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Sonic and the Dark Force


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ok this is a fan fic i made...(actually this is the first i have typed it down, so many ideas, finally reaching through my fingers.....here ya go for

SONIC the Hedgehog, the Dark Force!!

Chapter one

The only words that could be heard amongst the explosions were, “Curse you, Sonic the Hedgehog!! One of these days, I will defeat you!!” then another grand explosion would engulf the form of Dr. Eggman. Sonic on the other hand, had nearly reached the entrance, pausing for a moment to make sure everyone Eggman took hostage in his latest raid had gotten out. “Tails, is that everyone?” he would look up to see his flying fox buddy, Miles, whom everyone knew as Tails. The fox would float to the ground in front of Sonic, “Yeah, only one left in there was Eggman...Are we just going to leave him in there?” he would ask, being the kind hearted kid he was.

Sonic would scoff, “That guy can get himself out of almost anything in anyway...This isn’t the last we have seen of him...” Sonic explained. Just at that moment another explosion would occur above them, knocking a large chunk of Eggmans’ building off, plummeting towards the ground. From out of the blue, another ally would appear, jumping into the air, reaching his fist back then rushing it forward towards the debris. The fallen chunk would break into several smaller pieces, the ally landing in front of Sonic and Tails. “So Knuckles, decided to join the party?”  Sonic would smirk, crossing his arms. Knuckles would turn his head, “Well if you two would stop rushing into every damn place run by Eggman....I would not have to save your butts from things like that!!” he would reply with a tone of annoyance in his voice.

Once the trio was sure that the hostages were far from Eggmans’ base, the three ran off towards the woods. By the time they got there, several of the humans had begun to stagger towards the main city of Westopolis. Sonic would glance around, seeing if anyone needed help moving. Soon, though, Tails would pop up, “Sonic, look at what I found in Eggmans’ base...”

“Whoa Tails, clean pickings...” Sonic would reply, glancing at the magnificent deep-blue color of the Chaos Emerald cradled in Tails’ hands.

Knuckles would tilt his head, “Is it me or was that base a bit, weirder then usual?” he would ask the other two. Sonic and Tails both laughed, causing Knuckles to start to lose his temper. “I’m serious guys, normally Eggman builds his bases to look almost the same, that one, just had some weird vibes to it..” he would try to continue. “All I care about is that the base is destroyed....” Sonic would finish for him.

Meanwhile, to the trios unknowing, they were being watched. From nearby bushes lurked  a creature, interested in what the young fox was holding. For now, it remained hidden, waiting for the right time to strike.

Sonic would turn, “Come on, let’s go home!” he would shout before running towards Westopolis. Tails would quickly take up to the air, “Wait for me SONIC!!!!” he would cry out, spinning his two tails at top speed just to keep up with the hedgehog.  Knuckles would grunt taking off at his not-so-fast pace.

Deep inside the now destroyed Eggman facility, Eggman would push a piece of scrap iron off of his body. “Curse that Sonic, damn him to hell....” he vowed aloud. He would begin to walk to his HoverEgg, trying to think of his next move. “You have failed us Dr. Eggman...” would be heard from behind Eggman, hidden in the darkness. “This is just a minor set back..Next time...” he tried to explain. “There won’t be a next time for you Doctor....”  A figure, covered in shadow would emerge from the darkness. “But I swear to you...” he would try to plea. The figure shook its head, “It has been two of your years since we met Dr. Eggman, and you have only been able to build one spire.....you have become useless to us...” The figure would raise its right hand, pointing at Eggman. “Wait!” he would plea one last time.

“Goodbye, Dr. Eggman...”

Elsewhere, our heros had returned to the place they have called home since first appearing on Earth. “It was sure nice of Chris to let us use his home while he went to college...” Tails would smile. “Yeah, and since his Grandfather became a professor there,  Mr. Tanaka and Ella went with them.” Sonic would finish. Knuckles would walk through the house, “It just seems quiet with them gone....”, “But now Chris is safe, and so is his family.” Sonic would finish again.

“OOOOH SOOOOOOONICE!!!!” came a females voice from deep inside the house. Sonic would give a sigh and glare at Knuckles, “What was that about it being quiet?!” he demanded. From out of the kitchen came the familiar pink hedgehog that has followed Sonic since he saved her from Little Planet that hung over the shores of Never Lake back on their home world. “Amy!” he would shout as she began to rush towards him. Sonic stood frozen, not sure which way to move, until he was caught. “Oh Sonic I was so worried!” Amy would cry.

“Amy, lay off will ya, this isn’t the first raid on Eggmans’ base that we have done.” Sonic would try to pry himself from his captor. Once free he took no hesitation and dashed off for the upstairs portion of the house. Amy would sigh and head back towards the kitchen, saying aloud, “Guess noone wants these chili dogs I made....” she would glare towards the top of the stair in which Sonic had run off to. A sudden wind would rush past her, nearly lifting her skirt. She would push open the door to the kitchen, finding Sonic sitting at the dinner table. “You mentioned Chili Dogs?”

The rest of the group would laugh. “Here you go Mr. Sonic..” came the soft voice of Cream, followed by her best friend, Cheese, who gave his one, “Chao, Chao...” Sonic took no time to eat. Tails would head towards his work shop, and once inside, lock the Chaos Emerald he got in Eggmans’ base into a safe he kept well hidden behind a picture above his work desk. Knuckles soon came into the workshop, “God that Sonic is a buffoon!” he would say with annoyance again.

“I know, he has been like this since Chris and them left..” he would sigh, “Still, I don’t think it is anything different from his normal nature.” he would explain. Knuckles would shake his head, “So how long do you think it’ll take Eggman to rebuild?” he would ask Tails’ opinion on the matter. Tails would place a finger onto his chin, “Dunno, but we should stay on our toes as much as possible...”  He replied.

Knuckles would nod, exiting the room, leaving poor Tails to wonder the real reason for Knuckles questions. He shrugged it off and began to tinker on one of his little gadgets, getting it ready for the next confrontation.

He would soon drop it when he heard a sound coming from outside his window. He placed it slowly again, hearing another thud. He quickly, but silently, sprinted outside, ready for anything. When he got outside, he glared around, for anything that might be disturbed. He turned to find one of their trash cans turned over. He slowly crept up on it. His muscles tense, he was about to rattle the can when two racoons came bursting out in a heated fight between the biggest piece of garbage.

Tails would sigh, “Of course....” he would then go to shoo the rascles away, getting hissed at all the while. Once the menace was taken care of he would head back inside. After taking a few steps he glanced around, something just seemed out of place all of a sudden. He would look upon the ground and find a screw driver he was messing with just moments before. He would walk into the living area, where everyone had begun to watch a movie that Chris had sent to them.

“Hey guys, were any of you in my work room just a moment ago?” he would ask. Everyone shook their heads, “Everything ok little buddy?” Sonic would ask. Tails explained the situation with the racoons and the screwdriver. “It must have fallen when you left the room pal.” Sonic joked. Tails would shrug and walk back into his workshop, still puzzled of it all. Something suddenly came to him to check his safe. He lifted the picture and opened the safe. He would gasp and storm out of the room.

“SONIC, THE EMERALD IS MISSING!” he would yell ahead of him. Sonic would jump right to his feet, “What?!” he would reply. “I knew something was up, the thief knocked my screwdriver off when getting into my safe...” he lowered his ears, feeling he let them down. Sonic would place his hands onto Tails’ shoulders, “Don’t worry pal, we’ll find it with your Emerald locator...” he would smile, trying to cheer his friend up.

Tails would disappear into his shop and reemerge with his trust emerald loctor.

*          *                    *            * *                *

Several hours later, after reaching nearly every inch of  the city. The trio sat down to rest awhile. “Well, it couldn’t of just disappeared into thin air could it..?” he would say, shifting his eyes back and forth. “Don’t be silly Knuckles. Things just don’t disappear. There is always a solution.” Sonic remarked at him, defending Tails with his statement. Tails would fiddle with his locator, “I don’t understand, only a few people could have taken the emerald and not be noticed, and they are Rouge, Shadow, and Shade...and they are both on assignments...” his two tails would fall to the ground.

He fiddled with it one more time, his tails raised with excitement. “I found it!” his voiced raised. He began to dash off, heading towards the blip, Sonic and Knuckles in tow. They eventually found there way to Central Park. Tails would bolt left and right, following the signal. He finally stopped when the locator was going off like crazy. He glanced up from the locator to find....a small wolf like pup, standing perfectly still, staring at the three, holding the Chaos Emerald.

“So, this is the thief?” Sonic chuckled, slowly walking up to the pup. The small creature began to growl. “Hey, we aren’t here to hurt you, we just want what you found back.” he would reach out his hand to the little guy, but he kept growling. Finally Knuckles grew impatient and began to boldly walk up to what he saw as a pest at the moment. As soon as Knuckles began to reach for the Emerald, the wolf pup barked. As soon as the bark left his lips, the Chaos Emerald began to glow, and seemingly from nowhere, a force would send Sonic and Knuckles flying back towards Tails.

Tails would gasp, “Is he able to.....” “Use Chaos Control?!” Sonic finished. “Honestly Sonic....how do you ever expect to raise our kids if you can’t even handle this little guy...” came the cocky voice of Amy behind the three. Cream would chuckle as well as Cheese. “Watch and learn...” Amy would turn to Cream.  Cream would then whisper something into Cheeses’ direction. Cheese would soon flutter over to the pup, and begin to chip and giggle around him. The pup would begin to do the same as Amy slowly walked up to him.

She would pull out a piece of bread out to the pup, “You hungry little guy?” she asked in the kindest of voice. The pup began to creep forward, sniffing the air. As soon as he got close enough to the bread he would drop the Emerald and reach for the bread, in which Amy happily gave it to him. Cream would rush over and pick up the Emerald and giggle as Amy slowly picked up the pup.

“See, you just gotta know what it is they want.” she would say, winking at Sonic. Sonic would place is palm onto his face, “Let’s just go home.....” he would mutter.

After a few moments all five of the gang, with Cheese and the little pup, were sitting in the living room, Tails trying to find a new hiding spot. Cheese and the pup would play among the floor as the others tried to figure some things out.

“So what do we do with him?” Cream would ask in Amy’s direction. “I say we keep him!” she smiled.

“I say we send him to either an orphanage...Or the pound...” Knuckles would say, just before he hit the floor from Amy’s Piku Piku hammer.

“Well, I think we otta ask him!” Sonic chuckled.

As they spoke to one another, the pup would creep up behind him, “What’s a pound?” in a slightly squeaky voice, could be heard from outside the circle.  Sonic would turn his head to find the pup right at his heels. Sonic would rub the back of his head, “It is a place that the humans...” he had trouble finishing the sentence. The pup tilted his head, “Can Palmer stay with you?” he would ask, tilting his head.

Sonic blinked, “So your name is Palmer?” he asked, kneeling down to be eye level with the pup. Palmer would nod as Amy suddenly bubbled up, “OH MY GOD THAT IS CUTE!!!” she would squee. Tails would return from hiding the Emerald, chuckling as Amy. “Ok Sonic, the Chaos Emerald is hidden again.” he informed before joining the group. Just at that moment Palmer would break from the group, dashing into the area Tails had just come from.

“Best hope that he doesn’t find it Tails....you might be losing your touch..” Knuckles teased. Tails would growl at Knuckles, his tails flicking in the air.

Sonic would slowly chase after Palmer, until the pup started to scratch at the wall under a photo of Chris and his family. Sonic turned to Tails, who seemed flabbergasted, “But...how did....I JUST hid that thing...” he sighed. Palmer would turn to the rest, “It’s in here....” he would say. Tails would go over to the photo and pull the photo down, revealing an air vent. Shortly after fiddling with the screws Tails pulled the vent off and afterwards, pulled the Emerald out.

Sonic himself became confused. “Tell us kid, how did you know that the Emerald was in there?” he asked as he petted the pups head. Palmer would murr, “I heard it.....” he admitted. Knuckles suddenly became wide eyed, then left the area. Sonic would just roll his eyes at Knuckles’ departure and turn to Palmer, “What do you mean little buddy?”

Palmer shook his head, “I just heard it.....” The pup would yawn after that, forcing Amy to step up and take Palmer out of Sonic’s reach. “I think it is bed time for someone....” she said gently. She would walk off to one of the vacant room to find a bed for the pup. Once the two were out of his sight, Sonic went after Knuckles to ask why he walked off the way he did.

Sonic would find Knuckles on the balcony, glaring up at the full moon. “So, what was that all about?” Sonic broke the silence. Knuckles shook his head, “I used to read old scripts on Angel Island, about a race of creatures that could “hear” the Chaos Emeralds, and pinpoint their exact location.” he stopped right there. “So what happened to that race?” Sonic began to interrogate. Knuckles lowered his head, “My half of the echidnas wiped most of them out, fearing they might be able to get the Chaos Emeralds from them.  Leaving few to survive...”

Sonic became wide eyed himself, “So that little guy is...able to locate Chaos Emeralds...by hearing them.....by how?” “No one knew....my race just found them as a threat, that is all the scripts mention of them.” Knuckles confessed.

Tails would appear behind them, “So how am I supposed to hide this then?”  Sonic just chuckled, “I think it’ll be awhile before Eggman appears....so no need to hide it.” he reassured his companion. Amy would soon appear, “So, are we keeping him?” she would interrupt. Sonic chuckled, “I see now harm in it...” he confessed.

Amy began to jump up and down, “Oh thank you Sonic!!” she would say then suddenly run back inside.

“I hope she knows what she is getting herself into...” Knuckles sighed.

“Come on.....let’s hit the hay...” Sonic yawned, and began to walk inside, the others in tow.

Meanwhile, far off hiding in one of the distant trees of the garden. “So, this is where that pest ran off to....”

“I know, so when do we strike?” 

“Not until the four of us can find someone reliable to build the spires that we need...”

“I thought Viz was working on that...”

“He was, but Eggman proved to be useless, so he is currently seeking another with potential....”

“Good, so when do we nab the brat?”

“Soon, when we have another suitor..”

“I agree, for now, we should lay low...”

With those words, the three dark figures vanished into the shadows of the tree, causing it to die and the leaves to wither away.

(let me know what you think)

(scroll down for chapter 2)

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Cool! :) I do like it. I am going to presume this is based a little bit off SonicX? Character involvement wise at least, right?

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Cool! :) I do like it. I am going to presume this is based a little bit off SonicX? Character involvement wise at least, right?

kinda, since i never fully watched the show i had to kinda take Chris and that whole bit out of the picture, but leave a part of him in there to get the idea they are on earth....just many years after

...dont worry...another human will take his place :)

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I have ooonnnnneee complaint. If you would break it up into paragraphs, then it would be easier to read. Otherwise, it's good. Has a good start.

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I have ooonnnnneee complaint. If you would break it up into paragraphs, then it would be easier to read. Otherwise, it's good. Has a good start.

lol..it is in paragraphs.....just not spaced xD

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Yeah, that's what I mean. Just one big block of text is a little difficult to read.

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Yeah, that's what I mean. Just one big block of text is a little difficult to read.

ok i edited it xD

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Chapter 2

Several months had passed. The team had begun to notice the silence that befell Westopolis. The fact that Eggman had not made a single move against the world had them puzzled. Sonic would be pondering the matter while sitting on the edge of the balcony. Tails would walk up behind his idle. “Remember when we fought the Nocturnus clan...Eggman had vanished for nearly a year before we found him...” Sonic would nod, “Don’t remind me of those events pal..” he would mutter.

Sonic would give a yawn then over look the large garden of the estate. “Hey Tails, have you noticed how that one tree has died all of a sudden?” he would ask. Tails thought of it for a moment.  “Come to think of it Sonic, that tree has been dead for a few months, and it is only the middle of summer....” he would explain.

Amy would appear and walk to the nearest table with the small pup in tow. He seemed to  be getting along nicely with everyone, everyone except Knuckles that was. Amy would sit at a table with a plate of food for Sonic and Tails, then quietly leaving, not really saying anything. Palmer on the other hand would make an apparent attempt to sneak up on one of Tails’ tails.

Tails would playfully oblige to the pup awhile still talking to Sonic, “Do you think....we actually defeated him? For good this time?” Sonic would shrug, “We will only know depending on the time it takes for him to uprise again...” he chuckled at the thought. Tails would yip when pull up his left tail, Palmer was clinging to it tightly with his teeth. Sonic would laugh, nearly falling off the balcony.

Cream would burst out form the house onto the balcony, “Mr. Sonic.....come quick!!!” she would cry. Sonic and Tails would rush inside to find Knuckle pointing to the TV.

“It seems Dr. Eggman has returned after months of silence....” came the shaky voice of the news caster. “Sonic, where are you?!” she would ask into the camera, “Please Sonic, we need you!!” she pleaded

Sonic would clinch his fist, “Alright Eggman....You wanna fight, here we come.” With that, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles left the house, heading towards the city. Amy and Cream stayed behind to watch over Palmer, who tried to follow the heros.

It only took the team a few moments to find the giant robot reeking havoc upon the city. Tails would fly into the air while holding onto Sonic. Knuckles would begin to dig underground, in hopes of burrowing a hold for the robot to fall in. Once tails was in the right position, he launched Sonic towards the robots main control area.

The robot would quickly swat Sonic away with its arm, throwing Sonic towards the roof of a nearby building. He would land on the roof, slide across and fall off the other side. Gripping onto the side, trying to get himself back onto the roof, something grabbed his hand. It was Palmer. “Palmer, what are you....How did you....?” he wouldbegin to ask as the little pup began to try to pull him up.

Sonic would swing his legs to toss himself back onto the roof. Once landed he glared at Palmer, “You need to go back home squirt..” he would begin, but Palmer would interrupt him, “Mr. Sonic.....he has one....” he would speak, as if almost in a trance. Sonic looked at the wolf confused, “What do you mean he has one....one WHAT?” He would ask.

It was then he noticed Palmers ears twitching. “They have the ability to “hear” the Chaos Emeralds...” Sonic would remember Knuckles saying a few months back. Sonic would nod towards the pup and pat him on the head, “Thanks buddy. Now you best head home before may and Cream have a spas attack...Ok?” The pup would then nod.

After the pup went inside the building and out of sight, Sonic would turn his attention back to the giant robot. “Ok, round two pal!” he would say, putting himself into a spinning dash attack. Once he had accumulated enough speed he would then let himself go, jumping at the last second to put him in route of the robot.

This time catching it off guard, Sonic would burst through a window of the “face” of the machine. Once inside he gleefully said, “Wow Eggman, we started to have our...” he paused when he looked up. He would be staring upon a new face. A man dressed in a white lab coat, a long beard, and a head full of white hair would be sitting in a seat controlling the robot.

“So you must be the famous Sonic the Hedgehog that I have heard so much about....” The man would soon leave his post and slowly walk towards Sonic. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Zordian.”  Sonic would scoff, “Ok Dr. Zord, nice to meet you...You have a clear advantage in terms of knowing the other. I have never heard of you before.” he would smirk, looking for the first open moment.

Dr. Zord would laugh, “That is believable...but I have no time for any other form of an introductory, I have a city to destroy.” he would say with confidence. Dr. Zord would sit back in his seat, taking control of the robot once again. Sonic would make a dash towards the controls, but would be thrown back by some form of shield.

“Did you really think it would be that easy?” Dr. Zord would say without removing himself from what he was doing. Sonic would growl, “You’re right, I wasn’t fully thinking...”

“I am not like that oaf, Dr. Eggman, that you are used to fighting, my friend.” he would warn. “I can see that...” Sonic scowled.

Sonic then stood, “So wanna tell me how you got your power?” he would ask, figuring the Doctor would not answer. “You have heard of the Chaos Emeralds, correct?” Sonic would nod and roll his eyes. “I was given one by a power force, allowing me to grow mentally, giving me the knowledge I needed to control this world.” he began to laugh.

Suddenly Dr. Zord would frantically look around his control panel, “What is going on?!” he demanded. Sonic smirked, “Guess you didn’t read the part on how I have allies....did ya?” he chuckled. Tails would pull out a small radio, “Sonic, I got the Chaos Emerald powering this thing, we can get out of here now!” he informed and Sonic would begin to perform a spin dash towards the control panel, smashing right through it.

The robot that had been reeking havoc had begun to slow, taking a final step and walking right into the hole Knuckle had just created. Sonic had held on while inside the robot. Once it crashed he would look around, not finding Dr. Zord anywhere. He would shrug and climb out of the face of the robot.  Tails helping him up to his feet, would soon pull a Chaos Emerald out, “I found this in the central core of the robot, I guess he was using it to make the robot faster and stronger...” he would inform.

Sonic would yawn, “Well, I doubt that is the last we have seen of Dr. Zord...but nonetheless, let’s go home!” he would say, making a dash towards their home.

As soon as they reached the inside of their home, a familiar voice would great them, “Well, well, long time no see boys...” Tails would be the first to recognize it, “Rouge!! Shadow!!” he would gleefully say as he noticed Shadow sitting on the couch, “Where’s Shade?”

He asked tilting his head. Rouge would smile, “She is still on an assignments...which is actually the reason we are here.” she confessed.

Knuckles would sigh, “Straight to the point huh?” Rouge would shrug it off. As she opened her mouth to speak Shadow began, “We are here because of Dr. Zordian...”  Sonic would turn to him, “Oh him, we cleaned his clock already...” Shadow shook his head, “It isn’t that easy....”

“Several months ago, just after you guys took Eggmans’ base down, we noticed strange activity coming from a small island off the coast...” Shadow continued, “It was Dr. Zordian, Rouge, Shade, and I were sent in to investigate. We found that he had only been in operation for about then until now, his power had grown in as little as four months...”

“So the G.U.N. wanted reports on his activities, but today is the first time he has ever really shown signs of voilence.” Rouge continued, “That is what Shade is up to, she is still watching the island while we followed the robot to Westopolis.” She would lower her head, “But we saw the battle with you and Dr. Zordian, he was standing in front of you plain as day....But Shade reports he has never left the island...”

“So we are starting to get concerned, if he is able to be in two places at the same time....” Shadow trailed off, leaving the rest for conspiculations. “So what you’re saying is this guy could clone himself?!” Tails opened his eyes at the thought. “But he doesn’t seem like much of a threat if we beat him that easily today...” he finished.

Rouge would give a humph, “That is why we are here fox-boy, to see what is up. BUT, you guys seem to have a pretty little gem in your mitts, from Dr. Zordian I presume.....” she trailed off thinking of the Emerald Tails had acquired. Sonic began to think, “He said he had gotten it form a powerful force, any clue as to what he is talking about?”

Shadow shook is head, “None what so ever.....but we talk to Shade in about two hours, maybe she has found something.....” He would then

Sonic would turn his head, seeing the little pup was peeking through the door. Shadow noticed him too and raised a brow, “Did you and Amy suddenly adopt?” he would ask with a smirk. Sonic felt the sudden erg to punch Shadow, but thought against it.

“This little guy is the one who told us Dr. Zord had an Emerald in the first place...” Tails would walk over and pet the pup. Rouge suddenly had stars in her eyes, “He can find Chaos Emeralds!?” she would run right over and pick Palmer up, “How about you come with Aunty Rouge for awhile you adorable little thing!!”

Amy would grab Palmer from Rouges greedy clutches, “He isn’t going anywhere!” she barked. 


“So, Dr. Zordian......why did you allow Sonic and his friends to take the Chaos Emerald?” demanded a sinister voice coming from the shadows of a mechanical base.

“Simple my dear Viz... To lure those brats into a false sense of security, making them think that I am easy to beat.” replied the coureurs voice of Dr. Zord.

“The way Sonic handled your robot seemed to be too easy.....”

“Even so...” Dr. Zord would press a button on his control console, turning a monitor on of a recording of a far off place.

“Is that?”

“Yes... By making Sonic and his friends focus on the robot attacking the city, and with Shadow and his colleges focusing on this place, building one of the spires you requested easy to make.” Dr. Zord would chuckle.

“I am impressed. It took Dr. Eggman two years and barely finished one....You have done well Dr. Zordian..”

“Oh I am not done yet.....” he would yet again push another button, making one of the walls nearby turn on a dime. “She was snooping a bit to close for comfort, so I feel she needs to be punished....”

Shade would begin to awake, looking into the darkened room, still halfway dazed. “Where..am..I?” she would have trouble asking.

Neither of the two would answer her.

“So Doctor, what do you plan to do with her?” the dark figure would ask.

“She has been reporting to her friends on the progress of the island, I am going to make sure she gives them only certain information......” he snickered.

  “And how is that?”

“I have injected her with a toxin that has suppressed her free will, and shortly, after a minor surgery, she won’t be able to inform her friends of anything unless it comes from me...” Dr. Zord began to laugh, as the dazed Shade would keep trying to focus her eyes.

“Hmm....It seems you have everything under control here Doctor. My associates and I hope that the other three spires will take the same quick treatment as this one has.....”

“Rest assured. By the end of this year, you will have all four spires as requested....”


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Okay, I'll split my reviews into to chapters.

Chapter 1:

You killed Eggman??? WWWHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!!?????!!!??

I liked the inclusion of the Echidna tribe back story those are always fun.

I also liked how you got rid of Chris Thorndyke. He was the only person I did not like from Sonic X.

Chapter 2:

Again, Eggman's dead? WWWHHHHYYYY!!!!!!????!!!

Dr. Zordian? Interesting name. He reminds me of Prof. Gerald in a way.

Shadow is my favorite character so I like it when he gets time to talk.

Interesting villain plotting at the end.

Overall very well written and I hope to see more soon. 

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Okay, I'll split my reviews into to chapters.

Chapter 1:

You killed Eggman??? WWWHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!!?????!!!??

I liked the inclusion of the Echidna tribe back story those are always fun.

I also liked how you got rid of Chris Thorndyke. He was the only person I did not like from Sonic X.

Chapter 2:

Again, Eggman's dead? WWWHHHHYYYY!!!!!!????!!!

Dr. Zordian? Interesting name. He reminds me of Prof. Gerald in a way.

Shadow is my favorite character so I like it when he gets time to talk.

Interesting villain plotting at the end.

Overall very well written and I hope to see more soon.

thanks and dont worry Darth.....you wont be disappointed :)

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thanks and dont worry Darth.....you wont be disappointed :)

OOOoooo suspense... :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...

sorry it took a bit.....could not seem to get into the groove until tonight...hope y'all like it :)

Chapter 3

Shadow would be wondering around the outskirts of town. His mind was uneasy with solutions as to why Shade had not reported in when she was supposed to. He gave a huff, a little annoyed that Rouge had run off to be around Sonic’s new “pest” as Shadow liked to think of it.

He would glance into the direction where Dr. Zordian made his name known to the Sonic and the others only a few weeks ago. He smirked, “Funny how humans can move fast to fix things that are theirs...” he mumbled. He would glance down towards his wrist where he wore his communication device for the G.U.N. It was still silent, even with the fact it had been over an hour since Shade had to report in.

He would press a button, “Rouge?” he would speak.

“This is Rouge, what is it Shadow?” came the voice of the familiar bat.

“Something isn’t right, Shade has never been late to check in before.....do you think...”

“The same thing started to cross my mind.....What do you think we should do?”

“I’m thinking of going and checking in on it...you coming?”

“About that.......”

Shadow raise his right palm to his face, “Not that “past” again.......”

“Well....this is official....the G.U.N. wants me to learn as much as I can about the little fella to see if there is a way to duplicate his abilities...” he would say with a shaky voice.

“Does Amy know what you are doing?” he would with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

“Hehe....No....She would kill me.” Rouge began to laugh nervously.

“Fine, I’m heading to the island. I’ll check in in an hour...” with that he shut the device off and headed west.  Heading towards the setting sun. The wind would give way as he sped through. His glides perfect along the ground under his feet.

“Shadow.....” came a voice from his communicator...

“Shade?” Shadow would some to a sudden stop to concentrate, nearly rolling himself over from the inertia. He waited for a few moments, beginning to think he was hearing things. As he got ready for another dash it came again.

“Shadow....I’m sorry I am late. I was deep inside the base....”

“And?” Shadow demanded...

“Nothing...nothing is going on as of now....” she answered.

Shadow would shake his head.... “Fine...” he replied.

Something was catching him off guard. She did not seem to sound the same. He would continue his movements towards Dr. Zordians’ island.

After a few moments he would arrive, seeing at how much had changed since the last time he was here. Several robots were swarming the outer walls of the fortress. Shadow would shake his head, “He must be related to Eggman.......maybe...” he would mumble to himself again. Once he found his first opening he took it, as to not cause alarm. He pressed himself against a wall, hiding to the shadows as another guard-bot passed overhead. After it had, he took a few steps from the wall, putting himself into a spinning dash he rolled himself up the wall and quickly over it.

Once over he found several move guard-bots. He sighed again, rethinking his “maybe” in the Eggman comment. He would do his best to avoid them until he made it to the main building, having a feeling he would find Shade inside. Once inside he was surprised at the sudden lack of security.


“Seems like we have an intruder.......” Dr. Zordian would turn, “Would you like to take care of him my dear?” at that moment the form of a female echidna came from the shadows, “Yes...master...” she would speak.

Shadow, still being careful of traps, made his way through the empty hallways of Dr. Zordians’ base. He would stop once he heard running. He would press himself against a wall as tightly as possible. He let out a sigh of relief when he seen Shade, but something was telling him to keep his guard up.

“Shade, what is going on here...I thought..” before he could finish the sentence Shade reared her right fist and thrust it forward at Shadow. Shadow ducked, dodging the punch, forcing Shade to leave a pretty good size dent in the wall. He would roll from underneath her and quickly get to his feet. “Shade, what has gotten into you?!” he demanded. She did not answer with words, but with a right hook this time. Forcing Shadow to dodge again.

Shadow was not about to fight her, they had become friends quickly after the incident with Lord Ix. “Shade, it’s me!” He would grab both of her wrists to get her to stop. He would stare at her, her head down. She would slowly raise her head, her pupils were jet black, forcing Shadow to take in the harsh reality.

Before Shadow could react, Shade broke free, backing up a few steps. She would reach behind her, pulling out the shining red tented Chaos Emerald. Facing Shadow she gave only two words, “Chaos....CONTROL!!!” with a flash she was gone. Knowing the powers of Chaos Control, Shadow quickl began to peer around, trying to find the point at which she would reappear, knowing it not best to run.

He turned around quickly only to find Shade waiting for him, delivering a powerful left hook to his stomach, causing him to lose his breath and buckle. It wasn’t took long before he felt a swift kick in the head, forcing him to roll. He was trying to catch his breath and stand at the same time. Feeling light headed did not help matters. He quickly felt another blow to the stomach, causing him to buckle once more.

After a few moments of continuous attacks, Shadow blacked out.

Meanwhile....Back at Chris’ house.

“So Rouge what exactly are you hanging around here so much for?” Amy would ask impatiently. Rouge would be sitting on the other side of the couch, Palmer between them, eating a cookie, totally mindless to the two. Rouge would laugh nervously. “I just think he is soooo adorable....”

Knuckles would be entering in on the conversation , “Yeah right....she just wants him so be can find her the Chaos Emeralds....” Rouge would turn to her echidna rival and scoff, “Yeah, you know one day you will give me that Master Emerald of yours...” Knuckles would roll his eyes and turn back to head into the Tails’ workshop again, finding Sonic there as well.  “So what are we gonna do with that pup....since Rouge is now hanging around here wanting to take him for her own selfish needs...” he asked, not sure if it was out of spite for Rouge, or concern for the pup.

Sonic would laugh, “If you are that worried Knuckles maybe you should adopt him...” Knuckles would glare at Sonic in annoyance. Tails would shake his head as he tinkered with a small toy mouse. “I just find it annoying that I have hidden the Chaos Emerald twenty times this month and he keeps dragging it back out.....” Tails gave a murf.

Sonic would turn to his buddy, “Well, he can hear them like music. So he is attracted to them in a way.” he trailed off as Tails picked it back up, “Still, we need to do something or the wrong person might see him with it...” he voiced. Sonic shrugged, he wasn’t sure what to do either.

Cream would slowly enter the workshop, knocking the door out of  courtesy, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but someone is at the front door....asking for Mr. Shadow....but since he isn’t here....” he would say in her innocent voice. Sonic smiled, “Ok Cream I’ll answer it...”

Sonic would make his way to the front door and freeze, “Shade?” he would raise a brow.. Rouge would hear this and race to the door, “Where have you been? Shadow was worried about you damn it! He went racing to the island to look for you!” he barked. Shade would blink, “He found me, we switched for a bit, his idea, so that I could take a break...” she replied. Rouge would raise her eyes, “The G.U.N. never gave me a break newbie.” she replied with an annoyance.

She quickly went back to play with Palmer, who by now had finished his cookie and was in the middle of the floor glued to the T.V.. Sonic would invite Shade inside and walk beside her. “So Shade, hungry?” he would ask, and would soon escort her to the Kitchen. Amy on the other hand was not pleased by that action. But she instead stayed to keep an eye on Rouge so that Palmer would not vanish.

Knuckles would lean over the couch, “Damn that kid likes t.v. a lot....” he murmured. Tails would lean into Knuckles’ ear and whisper, “Actually that is where I put the Chaos Emerald this time.....thought the noise of the t.v. would overpower what he hears.....guess it don’t work...” Knuckles gave a sigh.

Amy would join Rouge and Palmer on the floor, Rouge suddenly deep in thought. “What’s the matter Rouge?” she asked. Rouge didn’t speak for a moment. For a few moments she remained quiet until finally she let a few words escape her lips, “Something is up....why is it that Shade came back and Shadow hasn’t said anything about it?” he would glance towards the kitchen.

Amy would wave her hand, “Oh you know how Shadow is with you two....wants to make sure you two are happy, you ARE two of the three things on Earth he considers “friends”.” she giggled. Rouge shook her head, “Still......”

Sonic would hand Shade one of the few things he knew how to make, a chili dog. Shade would look at it, “One of these again?” she joked. Sonic would shrug, “Best meal in the world, I can’t get enough of these....” he would then shove a whole dog into his mouth. Shade would glance back towards the kitchen door, “So....what is with that pup you guys found?”

“Oh Palmer, we apparently followed us the day we destroyed Eggmans’ base. He has been living here since.” Shade would nod. “Shadow mentioned something about him, “hearing” the Chaos Emeralds....is that true?” Sonic would blink, “Wow, he mentioned THAT?” he shrugged again, “Yeah, poor Tails has had to move the an Emerald we found twenty times he said cause the little guy keeps finding it.”

Shade would widen her eyes, “Wow, that is interesting.....” Sonic would nod. At that moment the kitchen door would open and Palmer would enter the room, followed by Amy. He would run up to Sonic and smile, “Goodnight Mr. Sonic....” Sonic could not resist the temptation to pet him on the head. “Goodnight, tike.” he would reply, watching the pup run towards Amy, who soon closed the door.

Shade would move towards the door, “Do you mind Sonic, I want to see how Amy puts him to bed, must be hilarious..” she smirked. Sonic would wave his hand, “That is fine, just make sure not to get in her way though, she has some maternal instincts that are kicking in that make her....well....wacked!” he began to laugh.

Shade, taking Sonic’s warning would follow far behind Amy to where she was keeping Palmer. She stood outside the door, hearing Amy sing him to sleep, then slowly relaxing him into his bed. Amy would slowly tiptoe out, seeing Shade. “Oh Shade, is something the matter?”

Shade shook her head, “No, just been awhile since I have seen a “mother” like figure with a pup. In the twilight cage, Lord Ix didn’t give us time for families, since his goal was to get out of that cursed place as quickly as possible.” she sighed. Amy would pat her on the back, “If you would like to see him sleep, you may, I’ll be waiting downstairs...” she encouraged. Shade would blink, “And if he wakes up, I know nothing of children....”

Amy would smile, “Just come find me, he seems to fall asleep best with either Cream or I. Only thing is Cheese likes to try to keep playing...” she giggled, soon heading down the hall and stairs.

Shade would slowly creep up to the bed, seeing the pup fast asleep. She turned her head towards the door, making sure no one was there. Soon turning her head back to Palmer, “Soon......we will have you back....” she sneered, then turned back to the door and walked out, to meet up with the others.

* * * * * * * * * *

Shadow would slowly open his eyes, seeing Shade stand right in front of him, “Shade?” he would say, still very dizzy. He would find once he tried to move that he was bound. Shade would speak, “No use Ultimate life form.....you are bound by a power stronger....”  Shade would then look up, forcing Shadow to do the same out of curiosity. He would let a gasp out when he seen what appeared to be a black liquid slowly descending upon him. “SHADE, WHAT IS GOING ON!!!” he said, trying to keep his voice on track.

Soon, the liquid would begin to touch the quills on Shadows head. He growled as the liquid had a sever burning sensation to it. He tried to shake it off, but it was as if the liquid was becoming attached to his body, as it slowly began to cover his body, as if to wrap him inside perfectly. Once covered, Shadow still fought, now feeling his chest tighten. He soon realized he could not breath whatsoever. His eyes began to water, his chest now inflamed with pain since his lungs could no longer get oxygen.

Strange thing though, he did not feel himself “slipping” from lack of air.

After what seemed like hours of pain. The liquid finally peeled itself down his body, giving his head the freedom to consume air. He panted for a few moments as the liquid slithered away as if on its own. He would watch in utter confusion. It soon began to swirl on the floor, beginning to spiral upward off the floor.

He would turn to Shade, who seemed totally unaffected by anything going on around her. The swirling figure slowly began to expand, until it finally gave itself a form. Shadow looked in shock that the newly formed figure, was him, only completely black, including the hand and shoes. The figure turned, showing that even the eye pupils were dark as night. The figure began to chuckle, then broke into a full laugh, yet had not mouth to let it out.

“I can understand why you are so frightened Shadow...” the figure spoke, “Mephiles did the same thing by taking your form didn’t he?” it asked.

“How....what.....?” Shadow could not even begin to get the questions out.

The figure laughed, taking a few steps towards him. “I am Cateo. Everything you know, I know....everything you are, I can now become.” he taunted, clinching his fist.

Shadow shook his head, in total disbelief. Unable to do anything, he lowered his head.

Cateo would let out another menacing laugh, into the dark.       

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I was going to make some joke about Cateo being Mephiles in disguise or something, but it seems you've addressed that yourself.

Technically, since Palmer can hear Chaos Emeralds I would think Rouge would want him for herself, but if she's totally loyal to G.U.N that's fine too.

I'm looking forward to see how this whole, Evil Villian Plan thingy will turn out.

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I was going to make some joke about Cateo being Mephiles in disguise or something, but it seems you've addressed that yourself.

Technically, since Palmer can hear Chaos Emeralds I would think Rouge would want him for herself, but if she's totally loyal to G.U.N that's fine too.

I'm looking forward to see how this whole, Evil Villian Plan thingy will turn out.

oh she does, she just wont admit it xD

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oh she does, she just wont admit it xD


BTW sorry my comments were rushed. I was in a hurry this morning.

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BTW sorry my comments were rushed. I was in a hurry this morning.

it wasn't a spoiler....we all just know Rouge all to well xD

and it is ok :)

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sorry for the double post...but this is a long one

Chapter 4

Sonic would be racing through Westopolis. It found it slightly odd that not too many people were outside today. Guess the thought of a new bad guy made them nervous. He would slow down to a “normal” pace, noticing that the ones that were outside, seemed odd themselves. Sonic walked right up to one of the humans, “Hey, is something going on today?” he would ask.

The human he had asked said nothing, but merely keep walking. Sonic dashed in front of the human and glare up, only to find that the humans expression was a cold as stone. He took a few steps back, glancing around. Now that he realized it, EVERYONE’S expression was the same blank, forward stare.

Concerned he began his pursuit around the city even faster then normal, trying to find the source of the zombie-like humans. After about an hour of nothing turning up he finally slowed down in the middle of a major street. “I bet that Dr. Zord has something to do with this......” he chuckled, “Definitely more unpredictable then Eggman.” He would turn, hearing some rumbling nearby.

Chasing after the noise, he soon found himself in front of a robot only twice his size. It was walking on two “legs”, had no arms, what appeared to be a small head. Sonic would shake his head, “And here I thought the whole robot thing was getting old....” He would curl into a spinning dash to rush towards the robot. He aimed himself at a skateboard ramp that a few kids may have made before this whole thing got serious.

He dashed upwards, hitting the robot dead on. It merely took a few steps back. Once Sonic landed the robot then opened to holes on each of its sides, revealing to long arms, both with spinning spikes at the ends of them.  Sonic would sigh, having to soon dodge the spikes heading his way. The robots feet suddenly turned into what appeared to be roller skates, chasing Sonic down.

But of course our blue friend was not about to be caught. He would turn and dash off, only to find the robot able to catch up in no time. Sonic became surprised when the robot too another stab at him, narrowly missing him. Sonic would turn down a darkened ally, hoping the lack of light might cause a problem for the machine. It only worked a bit as the robot began to take random jabs at him,

Sonic suddenly felt his right arm being yanked at, pulling him out of the way of nearly getting hit. He would turn to the yanker, which turned out to be a little girl, about 13 years old, dressed in what seemed like worn out street clothes. She then moved away from Sonic, but beaconed him to follow quickly. The robot could still be heard stabbing at walls and trash can for several minutes until it figured Sonic either moved on, or was dead.

The robot gone, Sonic and the girl would exit from their hiding spot. “Hey, thanks for that...” he really wasn’t sure what to say. The girl smiled and walked over to what appeared to be a trash shoot. She waved over to him, “Come on, it isn’t safe up top....” She would then jump into the shoot herself, giving Sonic the total control to decide.

He shrugged deciding to follow her, maybe she could shed some light on what was going on. He jumped in, sliding down after her. He had expected to hit cold hard ground, but instead landed gently into some worn out foam beds. He would glance up to find the girl standing nearby, holding out her hand. He would take it with a slightly embarrassed, “Thanks....”

Once up Sonic would look at the girl, “So what is your name?” he asked. She would smile and quietly reply, “Melody.....” She would then turn and walk down what appeared to be a hallway.  He soon followed and would turn to her, “So what is going on?” he would ask. Melody soon pushed open a door, revealing a large living area with several other kids.

Sonic blinked, “Are they....” Melody shook her head, “Relatives...hardly.” She soon went in and took a spot on a run down couch. “These are but a few of the kids who have been orphaned lately....the adults of Westopolis have suddenly....well...I guess you seen by now....” She went silent so not to upset the kids much further.  “But how....” Sonic kept prying, he wasn’t trying to be insensitive, just wanting to help.

Melody would get back up and head into another part of the dwelling. Sonic would follow her lead. Once he caught up, it seemed there were more kids living with Melody then Sonic was ready for. She continued walking until they got to the far back of the chamber. They would pass through another door, finding no one inside, “This is my...um... “personal” room at you might put it.” she would shrug to her own words.

She would find what appeared to be her bed and sit upon it. “For a few years now, adults have been vanishing, first they act completely strange, until they just vanish into thin air. It’s been a slow process, until lately...” she trailed off. Sonic would place his hand on her shoulder, “Hey, it’ll be ok....I can help you guys find your parents...” he would smile at her, as she would quark her mouth, “More like them......”

Sonic would turn to find several of the kids peering through a cracked door. Sonic turned his head back to Melody, “Well.....first we need to take care of that robot out there....” Melody quickly got up, “REALLY? HOW?!” she demanded. Sonic smirked, “Cause I’m Sonic, and I never break a promise....understand?” he would say coyly.

Melody would nod her head. Sonic would reach behind his quills, pulling out one of the Chaos Emeralds, “Had to get this out of the house today....good thing I did....” he would chuckled.

* * * * * * * * * *

The robot Sonic fought earlier was patrolling the city, searching for any sign of the blue hedgehog. Sonic would soon appear in the middle of the street, as if taunting the machine. Once spotting its target the monstrous thing would give chase, Sonic would not move and inch, not until the robot itself was close.

Melody, along with several other kids, would watch on opposites sides of the street, hiding in the ally ways. As soon as the robot got close to Sonic, he would turn and book in the same direction, passing the ally ways. When the robot began to pass them, nearly the entire Westopolis kid population held tight to a rope pulling it just high enough and strong enough to catch the robot above its “feet”, causing it to tumble forward.

Sonic would quickly make a U-turn, clenching the Chaos Emerald in hand he put himself into a spinning attack, using the Emeralds power, he super sped the attack. He reached the robot, cutting right through the rope, causing all the kids to fall back, and sawing right through the machine. He would stop about 50 feet form the now exploding robot.

Melody would come running out to catch up to Sonic, who by now had turn to see the fruits of that Labor. Melody would smile, as she would see the few adults in the city wake up from the daze they were in. Children could be heard calling to their parents and catching them in their arms. Melody would sigh, “It isn’t even half of them, but at least it is a start...”

Just then a dark mass would appear in the middle of the street. Sonic would raise his arm to keep himself between it and Melody. Soon the mass would take form, into what appeared to be a small human, about Sonic’s height. The figure would be complete with legs and arms, yet had absolutely no color to it, not even in the eyes.

The figure would bow slowly, then raise just as. Sonic would peer at it. The figure would reach forward, “That is because there is no hope for the rest my dear.....” it would say. Sonic would scowl. Melody would take a step forward, “What do you mean “no hope for the rest”?” The black figure would laugh, “As I said my dear, that is the reason you don’t “even have half” of them.....” it laughed again.

Sonic had just heard about enough and lunged at the figure, which would seep back into the ground, causing Sonic to fly right over it. The figure would rise again, in the same spot, now between Sonic and Melody. The figure took a step towards Melody, who would only clinch her fists, ready to fight. Sonic had risen to his feet, bringing the Emerald into view, “I’m warning you pal.

The figure lifted his hand to reach for Melody, and Sonic would once again lunged forward, raising the Emerald and calling the command, “Chaos...Con...” the figure would turn around at that moment, raising it’s own Emerald, and say the command with Sonic, “Chaos Control!”

The two Emeralds would hit, causing a blast between the two fighters. Sonic would be thrown back, hitting the ground hard. Melody stepped back a few feet, getting out of the way of the blast. Sonic would jolt himself up, ready to just run and pick Melody up, but would be surprised to find the figure charging him.

The figure’s left arm had now turned into a sharp, spear like shape, which with the speed conducted by the Chaos Emerald, would soon empale Sonic in his left shoulder, causing him to drop the Emerald to grip his fresh wound. The figure kept the blade in Sonic’s shoulder for a few seconds, then quickly retracting it. Sonic would glare at the figures arms as it quickly turned back into a hand, with oddly enough, no blood on it.

Sonic would grip his shoulder, feeling the warmth of his blood cover his fingers. The figure began to laugh, as it’s shape began to change. First the hands, then the feet, even the shape of his head. After a few moments, the figure would come to look like Sonic, but with no color to his body. “I thank you, Sonic the Hedgehog. Now I have an actual body with a definition...” he would again bow slowly. “But as for you.......” he would say as he raised slowly.

The figure began to form energy in his hand, focusing it into an arrow. As he was ready to fire, Melody ran up, grabbing the Emerald, and wrapping her arms around Sonic. Without a word, the Emerald began to glow, and the two would vanish from sight.

The fire still fired the shot, “Damn......” at the fact he missed. Behind him soon began another mass that would take shape, “What’s the matter Mexil, lost your touch....” he jested. Mexil would turn, “Shut up Ais!” he would clinch his fist. “Tell me Ais, how is Viz coming along with the pup?”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Well after teleporting to the other side of town, Melody would be ripping a piece of her shirt off to try to clot the blood coming from Sonic’s shoulder. Sonic would smile at her, “Thanks, but you don’t...” before he could finish Melody would place a finger on his mouth, “For what you did for the kids of Westopolis....well...at least some of them.....it is the least I can do...” he would rip another part of her shirt and tie the first piece into place, so that it did not move.

Sonic would soon get up, moving his arm a bit, wincing at the pain. Melody would lightly smack Sonic in the head, “Idiot....you need to let it heal before you try to do something stupid....” he ordered. Sonic laughed, “Yes Doctor....whatever you say...”

A strange silence fell between them until Melody pulled from her pocket the Chaos Emerald that got the two out of harms way, “I think this belongs to you...” he held out the Emerald, Sonic soon took it, holding it tight.

“So....do you need any help finding your parents....my job won’t be done until you have gotten home safe....” Sonic would smile. Melody on the other hand would lower her head. Sonic would use his good hand to raise her chin, “What’s wrong Melody?” he would ask tenderly.

She turned her head, “I lost my parents, couple of years ago...to an accident...” she didn’t finish. Sonic shook his head, blinked his eyes, then had a smirk on his face. “Well, I see no harm if you were to come stay with my friends and I for awhile....” Melody would look at him wide eyed, “I could not impose...” Sonic then held the Emerald out, “I think you can be trusted....” Melody smiled.

Sonic would lightly grab at Melody’s hand, hold up the Emerald with his good arm, “Chaos Control!!” he would order, and they would be gone with a flash.

High in one of the trees would be a small squirrel figure, yet it would be made of metal.

“So Doctor, checking on one of the good guys?” Cateo would as Dr. Zordian.

“Of course, how am I to keep failing on purpose to a buffoon like him if I don’t even know how badly your associates hurt him.....” came the low growl of Dr. Zordian’s voice.

Meanwhile, in the darkened chambers of a cell. Shadow was still trying to recover from the beating he got from Shade, then the duplication process of Cateo. He would wobble to the door of the cell, Shade, in her mindless form, was keeping guard.

“Shade, do you not remember anything?” he pleaded. “You are my friend, and it takes a lot to earn that.....you are...” he was soon interrupted by her, “SILENCE......” she would turn, “My masters have told me you would try something like this......”

“Your masters? Who are they.....what are they...” Shadow asked. Shade would walk up to the cell door and thrust her fist towards Shadow, forcing him to dodge. She would retract her arm quickly, “If you do not wish to fight, then I suggest you remain silent until my masters decide what to do with you....” she warned.

Shadow would take a corner in the cell. “So everything we did for you was just a waste of our time?” he demanded. Shade would glare at him, “And what is that?”

“For starters, we helped you out of that damn Twilight Cage, instead of leaving you their with the other Echidnas. Second, Rouge and I pushed that you can be trusted enough to be part of G.U.N. Third, we treated you as one of our own, helped you adapt to the way the world it now, compared to what you left it as four hundred years ago...” Shadow trailed off.

Shade began to look around, as if trying to make sense of what he was say, “I have always been in the service of my masters....”

Shadow got up, “NO.....You once thought what Lord Ix was plotting was noble and you followed him. But you swore to GOD that you would NEVER follow anyone like that again alone and blinded! Rouge and I helped you learn to trust as well....us...G.U.N.....Sonic and his team....” He continued.

Shade would grab her head, moaning with pain. She hit her knees crying over and over again, “No......no....no........n..o..no.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she finally cried, falling back onto the floor unconscious. Shadow would run to the door, not able to help her, he felt powerless.

Shadow would keep his eyes glued on her, “Shade....Shade wake up...” Shade would then slowly begin to open her eyes. She blinked a few times, glancing around the room finally finding Shadow in the cell. “SHADOW! How did you get into there?” he questioned. Shadow smirked, “Long story....but quick. We have to get out of here....” he warned, watching the door for the chance someone upstairs heard her scream.

Shade would quickly find the keys and open the cell, helping Shadow out of the cell. “Do you remember how we got down here?” Shade demanded, Shadow nodded and pointed to the stairs. They both moved as quickly as possible out of the prison, then through the complex, making as little noise as possible.

After twenty minutes they made it outside. They made their way to a boat Shade had used to get to the island in the first place. Once on the main land they rested for a bit, letting Shadow try to gain more strength. “Do you remember anything form being in there?” Shadow would ask.

Shade shook her head, “The last thing I remember was my cover was blown, then I was tide up, as some strange, black liquid poured over my body.....Then the next thing I know I am staring at you in that cell....”

Shadow shook his head, standing up. Shade would reach for him to make sure he was able to stand, “You need to catch your energy....” she warned. Shadow shook his head, “If they made a copy of you like they did me.....then we need to hurry to Sonic and the rest!” he would say, quickly picking Shade up and beginning to kick it into high gear back to Westopolis.

“So you are just going to let them get away? With what they “know”?”  Dr. Zordian would ask cowly.

Cateo would chuckle, “It isn’t going to make much of a difference, you have already finished three of the spires needed for you to gain the ultimate power....and you are nearly completed with the final one...it won’t be long we promise you.”

Dr. Zordian smiled with glee, “Thank you, please tell your associates that I am in your debt...”

Cateo would turn towards the darkness vanishing into it. Soon he was met by another, “Ais, how did it go?”

The one known as Ais would step into what little light there was, making an outline of a small fox creature, with two tails instead of one. “It went fine, I left the place nearly destroyed...” he snickered.

“And the Chaos Emerald they have?” Cateo asked.

“Well, we know Sonic had one...One of the other pest must have had it....”

“Doesn’t matter, all we need to do is find the final Chaos Emerald....five will be enough to complete our plans....”

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Once again, great chapter here. I'd say its only flaw was the random grammar fails here and there.

But now its time for some comments.

Interesting story with the kids. I'm not really sure how that affects the plot yet, but I'm sure I'll get it.

So I'm guessing these random things like morph into the shapes of main Sonic characters? coughMephilescough

I think it was a little cliche how Shade was able to snap out of the trance or whatever, but oh well.

With every new chapter I look forward to seeing what these diabolical villains are planning.

All in all very nice and I look forward to your next chapter.

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yeah...sorry for the grammer issues....i write the chapters when i have time....and that is normally when i am tired after a long day.

I know the thing with Shade....but with Shadow in a cell....wasn't much I could do....plus i used it to explain how she had fit in after the Twilight Cage

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yeah...sorry for the grammer issues....i write the chapters when i have time....and that is normally when i am tired after a long day.

I know the thing with Shade....but with Shadow in a cell....wasn't much I could do....plus i used it to explain how she had fit in after the Twilight Cage

Alright. That makes sense.

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Alright. That makes sense.

it is a fan fic after all xD

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  • 1 month later...

OMG, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry guys....I had a massive amounts of writers block.....more along the lines of being able to think of future chapters then the one I was on lol.....anyway (please don't lock....-gets all cute- pwease......)

Chapter 5

Sonic would reappear after using the Chaos Control to get him and Melody from the forest to in front of the main house. Sonic’s jaw would drop from disbelief, seeing the house that him and the rest lived in completely in shambles. He would quickly run towards the wreckage, with Melody in tow. He began to move some of what used to be a wall around. “Well....it is a good thing everyone went on a picnic today...” he would say aloud.

“Tails!!!” came the screaming voice of Amy behind him, forcing Sonic to twist his head faster then his body could move. “What do you mean Amy?” he would ask. Amy would rush up, Knuckles, Cream, Rouge, Shade and little Palmer would be following her. “Tails didn’t go on the picnic with us.....he stayed behind here, saying he was trying to build something to counteract Palmers’ Emerald affliction...”

Sonic wasted no time and began to move objects at a faster pace of moving debris out of his way, with everyone else soon following, except for Shade, who held Palmer to make sure he did not get hurt. After about twenty minutes a slight moan would come from Sonic’s left, catching his attention to move things from that direction.

Tails would soon emerge from some of the debris, coughing slightly, trying to clear his lungs. “Tails, buddy, what happened here?” Sonic would ask, patting his little friend on the back. Knuckles would scoff, “One of your experiments fail again?” Tails would shake his head, “No...I was in my lab, trying to find a way to make it to where Palmer could not hear the Chaos Emeralds, when out of nowhere there was this black figure “standing” in my lab....”

Sonic had a cold chill run down his spine, “What did it do?”  Tails would look up, towards Palmer, “First he asked where the Chaos Emeralds were....then were he was...” he would say pointing towards Palmer. Amy would rush over and grab the pup from Shade, cuddling him like a mother lion to her cub, “What would some dark thing want with this little guy?” she demanded to no one in particular.

Tails would shake his head, “Maybe because he is a living Emerald Locator....but then the thing began to reek havoc in my lab, as I tried to fight it, I got covered in some sort of black goo. I could not even breathe...” Tails would explain, holding his chest from the mere thought of pain from lack of air. “After that.....I was freed, only to be looking at a colorless version of me....”

Sonic would once again get the cold chill. Melody would grab at Tails’ hand, “But the main thing is that you are ok.....” she would encourage. Sonic would stand up agreeing with her, “Yeah....it isn’t like this is the first time we have had to rebuild this place since Chris left.” Referring to a time when Knuckles had knocked over one os Tails’ toy robots.

Rouge would suddenly grab at her waist, lifting up what looked like a communicator, “Yes this is Rouge........Shadow?” she would pull the communicator from her ear, then listen in again, “Shadow.....slow down honey.....what is wrong?” She would continue to listen, then suddenly look up at Shade, taking a step back. Shade would tilt her head, “What is wrong Rouge?” she would ask.

Rouge would continue to listen in on the communicator. After a few moments she put the device away and walked over to Sonic, whispering into his ear. Sonic would go quiet, glancing up at Shade. The two talking quietly to each other. Finally getting fed up, Knuckles would shout, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO TALKING ABOUT?!?!” shaking his fists into the air.

Rouge would turn her head to see a familiar silhouette of a black hedgehog. She gave a sigh of relief until she looked over at Shade, who was now talking to....Shadow! Rouge would begin to double take both parties, the one coming close, and the one that suddenly appeared there.

Finally the party running towards them would stand between the group and the Shadow and Shade that stood in the road. The Shadow who just arrived would raise a finger towards the other two, “Ok this little charade is over....” he would demand. The Shadow that stood with Shade far from the group would respond, “Excuse me....but who are you, it seems you are the imposters here....”

Rouge would begin to take a step forward, when the Shade that just arrived would turn towards her, “Rouge, you best stay back.......” she would warn, as the Shade that had been there for a few weeks would shout, “And are you gonna listen to her, I have been here this entire time.....she is the imposter....”

Rouge shook her head, she honestly could not tell the two apart and it began to upset her. Knuckles would walk over to her and pat her on the back, knowing what she was going through. The four would continue to stand in front of each other, throwing insult after insult, neither making an advancement on attacking.

Suddenly Sonic would grab at his injured arm, gritting his teeth. Tails would now be trying to comfort his idol, “What is wrong Sonic......” Melody would open the bandage she had made for him and give a slight yelp. From inside the wound, something was moving, trying to find a way out. After getting a hold of herself she would touch the moving thing and couch it to the opening, even though she knew it was probably hurting Sonic.

Finally, a black blob would appear from the wound, hitting the ground, Tails would do his best to quickly catch it, but was a tad bit slow as the thing began to head towards the two Shadows and Shades. Melody, not worrying about anything except the wound would tear another part of her shirt and redress the wound, having Sonic give a sigh of relief.

Rouge, Knuckles, and Amy would watch in both curiosity and amazement at the black object as it moved. Finally it would stop cold between the four arguing. All four would watch it, waiting to see if it would do something. Then, out of total surprise it shot towards the Shadow and Shade that were furthest from the group, absorbing into that Shadow’s body.

The closest Shadow would fold his arms and smirk, “So, guess your leftovers hate being away from their masters....” the Shade standing next to him would get into a fighting stance. As for the other two, they would suddenly lose color, becoming as black as the darkest night. Sonic and the rest of the gang would come running up, leaving Amy, Cream and Melody behind. “So, you are with that freak that cut into my arm?!” Sonic demanded.

The now Cateo would laugh, “As you can tell, yes, there are four of us.” Soon two vortexes would open up behind Cateo and the now Viz. The darkened forms of Sonic and Tails would appear next to the other two. Mixel would turn to Cateo, “We no longer need the pup......Dr. Zordian found the one we need....” and would soon disappear into the Vortex he came from. The form of Tails would chuckle, “Wow.....you guys really need to clean up....” Viz would turn to him, “Silence Ais......let’s go back....” she would say and follow Ais into his Vortex.

Cateo would laugh once more, “You are too late.....” he would bow, a vortex opening behind him as the other closed. He would walk backwards into it, Shadow running up and rearing to punch, but would swing into empty air as the vortex closed before he reached it. “Damn it....” he would mutter.

Rouge would step up and hug Shadow, “I’m sorry....” he would mutter. Shadow would stand frozen, then finally pull back, “For what, Rouge?” She would then glance between him and Shade, “That I could not tell my real friends from fakers.” she lowered her head. Shade would come up and pat Rouge on the back, “It is ok Rouge, those bastards forced Shadow and I to fight....”

Sonic would stand silent until Tails would tug at his arm, “Sonic....what is wrong?” Sonic would shake his head, “This is just getting out of control...First we get rid of Eggman, only to be followed by Zord.....THEN these black creatures show up, and to find out they are working with Zord....” Shadow would turn back, “Not to mention they have a few Chaos Emeralds....” he added. Knuckles would pound his fists together, “I say we go there and pound them into nothing!!”

Tails would sigh and shake his head, “If we go.....once we figure out where that is...we would have to take it slow, so those things don’t figure out what we are doing....” he would warn. Shade would raise her head, “The island where Dr. Zordian is, that is where everything has started.....” Shadow and Rouge would agree. Sonic would raise a fist up slowly, “Then that is where we go....put an end to both problems...”

Amy would jump up next to Sonic, “Don’t think you are going without me, Sonic..” Sonic would sigh, “But Amy....” then Cream would stand on the other end, “They need to learn proper house manners....” she would growl. Sonic and the gang would look at her with some fear in their eyes.  Cream would pull back a bit and giggle. Melody came next to Sonic, “What can I do to help?” she would ask. Sonic would think a bit, then he would turn to Melody.

“You can help by making sure the children of this city are safe, I know it is a lot, but I know you can do it..” he would encourage her. Melody would chuckled, “Ok...” Palmer would Stand next to Sonic, “Palmer go too?” he would ask in a squeaky voice. Sonic would pet Palmer on the head, “No, no buddy, we need...” before he could finish he was interrupted.

“Sonic, I hate to say this....but, he might be able to help us...” Shadow began to walk up. Tails would look around, “He is right.....With my Emerald Locator destroyed with the rest of the house....his hearing will come in handy...” Sonic would turn his head between the two of them. After a few moments he would give a sigh, “Tails, just make sure you take care of him....I don’t want you two getting hurt...” Sonic would place a hand on Tails’ shoulder. Tails would smile, “You can count on me, Sonic...”

Knuckles would once again barge in with his words, “So.................? When are we going?!” he would demand from the others. Shade would turn slightly to Knuckles, but had her head down, “Now.......those bastards will pay for what they did to me....” she would raise her fist to her side.

Sonic stepped forward, “Well then......” Shade would raise her head, “Then what are we standing around here for, we got some alien butt to kick!” he would raise his thumb and smile at her. Shade would smile, “Yes....let’s go..” he agreed, with everyone else nodding in agreement.


From the shadows of Dr. Zordian’s island, the four would reemerge from their vortexes. “So, they still have two of the Chaos Emeralds.......” Cateo would speak aloud. “Cateo, I did my best to get to the Emeralds, but they were ALL around them......” Viz would protest. Ais would chuckle, “It is ok, Viz, I failed too.....but at least we have five of the Emeralds to take those chumps out...”

Mixel would be silent for a moment until, “Maybe, but unless we have all seven.....our plan will not be completed...” Cateo laughed, “They are coming, I know they will.....and then.....”

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Welcome back!

I personally think it was a little strange that no one asked who Melody was, didn't she just get to the house with Sonic?

I can't really think of anything else except for this grammar fail:

Rouge would step up and hug Shadow, “I’m sorry....” he would mutter.

Rouge is a guy know? O_o

Anyway, good work as always and keep it up! I'm looking forward to finding out what's going to happen!

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Rouge is a guy 'now'? O_o

[Fixed small error]

Why else would she be so sorry? =P Lol, Jk. Probably just forgot an 's' before the 'h'.

Anywho, not the reading style I prefer, but I like the story of it. *Nods*

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Welcome back!

I personally think it was a little strange that no one asked who Melody was, didn't she just get to the house with Sonic?

I can't really think of anything else except for this grammar fail:

Rouge is a guy know? O_o

Anyway, good work as always and keep it up! I'm looking forward to finding out what's going to happen!

yes that was a typo lol good catch

and about Melody....with the house demolished......and the bad guys standing right in front of you.....are you SERIOUSLY going to take the time for introductions?! lol

EDIT: but like I said, I apologize, I feel I didn't put my all into this, but my brain was fried.....I'll make them better in the future...I promise

Anywho, not the reading style I prefer, but I like the story of it. *Nods*

thanks Nick :D

Edit two: just thought.....maybe a little fun here....





as a reference....

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