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A story im makin...

Guest AbSoLuTeZeRO919

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Guest AbSoLuTeZeRO919

Well its just a story I started making out of boredom and I guess im gonna star tposting it here aswell as ma forums.

Chapter one.

In a grassy area behind the mountains of Klanataira was a house where a

unknown hero awaits to be disgovered. His name is Elyk, A

Anthro-Dragon like none other. This character is where the story begins but

many more people will come into it.

Hearing the noise of a man on a horse Elyk got up from the table, he He

checked who it was and found a man getting knocked off his steed by some

lowly riders from the Tainted Wood country. The man got up and threw

the pike that was on his back at one of the riders. One dead rider wasn't

enough to scare them off, The Tainted Wood riders were tough men but

pretty stupid at times. The man grabbed another pike off his back and

threw it at another one. "Looks like this man was prepaired for something

like this." said Elyk. He got trampled by the other one. Elyk grabbed his

bow and shot the last rider in the heart.

"You alright?" He asked the man. "Not really.... Could I come in for awhile

and rest knowing im upon safety?" The man asked. "Sure." Elyk replied. So

what might your name be and where do you hail from sir?" Elyk asked. "I

am Borithmir Captain of Klanantairia." Borithmir replied. "I've heard great

things of you Borithmir." ELyk said. "What might your name be and where

do you hail from?" He asked Elyk. "I am Elyk of Klanatairia. No spesific

duties or such." Elyk replied. "I must ask of you of some help getting to The

Great City?" Borithmir asked. "I will help you in all your quest if you want

me to. I have nothing to live for and nothing to do." Elyk replied.

A few days after....

"Ready?" Borithmir asked. "Obcourse." Elyk replied. They set off to The

Great City. "Uh before we go, do you have a steed Elyk?" "Yeah I got one."

Well finally now they set off to The Great City.

End of Chapter one....

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Guest AbSoLuTeZeRO919

Chapter 2....

As Borithmir and Elyk were going down the path they encountered a small

village. The only thing strange about this was it was on fire. They went

toward and saw two men defending people of the village from bandits.

Elyk pulled his bow off his back and started filling the bandits with

arrows. Borithmir started charging toward the bandits, and the two men

started charging aswell. The bandits didn't stand a chance to the four men

now fighting them. The bandits that were left ran for there lives.

After the battle....

"Thank you for the help. And what is your names?" Asked the smaller of

the two men. "I am Borithmir Captain of Klanatairia." "I am Elyk

Mercenary of Klanatairia. What might your names be?" "I am Kyle Elite

Knight of Klanatar." "I am Anthony also an Elite Knight of Klanatar."

"We must be going now it was great of you two to help are town out." Kyle

said. "Wait where are you going to?" Asked Borithmir. "Were going to the

Great City where else?" "Ah Kyle and Anthony would you might want to

join us on our quest to The Great City? We could use some people of your

skills." Borithmir asked. The Two Elite Knights joined Borithmir and Elyk

on there quest.

Alittle later....

"This is where we meet with some of my soldiers." Borithmir said. "Were

meeting with soldiers? Why?" Kyle asked. "Were gonna be fighting in a

battle. Were fighting in the Battle for Klanatire." He replied. As they rode

up the hill they saw the men. "Captain Borithmir you have arived! Who

might these people be?" One soldier asked. "They are friends of mine. There

gonna help us battle these feinds." Borithmir replied. They could already see

the village and the enemy approaching it. "They come near! Hurry my

friends and soldiers go as fast as you can! We must beat them to the city!"

Borithmir yelled.

End chapter 2...

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Guest AbSoLuTeZeRO919

This chapter is really long.

Chapter 3...

As Borithmir and company raced to the village so did the enemy. It was

only a matter of time before the odds would turn to one of the sides.

Whoever got to the village first. "They brought seige weapons!!!

Balistas!!! There gonna seige the town! Me,Elyk,Kyle and Anthony will

go after the seige weapons the rest fortify in the village and prepair for

combat!" Borithmir yelled. "Follow me I see a weak point for us to get the

seige weapons." Elyk said. Elyk curved off path and so did the other three.

They went toward the back of the enemy. "They didn't protect the back so

we can set fire to there seige weapons!" Elyk yelled. "A great observatation

Elyk! This will turn the tides of the battle greatly." Kyle said. They lit fire

to some torches and threw em upon the seige weapons as they rode by them.

"Ha ha ah you little fags thats what ya get!" Anthony said. They went back

to the village and told the men of the news. "Get ready they come near!"

Borithmir yelled to the men. The men got ready to battle. "They out number

us greatly." Kyle said. Elyk just looked at the enemy with a pissed off look

on his face. "READY!?...... CHAAAAAARGE!" Borithmir yelled to the

men. The four heros got off there steeds and charged with the men. The

two small armies clashed together fighting for all of humanity. Anthony

and Kyle still in the back of the army shoving and pushing there way to the

front as Elyk is in the middle and borithmir is in front. "FOR

KLANATAIRIA!!!" Borithmir yelled. Killing one after another of the

enemy forces. The others still making there way up. The enemy were way

too weak for the Borihtmirs forces but they kept fighting. "They must be

stalling us for something." Kyle said to Anthony. Then a horn sounded off.

"Thats an enemy horn! They are trying to flank us!" Borithmir called out to

the men. They enemy had planned this battle out. They were trying to get

rid of Borithmir and his elite army and conquer this village.

Borithmir ran to the back of the army. As he passed by the other he told

them to come wiht him. They all were running back to the end of the army

now. "Why are we running we should be killing them?" Anthony asked.

"Ha ha I also have an ace up my sleeve. You see I have this horn with me for

a reason. Theres an army of knights waiting out in the distance waiting for

me to blow this horn. We have them where we want them now." He

smurked and pulled the horn off from his belt and blew into it. Hearing a

rumbling of horses coming nearer and nearer. "Ah what the hell we didn't

even get to kill anything." Anthony said. "Ah don't worry my friends.

There will be more fighting on this journy. But be warned the soldiers and

knights wont be with us next time we fight something. We'll be on our

own after this." Borithmir said. The Soldiers ran as fast as they could to

clear the way for the kngihts, The knights ramming into the enemy mowing

them down like grass. The soldiers started coming behind the kngihts to

pick off any servivors and such. "Well we leave the rest to the army we

must go. Forward to the Mountains of The Greadt City!" Borithmir said to

the others. They left there steeds for the men to take back to the fortress

and walked toward the mountains.

Later at entrance to a cavern into the mountains...

"Ah there will be plenty of enemy forces in here to kill." Borithmir said to

the group. "I've been wanting some action for a while." Anthony replied.

They came up to a very big room with a big fire and about 30 enemy orcs.

"Wait. Let me do something to lower there numbers." Elyk said. He pulled

out his bow and shot a powerful shot to the ceiling. I caved in and killed

about 10 of em. "KILL 'EM ALL!" Kyle yelled and the four charged the

enemy. Anthony in front ramming into two of em smashing them with his

beastly war hammer. As Kyle second into the fight Berserker charged some

of em with his Claymore. Borithmir charging through the middle and Elyk

coming in after him. Getting hit in the back by one of the orcs cheap

weapons Anthony's reaction was to turn around and blow the little

assholes head off, which he did. Kyle slicing one after another trying to

defend off 5 of em. Elyk pulled out his armblade and sword charging in to

help Kyle. (Armblade is a thing you basically put on you hand and clamp to

your arm and its a blade wala!) Borithmir ran toward the giant fire and

knocking the giant bin thingy it was in over into about 4 of em. Anthony

taking out there leader with one powerful blow. After that the rest ran but

elyk shot them down with his bow. "Well that was fun." Kyle said.

End Chapter 3...

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Guest AbSoLuTeZeRO919

Chapter 4...

The party stopped at the spot to rest for alittle, as Elyk scouted ahead.

Elyk came back alittle while after. "They got a group of Orc Soldiers up

ahead. They're in bigger numbers but they don'e look very powerful

compaired to the ones we just faught." He said. "We attack soon."

Borithmir said. "I saw a way we could go up and suprise attack them and

get an advantage from above." Elyk said back. They followed Elyk to this

hidden spot and at there delight found a giant pile of rocks ready to be

pushed off and smash those orcs. "ready?" Kyle asked. Kyle pushed the

rocks off without any answers. Anthony slid down the side of the hill and

Borithmir following. The orcs in shock and suprise scattered and made it

even easier for the heros. Kyle pulling off his sheild prepairing for the few

coming up to attack the two hidden heros. Elyk jump off and started

sliding off the hill and vollied arrows to the orcs trying to run. But at the

bottum of his slide he found a nasty suprise of orcs, Pulling off his pike he

took from the dead Tainted Wood horsemen for a weapon seeing he forgot

his sword at home. Seeing a few veteran orc soldiers coming to help there

doomed allies, Anthony quickly went for them. As Kyle slained the last of

the attackers at his point he jumped down quickly to help Anthony. Elyk

still fighting off the ones that waited for him at the bottum of the cliff.

Borithmir slaying the few retreaters. There small army stood no chance

against the few heros. They didn't even have close to a chance of making it

out alive, knowing so they faught them.

"Well I thought that was pretty easy." Kyle saying to the group. "Yeah

pretty easy when your prepaired." Elyk replied. "What do you mean?" Kyle

asked him. "I kinda forgot most of my stuff at home." "Actually so did we."

Anthony said to him. Borithmir looking at the three heros thinking of how

the worlds future is being help by these three who can't even remember to

bring the stuff they need. "We should continue hastily, there most likely

gonna send a more powerful force our way." Borithmir said to the group.

"listen. You hear that?" Kyle said. "What is it?" Anthony asked. "Giant

spiders." Borithmir replied. "I've encountered these before. Nasty creatures."

"Ah another thing to kill in our path." Kyle said. "I think I know a short

way out of here that will take us to The Great City." Borithmir said to

them. "Follow me." The group moved quickly through the dreaded paths of

the caverns. They finally made it out 1 hour later. "Finally!" Kyle said.

"The Great City isn't to far now." Borithmir told the group. They walked

and walked moving as fast as they could. "I see it now! The Great City."

Anthony said.

A few moments later at The Great City entrance...

"Halt!" A guard said. "No worries my friends it is I Borithmir captain of

Klanatairia." "Oh come right in sir!" The guard said quickly. "Ah finally

some peace!" Kyle said. "Follow me we have one more thing before getting

settled." Borithmir said. They walked to a great building on the 3 floor.

"What is this?" Kyle asked. "Ah it is the kings palace!" Borithmir replied.

"Why are we here?" Anthony asked. "To get sworned in to duty by the king!

You must do this. It won't take too long." Borithmir said. "Ah Borithmir

your back! I see you have brought some people to help us." The King said.

"They are here to help us in this war." Borthimir said. "What might your

names be?" The King asked. "I am Kyle! Elite Knight of Klanatar! At

your service I will do as commanded." "I am Anthony! Also an Elite

Knight from Klanatar! At your service king." I am Elyk. Elite Mercanary

from the plains of Klanatarisma. Your wish is my command sir." "Ah let us

get you sworn in now." The king said.

End Chapter 4...

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me likes! didn't 20 minutes to read it, eathier......

(Mine has that problem.....probibly no ones posted.....)

Keep up the good work

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Guest AbSoLuTeZeRO919

Here is chapter 5!

Chapter 5...

"Will you three put your lives on the very thin line for our country?" The

King said to them. "I shall." The three said in unisen. "You most likely will

not come out of this nearly alive. I'll make this short and just get this over

with now." The King sworned the three into duty. "Well where shall we

stay for the night Borithmir?" Kyle asked. "Im sorry friends but we must

depart here here is a paper with the locations of where you will be staying."

Borithmir handed the paper to Kyle.

"So were on the fourth floor somewhere on the right side." Kyle said to the

others. "So what do you think will happen first?" Kyle asked the group.

"What do you mean?" Anthony asked. "I mean what do you think will

happen first were gonna go out and get the first attack or are we gonna

wait for them?" "I don't know" Anthony said. "Ah here it is!" Kyle said.

Elyk opened the door, and walked in. "Looks nice." he said. The group

found where they would sleep adn did so.

The Next Morning...

"Wake up I made food." Elyk said to the other two sleeping ones. "wha...

Ah food nothing wakes a man up better than that!" Kyle said getting up

instantly. He walked over and poked Anthony in the side. "Get up." He

said. Anthony didn't even move. "I said get up." Kyle said , then kicking

him in the side. "Ah whats going on!" Anthony yelled. "Had to get ya up

some how." Kyle said back. "I made food" Elyk said to Anthony. "So what

do we do around here? Wait for Borithmir to pick us up or something?"

Kyle asked. "We could look around the city I guess." Elyk replied.

Instantly the door opened. Borithmir walked in. "Ah I see your almost

ready? Im gonna take you to the armory to get equipped." Borithmir said to

them. "Yeah were ready." Kyle said. The three followed Borithmit to the

armory. "Man this place is huge, and quite beautiful." Kyle said. "Yeah

great place." Elyk said back. "Its to big to remember where everything is."

Anthony said to them.

Few moments later...

"Here we are. The Armory, let me show you where your equipment is."

Borithmir said. They followed him into a fancy room with grand armor and

weapons everywhere. Anthony grabbing a sword and warhammer and

getting the heavy armor, Kyle grabbing a Claymore sword,sheild and a bow

with arrows obcourse and the medium armor, Elyk grabbing the Bow, a

sword, and a pike with medium armor aswell. "All ready?" Borithmir asked

them. "yes sir." Kyle said. "Alright you guys go back to your rooms and heres

the key." Borithmir said. The three went back to there rooms. Then hearing

a very loud bell ringing they ran outside. Borithmir came to there rooms.

"There coming! We are prepairing for war at the wall of Klanatairia, If we

lose the wall they'll have more axcess to the country! Follow me!" Borithmir

yelled. The four ran hastily to where the soldiers grouped. "This should be a

good enough force! Let us move to the Great Walls!" A man yelled to the

army. "Ah this should be fun." Kyle said.

End Chapter 5...

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Guest AbSoLuTeZeRO919

A character picture of Elyk Im working on Kyle's and Anthony's (There both on the same pic since there from the same place and are ranked the same)


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