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Alien Swarm Campaign


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I'm currently hooked on alien swarm atm. That game is amazing, and free, and it has mod tools that I am not only familure with, but won't break every few weeks (hopefully). Anyway, I have decided to try and make a campaign for this bugger (get it? It's a joke) but like all of my projects expect it to go bad in some way and end up scraped.

Anyway. For this campaign I will need a writer. My skills in writing are nothing beyond building a consistent world, something that is already done for us. So, if you fancy writing a bughunt story, just let me know and I will try and make it work in map form.

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From what I've read about the game, that looks like it would be an interesting undertaking. Real shame I can't possibly cram anything more into my schedual as it is, or else I would offer my services. Doubt that will change in the army either.

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