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Who's voices would/could you do for SF?

Guest Julius Quasar

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Guest Julius Quasar

For me:

:fox: Possibly.  With practice.

:falco: Not so well, I end up sounding like Sylvester Stallone

:krystal: Can't do it.

:slippy: Not too good at it

:peppy: Got potential to do it

:sf64katt: Nope.

:bill: I could do it.

General Pepper: Yes, with practice.  I prefer to do the Assault version, I like that, he sounds like...Richard Nixon.  "I...am not an Aparoid!"

:wolf: Maybe.  I can do SF64 OR Assault versions

:leon: I can do SF64, although I end up sounding more like Sideshow Mel

:panther: I guess I could do it.

Pigma: Unfortunately, yes, if it's Assault version of Pigma

Andrew: SF64, yes, Assault, no...

Andross: Nope.

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:fox: Sorta-kinda.

:falco: Yeah. Decently.

:peppy: I be barrel rolling all over da place.

:slippy: All of his incarnations, yes.

:krystal: Only choice phrases, like "Give me that!" and "ARGH! My fuselage!"

:wolf:SF64 yes. Assault not so much. I can parrot his Brawl sayings pretty well.

:leon: Yes. Both 64 and 'Cube.

:panther: Kinda-sorta.

:bill: Yes. He's pretty normal.

:katt: Only a few choice phrases like "You tryin' to mess up my pretty face?"

General Pepper: Yes.

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Since I'm gonna be making a Star Fox flash animation series once I get a better computer. I'm working on impersonations for the voice acting.

:fox: Pretty good

:peppy: Prettygood

:falco: Not bad

:slippy: Not so good

:wolf: Not bad

:panther: Not so good

:bill: Not bad 

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Guest FoXXX

:fox: I can do a pretty good job with his Adventures voice

:falco: Adventures voice

:slippy:SF64 voice, yes lol

:krystal: I try not to, for reasons I'm not going to mention :lol:

:peppy: Pretty well with his 64 voice

:cool: Purdy good

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Here's my input...

:fox: Sure. In fact, I believe he is the character I could do best. One more reason why he is my favorite. :D I feel I could do all 3 (64, Adventures, & Assault).

:falco: I could do good with him. His Assault voice I could do best. The other 2 good, but not as good.

:slippy: Pretty much the same as Falco.

:peppy: Probably passable for the most part

:bill: I can be good with him.

:wolf::leon: I could do alright with both 64 and Assault voices.

:panther: It would be ok, I feel.

General Pepper is another where I believe I would do ok.

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i would like to try all of the males.... :D

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