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Logan's RP character


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Name: Patrick Smith

Age: 20

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Height: 5"11

Weight: 190 lbs

Eye color: light/dark brown. Changes with his mood (light is happy, dark is angry/sad)

Hair: light brown

Bio: Somewhat strong and very fast. Seems uncaring about many things but truly has a big heart. Knows little of common knowledge in space.

Abilities: Patrick is a workhorse. He can carry heavy and large amounts of equipment easily and still be quick. He is best suited for combat with a simple fireman's axe, which he has used to fight several foes as seen in (http://forums.starfox-online.net/index.php?topic=7786.0) . He also has a good eye for detail and can summon adrenaline into his body for extra bursts of power.

Strengths: His attention to details and adrenaline control gives him an advantage in melee combat. He is also good in brawls with just his fists, but tries to stay out of fights if he can, usually looking to see if he can help before determining that someone is an enemy.

Weaknesses: Has no clue of anything that is not of Earth origin. Basically, he will jump to conclusions on things that don't make sense or try to use sci-fi knowledge to link things that don't fit together and will stick out like a sore thumb in most places. Not exactly stealthy.

Strength/Weakness: Very focused. Once onto something, it will be very hard to get him off whatever he is focused on doing. Can be a very good or very bad thing.

Background: Just an ordinary man with an extraordinary task thrust upon him, Patrick has had his whole world flipped upsidedown. He's been working at a family-owned store for a few years, never seeming able to find time for himself. He used to fly commercial aircraft for a hobby, but his piloting skills were mediocre, at best. He tries to see the best in people and understand what they are going through, but most of the time he gets the wrong ideas/impressions and acts too quickly, often regretting his rash actions later. His friends are all on earth, so he can't really contact them, but the ones he does know that are still alive he will try to save. His best/worst friend is the nighttime manager at the store. They used to hang out a lot at school when they were younger and often goes out of his way to make sure that the place is still standing after all of his parties in the store. The owners don't know because Patrick is always covering for him, even at the cost of him taking the blame for it, since he can recover from the troubles sooner. As for his quest at love, he adores a girl named Angel, yet is too shy to say much to her. All he really wants, however, is to just go back home and for everything to be normal again, with no zombies or spaceships to make things complicated.

Clothing/Atire: Wears brown overcoat, blue jeans, a blue loud shirt, a stripped loose tie, and running shoes. May or may not wear shoulder pads as well.

Weapons: For now, only his fists and the fireman's axe. Most of the time he can take care of himself without using the axe though. So long as he isn't duking it out with the undead, that is :)

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Wow, it's so crazy, it works perfectly! Great job blackjack22! It's always good to see more users roleplaying! :D

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Thanks crazy!  :D I've been kinda lazy with my fanfic, so I decided to try and get into the character more and see if I can get the next chapter out pretty soon. And thanks again!  :D

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My second character sheet, just for fun  :P

Name: The Nurse (Parody off The Doctor, if anyone knows Doctor Who)

Age: Unknown, looks about 30-33

Species: Half-Timelord, Half-Wolf (Anthro, of course  :))

Sex: Male

Height: 6"1

Weight: 175 lbs

Eye color: Light brown

Hair/Fur: Dark brown/Brown

Bio: Usually very fast. Not exactly a show-off, but does look rather muscular. Has very short fur, seems he might keep it trimmed and short for some reason.

Abilities: Knows an incredible amount about machines and other sort of things he probably shouldn't. He is an expert pilot, but he only uses his TARDES, Time And Relative Dimensions Ending Space, which is stuck into the appearance of a dark blue outhouse (Another parody off the TARDIS, which is Time And Relative Dimensions In Space  and is stuck in the appearance of a dark blue police box  :)). Because of this remarkable machine, he has far advanced technology belonging to the Timelords, of which the Nurse isn't truly apart of, in due to the fact that he is also part wolf. However, he is just enough of a Timelord that he also has access to the famed Regeneration cycle, but has already used up five of the thirteen usually give to the Timelords. Has some psychic abilities. Also shares part of their anatomy and has two hearts. (this makes a bit more sense to anyone who knows anything about Doctor Who lol)

Strengths: Has been to many different places in time, and therefore knows quiet a lot about abstract things that might be irrelevant in the Lylat system. Has a lot of the timelord know-how to different things and can figure things out even if he doesn't have much familiarity with the thing in question. Also has the gifts of being an Anthro-wolf, so increased strength, speed, and more acute senses. Able to participate in Regeneration, and is slightly faster than most because of the extra blood being passed through his body from his two hearts. Not to mention he has a time machine  :P

Weaknesses: Though it seems he is almost unstoppable, he has a great number of disadvantages coupled with his many advantages. His wolf instincts and timelord brains are often at odds with each other, and so he sometimes suffers from intensive headaches that seem to wreck his mind, rendering his mental and sensory abilities not to function properly. He also does not have the timelord's ability to see time and see fixed points in time verse those in flux, basically changeable verse unchangeable. And while most timelords are generally pacifists, his wolf instincts often drive him to aggression, only another constant struggle for the Nurse. Also has all of the Doctor's enemies (i.e., Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarians, etc.).

Background: The Nurse is a timetraveler and is visiting Corneria on account of that's where his TARDES happened to land, and until he can fix it, he's stuck there. He often done battle with interdimension monsters and fiends, but he doesn't expect too much from Corneria. After all, it is a peaceful planet, according to his records. He remembered that at one time, it was under attack and thought he might need to step in and save it, until he saw a single ship plus a few tag-alongs repel the invaders. So, so long as that ship was there, he highly doubted he'd have to worry about this system too much. The Nurse has had several adventures similar to those of the Doctors, so that should be enough of an explanation. If you need more, here's a link to the famed man himself: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_Doctor , which should be enough  :wink:.

Clothing/Attire: Wears clothing similar to that of the Ninth Doctor, but the pants have a spot for his tail. Also has the Tenth Doctor's overcoat.

Weapons/Items: Since neither the Doctor or Nurse ever use weapons, the Nurse happens to have a few items that, while not necessarily combative, the are nevertheless very useful. The Nurse is equiped with the Sonic screwdriver, as well as the psychic paper, which is whatever the Nurse wants it to be. Also has a robotic dog called L-10, which is vaguely similar to K-9.

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so he sometimes suffers from intensive headaches that seem to wreck his mind, rendering his mental and sensory abilities not to function properly.

Sounds familiar to another Fan Character...  :hehe: Lol. I thought the day would come when you made something like this.

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Yes, I knew you were going to make something more like the doctor. More to the point, now we have two wolves that get mentally messed up a bit. *rolls eyes* lol

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*NEW CHARACTER* based off of Doctor's Daughter from new season

Name: Qin Hallow

Age: 16

Species: Vixen

Sex: Female

Height: 5"4

Weight: 120lbs

Eye Color: Green

Fur: Orange and Light/Deep Red

Bio: Extremely quick, high dexterity, amazing flexabilty, and has the ability to use darting speed. Not exactly strong, but makes up for it in agility and lighting-fast reflexes. Very cautious when meeting new people.

Abilities: Qin uses her small stature and weight to her advantage. She can squeeze into places most people can't and is good at judging threats. Excellent escape artist. Has some psionic abilities, but they only activate if she's in danger (those would be telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and pyschometabolism. She can only use one set at a time, however).

Strengths: Has her pyschic capabilities as well as her incredible speed. She knows how to take care of herself in a fight and on the streets. Is extremely loyal once she makes a friend, if she can make a friend.

Weaknesses: Cannot control her pyschic powers, has a deep distrust of others and generally keeps away from them if she can help it. Lives on the street and has no money. If she believes something is a threat, she will use all her strength to eliminate said threat, be it a monster or someone who happens to bump into her. Rather timid.

Background: Qin has lived on the streets for almost her entire life. She has often been at odds with local authorities, gangs and other street dangers, and the weather, since she's homeless. Her mother died when she was still a baby and has yet to meet her father. The only real mentor/teacher she ever had was another street urchin kid, a owl named Klugde. He taught her how to fight and stand up for herself, but as soon as he learned that she excelled in combat, he took advantage of her and began to use her for illict operations, similar to the ones the gangs used that she ran away in terror from as a child. However, when Kludge was killed in a firefight, Qin decided to leave her life of crime behind as well as her former friend. Or, at least thats as close to a real friend she ever had. Saddened by her loss, she soon met a charismatic fox called Rinfold. Rinfold seemed to be a nice guy, and slowly gained Qin's trust as he watched out for her on the streets and eventually invited her into his home. Rinfold was older than Qin, but the fox didn't want a relationship with the vixen, though Qin desperately did. To satisfy him, she volunteered to be used in a highly controversial expirement to grant beings with psionic powers. Qin gladly entered the research lab, but quickly regreted it as they began to inject her with many questionable substances. Fearing she might have been just a pawn yet again, Qin tried to escape the faciluty, but to no avail. They captured her and continued the heinous expirements on the poor vulpine. However, they soon realized that they had invested too much power into her and quickly tried to reverse the process. But, Qin had learned about her powers and saw no reason to give them up. She quickly exterminated the goons who had tortured her for the past several weeks, and then easily dispatched the guards. However, just as she was about to get off scott-free, Rinfold appeared. He had soon subjected himself to the testing after it had been made safe by using Qin. They had an epic battle, resulting in Rinfold being terribly wounded. Lacking the pure aggression to kill him, Qin tried to make him see his evil ways. But her love instantly betrayed her and stuck a strange device on her. She soon lost the abilty to control her powers at will. Still having traces of a heart left, Qin made one last attempt to reason with Rinfold. But, he used his own psionic powers and fled before she could get to him. Now, she is searching for the man who made her this way and vows to exact her revenge.

Clothing/Attire: She has a tattered brown trenchcoat, and a stained blue vest that conforms to her body. She also has what used to be tan slacks but are now a faded color. For her head, she sports a red headband with a metal strip on the front (similar to naruto's headband but without the leaf insignia, if anyone knows naruto).

Weapons: Though she is good in hand-to-hand combat and has powerful pyschic skills, she hasn't surived this long on the streets without a few good weapons up her sleeve. She mainly uses a steel dagger she stole off some fool who hadn't kept it in tight and if the need calls for it, she has a plasma pistol tucked in her belt. Most people wouldn't try to snatch it, considering its in front of her... abdomine lol. She also has a lockpick hidden in her left boot.

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