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Write your past self (of any age) a letter


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or a quick sentence. It can be whatever. Funny, serious, weird...

I'll start

Tyberg (2008),

Don't buy too many PS3 games. You'll end up with over half of them unfinished sitting on a shelf and thousands of dollars wasted.


EDIT: Apologies, I was conflicted on the matter of which board to post this to. Many thanks for correcting the matter.

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To Past Self:

Don't even consider moving to New York, STAY IN THE SOUTH!

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Dear "User" (2005)

You've just begun your competitive Laser Quest career and are about to spend thousands of dollars traveling all over the continent hoping to eventually become the best laser tag player out there.  You'll end up visiting cities that you never thought you'd visit in your lifetime, along with doing things that you never thought you'd end up doing. You'll be gambling and partying like you never though you would and at the same time meet some of the most amazing friends ever. You'll end up as a popular, likable, yet humorous individual who isn't afraid to be known as the only furry in the competitive laser tag world. You'll even end up meeting your first GF while at a regional tournament in North Carolina. 

Never forget though that, despite all the fun times you will have, in the end, it's a game.  Don't let this game take over your life like it has so many other players. :/

(Wow...typing that almost brought a tear to my eye)

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Guest Scorpion03

To Scorpion 2007-9

I know you work with food that does not give u a sodding reason to spend a fortune on it, its why you wont be able to afford what you want and admit it, u hardly eat anything anyway, so whats the point. And buy a different car, the corsa will fall apart on you. Might of course help if u dont constantly crash it.

As for work, get out of greencore ASAP, dont stay there for a yr like I did, they'll only make u redundant right in the middle of the recession.

Finally good luck, u get to live quite an interesting life if nothing else.

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to Kid_Cortet ages 5-19


ps: this message will self destruct!


the future

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Dear Nick (2008)

Just... NEVER open your mouth in math. You will only disappoint yourself.

---Best Regards,

              -Future You

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Dear Dublinfox (2006)

It would be a good idea to sleep next to the stairs during the summer. It will be for Grandpa's own good if he landed on you instead of the floor.


-Future Dublinfox

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From: DRL

To: Supreme Enigmatic Liberator Formally "S.E.L.F.":

Date of Origin: 14/JUL/2010

Target Date: 20/DEC/2006

Estimated Comrade SELF,

Over the next 3 years you will spent your

time at a uber-ego-sized school, which will

not only will not fit your expectatives, but will

be a bummer as well.

Politically, you will learn more about political

systems; in fact, you will swing from right-center

to left, and from there to left-center, and from there

to left again, and then left-center again. An autocrat,

you will see the deficiencies of the overwhelmed system

of your country, but will not yet have clearly mastered it's

inner working to fully understand it. Never-the-less, you

will learn it completely later. Do not worry.

Your will have loads of family drama; do not worry.

Rest assured, SELF, that ultimately this will all end well.

Do not worry about the future, Comrade, because as I

have said things will improve. As the fog of drama,

annoying classmates, uberly-ego-sized teachers clears

away, a sun will rise on the horizont of [>You will know

which nation<].

Remember, Comreade SELF, that the future of [>You will

know which nation<] depends solely on you.

Regards, Comrade, and take care.

P.S.: Happy Birthday.

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Dear EazyIN (2010)

Don't ever shoot yourself in the head with a rifle. Like I didn't remind you last time.  :oops:


Captain Obvious.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Dear Julius Quasar,

If my calculations are correct, you just saw the DeLorean get hit by lightning.  Let me assure you that I am fine, and living happily in the year 1885.  The lightning strike short circuited the time circuits, and the result of which sent me back in time.  Unfortunately, the flying circuits were fried, and the DeLorean will never fly again.  I have tried to repair the time machine, but unfortunately, the parts I need for it won't exist until 1947.  Please find enclosed in this correspondence parcel a map to the old Delgado Mine in the Pioneer "Boot Hill" Cemetery, where the DeLorean time machine has been safely hidden away for the past 70 years.  There you will find the Delorean and the schematics and instructions on how to repair the time machine.  My 1955 counterpart should have no trouble figuring things out.  Once you have finished the time machine, I must ask you not to come back in time to get me.  Please leave me where I am most happy, and when you get back to your time, I ask that you dismantle the time machine.  Also, please take care of Einstein for me.  Thank you, Julius, you've been a great friend.

Your friend in time,

Julius Quasar.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Dear past self,

Grow some balls.


Your future self.

Same with me...

Also, I'd tell myself NEVER to let my parents and that crappy school put me on medication.

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