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My Characters Vrance Movado Style

Vrance Movado

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Hmm lets see Ive never actually participated in RPs before. But I'll give it a shot. First Character: Rick Daygger Silva

Hes a silver fox with Dark gray hair. Hes 6'2. Hes 19 years old. He comes from Qritarious, A desolate planet barren with frozen ice lands. A city was made here for the residents that love to prove against the elements. His father was a brilliant man who whent insane with power and tested an illegal experiment on his own son, Rick. He survived the experiment to become full of anger and rage. In his rage he kills his own mother by accident. He then later escapes the hold of his fathers control and runs into his love intrest, Cassandra. Shes a light brown vixen with dark brown hair and green eyes. She falls in love with Rick and later have a kit. This kit is Nathan Daygger. A 17 year old silver fox with blue eyes like his father and the caring qualities of his mother, also her passion to do anything to protect his friends and family, including giving his life for others. Well I guess that the only 3 Major characters I would allow to be released. Ive got many more but only if they were really wanted or needed. If you like em PM me and we'll get something planned. See ya!

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