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Favorite Megaman?

Geo Stelar

What Megaman series is/are your favorite/s?  

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  1. 1. What Megaman series is/are your favorite/s?

    • Mega Man classic
    • Megaman X
    • Mega Man Legends
    • Megaman Zero
    • Megaman ZX/ZX Advent
    • Megaman Battle Network
    • Megaman Star Force

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What is, or are, your favorite Megaman series?

Classic Megaman - where it all started

Megaman X - first to have a serious storyline and the action is pumped up a lot

Megaman Legends - the underrated series

Megaman Zero - where Zero starred his own series

Megaman ZX/ZX Advent - first to have an 'official' 'Megawoman', and also has the most characters able to be a 'megaman'

Megaman Battle Network - the first of its kind, also, the first megaman to have an official logo

Megaman Star Force - the latest series, the most number of transformations in the whole megaman universe

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My favorite MegaMan series is the X series. I just love it. The story is dark, serious, compelling, and cool to the max, I love it. :D The characters (X, Zero, AxL, etc.) also rock. :D In fact the X series is one of my favorite game series ever. :D

I really like Legends (I've only played the first though). I really enjoy Battle Network, that is to say I really like the first 3 (don't care much for 4, 5, and 6). The original series is ok IMO. I see the Zero series as just a spinoff, and I don't consider it cannon. ZX and StarForce... Forget about it.

Well, that's my input...

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I like both classic and X. I used to like the battle network games but I lost interest. 

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I like the X series... it was awesome with a great story and action level. I liked the Maverick Hunter X the most because I can play as my fave X character, Vile.

I also like the ZX/ZX Advent series. The first megaman to have many 'megamen' raised my excitement.

And my last (but not the least) favorite, the Star Force series. Good story, especially the third game, and all the 3 games teach us some sort of a lesson. Hence where I got, thought, and created my personal text. I liked its battle system the most, especially the transformations. Pegasus Magic, Zerker Tribe, and Gemini Noise FTW!!!

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