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Species: Great Horned Owl

Feather color: Blue (With red feather pattern around his eyes)

Eye color: Blue

Homeworld: Unknown

Age: 26

Height: 5'3

Physique: Round built.

Vocal Description: I'd say a calm Reuben Langdon.

Attire: Black Jacket, Green undershirt with the Cornerian Army logo on it, yellow pants, yellow goggles on top of his head, and brown shoes.

Strengths/Skills: Inventing Gadgets and Weapons, Computer work, Flying, Boxing.

Weakness: Doesn't like to take chances.


Wrist Blasters (Invention of Nite's. They fit firmly around his wrists and function like normal blasters. They are fired by reading Nite's nerve pulses in his wrist which are a result of his brain impulses, therefore rendering the wrist blasters to work by thought process.)

Zero energy laser (An energy beam that can can lift objects by firing a concentrated dose of Zero-Point Energy)

Subatomic Reflector ball. (A reflector orb that encompasses the user in a wider range than the ordinary reflector. The user can even run around in the indestructible ball for a limited time. )

Transport: The Nite-wing


Transport Specks: Twin Lasers, Light-speed Capability, Barrel Roll defenses, Smart Bombs, Cluster Bomb multi lock feature.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot

Affiliation: CDF, Cornerian Army

Good/Bad: Good

Occupation: Chief Weapon Engineer

Personality: Serious, Dry sense of humor, Smart

Background: Not much is known about Nite's past. The only thing that has been stated was that Falco used to tease and bully Nite when they were younger. However Peppy happened to find Nite years later and Falco was surprised to see his cousin. Speaking highly of him Falco referred him to the Corneria army, who soon offered him a job, and made him Chief Weapon Engineer.

"Nite in his workshop" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6REco27On-s

"Nite works on a weapon" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocA8drSsSco

Action Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KitL5O67XGc&feature=related

Other facts:

Nite is the cousin of Falco.

Nite's flight skills are as expert, due to his family tree being skilled in aerial flying.

Due to his profession Nite is also a moderate marksman and has extensive knowledge of blasters, launchers, grenades, and a variety of other weapons.

Nite also uses a variety of Gadgets he made himself. One of his gadgets is even his yellow goggles that enable him to see in the dark, which works more efficiently than normal Night Vision goggles. Another is a wrist holo-computer that sits right behind his left wrist blaster. (Another one of his inventions) With this computer Nite can look at a variity of useful information like building schematics and computer logs. He can also hack computers remotely with it, provided he's close enough in range.

Nite's zero laser sits promptly on his right wrist blaster. Unlike the wrist blasters however, it is not thought activated and is required to be activated manually by a bright blue button on top.

Another one of Nite's gadgets "The Subatomic Reflector Ball" is more powerful than a normal reflector, but is also bulkier. Nite usually carries it in his jacket pocket, leading for the quick activation of the item to be lacking.

Nite managed to make his own customized ship, that used to be a Cornerian fighter getting input from such other genius animals like Slippy Toad, and Fara Phoenix. Nite is not much of a fighter, but he has been taught boxing moves from Falco which he continues to practice.

Part of Nite's charm is that even though he's mainly a weapon's engineer, he is also an expert in computers making him a professional hacker. This sort of balances him in the "genius" animal list IMO, since Slippy is an expert in computers and mechanics (Being middle class) and most Fara Phoenix incarnations are experts in mechanics.

Trivia: Nite was a FC character I made, because I really didn't have any at the time and I wanted one. Regardless of him being a spur of the moment character, Nite has come to be a unique FC in my eyes with his calm and sensible personality along with his species.


Name: Rjour

Species: Sharpclaw

Scale color: Pearl white

Eye color: Red

Homeworld: Sauria

Age: Unknown

Height: 9'3

Physique: Big, Muscular built.

Vocal Description: Normal Sharpclaw voice.

Attire: Tribal clothing. He generally goes bare-chested with a loin cloth. A strap can be seen going across the torso of his body.The strap holds both his Battle Axe and Mace in the rear area.

Strengths/Skills: Is quite strong. He also has skills with many hand weapons.

Weakness: Even though he is VERY intelligent by sharpclaw standards, Rjour cannot compare with the geniuses of the Lylat system.

Weapons: Large Mace and Battle axe. On special occasions he's been know to carry diamond and obsidian versions of the weapons.

Transport: None

Affiliation: Sharpclaw Kingdom

Good/Bad: Good

Occupation: King of the Sharpclaw.

Personality: Kind, very understanding but firm.

Background: Rjour was erected leader of the Sharpclaw after Scales was supposedly killed. Due to his "Sharpclaw" IQ Rjour is a great leader, and is able to make the tribe work together to solve problems. Recently Rjour has made vast improvements to his tribe, moving them to a small island not far from Cape Claw. This island has been named "Sharpclaw Island" respectively. With Rjour as the island ruler, he's done many things for the tribe including erecting a sharpclaw counsel, and using some technology from off planet for defenses around the island and for "Sharpclaw Palace." Having an alliance along with King Tricky of the EarthWalker tribe, Rjour works to defend and make Sauria a better place for all dinosuars.

Main theme:

"Rjour's Jungle Brawl" theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrkXUtbflvw

"Sharpclaw Island Jam" theme:

Other facts:

Rjour is simply a king of the Sharpclaw and not a merc or bounty hunter. This means he is not usually tied up in space adventures. However he is very active in the situations on Sauria.

Rjour is not a violent person, but realizes he must protect his tribe from the various dangers. For this reason, Rjour has negotiated with various off-worlders for technology, having some top of the line weapon systems and weapons. This makes Sharpclaw Island one of the most dangerous areas to attack on Sauria.

Even though Rjour has bodyguards, he likes to patrol "Sharpclaw Wood" (The dense forest area surrounding the island) by himself and keep any dangers and trouble away from his tribe.

Rjour is the largest Sharpclaw on record with a hulking height of 9'3.

Trivia: Rjour was originally planned to be a girl with pearl white scales and blue eyes. However because of never seeing any female Sharpclaw I decided to drop the gender, and just change his eye color to red.


Name: Wrecks Yu (Fake name. Real Name unknown.)

Species: Sharpclaw

Scale color: Red

Eye color: Orange

Homeworld: Sauria

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'9

Physique: Slightly built.

Vocal Description: Steven Blum's tougher voice.

Attire:His normal attire is sliver plated armor (Outfitted with Gauntlets with various gadgets, such as a grappling hook and remote access to his ship) and silver boots with special soles that are made to cling to his hoverboard. A helmet with a pink visor will usually form on his head in a battle. A part of silver armor also covers his tail, which when activated can turn into a mace.

Strengths/Skills: Is an professional saboteur, information gatherer, and infiltration specialist. Wrecks is also very clever and usually works angles in whatever way he can.

Weakness: His pride. Wrecks is good at what he does.....and knows it. This means he can have the tendency to overestimate himself.

Weapons: Two Custom Silver Blaster Pistols.

Mace Tail. (A mace on the end of Wreck's suit tail, that is activated simply by thumping the ground. It is de-activated in the same way. The mace is made of stainless steel, causing it to pack quite a punch by whoever gets hit by it.)

Zero Laser (A prototype of Nite's invention. It has weaker power than Nite's and runs out of energy quickly. It's used mainly for emergencies)

Wrist Tranquilizer darts. (Darts shot out of the wrist that inject the subject with a fast acting toxin based of Wreck's preference)

Kneecap Grenades (Grenade Canisters that sit in a small storage compartment located in the kneecaps of Wreck's suit. Even though they are smaller than normal grenades they pack the same punch)

Transport: A stealth infiltrator he calls "Silver Rain".


Transport Specks: Laser cannon, Charge Laser Capability, Light-speed Capability (Except in stealth mode), Stealth mode, Twin Missile launchers, Smart Bombs.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot.

Affiliation: General Scales (Previous job)

Good/Bad: Bad

Occupation: Infiltration specialist for hire/Mercenary

Personality: Cool, calm and sneaky. Is often sure of his plans will work and will usually follow through despite difficult circumstances.

Background: Wrecks exact origin is unknown, but what is known is that General Scales found him on Sauria at somepoint shortly after Scales came back from "Death". He used a Brain Tissue enhancing serum on him, that made Wrecks much smarter than he was previously. Choosing a name for himself, Wrecks promised his loyalty to Scales, and was the Sharpclaw's second in command for a number of years. However recently his brain tissue serum has enhanced greatly, making him highly clever and resourceful. Deciding his career with Scales was a waste of time, Wrecks left to pursue a solo career. He is currently a Infiltration Specialist for hire. It is unknown how Scales has felt about his abandonment, but it's safe to assume he has not liked the course of action

"Wrecks's entrance" theme song:

"Inside the Silver Rain" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIf2BeGIr98

Other facts:

Wrecks has often been described as an escape artist, due to his uncanny ability to escape almost impossible situations even without using tools of any kind. Scales doesn't quite understand how he does it himself, but makes use of his talents, and decides not to inquire.

Stealth now comes into play as one of Wrecks many talents. He uses this often in his job as a Infiltration Specialist.

Wrecks now employs a silver M shaped hoverboard for fast getaways and transport that carries four seeker missiles, and two grapple beams underneath it. The grapple beams are often used to carries off larger targets that Wrecks cannot carry himself, as well as serving as a weapon in whatever creative way Wrecks can think of.

Trivia: Wrecks was originally going to be a type of Super Robo-Soldier that would carry out Scales's dirty work. However I decided to make him a Sharpclaw so as to shock the readers thinking he was another animal, and to make it easier for the Starfox team to track him down. I've changed his character a little, from that of a lackey to a confident and dangerous agent for hire. His new personality may be a bit reminiscent of Star Wars: The Clone Wars's Cad Bane and I say that with no guilt.


Name: Clause Kravenof

Species: Wolverine

Fur color: Light Brown (With two curved light white streaks going down his back and one going across his eyes)

Eye color: Brown

Homeworld: Fortuna

Age: 34

Height: 6'2

Physique: Muscular built.

Vocal Description: Imagine Robin Sachs with a gruff cockney accent.

Attire: In forest or jungle areas, he usually goes bare-chested with dark green bun huggers. The bun huggers usually sport a row of knifes going around his waist. This is his normal outfit for most places. When in city areas he wears a cream colored leather vest with nothing underneath and black trousers. On special missons and various night jobs, Clause will generally wear a body tight shirt and black bun huggers with different utility belts around his waist and around his legs. He always wears a transmatter pack on his back and a necklace of teeth around his neck. He also always goes barefoot, due to his sharp claws usually penetrating boots that he wears.

Strengths/Skills: Has long razor sharp claws on all of his paws, is a expert in hand to hand combat, skilled in various bladed weapons such as Swords and Combat knifes. Is a master at the art of knife throwing. An expert tracker, hunter, and survivalist. Also he is quite strong and agile and can follow people by scent. Clause is also more sneaky and elusive in the jungle and forest like-areas.

Weakness: Even though he is quite intelligent, he is often aggresive to the point where he can fall into traps easily. He is not good with technological items. Also he is NOT an expert pilot but makes due regardless.

Weapons: Various Swords, ( Usually Jungle Machetes) Combat Knifes, Throwing Knifes, Spiked Brass Knuckles and pretty much anything else that has a razor.

Transport: A Cornerian army cargo ship that has been modified by him to blend in with jungle and rainforest surroundings. Holds all of his weapons and survival gear.


Transport Specks: Light-speed Capability.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot.

Affiliation: None

Good/Bad: Anti-hero.

Occupation: Freelance Mercenary/Hitman.

Personality: Agressive, sneaky, and arrogant.

Background: Was raised in the rainforest of Fortuna by himself. His parents are unknown, but he taught himself the ways of the jungle and how to hunt and kill. Eventually he found a Cornerian army base located on the planet, managed to stow away on a cargo ship, and take out all the passengers on the vessel. He got into to the mercenary business, after realizing how good he was at it.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m27hoZtYEDA&feature=related

"Special Outfit" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJISpvN-ZnU

Other facts:

Clause has been known to use tactics to capture and kill people. His tactics can be described as a blend of Ninjitsu and Indian hunting.

On rare occasions Clause has even been know to use blowdarts dipped in poison. (Or curare poison, to paralyze his adversaries.)

Even though Clause works well in jungles and forests, he is also adept in Snowy and Rocky regions, moving quicker and being more agile than most animals could be on these terrains.

Trivia: Clause was origanally a character I had in an old story of mine, with a Secret Agent Squirrel named Sherwood. The plot was rather corny and Clause (Nameless at the time) was one of two bodyguards for the main villain (A Porcupine named Edward ) along with a nameless Bear. Later Clause's skills was mainly inspired by Kraven the Hunter from the Spiderman series. Although unintentional Clause also shares traits with Metal Gear Solid's Vamp.


Name: Klitza Voo

Species: Vampire Bat

Fur color: Jet Black

Eye color: Bright Red

Homeworld: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'5

Physique: Kind of slim.

Vocal Description: Spooky German Accent.

Attire: A long jet black cape. He often wears a Poet shirt underneath. He wears no shoes at any times.

Strengths/Skills: Is able to use radar sense by firing sonic echolocation. Can drain the blood from victims using his fangs and and in most cases kill them. He is able to move around very silently and swiftly, and he can see in his own version of Infored enabling him to sense heat signatures even between walls and objects. Klitza is also VERY agile and can blend in with the darkness due to the color of his fur.

Weakness: Very bright light can completely disorient him as can, and mirrors can screw up his radar sense to the point that he can't tell up from down. Very loud sounds can give him a splitting headache, and can even kill him if continuous. His hunger also can play a factor. The longer he goes without food, the weaker he gets. Also, Klitza has a fear of the planet Corneria due to his imprisonment and being tested on there.

Weapons: His claws, which are surprisingly sharp.

Transport: None

Affiliation: None

Good/Bad: Bad

Occupation: Wandering murderer.

Personality: Sneaky.

Background: Klitza comes from a long line of Vampire Bats that fed upon people from planet to planet. His mother his father and his sister were killed by the Corneria army when his family had stowed aboard a cargo ship on Venom. Klitza was the only one who survived and was captured and tested on. Four years later, he manedged to escape and stowed away on another regular ship on Corneria fleeing the planet. Ever since, Klitza has wandered around the galaxy trying to feed his hunger.

Theme music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwNOjyX71Tk

"Let's Fight" theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zkMPNMv5AA&feature=related

Other facts:

Klitza's long black cape is designed to let him glide around places where air currents or air resides. He can also flap the cape to gain altitude as a bat would do a pair of wings. However, Klitza seemingly can fly in some places where air currents don't reside, making his ability even more mysterious. His gliding speed is nearly as fast as his movements on ground.

Klitza also uses Smoke balls to give off the effect of teleporting to places in a puff of black smoke. It is unknown how exactly how he does this, since he actually seems to disappear with the smoke instead of casting an illusion. Klitza has stated to very few that it's an old family secret that was passed down for generations. Most Vampire bats learn how to do it at an early age, and experienced Vampire bats (Such as Klitza) can even use the effect to seem like they have teleported through walls in an instant. However Klitza must have his hands free to throw smoke balls to the ground, and the teleport effect is limited to short distances.

A fun fact is that Klitza is blind, but due to his Radar sense and Infored vision he can see pretty well, even though he can't distinguish colors.

Klitza has abnormal speed and reflexes. To most, it can generally appear that he has super speed. This mixed with his smoke balls, makes him a fearsome opponent in battle- with the bat weaving in and out of attacks and disappearing into smoke and then reappearing in different spots.

Trivia: A character I was inspired to make after seeing Fenrir from blood genesis. However Klitza is NOT a Vampire, but a Vampire BAT, meaning all his abilities are natural and he was not bitten by some sort of Vampire himself.


Name: Screech Lombardi

Species: Eagle

Feather color: Green

Eye color: Yellow

Homeworld: Unknown

Age: 30

Height: 5'8

Physique: Moderately muscular

Vocal Description: Tough, Raspy

Attire: A jacket with a flame attire on the back. Pants with also a flame attire and black boots. Wears communications headgear and a blue lens.

Strengths/Skills: Excellent pilot. Expert street fighter.

Weakness: Can be VERY brash, and takes chances without thinking of consequences.

Weapons: Wolf Blaster, Wolf Blaster (spare), and Reflector.

Transport: Wolfen

Affiliation: Starwolf team

Good/Bad: Anti-hero

Occupation: Merc/Starwolf member.

Personality: Brute, tough, arrogant.

Background: Falco's half brother. Not much of his background is known except Falco hates him and wants nothing to do with him. Screech on the other hand, doesn't exactly hate Falco, even though he finds his morality of being with the goodie-goodie Starfox team annoying. Screech has just recently resurfaced, from wherever he was and joined the Starwolf team to make good money and be in good scraps.

Theme music: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/374797

Other facts:

Screech is more brutal than Falco, and doesn't like to show mercy. He often jumps right into fights without a second word.

Oddly even though he has a brash and fiery attitude, Screech stays unusually calm during battles. Perhaps this is because he feels more comfortable when in some sort of scrap.

Being Falco's half brother Screech usually has some sort of care for him but shows it in the way of insulting him and showing him up in any way he can. He's constantly annoyed on how Falco would rather be with the Starfox team rather than be with him owning the galaxy.

Trivia: A character I made for a canceled Fan fic of mine. He was meant to be Falco's answer to Wolf O' Donell. He has a past with Falco, a rivalry, and somewhat respect. His yellow eye color is to symbolize his Anti-ness of Falco, he prefers to take the route to badness more than the one to good.

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Name: Dolly Munk

Species: Squirrel

Fur color: Light Yellow

Eye color: Light Brown

Homeworld: Titania

Age: 26

Height: 5'4

Physique:Moderate build.

Vocal Description: Country Accent, similar to Jennifer Hale's voice in X-Men: Next Dimension.

Attire: Black Cowboy Hat, Black Western dress and Black cowboy boots.

Strengths/Skills: Sharpshooting, Expert Lassoer, Pretty Agile.

Weakness: Is pretty small, therefore she doesn't have that much strength.

Weapons: Two Blaster Revolvers, mounted underneath her dress.

Energy lariat. (A lariat that's made of energy. It's activated from a silver handle, that holds the three settings for the lariat: Stun, Paralyze and Unconscious.

Plasma Net riffle. (A riffle that marks bounties through a scope, and fires a plasma net with precision. The net does not scorch, but is indestructible for two hours till it burns out. The net can be deactivated sooner by freezing it in some way.

Transport: A transport, Dolly likes to call "The Saloon". It holds three hover bikes and a small brig area for her uncooperative passengers.


Transport Specks: Laser Cannon, Twin manual Laser turrents, Light-speed Capability.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 2 gunners.



Good/Bad: Anti-hero

Occupation: Bounty Hunter.

Personality: Usually a serious business type of gal when it come to her work. But she normally stays in a calm and upbeat persona. When mad, she usually adopts a quiet demeanor letting out a few snarls here and there.

Background: A girl raised in a small town in Titania. Due to the town being the only safe haven around from the planet's natural dangers, it was plauged greatly by crime. Dolly's friends and family were eventually killed, by the surrounding thugs. Greatly angered, Dolly trained herself to be the toughest critter around and cleaned out her town of the varmits. She decided to become a bounty hunter to capture criminal scum.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt9_UNTF57c

"Pursuing a Bounty" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6W491qrKGk&feature=related

"Draw/Shootout" themehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oc4mw4V-fA&feature=related

Other facts:

Dolly is actually not a bad person, but some of her choices on how she treats criminals could be viewed as "Over the top" therefore this casting her as a Anti-hero.

To get around on planets, Dolly usally uses a hover bike to travel and uses her energy lariot while on one, to catch villians speedily.

It is a fact she particulary doesn't like the Cornerian Army: She doesn't think they're doing their job well enough.

Dolly's energy lariat can stun her "tied up" foes rendering them unconscious simply by touch when activated from it's beam signal source handle. Her gloves allow her to handle the lariat without being affected in the slightest.

Two Blaster Revolvers, an Energy Lariat and a Plasma Net riffle are only the main tools Dolly is known to work with. However the squirrel has also been seen with shotguns, gatling-guns, and even plasma crossbows, things that are kept in the armory section of her "Saloon".

Dolly is known to carry a knife in her boot, although she usally only pulls it out for emergencies.

Triva: A character I made inspired by (Western movies?) Wild West Kid from Ape Escape 3. Particlarly I thought the way he captured monkeys with a western type theme was really a cool aspect. I kinda wanted a character like that in my canceled Fan Fic, and so Dolly was born. She was orignally going to be hired by Scales and tricked by him, since he would tell her the Starfox team was a band of trained thugs trying to destroy the planet.


Name: Ryker Baxter

Species: German Shepherd

Fur color: Brown and Black

Eye color: Brown

Homeworld: Corneria

Age: 28

Height: 6'2

Physique: Muscular.

Vocal Description: Serious tone.

Attire: A black Cornerian army outfit with a Chief of security badge. Cream colored assault pants and green metal boots.

Strengths/Skills: Leadership ability, Expert marksman, proficient in hand to hand combat.

Weakness: He must protect General Pepper at all cost. ALL costs.

Weapons: Elite Cornerian Army Blaster,

Energy prod (An item much like a stun rod. It can stun by touch, and electrocute people by channeling it's energy through any sort of metal. Since the energy part of the prod is made of mild concentrated plasma with an electricity shield, it is unbreakable by virtually nothing else, except a higher quantity of increased concentrated plasma.


Transport: A top of the line CDF fighter.


Transport Specks: Twin Lasers, Charge shot capability, Deflector shield, Smart Bombs, Light-speed Capability.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot.

Affiliation: CDF

Good/Bad: Good.

Occupation: Chief of Security/Bodyguard to General Pepper.

Personality: Serious disposition. Hardly jokes around in the least.

Background: At the top of his class, Ryker is one of the best trained CDF recruits. His special training, seriousness for his job, and dedication to his line of duty had led him to being General Pepper's official new bodyguard. However, Ryker was recently promoted to Cheif of Security. It's also been recently revealed that since his Great Grandfather, his family has been involved with the CDF and Cornerian Army. His father died in action when he was three, and his mother took a blaster shot for a Corneria Board member. She was also a bodyguard.

"Ryker's leadeship/strategy/normal battle" theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYVmo1cWtuU

"Ryker's epic battle" theme:

Other facts:

Ryker usually stays as quiet as he can, but speaks up when necessary.

Ryker is General to his own commando unit: A secret elite team that inspects areas and clears them for safety. This team is also highly trained, ready to take almost ANYTHING out.

As Chief of Security Ryker checks up on the security of the bases and grounds. He investigates things that are suspicious on site, and makes sure the CDF defenses are top notch.

Ryker also assign CDF officials out in field work on Corneria. Kind of like a chief in a Police Department.

Ryker's Energy Prod is a powerful melee weapon. It can withstand attacks from blaster shots and razor sword attacks without the slightest damage. It can also run a powerful current of electricity but pressing a red button on the side on the prod handle.

Ryker's Conerian outfit is also special: It's an powered exoskeleton that enhances Ryker's strength and fighting ability to peak performance. Only very special Cornerian Soldiers are given these top of the line suits and Ryker has the most advanced one hot from the Corneria Army Lab. Ryker's is the only suit to give him a shot of adrenaline when unconscious.

Trivia: General Pepper is the type of person who seems like he would have a bodyguard, since he he's a high ranking person and seemingly a spokeperson for Corneria. I chose a German Shepard because they are highly loyal and would protect their masters to their death.


Name: Ace

Species: Ethiopian wolf

Fur color: Ice Blue

Eye color: Ice blue

Homeworld: Cerinia

Age: 25

Height: 5'7

Physique: Moderately built.

Vocal Description:Garrett Hedlund exactly.

Attire: A dark blue parka with lighting bolts attired on it, Blue jeans and white sneakers. He also wears an earring in his left ear.

Strengths/Skills: Can shoot electricity. Agile. Is good at "Parkour" running.

Weakness: Shooting electricity can weaken him if overused. Also he can run out of "juice" and loose his powers so he needs to find some sort of energy source where he can recharge and gain them again.

Weapons: None

Transport: None

Affiliation: None

Good/Bad: Good.

Occupation: Fugitive.

Personality: Anxious. Nice, caring.

Background: Ace woke up one day, and found out quickly he was framed for a crime. Not knowing anything else but his name, he flees from the CDF anyway he can in order to clear himself....

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6kEnSvvzQ4&feature=related

"Epic Chase" theme:

Other facts:

Ace is usually just trying to run away from the army, find out the secrets of his past, and clear his name. So he's usually not out to save the world even though he does have a moderate sense of justice and will defend certain people from attacks and other hazards the Lylat System has to offer.

Trivia: If you read this far most of you may notice that Ace is Cerinian and I actually don't mention him having telepathy. This is because he doesn't HAVE it. I do this not only because I think telepathy is too overused, but Cerinians may not have been a purely telepathic race. They could have been like mutants: Each individual having different and unique powers. Ace's power comes in the form of Electricity generation. This part of him. (Along with his outfit) was inspired by the Super Hero Black Lightning.

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AWESOME! :yes:

Thanks.  :D

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  • 4 months later...

Changed a few things on my characters, particularly on Wrecks. I hope to start RPing again soon so maybe I'll get a chance to start using some of these bad boys.  :P

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Name: Gordon Fisher

Species: Sea Otter

Fur color: Brownish Orange

Eye color: Brownish green

Homeworld: Aquas

Age: 24

Height: 5'5

Physique: Moderate built.

Vocal Description: Normal sounding 33 year old.

Attire: A white starfox flight jacket, red scarf, blue jumpsuit and white boots. When diving he usually wears an official Starfox diving/space helmet with just his blue jumpsuit. He also sports two small earrings in his right ear.

Strengths/Skills: An EXCELLENT swimmer and is very adept at underwater survival. He is proficient in marine vehicles and has extensive knowledge of aquatic life.

Weakness: Even though he's swift and agile in the water, he's not so much in "out of water" situations.

Weapons: Jet powered Harpoon Gun, Electric Dart blaster and a special made Reflector that can work underwater.

Transport: Blue Marine


Transport Specks: Twin Lasers, Barrel Roll defenses, Seeker Torpedos.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot.

Affiliation: Starfox team

Good/Bad: Good

Occupation:Starfox team Marine Diver/Starfox team Cook

Personality: Bold and heroic. Kind and humorous

Background: Gordon was born in the water. His family retired to Aquas after their home was destroyed by a bioweapon on Corneria. He spent nearly a decade of his life learning how to perfect swimming techniques along with his father. Gordon was drafted into the Cornerian Marines at age 20 after he assisted a squad of Marine soldiers on a mission on Aquas. He spent 4 years there before getting an invitation from Fox McCloud to join the Starfox team as their Team Diver. Gordon happily accepted and has been onboard Great Fox ever since.

Theme song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhDB9XlO2Zg&feature=related

"Underwater Misson" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SrkziFeeo8&feature=related

Other facts: Gordon usually doesn't go on a lot of missions since the Starfox team isn't called in on many underwater assignments. However he makes himself useful as also doubling as the team's cook-a voluntary position since Gordon learned to prepare many seafood meals in the waters of Aquas.

Gordon also isn't without knowledge of self-defense. On land he knows traditional judo, but in the water he uses his own self self style of martial arts that is unrivaled. Simply put, he could be beaten easily above the surface, but underwater.....well that's another story.

Trivia: He was simply inspired mostly from a Marine soldier, but he also gathers inspirations from other places such as Pokemon's Buizel, for the species of the character.

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I wonder if your ever actually going to use all these characters?

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I wonder if your ever actually going to use all these characters?

I don't know, but I'm going to try if that's what you're wondering. lol

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Name: Angel Frost

Species: Artic Fox

Fur Color: Bluish white

Eye color: Blue

Homeworld: Fichina

Age: 24

Height: 5'5

Physique: Normal physique.

Vocal Description: I would have to say she's pretty close to Tricia Helfer's vocals

Attire: A light bluish purple Kunoichi outfit. Some flashy gold earrings can also be seen on her ears.

Strengths/Skills: She has been trained in the ways of both the ninja AND the samurai meaning she knows ninjitsu and bushido. She is to be feared as far as martial arts and swordplay are involved and is a master in stealth.

Weakness: Is she has one, she hides it well.

Weapons: Her trusty katana which has been customized with a high frequency blade, a few ninja stars and kunai.

Transport: A stealth fighter called Silent Night. Angel won it in an underground fighting tournament.


Transport Specks: Laser Cannon, Quadruple Missile Launcher, Stealth Mode, Light-speed Capability.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot

Affiliation: The Yukiko ninja clan. (Previous involvement)

Good/Bad: Anti-Hero

Occupation: Vigilante

Personality: Serious for the most part, she likes to keep to herself. She also can be a bit of a smart aleck to those around her.

Background: Most of Angel's early life is unknown. She grew up as a kit in the hands of the Yukiko Clan who lived in the shadows of Fichina. She was taught the ways of Ninjitsu for the majority of her life before leaving on her own to find her independence. Not too long afterwards she ran into a samurai who taught her in the ways of bushido not knowing she was ninja. The samurai died at the very end of her training begging for her to pass on what she had learned. During this time the fox decided it was time she traveled back to her clan for a visit, but was surprised upon returning to find out that the clan had followed her to her previous master and poisoned him. In a fury, Angel left the planet on a traveling ship and traveled to Corneria where she won herself a ship in one of the illegal underground fights. She currently travels the lylat system and stops whatever injustice she finds.

"Angel's Ambiance" theme:

"Angel Appears!" theme:

"Stealth" theme:

"Epic Ninja Battle" theme:

Other facts:

Like most ninja, Angel has mysterious ways of disappearing. But one of her most unique and signature ways is by disappearing into a freak snowstorm even in the hottest of places. This puzzles allies and enemies to the point of being dumbstruck and is not quite understood by most people she encounters.

Angel's katana is equipped with a high-frequency blade. This enables the sword to resonate at high frequencies, raising its temperature, thereby increasing its cutting ability.

Due to Angel's training with her weapon, she can also deflect laser fire with ease. However this is usually only possible with three or four people at a time.

Trivia: For the few people that know me, I LOVE the ninja genre. So it's a little bit of a surprise it took me so long to make a ninja anthro but hey, I've still been expecting it. XD Originally I had sort of wanted Angel to be a rabbit in a black ninja outfit that would originate from Corneria, but I thought it better to use a fox and have her hail from Fichina.

Alternate Versions:


A version of Angel that has the exact same personality and backstory, but is a rabbit instead. This version of Angel is more "Urban" then the actual Angel is.

Rabbit Angel themes:

"Angel's Ambiance" theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3orLVg69jU

"Angel Appears!" theme:

"Stealth" theme:

"Epic Ninja Battle" theme:

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Name: Black Boss (Criminal Name. Real name not yet known.)

Species: Russian Blue

Fur color: Silver

Eye color: Emerald Green

Homeworld: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'8

Physique: Slight muscular built.

Vocal Description: Phil Lamar's version of Metal Gear Solid's 2 Vamp.

Attire: Black fedora, blue trenchcoat, white and black shoes, black vest with gray pants, a blue necktie and black mask.

Strengths/Skills: He knows the crime world inside and out, and is quite proficient in manipulating people. He also has extensive knowledge in stick fighting, fencing, boxing and a wide variety of forms of kung fu.

Weakness: His secret identity

Weapons: Various Blasters.

Magnum. ( Custom ordered. Boss calls it Crimson Devil. It's shots are amazing: packing punches that can blow down walls. However it can only hold three shots at a time. Boss usually likes to use a normal blaster for cleaner kills.)

Gentleman's cane. (A harmless looking walking stick, that serves as not only a blunt weapon, but houses liquid nitrogen gas, smoke screen and a cutting laser beam that can be released at the push of a button.)

Transport: A emerald starfighter that Boss has nicknamed "Grace" as short for "Graceful". Normally though it is referred to by the newsmedia as "The Emerald." It is rumored that the spaceship once used to be an antique ford coupe.


Transport Specks: Machine Laser Turrents, Light-speed Capability, Mine Launcher, Rocket Missles, Flamable gas sprayer chute and stealth parking.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot.

Affiliation: Criminal Underworld.

Good/Bad: Bad

Occupation: Crimelord, Hitman, All-around criminal.

Personality: Calm and often sure of himself and his plans.

Background: Nothing is virtually known about Black Boss. His motives, his place of origin, even his name is unknown. Most people believe that Boss has deleted records of his true identity from all the holo-databases. Whoever he is though, it's quite simple to see what he's up too: Conquer Corneria, and OWN the Lylat system.

"Criminal Plans" theme:

"The Boss gets his hands dirty" theme:

Other facts:

Black Boss is often paranoid about the help he employs so he frequents different thugs and mercenaries. However ones that often do good work, will work for him on a little less than a regular basis. The one exception is his group of enforcers called "The Allycats"

Black Boss's Gentlemen's Cane is a very durable weapon in combat. It's made of a special titanium alloy that can be hard to break. Boss also employs a style of a cross between stick-fighting and fencing when battling with the weapon making it's danger level in a fight even higher in his hands.

When out in field work, Boss generally doesn't walk with his cane. However it is kept in a specialized holster of his trenchcoat.

Boss generally dresses in his blue trenchcoat and black fedora when out in field work, but when relaxing in one of his many penthouse suites he wears only his vest, pants and shoes. However Boss ALWAYS wears his mask at all times.

A unknown fact is that Boss's eyes are actually bright yellow, but his mask is built with a transparent blue lens that makes his eyes appear in an "Emerald" color.

Boss uses several unorthodox methods of putting people under his thumb. Money, blackmail, extortion, kidnapping, death threats. Virtually....if Boss can think of it, he'll do it.

Trivia: Boss is a character who was inspired by a bunch of things really. XD His clothing was inspired by both the "The Question" and "The Green Hornet". I've also been taken with the "noir" genre for a little while, so I wanted a noir FC. At first Boss was going to be a private eye, but I decided that had been done a little bit too much to death. So I figured (Going along with the Green Hornet mask) why not make him a criminal? Or better yet a crime lord? This is mainly where his personality comes in as he's a bit of a mix between Lex Luthor and Kingpin. Finally I needed a cool alias for the character. I sort of wanted the name "Boss" in there somewhere so that made me think of the metal gear solid villian: Big Boss. (Especially considering Big Boss also wears a trench coat) But I naturally couldn't use that name, so I choose an equally intimidating one-Black Boss.


Members:Doc Kane, Keith Paws, Terry Jackman.

Description: The Allycats, an enforcer team led none other than the criminal Black Boss.

Team theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guM5wAkMQO0


Doc Kane (Blue Midnight)

Species: British Shorthair

Fur Color: Blue

Eye color:Yellow

Homeworld: Corneria.

Age: 36

Height: 5'7

Physique: Normal figure.

Vocal Description: Sort of a deep voice.

Attire: A black zoot suit. He sports various rings on his fingers.

Strengths/Skills: He's a great pilot, and driver. His marksman skills are also the best on the team.

Weapons: He likes a custom made Tommy Blaster that looks a lot like an older classic model. His hat is also lined with lead, making him use the headwear as a throwing weapon or a blunt object from time to time.

Transport: A long black hover limousine

Affiliation: Black Boss, Ally Cats.

Good/Bad: Bad

Occupation: The chauffeur of the AllyCats.

Personality: He's usually quiet and not very talkative. He takes his work very seriously.

Background: He's the most mysterious of the AllyCats having a background but rarely talking about it. The only thing he's stated is that he came from a very prominent family.


Keith Paws (Purple Bruiser)

Species: African Lion

Fur Color: Soft yellow. (With a red mane)

Eye color: Green

Homeworld: Corneria.

Height: 6'9

Physique: Muscular

Vocal Description: Has a deep voice that sounds tough and threatening.


Attire: A black business suit, with a purple shirt and red tie.

Strengths/Skills: He's really strong guy, having been working out in a gym since he was 16. He's also not a bad marksman.

Weapons: He often carries a blaster in his inside jacket pocket, but he also carries a Tommy Blaster, the favored weapon of the Allycats.

Transport: A long black hover limousine

Affiliation: Black Boss, Ally Cats.

Good/Bad: Bad

Occupation: The Brusier of the AllyCats.

Personality: He's a gruff kind of guy, not the kind of guy to take crap from people. His position as the bruiser of the team is perfect since when upset by people he threatens to beat the snot out of them.

Background: Keith was a bouncer for most of his life, eventually getting fired for beating a guy into a coma. Finding it tough to find a job, he eventually turned to crime working as a bruiser for many gangs. He eventually was noticed by Black Boss and became a starting member of the Allycats.


Terry Jackman (Scarlet Shanker)

Species: German Rex

Fur Color: Light Brown

Eye color: Blood red

Homeworld: Corneria.



Physique: Skinny, slender.

Vocal Description: Average joe, his voice often sounds calm and sinister.

Attire:Brown Suspenders, with a white shirt and red necktie.

Strengths/Skills: He's very good at interrogating people, having a devious mind for torture.

Weapons: He has a affinity for knives, although he carries a blaster in a holster on his chest.

Transport: A long black hover limousine

Affiliation: Black Boss, Ally Cats.

Good/Bad: Bad

Occupation: The Interrogator of the AllyCats.

Personality: He's a bit psychotic, as he likes to see people suffer pain of sorts. Some would say it's kind of a fetish to him.

Background: A former CDF Detective, he snapped when a criminal murdered his wife and two kids. He had an insane breakdown and killed the very same criminal, making himself a murderer. Falling into the criminal world, he was eventually noticed by Black Boss for his well known techniques of interrogation and was made one of the starting Allycat members.

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Name: Emily "Eileen" Sharp

Species: Calico Cat

Color: Cream and Brown

Eye color: One green, one blue.

Homeworld: Corneria

Age: 22

Height: 5'7

Physique: Normal built.

Vocal Description: Vocals similar to Leigh Allyn Baker's Jean Grey on X-men Legends .

Attire: Blue short halter Dress with a black tie, and black high heels.

Strengths/Skills: She's a professional typist, and filing clerk.

Weakness: She's doesn't know self defense of any kind, though she may slap people who get extremely fresh with her.


Transport: (None)

Affiliation: Cornerian Academy.

Good/Bad: Good.

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Personality: She's generally very friendly with people and has a charming personality. However she tends to get mad with people who don't do their job.

Background: Emily comes from a very quiet and normal background. She graduated school and college with average grades. After working a few dead end jobs she ended up filling an out an application to be a receptionist at the Academy. Working there for nearly two years, her fine work and good behavior promoted her to an Administrative Assistant. This makes it her job to often check in on other secretaries and receptionist, and fill in for them if necessary.

Theme music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr8altSGl8U

"Busy busy" theme music:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzP1PlMYjtE

Other facts:

Emily has Heterochromia iridum, meaning she has two different eye colors. The one on her right is green while the one on the left is blue.

Trivia: She was pretty much created for the "Cornerian Academy" so I doubt I'd use her for other RPs. But who knows. lol


Name: Lance Cooper

Species: Scarlett Mcaw (He's mixed with Hawk somewhere down the line)

Feather Color: Red, with Yellow, Blue, and Green streaks.

Eye color: Brown

Homeworld: Corneria/Katina

Age: 24

Height: 5'9

Physique: Slender figure

Vocal Description: I would say a Josh Keaton kind of voice.

Attire: A short black and white jacket with a hood, brown pants, blue sneakers, and a blue bandanna across his head. He also wears his family's antique medallion across his neck.

Strengths/Skills: He's an expert fencer and thief. He's not that bad of a marksman and pilot either, and he sort of has a cleverness about him that makes him a little wily.

Weakness: Even though he's far from weak he's not exactly a very strong guy, relying mainly on his agility.

Weapons: Naval Blaster (A blaster that resembles Boba Fett's gun), Golden Cutlass.

Transport: A appropiately named ship called the "Rustbucket."


Transport Specks: Ion cannons located on the sides, Machine guns located on each side, (non operational) Light-speed Capability.(Needs to be fixed)

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot.

Affiliation: None

Good/Bad: Anti-hero

Occupation: Modern Pirate/Thief

Personality: Lance is very playful and fun, not being serious too often. He cracks jokes at others expense, especially those he may be fighting, and has often been described as never being able to shut up.

Background: When he was younger, Lance was fasinated by the stories his grandfather told him of his pirate ancestors. Growing up he was taught the art of fencing by his father. At age 16 his heart sought for adventure, so he made mini-missons for himself robbing small time business men and working his way up to high aristocrats. On his very last robbery of a famous person, he got caught and was sentenced to five months in a juvinile delinquent home. Lance managed to escape the very trial however. Taking his family's pricless medallion and gold cutlass, he flew one of his family's old trader ships to Aquas looking for a childhood friend of his. Knowing that his friend Raven felt trapped on her planet not being able to seek adventure with her protective parents, Lance asked the girl to come with him. She agreed without hesitation and followed the parrot on his merry life of theivery. Years later, Lance and Raven found a abandoned base on Katina. They built a small headquarters underneath it, using the facilities to power their base. Lance has talked seriously in recent times on perhaps having a crew to fly with in their adventures.

"Pirate Theme" Theme music:

"Relaxing/Training/Working on the Rustbucket" theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipdN0dAlZJE

"Aboard the Rustbucket" theme:

Other facts:

Although Lance mainly steals and keeps for himself.....he can be considered a Robin Hood, as he gives donations to the slums in Corneria occasionally.

Lance has been at his theivery and pirate pursuits for an unamed amount of time, but it's been at least over eight years. He prides himself in not getting caught......most of the time.

Lance is also a bit of a showoff, besides also being comedic relief. He often takes risks, gives an oponenet some sort of an edge to even the odds, and most of all, pulling dumb stunts that can usually kill him. He worries Raven constantly, even though she's a daredevil like he is.

He and Raven are supposedly "just friends" as has been discussed by them before.

Lance is not a bad pilot, but not that decent of a mechanic. Still.....he attempts to make upgrades to the Rust Bucket....usually resulting in something breaking down at the worst possible time.

Trivia: This one was sort of considered a crazy idea at first. A parrot who was a modern pirate? Sure it was ironic, but I wasn't sure if it would work. But the more I thought about his character, personality and background, the more I wanted to try it out. So here we are. XD I'm also sort of aware he has similarties with Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper but they were pretty unintentional.


Name: Ravenlina Sienna

Species: Raven

Feather Color: Black, with orange and greenish blue highlights in her hair.

Eye color: Blue

Homeworld: Aquas/Katina

Age: 22

Height: 5'5

Physique: Slender figure

Vocal Description: She sounds like Cree Summer exactly.

Attire: A light orange and cream colored tube top, with blue jeans and special tailored platform sandals that grip to her feet, allowing her to run and jump in them. She also wears a cream colored scarf over most of her hair, and a lime green bracelet on her right arm.

Strengths/Skills: She's become an expert thief over the years as well as a proficent marksman. She can also fly the Rust Bucket making her a decent pilot.

Weakness: She's not a trained or expert fighter, but she is a tomboy meaning she'll still throw a punch someone's way.

Weapons: Naval Blaster, and a slightly used Homing Launcher.

Transport: A appropiately named ship called the "Rustbucket."


Transport Specks: Ion cannons located on the sides, Machine guns located on each side, (non operational) Light-speed Capability.(Needs to be fixed)

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot.

Affiliation: None

Good/Bad: Anti-hero

Occupation: Modern Pirate/Thief/First Mate.

Personality: Raven is often playful, although a bit more serious than her partner. When upset she often pouts. This can usally lead to silent treatment of said person that upset her, or some serious sass.

Background: Raven lived on the planet Corneria in her younger years, often spending it with her best friend Lance. Lance was obssessed with pirates, so naturally she took an interest in them as well. They played games like "BlackBaird" and "Treasfur Island" untill the age of 12, where her family moved to Aquas. Devestated at being apart from her friend, she sent him holo-letters every two months, explaining how her parents were becoming overprotective of her and didn't allow her to do the things she frequented on Corneria. Then one day Lance showed up in person. He asked her to run away with him and live a life of thievery and be like the pirates they had pretended to be in younger years. Excited at the thought of adventure at every turn, Raven agreed instantly and ran away with him. Years later, she helped him set up an underground base on Katina, where she currently resides.

Theme music:

Action theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-apiQsJdYog

"Aboard the Rustbucket" theme:

Other facts:

Because of her parent's overprotective nature, Raven has taken the opposite turn and become somewhat of a daredevil. Hypocritically, she scolds Lance for the chances he takes on occasion.

Although She and Lance are partners, she's technically considered the first mate under the pirate code, something they like to stick to.

She and Lance are supposedly "just friends" as they agreed things would be too complicated if they took that route.

While Lance usally carries only a firearm and his sword, he leaves the heavier stuff to Raven, making her the prime person to start distractions in most cases.

Her full name is Ravalina, although most people call her Raven. On certain occasions Lance will call her "Rava" to make it even shorter.

Though not trained in self defense.....Raven is a tough girl and is not above nut kicking, biting, or even a good ole haymaker.

She often requests that she and Lance take trips back to the beaches of Aquas for vacation. They are usually careful to avoid areas where her parents are located however.

Trivia: Aside from what I stated in "Lance Cooper"'s profile, there's not to much to say about Raven, since as soon as I came up with his character I instantly wanted a female tomboy to fly as the sidekick.


Name: A.D.A.M. (Assassin Droid Armed Mechanically)

Species: Robot

Color: Silver and White

Eye color: Bright Pink

Homeworld: Macbeth

Age: Has been active for two years

Height: 5'8

Physique: Normal sized.

Vocal Description: Mechanical

Attire: None

Strengths/Skills: Has a number of strengths: Is able to analyze blueprints and profiles at extreme speeds, is capable of research and briefing protocol for various missons, capable of hacking into most secure systems with minimul difficulty, is an expert pilot capable of pulling such manuvers that would almost be impossible for some without fast reflexes, expert marksman and currently has 17 different programs of unarmed combat training.

Weakness: He can be shut down completely by an EMP blast, or even reprogramed by acessing his main systems although the latter is very hard to pull off. Even though Adam is a an Assasin robot, he can still be damaged by heavy blaster fire. He is also very vulnerable to power magnets, even causing his programming to scramble when coming in contact with any.



Transport: Silver Rain


Transport Specks: Laser cannon, Charge Laser Capability, Light-speed Capability (Except in stealth mode), Stealth mode, Twin Missile launchers, Smart Bombs.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot.

Affiliation: Wrecks Yu

Good/Bad: Bad

Occupation: Wrecks Yu's Assisant Droid.

Personality: Slightly humorous at times in a naive robot sort of way. But mostly serious with not that much emotion.

Background: A.D.A.M. (Or as Wrecks just calls him "Adam") was an assassin droid that was going to be put into production during the Lylat Wars under Andross's orders. However Starfox was sucsessful in destroying the simian's main weapon reserves on the planet Macbeth, thus canceling the production. Years later, Adam was found by a couple of junk dealers, who fixed and rewired him to be a Robo-warrior for the illegal cybernetic death matches on Corneria. Their project was a success: Adam became a champion in the Deathmatches and quickly rose to fame in the community. Eventually he attracted attention from some unhappy loosers who decided he needed to be done away with. Only succeeding to get blaster burns from the first few attempts, it was decided a professional needed to be called in to take out the droid once and for all. Of course, Wrecks was fresh on the market and took the misson gladly. After an exhausting battle with the robot, Wrecks reconized his potential and decided to take the robot for his own instead of disposing him. After a new paint job and reprograming, Adam has found a new job in the lylat system working as Wrecks's analyst, and assisting him on missons in whatever way possible.

Theme music:

"Inside the Silver Rain" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIf2BeGIr98

Other facts:

Adam has sharp metal claws on his feet that let him bite into even the thickest metal and walk up walls and across ceilings. His reflexes are VERY sharp and his eyes can scan in thermal and x-ray. He can can also use them to keep acurate locks on foes. There is a small grappling hook in his right arm socket but it's seldom used seeing as Adam's robotic legs are strong enough to propel him to whatever height he needs to reach.

Trivia: Seeing as Wrecks was lonesome, I decided to give him a companion to acompany him on his missons. At first he was only going to be very minor in any RPs I did. But I liked the character so much I just had to add him to my collection. A.D.A.M. is slightly inspired by Proxy from the Force Unleashed.

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This post is dedicated to the Fan Characters I have set in futuristic or past RPs.

Futuristic RPs would include ones such as where Marcus McCloud exists, characters of the Starfox games have gotten substantially older, or where future time travel is involved.

Past RPs would include ones such as where the original Starfox team still exists, characters of the Starfox games are substantially younger, or where past time travel is involved.


Name: Logan Lombardi

Species: Griffin

Feather color: Blue-ish gray

Eye color: Blue

Homeworld: Corneria

Age: 17

Height: 5'6

Physique: Normal build.

Vocal Description: If he had a voice actor it would probably be Danté Basco.

Attire: A blue jacket with a red shirt underneath, and black pants.

Strengths/Skills: Is an ace pilot. Is slowly learning hand to hand combat.

Weakness: Is inexperienced.

Weapons: Blaster, Reflector.

Transport: Arwing

Affiliation: Falco Lombardi, Starfox.

Good/Bad: Good

Occupation: Ace pilot.

Personality: Fun lovin, arrogant, playful.

Background: Falco and Katt's son. He was born on Corneria and was brought up, being trained on how to be an excellent pilot. He serves in the new generation of Starfox as an ace pilot.

Theme song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/297205

Other facts:

Logan is a Griffin meaning he has features from both of his parents: He has a beak, but Cat ears. He has Wings for hands but Cat paws for feet. Lastly he has a cat tail, but it has feathers on it instead of fur. However unlike most Griffins, Logan does not have wings on his back.

Trivia: Originally I had named Logan's species "Catwing" which was purely inspired by Catwings30. (Thanks Catwings!) However later I began to realize that a Griffin (A legendary cryptid) had pretty much the same features as Logan's described apperance. My "Catwing" and a "Griffin" were virtually alike and I sort of liked the idea of Falco and Katt spawning a legendary creature as their son. So right on the spot I changed his species. This FC was also made specifically to join the "Next generation" RP.


Name: "Professor" Jake Webb

Species: Spider Monkey

Fur Color: Creamish Yellow.

Eye color: Light Blue

Homeworld: Earth.

Age: 28

Height: 5'7

Physique: Normal Physique

Vocal Description: Actually pretty similar to Quinton Flynn's voice.

Attire:Black top coat, with a blue vest, black trousers brown gloves and old style brown boots.

Strengths/Skills: Being a professor, Jake has read books on many a subjects making him very knowledgable. He not only has extensive knowledge of basic science and history, but even knows certain fighting techniqes based of his studies, remembering which stances to take and how to wield certain weapons.

Weakness: Jake is as normal as any other person if his Time Octus is taken off his arm.

Weapons: None

Transport:The Bug Fighter.


Transport Specks: Atom Laser canon, Plasma Disk Torpedos, Light-speed Capability, Transmission Gate generator, Time Travel feature (Only with Jake's Time Octus) retractable legs for ground walking and climbing.

Transport Crew: 1 pilot.

Affiliation: None

Good/Bad: Good

Occupation: Time Traveler/Professor/ Archeologist

Personality: Very heroic. Per se his his reasons for being chosen as the next weilder of the Time Octus. He has a playful additude, but it can change just as quickly to a serious one, especially in very dire situations.

Background: Jake Webb, was a professor at a community college in the year of 1997. Majoring in archeology, he was a brilliant mind of his generation and many had high hopes for him. Then one day......he simply vanished.

What many didn't know, was that the monkey hadn't simply just vanished. He had vanished into time.

On a solo expedition, the professor managed to find an ancient ruin of mysterious origin. Avoiding the countless deathtraps and strange monsters that lay in the city, he stumbled across a large shrine. He solved the mystery of the sacred place, and suddenly bright light shone. A watch emblazoned upon his arm, and with it, a message.

The watch had been made eons in the future. It was the first and the last of it's kind. Because of the watch's abilities, war had sprung across the entire universe. Destruction of the watch was not an option: Because of it's connection to time, destroying the item would cause a hairline fracture throughout the line of time, ultimately destroying it. So three brave souls had no other choice. They traveled back to one of the earliest times that civilization was known to exist, and they made a shrine designed to pick the best possible canidate to hold the watch's power. The wielder had to be brave, daring, self sacrificing, and ultimately a force for justice. The test had been completed, Jake Webb was the animal the watch needed. And now, he had to travel through time and become the hero that was needed throughout the years, decades, centries.......eternity.

"The time IS....!" the simian yells as he takes his first step in a timehole.....to adventure.

Theme music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3EmPSN50Ms

"Adventure time" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDNWwqD2pBk

"Hero time" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2LEDIAgJwY

Other facts:

The Time Octus is a name made up by Jake himself.

The Time Octus cannot speed through time in a rapid succession. It requires 24 hours to be recharged before using it again.

Jake has been to numerous times and back. In his travels he made a gadget he's very fond of that he recently has named the Webbicator. It's an item that lets him pick up ANY transmissons within a radius of three football fields. Not only can the item be used as a way of comunicating with others over freqencies, but it doubles as super cement elastic string fiber glue spray, which are essentially "giant spider webs." The Webbicator shoots the webs from the bottom and can easily run out of the solevent if overused.

Jake owns a small sphere like robot from one of his travels. The robot can scan things, hold small objects and translate for the simian. Jake calls the little flying beeping machine "Borby" for unknown reasons.

Jake often brings back a souvineer from each of his adventures and put thems back in his study in a home of his in good old 2011.

Jake never carries any weapons along on his trips, although he's not above "borrowing" many of them.

The Time Octus can only be activated from vocal confirmation from Jake himself. He usually does this by yelling "The time IS....!" and the corresponding year he wants to travel to. He can also be more accurate by yelling the month and time.

A random time can be reached if Jake yells "The time IS.....!" and hesitates for too long.

Recently Jake has just made an Alternate Reality attachment: A small satellite that clicks onto his Time Octus. The device allows him to travel to alternate worlds through a red lightning filled hole. He however has no control of which alternate world he'll end up in and because of Jake's limited understanding of alternate reality

travel, the device frequently burns out.

Trivia: Another character that was inspired by so many things....Dr Who and Green Lantern mostly. I had been thinking of creating a Spidermonkey character, but had no good ideas to go along with it. So when I got the idea for a time traveling hero, both of the ideas seemed to click perfectly together. One thing that is so unique about this FC, is that I can virtually use him for almost ANY RP.

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Falcory MAH BOI!!!!

I must say excellent characters I am very impressed. Looking forward to RPing soon

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  • 2 weeks later...


Name: Evee

Species: Firejaw

Scale Color: Firery Red

Eye color: Yellow

Homeworld: Sauria

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'7

Physique: Normal Built.

Vocal Description: Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Attire: Golden Crown, Golden tribal outfit.

Strengths/Skills: Similar to a dragon, Evee can blow flames from her mouth. She also is very agile and talented in archery.

Weakness: Evee can be a bit too much of a go getter.....even if it get her into serious trouble. She often acts on feelings rather than rationilize.

Weapons: A fine crafted bow and arrow.

Transport: None

Affiliation: Sharpclaw Island Tribe, Firejaw Clan

Good/Bad: Good

Occupation: Princess of the Firejaw clan (All Deceased), Sharpclaw Island member.

Personality: Evee is simply a party girl. She enjoys having fun at all times and acts a bit spoiled.

Background: According to what she tells the other Sharpclaw, she was the Princess of an unknown dinosaur tribe called the "Firejaw". They lived somwhere deep in the volcano of the Volcano Force Point. She refuses to tell anyone how her clan was killed as whatever transpired must be to painful for her to bear. She was found by Rjour near the volcano force point and had a brief battle with the sharpclaw before he showed he meant her no harm. She lives with her adopted sharpclaw family on Sharpclaw island.

"Evee's hot jungle beat" theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yWrjT7AXU8

"The Princess's jungle brawl" theme:

"Sharpclaw Island Jam" theme:

Other facts:

Evee's flames are quite unique in thier color since a fun fact is that they are tied to her emotions. Normally she spews orange flame, but when depressed it turns blue and is substantially weaker than normal. When jealous, her flame turns green with has the tendancy to make objects and people catch on fire with the color flame and burn for a long period of time before getting put out. When upset and anger greatly, her flame can come out in a red color. Out of all of the colors of flame, this color is her strongest, usally being spewed out with a large fiery force.

Evee claims that elite Firejaw warriors, knew how to summon the different color flames at will, by controling their emotions.

When firing arrows, Evee likes to spit a wad of flame on the end of one for a fiery shot.

A rumor around the Island is that Evee is the daughter of "Drakor" a monster Scales had made by experimenting on a unknown creature. However.....this is just rumor.....

Trivia: A character slightly inspired by one of Minato's characters although I won't say who. I was also informed by a friend of mine named "Zwolf" that having a dragon character was one of the most fun characters to have.....so I decided to try one out.


Name: Falc "Ory" Jones

Species: Falcon

Fur Color: Red and Gold

Eye color: Blue

Homeworld: Zeetron.

Age: 19

Height: 5'6

Physique: Normal Physique

Vocal Description: Dee Bradley Baker's version of Viewtiful Joe.

Attire: Baggy Blue jumpsuit, with a gray jacket black gloves, and gray shoes. He wears the DNAmatrix on his chest at all times.

Strengths/Skills: Falc honestly doesn't have many strong suits except for playing video games. This sort of carries over to when he uses the DNAmatrix.....knowing which life forms would be best for which situation.....and button mashing.

Weapons: The DNAmatrix. An object that not only holds the DNA of over 3 billion life forms, but houses the "Shimmer" a creature that can do things purely by imagination. Because the DNAmatrix runs off that power, the life forms that can be changed into can have the same clothes and weapons that are normally worn by them and carried by them.

Transport: None.

Affiliation: Jake Webb, Leo Marks, Elise Freeman.

Good/Bad: Good

Occupation: Lazy Teenager.

Personality: Falc can be a pretty big smart mouth. He constantly annoys Elise and Leo with insensitive remarks and jokes. However when it comes down to it, Falc knows how to be a hero and that's what counts.

Background: Falc comes from far in the future......when Corneria isn't even the main hub planet anymore......

An orphan, Falc was never raised by his parents. He spent most of his life tumbling from house to house before becoming old enough to hoof it on his own. Because of his additude, Falc also tumbled from job to job, getting fired from some and quitting from others.

Then one day, he was forced into a job as a janitor at a major science corporation for punitive damages. On his first day, Falc snuck into a resricted area looking for fun. Instead, he found the DNAmatrix, and as soon as the circular object locked around his chest tapping into his bloodstream.....Falc stepped into a world of trouble.

While Falc went out into the city and had fun with the object, security was notified of who had taken the DNAmatrix. Within seconds, the higer up had ordered the retreival of the object and Falc Jone's head on a platter. As a security team swiftly found Falc, a time traveler named Jake Webb helped the avian escape with his life intact, and ultimately the two ended up going on a perilous adventure.

In the longrun, Jake dedeuced what the DNAmatrix was going to be used for: To be the ultimate weapon for a very bad person. With the only Shimmer known in exsistence sitting in the DNAmatrix, the monkey had Falc take the weapon far back in time, to keep it safe from those who had the potential to use it for harmful reasons.

Upon reaching a time far back enough, Jake set Falc up with two friends of his: Leo Marks and Elise Freeman. He stays in thier apartment as their roomate currently.

"Basic Battle" theme music:

"Intense Battle" theme music:

"Epic Battle" theme music:

Other facts:

Falc can only have five DNA life forms at a time that he has quick access to. His normal five are:


Klitza Voo

Angel Frost


Leon Powalski

Any other forms that Falc desires must be put in his top five via a small BIOS list hologram that emanates from the DNAmatrix. This process can take from three minutes to an hour, depending on what DNA forms he has chosen.

Since the DNAmatrix transforms Falc based on DNA, any injuries he sustains in any other forms will be healed when he changes again.

Falc gets the powers and skills of his forms when transforming, but not the memories. However......occasionally he will get flashes of them while in one.

Trivia: A character obviously inspired from my screen name. A large part of his inspiration comes from the series "Ben 10" about a kid who can turn into 10 different super-powered aliens.

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hey man,

i really appreciate you like my drawings. but please AT LEAST ask me if you are going to manipulate my stuff, ok?

i don't like when people use my stuff without contacting me first. also, do you have the permission to use noe izumi's original character?

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here bro i have a character for you. his name is Creeping Ursine and he is a bounty hunter, of sorts. he specializes. his ship is a windowless van.

srsly man what is this thread, a clearinghouse of art you found on the internets and stuff?

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here bro i have a character for you. his name is Creeping Ursine and he is a bounty hunter, of sorts. he specializes. his ship is a windowless van.

srsly man what is this thread, a clearinghouse of art you found on the internets and stuff?

Don't go causing crap unless you have a reason. Redfive has great reason for his posting, but this is a character thread. Don't go trolling for the sake of trolling. =P Needless to say you have less than twenty posts here too. Don't go starting things.

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Problem is, Nick, he's not just trolling, he has a point. 90% of the work here is not original in the slightest, it just has some MS Paint edits slapped on top of it, and is then called an original character. Mind you there's absolutely no credit given to the original artist for these edits, either, and I'm positive not all of them were released with a Creative Commons license allowing him to do that. Not how it works, I'm afraid.

(The other 10% I can't personally identify. :I)

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Okay okay, guys, let's debate this over PM or something, yeah? Falcory, maybe you should talk to R3d about his artwork before you use it, just to be fair.

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hey man,

i really appreciate you like my drawings. but please AT LEAST ask me if you are going to manipulate my stuff, ok?

i don't like when people use my stuff without contacting me first. also, do you have the permission to use noe izumi's original character?

I can totally understand you there, bro.

For me it's okay when people use pictures of characters (Official and Original) as long as the name of the Artist is credited for his/her work, or when he/she was even asked about it, but using pictures/characters without asking/giving credits for them is very unfair towards their hard work they put into their pictures.

It's okay if those pictures are used as a references to show people how the character looks like, but please - be fair and mention the Artist's name, or even put the URL into your Post so people can see the original picture of the one who drew it.

I'm not trolling Falcory at all, I just want to put up something that has to do with fairness.

I guess it would upset everyone if they see that their works are used without permission and being recolored, or if their characters are getting used without permission. For some people "Art is just Art", but do you even think of how much time it needs to create a whole picture or the Design of a character? It takes alot of time and creativity to make them all unique in some way.

It would be - at least - fair enough when Falcory puts Credits to the original Artist for his future pictures he wants to upload here for his character references, same goes for using Characters as Avatars which belong to people from DeviantArt or even this Site =)

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9. Please respect copyrights and ensure that you have permission to post the image or video on forums or the the post constitutes fair use.

This especially applies to edits.

If R3d wishes, the staff WILL remove the images that are his per the SFO legal policy.

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Whoa. I come back to this.....>_>

First, I find a lot of my pictures on google so sometimes I don't know who the artist is. I'm not even sure which picture R3D5 is talking about. I'm assuming it must be one of the last two I added.....and I don't think it was Evee because her base came from a sort of promiscuous site. So I guessing it must be Falc.....whoaaaaa wait a second. Just checked it out and the the name of the artist that had drawn that picture was Midnight Vixen. So I'm back to wondering who it is now. :/

Second. I have no problem with giving credit to the artist for something I photoshopped. Like Saphiria said the artist put a lot of work into those drawings too. But like I said before....I use google a lot. Some pictures are in random places with no artist name or credit at all. Sometimes I get ones that have a link to deviantart or fur-affinity but I don't have a way to get in touch with them. I probably should try harder when that's concerned so I apologize.

Thirdly. I saw a comment saying that none of these are original characters. The fact of the matter is, a lot of these characters were made before I even MADE the pictures, before I even KNEW to photoshop. The reason you're noticing them now? Is because people don't take the time to go through FC threads unless they know pictures will be there to entertain them. I photoshopped those pictures to how I imagined the characters MYSELF. Not "Oh, I think I'll just take this picture and make a character behind it."

Fourthly. Who is Noe Izumi? I don't who that is, but I can tell you I'm certainly not using his character. I probably used the picture BASE of his character and photoshopped it to look how my FC looks, but I never stole his character. Just like Screech is the picture base of Falco. Or Adam the picture base of Metabee. But I'm not using those characters.

Also, I can completely understand R3D5 reasons for posting his concern, but some of you have kind of taken this and blown it too far. In less than a day something like this has attracted somewhat of a mob, and it makes me wonder if it was really a good idea to come to this site-even to RP again. :/

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it's your avatar. Please tell me where you found that picture of Katt. I only posted it on sfo, al and deviantart. So you can ALWAYS see my name.

Noe Izumi's character is that bird-lady on the right of your avatar. You didn't even changed her, btw. That's exactly how she looks like.

But honestly, tell me where you found that Katt pic, ok?

I would be kinda OK with it, if you just used her picture as your avatar, but I don't want people editing her into a collage with other characters.

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Whoa. I come back to this.....>_>

First, I find a lot of my pictures on google so sometimes I don't know who the artist is. I'm not even sure which picture R3D5 is talking about. I'm assuming it must be one of the last two I added.....and I don't think it was Evee because her base came from a sort of promiscuous site. So I guessing it must be Falc.....whoaaaaa wait a second. Just checked it out and the the name of the artist that had drawn that picture was Midnight Vixen. So I'm back to wondering who it is now. :/

Second. I have no problem with giving credit to the artist for something I photoshopped. Like Saphiria said the artist put a lot of work into those drawings too. But like I said before....I use google a lot. Some pictures are in random places with no artist name or credit at all. Sometimes I get ones that have a link to deviantart or fur-affinity but I don't have a way to get in touch with them. I probably should try harder when that's concerned so I apologize.

Thirdly. I saw a comment saying that none of these are original characters. The fact of the matter is, a lot of these characters were made before I even MADE the pictures, before I even KNEW to photoshop. The reason you're noticing them now? Is because people don't take the time to go through FC threads unless they know pictures will be there to entertain them. I photoshopped those pictures to how I imagined the characters MYSELF. Not "Oh, I think I'll just take this picture and make a character behind it."

Fourthly. Who is Noe Izumi? I don't who that is, but I can tell you I'm certainly not using his character. I probably used the picture BASE of his character and photoshopped it to look how my FC looks, but I never stole his character. Just like Screech is the picture base of Falco. Or Adam the picture base of Metabee. But I'm not using those characters.

Also, I can completely understand R3D5 reasons for posting his concern, but some of you have kind of taken this and blown it too far. In less than a day something like this has attracted somewhat of a mob, and it makes me wonder if it was really a good idea to come to this site-even to RP again. :/

1,2 & 3) Well, if someone created a character then it's his/her Original Character, it doesn't matter if he/she is using him/her in RP's or just put him/her into an Artwork - They're still under some kind of Copyright License because they were created by other people. Using Photoshop to recolor the characters and making them into yours isn't a crime - at least not if you still be fair and put some Copyright to the Artist who actually drew it.

If people say they aren't "original characters" it's their own thing, then they just created them for fun, but still those characters are under copyright licenses.

You shouldn't use Google for searching for pictures - that's the reason which causes much trouble. It's understandable that you don't have an Account on DeviantArt and FurAffinity so you can't ask them about the permission using their Character basics for one of your characters, but then again I don't understand why you don't make an Account on DA/FA...? There are a lot of people on DeviantArt and FurAffinity that aren't uploading anything but still they can use their Accounts to get into contact with Artists and ask for permission to use their pictures to create some basic designs for their own characters. You won't even be forced to be active on DA/FA all the time, you can do what you want with your account, even just asking Artists for permission to use some of their pictures to make a character basic design. It doesn't hurt to ask, they even do aprecciate it if they get asked about it, the only important thing is to give Credit on their name. Also you can find most of those Characters on FA and DA, google is a killermachine for it - Most pictures you can find with google are on Websites that put up the Artworks of people of DA/FA without permission either. It's always the most save getting them from DeviantArt or FurAffinity directly to stay away from big trouble.

You don't need to take down all your pictures of course, but you should try to find the pictures again in the way you found them and put the name of the Artist under the picture if you get directed to FurAffinity or Deviantart - Just watch carefully for the Artist's comment to see who's the original creator/owner of the character, that's all =)

4) Noe-Izumi is a female Artist on DeviantArt which is also known as MissEbony on FurAffinity - She's a spain Artist and a friend of mine. The character you have on your avatar (right side), that purple hawk girl, is her Original Character "Stella Hawk". Noe-Izumi is writing a Star Fox FanFiction where Stella Hawk and Falco Lombardi are Married and have a child called "Roxie" in the future. Because she writes everything in Spain I can't tell you what happens directly in her FanFiction, but I saw most of her Artworks she made for her FanFiction and always explains what happened (English language, of course). So "Stella Hawk" belongs to her and you don't have the Permission to add her Character into your Avatar, same goes for the green feathered bird girl which belongs to someone else, too.

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The reason I had to go public with my concern is because you won't receive any pms.

Just so you know.

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