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This is how Lylat plays Futbol! (Soccer)


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I wrote  this:

Fox was battling Andross with a spaceship in space.

After a intense battle,

Fox said,

"I'm getting bored. How about a game of futbol?"

Andross was just fricking mad, he said "yes" through his anger.

"Great. Let's go to the Planet Cup then.", Fox said.

*1 YEAR OF Intestive Training later*

"Kay, guys, this is the big day. Do all your best you can, Starfox.

You're the only team that could save the Planet Cup into good use."

General Pepper said.

Peppy nodded and kept loading their luggage to Earth.

And then they zoomed off.

The camera suddenly pans closer to Earth, then Africa, then Johannesburg.

Then I saw myself on the Johannesburg Soccer Field, in the old days.

I was just playing a single game of soccer, when I heard footsteps coming.

Then I saw in shock as people start flowing into the stadium into what was previously a ghost town.

I see creatures of  many shapes and sizes.

"What are you guys sitting there?", I said.

"We're rooting for Starfox."

"Starfox...? *shakes head* Alright fine, whoever's coming here can play. But... 10 bucks per person."

And when every seat were filled, I got 1,245,970 dollars.

Then I sat down in my own private booth.

Then I heard the announcer said: "Here is the first Interplanetary Soccer Match supported by the new FIFA!"

(Federation Interplanetary de Football Association)

Then the crowd cheered!

"But before we begin, we will mention the matching of teams from different planets.

Aquas vs. Eladard

Cerinia vs. Papetoon

Corneria vs. Venom

  Fichina vs. Saturn

Fortuna vs. Mercury

Neptune vs. Macbeth

Titania vs. Venus

Katina vs. Uranus

Kew vs.Pluto

Sauria vs. Jupiter

Earth vs.  Mars   

Sun vs. Pandora

(IDC what you guy says, this is my dream.)

"Who will be the first champion? The event is hosted by Earth!"

First up, Corneria vs. Venom!

Cheers raged on!

Then I saw the Starfox Team (With Bill.(Peppy will be coach.) came out along with Starwolf (Pimga and Andrew is there, Andross is coach)

Here's the postions for Corneria  vs.    Venom  from my view point:

                  :fox:                              I      :wolf:


:krystal:            :slippy:              :falco:          I    :panther:      (Pigma)        :leon:                                                             

  (goalie)                (Forward)      I

                  :bill:                          I    (Andrew)                                                       

                (Mid-F/D)                              (Forwards)    (M-F/D)  (Goalie)

Then after the anthem for each planet ends, then the teams goes to their formations.

Then the whistle blows AND THE GAME BEGINS!

"Falco is off, dribbling the ball across the field.

Ohh, Intercepted by Panther."

"It seems Starwolf's going off to a good start."

"But wait! The run by Panther has got the ball over the side line!"

"Throw-in for Starfox!"

Fox just steps up and tossed the ball in-field.

"Falco heads it. And the possession of the ball keeps flipping!"

"10 mins in, and no team gives a inch."

Then the ball went flying towards Krystal.

Krystal is prepared. but Slippy heads the ball!


I repeated, Slippy headed the ball!"

"It's going, going ,going...



"Here's the replay! Show the screen!"


Slippy heads the ball, the ball flys, Leon catches it and then slips it out of his hand into the goal.

Corneria 1-0 Venom!

Falco gets a bit bigheaded, but Fox tells him to keep his head in the game.

"Sigh, fine. Let's have it your way."

Falco said.

"Now's the ball's coming to their side, folks!

Who's gonna get it first?"

Slippy and Pigma runs after the ball.

"I got the ball!"

Slippy said.

"And what are you gonna do about it, pipsqueak?"

Pigma said.

"Pipsqueak?! I'll show you Pipsqueak!"

Slippy said.

"Slippy kicks the ball! Wow, close shave for Pigma and... OMG!

The soccer ball KO'ed the goalie,but no goal! I guess he wasn't looking."

*5 min break*

"Panther's doing a run with the ball, Fox intercepts the ball, but Panther rebounds it and kicks it to the goal, bounced the ball off the goalpost and scored a goal!


1-1 Tie.

"Someone's gonna give, someone gonna have to!"

*8 mins later*

"2 mins to half time! Falco lobs the ball, then Fox heads it, then Bill did a fake head-in and kicked a goal!


HALFTIME, Corneria 2-1 Venom.

*Halftime is over*

"Fox got the ball! He's doing a run, but Wolf trips him!"

"Hey, no unfair competition." The referee said.

"But he was in my way!" Wolf said.

"Likely story, but I saw what you did there."

Then referee raises a yellow card.

"Ooh,Yellow Card to Wolf. Not good."

"Free kick for Corneria. I bet Andross is boiling now."

*Free kick starts*


Andrew was not  behind the kine of defenders.


*Free Kick restarts*

"Falco kicks  the ball! Pigma got the ball and began a run with it.

People are trying to nab him, but he's one muddy pig!

Somehow, he did a corkscrew kick and  Krystal's jumping for the save!

People, she's reaching it!

The final verdict is a...


*10 mins later*

"Fox is now having a corner kick, due to the push from Panther 3 mins ago."

"He kicks it!"  "Falco got it and now is juggling it!"

"WOW, the fans are really cheering tonight!"

"Everyone is showing their color!"

" Falco kicks the ball to the goal and...

OOH! Off the cross bar!"

*20 min later*

"Panther has the ball!

But wait!

Krystal is sweet-talking him.

Panther fell head over heels.

Krystal just picks up the ball and throw it in to their team!"

"What a heartbreaking moment for Panther!"

"Panther, get up you dimwit! You just cost us the ball cuz of her"

Wolf said.

"I'm sorry."

Panther said.

"Just get your head in the game."

Wolf said.

*10 mins later*

"The game is evenly matched and fierce!"

*46 mins later*

Fox  is dribbling the ball, then zips off! He passed it to Falco.

3 mins left!

"Still 1-1, so Fox and Falco have to  come with something good,

and FAST cuz time's a-ticking and they's a-wasting!"

The tension raises,

when Peppy finally said,

"Fox, Do a barrel roll!"

Fox got the ball and just spun it and then kicked wide.

"OMG it's flying! Will it make it? Will the game goes to overtime?

It's landing...


*buzzer sounds*

Corneria wins, I repeat, Corneria wins!

The Starfox Team collects around Fox in a winner hug!

Andross is slightly miffed, Peppy joyful with his team.

"At least this is fun again."

Said Fox.

The fans cheered!

And me?

And I'm glad because i got my million dollars.



I hope you liked it.

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