dashed towards the tiger, she tried sweeping his legs with the bat, but Gearhart jumped as she tried. Gearhart his two fingers into the right eye of the tiger and flipped over her. She cried out in pain while turning and tried another attack at Gearhart. He ducked, and as the side of her body was facing him from the force of motion, he punched as hard as could in the side of the tigers chest. She got knocked back a few feat, now swearing in pain. Gearhart went for a quick finish to the heart, like he performed on Slippy, but as he went for the blow, his left arm froze, just two inches from the tiger, as he felt a sudden burst of pain there as he yelped. The tiger swung the bat with full might, and landed a shot at his chest. Gearhart flew back five feet, and coughed some blood as he tried standing. He knew the two of his ribs were now broken, at least, and was bleeding internally. He slowly got on his hands and knees, as the tiger slammed the bat at his back, forcing him back to the ground. “Too scared to finish the enemy?” The tiger mocked Gearhart. He didn’t understand why his arm stopped. He would have won, but now he was on the ground. “Too bad I’m not!” She said while lifting the bat for one final blow. Gearhart tried focusing all his muscles so he could try avoiding a fatal blow, but his head wasn’t letting him think, and his left arm wasn’t allowing movement. “Oh,” The tiger said quietly. “Daddy told me you did your job Ge-” She was cut off as a blade was now sticking out of her chest and throat. She stood for a moment, trying to breath with her stabbed throat, as she collapsed to the floor. Gearhart’s arm and head were now allowing him to move. He turned his head to see Nel there, her left eye closed from the blood that was running down it. She got to the ground and hugged Gearhart. This made him yelp in pain as Nel was now on him. “Are you okay?”Gear hart panted as he was trying to regulate his own blood flow. “I’m just glad you are!” Nel said squeezing his harder. Gearhart’s eyes started blurring. “I am internally bleeding, and fast. Get me to a hospital.” He said while his head dropped and fell into a state of unconscious.


Gearhart woke up to find himself in the white plane of existence that he went to before. The white and brown wolf was there as well.

“So, how many times is it going to take to see the truth?” The wolf asked Gearhart. He looked confused by the question.

“To see what truth?” Gearhart was really confused. The wolf closed his eyes and shook his head.

“I can’t tell you. I can only help you so much.” The wolf said while re-opening his eyes. He walked closer to Gearhart. “Telepathy, Clairsentience, Kinesis, Rejuvenation, and Augmentation. Those are all psychic abilities that only a select few are given at birth. The most known one is Telepathy, seeing as they can read, and talk to people through minds. The others are less known and more forgotten seeing as most people, out of the one percent population that do, who have them do not realize they have it.”

“What does this have to do with anything?” Gearhart said; he was now confused beyond belief.

“The rules state that I am unable to tell you things you have not experienced yet. So that is for you to learn.” The white background and the wolf slowly started fading into darkness. Before he was completely gone, he spoke again. “Oh. By the way, great job on that fight. Watch out for Nel, seems like she is really close with you now.” The wolf said while chuckling as his body faded. This made Gearhart happy, knowing that Nel did actually like him, and worried as he didn’t know what to do. Before he had time to respond to the darkness, his vision was shot down as he felt someone on his arm.


Gearhart slowly opened his eyes. He was in the medical room in the Great Fox again. He looked around and saw that Nel was sleeping; her arms folded on his arm, with her head in them. This made Gearhart happy to see that she was fine, and here. He also noticed Falco sitting in a chair looking at him. He got up and walked over to the bed. “Come on, Mr. Hero. Foxie wants to talk to ya.” He said in an upset manner. Falco snapped in Nel’s ears a couple times. She suddenly woke up saw Gearhart awake and Falco snapping at her. Feeling embarrassed, she got up and headed for the door. “That wasn’t very nice.” Gearhart said while looking at Falco. “Just get up and go see Fox, you piece of scum!” Falco snapped at Gearhart as he headed out of the room as well. Gearhart sighed and got up. It was hard at first, seeing as his ribs were still healing, but he got up, put on the new communicator gauntlet at the nightstand of the bed, and headed out for Fox’s office.


In the room now were Fox, sitting in his chair, Nel, and Gearhart, both sitting on the other side of the desk. Fox had a straight expression on his face, showing no sign of happy, pleased, upset, or furious traits; this got Gearhart a bit worried. It was a moment before Fox started.


“Now, usually, this situation would get both of you probation for two weeks.” Nel and Gearhart instantly grew worried. “But, seeing the circumstances we decided you two are off the hook.” Fox smiled as the other two were happy and greatly confused. Seeing their faces, Fox decided to continue. “Krystal was able to tell me what happened through your eyes, and you guys did what you felt was important for the mission. I was upset at first, but since she was trying to get away with this,” Fox held up a vial of green liquid that was constantly changing colors, “Peppy and I decided it would only be right to congratulate you two!” The two smiled and were speechless. Fox pulled out from a drawer a piece of paper, mainly used for enlistment. “And for Richard,” He said while pushing the paper near him, “If you want, you are now an honorary member of Team Starfox!” Gearhart was ecstatic. Usually he had to beg to be a part of something, but he was now asked. Not only that, but it was from a mercenary group. He wasn’t sure whether or not to actually sign, but he did.


The rest of the day went by as usual. Gearhart stuck in his room, reading, not sure what to do about Nel. Falco laid in the ‘Rec Room’ and slept on the couch. Fayt and Cliff were pulling more random pranks, and ended getting beat up by Krystal. Slippy was now better and fixing up ships. And Fara was talking, mostly flirting, with Fox as he was stuck doing paper work. Fox and Gearhart did the training at night like the day before.

After training, Fox talked to Gearhart in the halls. “Since Peppy says he has nothing new just yet for us to do, I am allowing all members of Starfox to head down to Corneria and enjoy themselves for the weekend.” Gearhart had almost forgotten that tomorrow was Saturday, and felt almost stupid for not realized it. “At ten A.M., the Great Fox will land, and you will be to do as you please, as long as you get back here before Sunday ten P.M.”

“Sure thing. I can find something to do by then I bet.” Gearhart said while unlocking the door to his room. “Thanks again. Good night.”

“Night, Richard.” Fox replied as Gearhart shut the door.

Gearhart got on his bed, and lay down. Well, I don’t have anything I want to do, but I guess I could find something. He thought as his eyes grew heavy. He yawned and rested his head on the pillow. He smiled as he drifted off into sleep; happy that life was turning around for him. That Seeker Zostro lady had me all wrong.


May look small, since not as many paragraphs, but just as long as the last.  :wink:

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