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Fox McCloud - books one and two

Guest Todd McCloud

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Guest Todd McCloud

These stories are books one and two in a series of three. A collection of dreams I had long ago inspired me to write these. It basically outlines Fox McCloud's life from my perspective: his childhood, love life, battles, pain, humiliation, and sorrow. While you may or may not like it, I encourage you to read at least a chapter or two of each one, as I admit they are long and use a good depth of advanced vocabulary. If you do, thank you. If not, then that's okay too. But I still encourage you to do so!

The Unonian Rose (book one):


The Significance of the Rose (book two):


I recommend reading in order, but book two may be started first, as I tried to blend both books into each other, allowing the reader to start wherever and not miss the main points.

In short, enjoy!

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